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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Voicent Communications Horrible story

If you are thinking of purchasing a software from think again!

Voicent is a scam, don't purchase any of their products listed below:

Auto Reminder
Broadcast by Phone Auto dialer
Agent Dialer Predictive Dialer + Power Dialer
FlexPBX Auto Receptionist
IVR Studio interactive voice response system
Telephony CRM Customer information management
Text to speech TTS Plug in (Paul and Kate)
Broadcast by Email
Voicent gateway

Here is why you shouldn't buy from them, and if you don't believe me, call them and ask them this and they see what they tell you:

Normally companies give you free software updates but voicent doesn't! call at 1-800-948-1198 or 408-260-5811 and ask them if they will provide you with updates free of charge and they will tell you NO.

Also, their software has a lot of bugs, it kept on crashing for me, so when you find out that their software doesn't run properly and then you try and ask them for a refund they will refuse your refund request.

And, if you plan to get rid of your computer and buy another computer, then the original license code they provided you with will no longer work on the new computer, therefore you have to pay an upgrade fee of $250 !!!!!!!!

Believe it or not, this is true! if you don't believe me, call voicent and ask them yourself.

Don't waste your time and look for another dialer software other than voicenet.

CEO Joe Wu

Voicent Communications, Inc
2672 Bayshare Parkway
Mountain View
Phone: +1.4084721518 , 408-260-5811

Joe Hargis
26344 Esperanza Dr
Los Altos Hls


  1. Their software is way over priced, not worth it, I did a search to see if there are any cracks or serial numbers for this yet and there isn't! :( hopefully someone makes a crack for this gateway software soon. :D

    I would be more than happy to pay the person who will create the crack, I will support them.


  3. I agree. The product is expensive. Voicent negotiating terms are extremely stiff and arrogant. The product fails easily. Machine answering detection worked VERY BAD when we used it. The product is definitely overpriced and the company not friendly or willing to work with the customer in reasonable terms. Stay away from it.

  4. voicent is crap and their customer service is also crap and they are very rude to their customers, they also threaten me and was rude to me also, i regret doing business with them.

    i ordered their software, installed it and then called my credit card company and asked them to chargeback and dispute the payment sent to them and at the end i won :)

  5. Voicent products don't work well, they are low quality made software that don't work properly, stay away from voicent products !!!

  6. I have the Broadcast by Phone and the software seems to work fine but the voice quality is way below anything that can be considered acceptable. It is not quite as bad as Charlie Browns teachers voice "Wah waaah wah wah waaah" but it lacks any semblance of quality.
    I have tried different PC's, Different Sound Cards, Different Phones to call in the message, but no matter what I try the "voice" clarity is not acceptable to any recipient that I have called w/this software. I was hoping that by adding the TTS engine that I can overcome this shortfall but that means another $250 clams - Uh? Is that the old axiom of "good money after bad"?
    One smart thing I did was put in an add-on Network card (NIC), Voicent locks your license code to the MAC address of the NIC, so if I decide to go the route of calling my credit card company and claiming "product does not deliver as promised and provides no inherent value" I can simply remove the NIC and toss it in an envelope and send it to voicent. I am hoping that they will assist me in getting their product(s) working, I just have to be able to reach them on the phone. They advertise closing at 5pm PST but I call at 4:45 when I get home and the answering machine tells me their work hrs and says call back then. They have not replied to my On-line requests for ASSistance so I am not getting the "warm and fuzzies" from these folks.

  7. What do you think about Voice2Phone? Has somebody tried it?

  8. don't trust voicent, they are a scam, and their staff are very rude, and the worst is that their products don't work.

  9. This software is horrible and cumbersome. Apparently Voicent must have some one who searching the internet to remove their bad press. The program is very much over priced and not reliable at all. Their communications gateway crashes continously and you continue to receive error after error. It does not save converted and named .wav files as advertised nor is the help section any help at all. The tech support is horrible because it does not exsist. the company wants you to prepay $120.00 for a call back for tech support or you can chance your business time and send an e-mail to their tech support and either wait until doomsday for a reply or receive a reply that does not answer your initial question. It seems to be a small company just starting out with a bad product and if you purchase it, you will be among the test customers who will suffer. Please stay away from this company's products, you will regret it in the end.

  10. There is one more issue with Voicent software. I’m using Reminder and I had to update my license several times already. If you are changing RAM size or HDD or IP address/Computer Name or installing Windows service pack you have to request a new license. Before they updated licenses for free but now they are telling that my version is obsolete and I have to pay $400 for upgrade or $70 each time I need a license. I definiely would stay away from Viocent products.

  11. I agree with all the comments made. I have been wrestling with getting the software to work for weeks. It crashes frequently.. crashes after 10 to 12 calls. Buying their modem is a ripoff.

  12. Are there other companies out there providing VXML Gateway engine?

  13. Thanks for all the information. I was considering purchasing the auto dialer from voicent. I did call them and asked them about their refund policy and they said that they do not allow a refund because people use their product and then return it after their marketing campaign is over. A no refund policy on a $500 purchase is a little risky.

  14. You can try Voice2Phone.

  15. This is great information. Trustworthy providers of predictive dialers can also call up to 5 lines at the same time. It's an excellent investment opportunity and really provides the kind of ROI that many businesses are looking for.

  16. If you're thinking about a Voicent product, this is probably the only review you need.

    Vocient's products work as good as they say but the company is a nightmare to deal with.

    Here's my story:
    I spent 3 days researching and looking at several different options to "scrub" my phone list for disconnects, voicemails and live people. The best way to do this, I have found, is to use Voicent Broadcast By Phone with Skype Connect. The reason for this is - its a one time charge, and then you pay $0.006 per minute with skype (no charge for disconnected lines).

    The problem is - once you buy Voicent customer service and sales don't care whether you're alive or dead - they have your money, now you are on your own. And if you realize there's a problem - they expect you to be okay with a fraction of your money back and no product license (you will have to fight with them just to get a partial refund). They think it's okay that they keep some of your money for their hassle.

    Have a problem with their software? pay them to talk to them.

    Need Support? Pay them.

    Find out that their software is illegal to use with small business? Pay them.

    The company sucks. So do a lot of due diligence before you buy their product - but in the end, if you want to save money over time, it's really the only option.

    P (Real Estate Agent)

  17. I have tried to get their software working for a year, and I have finally given up. What a waste of money. My application was using an analog phone line; they do NOT really support that. The Gateway they suggest (SPA3102) I got to work - once. Thought it was broke, bought another, still no dice. And they are arrogant and difficult to work with.

  18. WOW....Thank you all but sorry to hear your experience. Im sure you all are small business people like myself and $500.00 is a good amount of money ...but the time wasted when these companies promise but don't deliver. As sure as I am writing this, I was completing the order form and though I would give one more compliant check when I found this. There just isnt a whole lot of experience feedback out there. Anyway, sorry again but thanks or posting. you saved me some cash that I need right now.

  19. I have never talked with a rep from a software company as rude as these folks. I purchased their "recurring update plan" for $39.00 on June 30th. On July 1 they charged me another $39.00. There was no "terms of agreement" statement any where.

  20. The predictive dialer we purchased from them for a client has never worked right. They actually had to have their software engineers do a custom build so the it would partially work on Windows Server 2008. Now they want us to buy 2 other products to go with the dialer when they can't even make the dialer work correctly. They are now refusing to give us a refund. This company is a total fraud. Beware!

  21. This Company is the worst! The staff is extremely rude, money hungry, even for a general question. Our company updated our software and it threw everything off with our predictive dialer. I cant reruse my product license key and only have had it 6 months! They want MORE money?? Then the broken english customer service rep was the rudest person in a customer service role that I have EVER spoken to. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY...believe me, you will regret it, I was having a great day until speaking to these rude and ignorant people.

  22. I downloaded a trial version, I cant get the gateway to work. The gateway icon is not at the bottom right hand corner. The four files to punch through the firewall are vxengine.exe, spengine.exe, vgate.exe and adclient.exe. The first three are i the stipulated folder,however the fourth is no where to be found. I recieved a rather abrupt and terse reply to a non specific request for assistance. The suggestion to connect the auto dialer up to a pay per usage VOIP line is not a good idea for me as I have AT and T VOIP. Why would I pay twice, yet AT an T Voip is not an option. WE used to use a CBC by Comtell Broadcasting from Skutch electronics that was very efficient. Its current cost is $2,000.00.

  23. I've used their gateway for over a year. When it works, it works great! But if there is a problem, getting assistance is a nightmare! I never see their numbers (1-800-948-1198 or 408-260-5811) on any of their web pages, and after waiting three hours for a call back from filling in their web form for support, I finally called them. If I could find another PC based IVR, I'd probably switch, and pay someone to change our custom programming to work with the new product. A sad sad example of customer service.

  24. I couldn't get anything to work, and these people were so rude and uncaring. But when I finally purchased technical support and upgraded, the staff became super nice and helpful. One of the guys from the voicent support team helped set everything up on my computer, so now my gateway and everything else works.

    If you call them for questions, they will try to get you to buy support. I suggest you buy it and upgrade ASAP or spend hours in hell dealing with rude staff.

  25. Very bad company to do business with. Stay away from these people and thank me later.

  26. Voicent WORST CUSTOMER SERVCE EVER!!!!!!!!!! Chinese lady is so rude and hangs up on customers all the time after you buy their product. I HATE HATE SOME LADY THERE!!!

  27. I'm curious as to what other companies are out there? I am wanting to boost my political consulting business to do robocalls for candidates. Basically, I was ready to pay them the $10K for the 100 lines. I need the lines for Election Day. Can somebody point me in the right direction?

  28. Use this software instead:

    VoiceGuide works, and you can try it for free before buying.

  29. I have received a response from Voicent - Thank you for submitting your license request. However, there seems to be a little problem.

    invalid order number.

    >>so, voicent is operating a system which is now some form of Ransomware.
    You don't get to use it (even though you have bought it, due to not paying their upgrade fee... that in the web is defined as ransomware.... BEWARE.. Voicent is ransomware

  30. voicent is a scam, they are a real true rip off, their products are cheap quality, it keeps crashing and it doesn't work!!!!

  31. if you purchased a product from Voicent, I suggest you contact your credit card company and ask them to do a dispute / chargeback on the purchase.

    Voicent Company info:

    Mike Zyla
    CEO Joe Wu
    Admin Organization: Voicent Communications, Inc
    Admin Street: 2672 Bayshare Parkway
    Admin City: Mountain View
    Admin State/Province: California
    Admin Postal Code: 94043
    Admin Country: US
    Admin Phone: +1.4084721518
    Admin Phone Ext:
    Admin Fax:
    Admin Fax Ext:
    Admin Email:

    Joe Wu work History prior to Voicent:
    HP and LSI Logic.

    Joe Hargis
    26344 Esperanza Dr
    Los Altos Hls California 94022

  32. Voicent and Joe Wu is a big scammer, never ever do business with them.

  33. Voicent is a scam, upon reading many complaints and reviews about them we decided NOT to do business with them, avoid them at all times.