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Thursday, September 17, 2020


Buyer Be-Aware! This looks different than the deceptive photo posted on Amazon, it does NOT say “stone crusher” neither on the front like it says on the photo of this product posted on Amazon, or in the Recommended Use or Purpose! Therefore this is NOT meant for crushing or dissolving stones at all!

Actual product packaging looks different than the photo shown on this product listing, which is deceptive advertising.

Sunday, September 06, 2020



BYNNIX is a scammer seller on Amazon, selling low quality/fake items, and many customers complained and claimed that they never received the items they paid for, it is strongly advised that you avoid this seller at all times.

  • Business Name:Yu Fung Warehouse Transportation Limited
  • Business Address:
    • UEN MUN
    • 999077
    • HK

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM BYNNIX, and report the seller and their listings to Amazon.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about Bynnix please post them in the comments section below.

Saturday, September 05, 2020

416-716-7201 647-873-2797 Scam Reviews

Professional Data Recovery Services Inc Reviews Mississauga, Ont

416-716-7201 647-873-2797 Scam Reviews

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Toronto Ontario Hard Drive Data Recovery $300 ONLY

Toronto Ontario Hard Drive Data Recovery

24/7 Data Recovery, No Data No Charge, $300 ONLY

Guaranteed quality service at Guaranteed lowest price you can find! $300 ONLY, forget others that charge you $500 and up! Our service is at a FLAT RATE of only $300.

24/7 Affordable Hard drive, flash card, USB stick or harddrive data recovery 99.9% success rate We offer an obligation free, free of charge evaluation. Data Recovery from crashed hard drives, corrupt USB stick, or any other type of digital media is what we specializes in. No data - no charge policy is your guarantee.

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Wednesday, September 02, 2020


Public Appeal for Robbery with a Weapon and Aggravated Assault Investigation, 
Hidden Trail and Carriage Lane area

Broadcast time: 15:30
Tuesday, September 1, 2020

32 Division

Case #: 2020-1561879

The Toronto Police Service requests the public's assistance identifying a suspect as part of a robbery investigation. 

On Wednesday, August 19, 2020, at 8:57 p.m., officers attended a call in the Hidden Trail and Carriage Lane area. 

It is reported that: 

- a man was riding his bicycle in the area 

- another man randomly attacked the victim 

- the suspect stabbed the man with a sharp object and called him a "demon" 

- the suspect then fled the area on the man's bicycle 

- the man was transported to hospital with minor injuries 

The suspect is described as male, 5'8", slim build, curly hair, and was wearing a full 'custom Halloween' mask. He was wearing a light brown khaki sweater and dark jeans. 

An image of the bike has been released. 

Divisional officers have been made aware and will continue to patrol across the area. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 416-808-3200, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477), online at, online on our Facebook Leave a Tip page, or text TOR and your message to CRIMES (274637). Download the free Crime Stoppers Mobile App on iTunes, Google Play or Blackberry App World. 

For more news, visit

Constable Alex Li, Corporate Communications, for Detective Constable Julius Agamata, 32 Division

Public Appeal for Robbery with a Weapon and Aggravated Assault Investigation, 
Hidden Trail and Carriage Lane area


Saturday, August 22, 2020

Amazon Seller Scam Reviews Complaints


A competitor on Amazon sent us a msg threatening us that they would kill our amazon account, they started placing several fraudulent orders which we canceled, then they left us a negative feedback, now we see a msg on our Amazon acct that says it's at risk of being de-activated! I guess Amazon makes it so easy for competitors to kick others out of Amazon! Amazon needs to prevent this from happening ASAP.

#amazon #news #breakingnews #amazonseller #amazonsellers

Thursday, August 20, 2020



Headquarters: Memphis, Tennessee
Complete Address: 1790 Kirby Parkway Memphis, TN 38138 United States of America

Contact Number:



Contact Number:


Many people are complaining about this company. Trugreen is a company that offers care and services to people's lawns. Many people trusted this company. However, this company breaks people's trust by providing horrible services. This company is advertising the false quality of services. They will give you the exact opposite of the value you paid for. Tons of comments and testimonials of people who experience frustrating services will be seen on the internet. Some common horrible shared experiences among the customers are the weed removal service. Lots of people are complaining that it wasn't removed at all even though they paid a lot for this kind of service. They are clearly stating that they do not recommend this company because they will only do the same fraud to all their customers and will continue being unfair.

People should avoid this kind of scam company at all times. Do not trust TruGreen to care for your lawn. They will either completely destroy it, or won't do anything good to improve it! The comments below show how horrible the services this company offers. These are the proofs that TruGreen cannot abide by their "Lawn care" name.

----------------------------------------1 STAR REVIEWS----------------------------------------

Shaukat Shaikh
paid upfront. technician did poor job of weed control I have written to these people twice now expressing their poor service. nobody has bother to contact me yet.. Never ever recommend to friends or to give them business again

Ken West
My lawn was in poor shape in the spring, so I thought that a maintenance program was what I needed.
After 4 visits for seeding, aeration, weeding, and fertilizing, the lawn is worse than ever . . . , "disaster" is the word that comes to mind: full of weeds, mostly dead grass.
It is the worst lawn in the neighborhood, a total embarrassment.

The techs are friendly, but they seem to be in a hurry, and they are here and gone before you know it.

I have on 3 occasions demanded some sort of remedy, either a refund or a "rescue", but no one has bothered to come back with a plan. This is despite the contract which says they "will gladly visit your property . . . to make any necessary adjustments".

"Extremely Disappointing" is the most polite thing I can say about
the service and the results.

Jawad Khan
The worst company and people to deal with. I asked for refund but they refused saying that we performed the services and it is due to warm weather you see the weeds and no grass. I do not buy this. They tried to up sell me for aeration which would control everything. Pathetic people and company waste of my hard earned money.

Maryanne Davison
I am very disappointed with TruGreen Lawn Services. I can honestly say that my lawn is worse this season than ever before. I have attached a photo. It's so embarassing knowing there is a lawn care company servicing this. I guess this is why they stopped putting their flag in the lawn after servicing it. I have called several times asking that someone come out to have a look at the lawn for an assessment but to date no one has come out. They provide poor very poor service.

Sudhir Pradhan
They don't call in advance but just pops up on property for service! Do not answer your call immediately ,puts on hold for longer time. The weeds are not killed or gone after taking True Green's service!! I am struggling to get ride of weeds.

Rosi N
This is the company specialized in destroying beautiful lawns and disappearing. They hire inexperienced people off the road, to go and destroy beautifully landscaped lawns, cause tens of thousand dollars of damage and the response is our technician put too much chemical in your lawn.

Amr Rabee
I wish if no-star option exists. My front lawn transitioned from a small amount of weed and empty grass spots to full weed and no grass at all. I am not sure what they use to kill lawn weed.

When I requested service cancellation, they didn't stop they kept coming and charging me, so I had to call them several times to cancel the service. The just trying to get more money and deliver terrible service.

Adam Evren Garipo─člu
DON'T even get close to them.

Out of curiosity I waited on the line to see how long it might take them to answer me.. : 3 hours 34 min...

Go work with small and local people in ur town.
This guys just want the money and not even giving u Call back.

Thomas Davies
Using this service my lawn went from a few weeds to pretty much only weeds all for just 29.95. Customer service was fair but I would not recommend this service again. Our treatments by frechette lawncare have been alot more affordable and have worked wonders for us.

Carole Litcro
I found the agent to be incredibly with me and rude. He refused to acknowledge me as a pre existing customer and honor price as a former customer. When.i asked why he told me that I am not eligible for legacy pricing. When I said I would have to find another company to provide the service for me he hung up Disgusting especially in today's market. A one star is too good for this company

Qamar Ali Siddqui

Darren Louis
I contacted TuGreen once to get an estimate, ever since then they have contacted me relentlessly trying to sell me their services, on two occasions I have told them to stop calling me as I have signed a contract for the season with a different company but now they are also mailing me promotional items. This is not they way to treat people if a customer asks to be left alone that should be respected.

Deep Grewal
Overpriced, and horrible service. This is not against the people that work there, all of which have been kind and done their job. But seems like I was missed in the service queue, and my grass has never recovered because of it. maybe I just had a bad experience, but nonetheless this is my personal rating

Antoinette Atterbury
Don't waste your money. I signed up for a package last year since I was about to give birth and couldn't manage the lawn upkeep myself. My poor lawn looked worse than ever. I would certainly not recommend their services.

Deepa Balakrishnan
I have been a TrueGreen customer for several years. In April I advised TrueGreen that I would require a grub treatment for my lawn. TrueGreen advised the grub treatment could only be scheduled happen in September. I requested that the next time the technician treats the lawn they provide guidence on what to do about the lawn being destroyed by the grubs. No action was taken.

In June I reported more than half my lawn was ripped up as raccoons who were trying to eat the grubs I requested an escalation. A technician came for a visit and confirmed there were grubs and advised they would ask for an emergency grub treatment.

When I called to follow-up the customer service agent advised the request for an emergency grub treatment was denied. I immediately called NutriLawn and they arrived the next day and applied grub treament.

As TrueGreen failed to act I will have to invest $500 to $600 to replace the ruined grass. I am very upset. My summer garden is ruined for the season. One week after escalation I am waiting for TrueGreen to respond with corrective action steps.

Mark Chaplin
Poorly run business. Took my information, gave me a date for aeration, never showed up and still billed me for work they didn't do! Its pretty obvious with aeration if the work is done. It leaves plugs all over the lawn. Do not hire this company!

Patrick Schulze
Had them for a year and a customer service rep called me in February about a the new year. I have told him that I don't need the service anymore and please cancel it but call me back in May and I might use their service again. Thought everything was good.
Then in February they showed up, sprayed my lawn - even I canceled it - and put a bill in my mail slot.
Called customer service because I canceled it and they ask for a cancellation number. How I should have a cancelation number when the guy in February didn't provide me with one.
Yesterday got the bill and on top a late fee charge.

Sayyour mind
The experience with their company was horrible. These people don't even do the bare minimum for the prices they charge.
We were supposed to get our lawn sprayed for the weeds. These people came way before the time they allocated us, did the front yard only in certain place (whereas we had weed all around) and entirely skipped the backyard.
Next day after crazy wait time we got someone to spray our backyard and guess what that person did? Just sprayed the two corners of the lawn and left.

Now we have a bill from them WHICH THEY ARE NOT READY TO NEGOTIATE.
Only care about money and quantity NOT QUALITY.

Dr. Liyakat Takim
Terrible experience, paid lots of money, I was promised a lot but never saw the results. They hassle with phone calls wanting your business but do not deliver. Do not waste your money, I am not the only one who feels this way

Jitendra Patel
I certainly would not rate them at all. Very poor service and response time. Relied on them for my lawn health, regret badly.

After calling for a quote nearly 2 years ago, i was appalled at the rudeness and outright bullying by the person who came to quote me. I very clearly stated i was NOT interested. What has followed has been an incredible amount of emails and mailings to my door that despite NUMEROUS calls has still continued. Nearly 2 years of this, ive been more than patient, so this is what happens, BBB is next.

James Smythe
Very un happy with the service. After canceling last year they showed up against our wishes tried to spay and leave a bill.

john lin
Been waiting for 3 weeks for them to come but they are yet to come, ended up cancelling the order, dont waste your time with his company

Josipa Erent
They give you a quote without even talking to you...The whole process is impersonal and unprofessional.. You wait on the phone and all you hear about is COVID 19 virus...What does that have to do with lawn service? Not interested....Calling competitors.…

Ajay Sethi
One of the worst company to deal with. Lacks total professionalism.

Majid Alhasson
Very bad service.I never recommend this company

Very poor service!!! They can't kill the existing weeds but keep asking u to buy more services. This place is a joke. Don't waste ur money.

Wang Siwen
Very poor service, there should be six services in the summer, almost everytime one teenager show up and do nothing just give you a bill into your mailbox, and nothing changed even get worse after the summer, it was super dispointed

Peter Vert
Weed Spray product simply - is not effective. Wish I could post some pictures of my grass. Over half of my re- seeded grass is dead due to not apply Grub Control at the appropriate time. Call (3) times since mid-July when I notice Grub activity- August 8th and still no service. Cancelled service today. Brutal !!

Natasha Bhardwaj
When my family initially used TruGreen Lawn's services, they were alright. However, after we decided to stop the services they still decided to show up unannounced and think that it was alright to charge us. I had came home one day and was in my kitchen and realized that there were complete strangers roaming around in my backyard. Their staff had come into my backyard without asking for consent or giving us any sort of heads up. I find this to be extremely unprofessional and an invasion of privacy. It's absurd to me that they think that it is fine to perform services on someone's lawn without their consent and when they are not home. In addition, they are trying to charge me for something that I did not give permission to in the first place or was not aware of.

Kiritharan Arunasalam
Horrible experience. If you hire them be prepared for a huge headache. That's all I can say. Last year I hired them for my 1 acer property, they sprayed the whole property. This year they called several times to renew the SAME package which I did. This time however they only sprayed 3000 sq feet. I was very clear about the size of the property, mater of fact they knew this from last year. I am in the process of filling a complaint with better business bureau (BBB). If this doesn't get resolved I will probably get my prepaid legal services through my professional association.

Maureen C
I've read many reviews similar to our treatment. DO NOT use this company! For 2018 we paid the total cost up front for their sequence of lawn applications. Numerous times we called when they missed our house but had applied other lawns in our neighborhood. Even after arranging calls from them before the next visit - they still wouldn't show up. We had many more problems but, bottom line, we were NOT satisfied at all. Our lawn was in worse shape than any other year. Last Fall we called and cancelled any further services. This spring, 2019, they fertilzed our front lawn WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM US. We noticed the card on the lawn and called them immediately to reconfirm our previous cancellation. Now, they are threatening collection to receive payment for the one application. They never had approval from us to do any work on our property. We have NO signed contract for any services for 2019! We are more than infuriated with this company, as well as very disappointed with the customer service.

Pierre Sinajon
Horrible customer service. Their day to day crews are professional and timely but the back end service is terrible. We cancelled our service, they kept coming to do lawn maintenance in the middle of the day when no one is home. We attempt to call them, long wait times, lost files, that wasn't communicated to us. Finally got one person on our lawn and let them know. His response, "Yeah we get that all the time. We never know what's happening." Not dealing with this company again.

Shut the door on their faces, You do not want to give them the time of day. Salesperson asked just for an assessment of my lawn, and ever since then they called me every few days for a month, 10+ times, after I told them I'm not interested.
when I called the office and talked to the manager (his name was James) he said I led on the employee by saying I was interested. Last mistake I'll make with this company

Rohan Bhardwaj
I used their services for 1 year, overall the service was okay. I didn't use them the following 2 years but they called me often which I didn't mind. However Trugreen started performing services on my property without my consent. Now they are saying that I owe them for 3 months of services that I was not aware of. Apparently they had been coming over to my home when I wasn't home and performing these services without my consent. Is this how Trugreen does business? Now they are threatening to send my case to collections if I don't pay for the services I never consented to in the first place. I would never recommend Trugreen to anyone after this experience, and I would recommend to anyone reading this to also not use them either.

Edit: the owner responded to this post by telling me to contact the support center, only to refer me to the U.S Trugreen customer is this company this terrible at every aspect of business?

leo Benoit
Well to start I contacted Trugreen for lawn service but got lip service instead.
They came when it was raining to add weed killer not once but multiple times. I called and they said they would send them again. They never aerated my back yard. and still was having weed issues. I am tired of calling to complain so I cancelled the service and told them I was not impressed. They kept saying they were going to come and correct the issue. I should not have to call every time they service my lawn. Two weeks later I get a call from Trugreen said the were going to send someone over to correct the issues. I don't think it's managed very well.
I was told one price and they charged me different prices than what was quoted.They guarantee service or money back. LOL that's a joke. Told the company I would wait to see if I get refunded before I post comment.
still waiting that's why I am leaving review.
RUN RUN RUN fro this company...…

Mark Oliveira
Lol wow these guys service my neighbor's property. Went out this morning to go to work and I saw one of their trucks outside just sitting there idling for about 10 min. The service guy walks out of his truck pulls out the fertilizer spreader, walks to the back of the house 2 minutes in the back yard comes to the front totally disregards the front yard writes up the bill drops it off at the door and leaves. Poor service and the best part is I have it all on video surveillance. He spent more time sitting in his truck than what it took for him to do the job. Stay away from this company! Ladies and gentleman please it takes nothing to take care of your own lawn for way less than what these guys charge, a bag of fertilizer $50.00 goes along way.

I really want to give them less than -100 stars, fake and a cheat company, wants to charge you for services which are not performed. They claim to perform a service on the day when there was snow on the ground. People please be aware stay away from these guys, they perform worst service send you bills and report to collections of charges which are fake, save yourselves.

Ely Aj
Don't sign up,they not keep the promise they offer you low and cheap price than they charge you extra and I didn't see the result at the end.

Sam K
Wish there was less than 1 star on here. I will never recommend these guys to anyone. They fix appointment and dont show up. If they come and do one service they charge you 60.00 bucks for Fertilizing. Go to Canadian Tire or Home depot a bag of Fertilizer is not even 30.00.

reception Healthcare
very low service ,once account opened the girl never turned up tried to call not available
the weeds in the lawn have increased and also overseeing done doesn't have any results ,bare spots as such no grass came out
very upset wastage of time ,instead i was doing myself was good
dont know what to do when and no expertise
Never ever hire them
different teams no coordination even
what was told is pretty different from what done

Stephane Presseault
I am horrified by the service provided by this company - I sign up, schedule appointments to have lawn serviced and they cancel appointments on two separate occasions. On my third "promise" of them showing up, nobody showed. Stay away

We decided to try their services last summer 2018. We were supposed to receive 6 treatments but only received 5. We called in the fall and asked about our last service and they said they were here enough times.
They came to our property in the beginning of spring 2019 and fertilized our lawn without our permission. (Trugreen has called us earlier in the year and asked us if we wanted their services again and we declined)
I tried flagging down the worker while on my property (my gate was locked by the way so I don't know how he got in) but he took off (who I have on camera).
This company thinks they can just charge your credit card and come on your property, not even fertilize properly as I saw him just walk in one line from one side of my backyard to the next.
I called customer service about this and they cancelled our service and I told them I was not paying for todays service but he said that's up to the supervisors and branch to decide!!!!!

Bridget Nicholson
Horribly scammy company - wish I could give them 100 negative stars.

We recently moved into a house where the previous owners had contracted Tru-scam's services. We spoke to two different technicians and separate days to let them know we did not want any lawn services. A week later, we had an invoice left at our door for "services" performed. They have trespassed on our property twice, applying fertilizer the first time and "pruning" shrubbery the next (nothing looks different on the shrubs). Both technicians had spoken to us the week prior and were told that we do not want their services.

We had considered contracting lawn care services but never would consider this company as it seems most of the customers they do have, have been scammed

Arewin Purba
Still have weed on my lawn. Technicians are in and out so quickly and are always rushing. After their last visit my lawn was over sprayed and dried up. Customer service refused to listen and denied it.. paid 400 to have more weed and burnt grass.

Do not recommend

pragnesh saija
TRUE FRAUD !!! If zero star available I would like to to give them for there worst customer service.
True green people have no idea what is the meaning of customer service.
I was customer for 1 year and tried to contact so many times for problems on my lawn. The customer care department receive the complaints and promise to address the issue but nothing happens . No matter how many times you complaint , your problems never resolved because they have few field staff who are like robots , they just come and do their job in less than 5 minutes and runaway to next home. They don't have knowledge experts who guide the field staff what to do on specific problem on lawn.
They really don't listen to what customers problems or concerns.
So after a year , I cancelled the service and this year I got calls from owner and staff, to get me back on their schedule. They promise that we have new management and I will not have any issue in future .
But guess what?
They said someone will come on March 23 ,2019Saturday at 5.00pm. I waited no one came . Next-day I called them and they promise on Monday March 25, 2019 . Again I have to call them bcz nobody showup nor do they take courtesy to inform the customer. This is ridiculous
They are just collecting money for the whole year upfront and do nothing other than sprinkling weed control and fertilizer. They don't care wether your lawn green or not ? They don't care wheather your lawn require any other treatment?
You just have to purchase the product upfront even if you don't know what is required for your lawn.
DO NOT WASTE Your money on this Bogus Business Practice by TRUE GREEN!

Anis Ahmed
I was writing with no star as this is requirement to select at least 1 star everyone Consider no star for my review.
I was customer more than 5 years and since 3 year i am not with True Green. Yesterday i got a call that want to make me happy again they will give me special price. the person he called and kept pushing me and from 440 to bring down 295. I decided to get in writing as as email for all services and total price he change to higher price. untrusted, non professional behaviour, No commitment, I canceled deal and the person said OK no worries. If any one has money to put in garbage take their services.Reason I left this company their technician jumped in my backyard and left open

priya jassal
Very disappointed with the service , would not recommend this company to anyone . Save your money and go somewhere more reputable .

These guys are the biggest lunds I have ever met.

Stanislav Dinkelis
This company is a scam. Their employees are not just unprofessional, they are worse than unprofessional. They literally came and sprayed the pesticide all over the flowers. No kidding. It's like they did that on purpose as a bad joke or the one who did that was under the influence of some pretty heavy stuff... Sprayed. The pesticide. All over. The flowers. Needless to say the contract with them was terminated right away. Please, avoid their services by all means!

They charged me double what they quoted on the phone and refused to refund the second charge. Had to cancel via the CC. True Green would never call me back after numerous times.

Tanya Bird
WORST Customer Service EVER!!!! And I never complain. Their lawn specialists did do a great job -- we used them for years. Then, they do their January pre-season call to confirm upcoming services -- we tell them NO, because we are planning on moving in the spring, so we will let them know when we move to our new house. They ask for the new address - we tell them NO again. They show up in April (we didn't ask for this), and did the lawn etc. and give us a bill. We tell them again, that we are NOT INTERESTED and will not pay. THEY COME BACK AGAIN, and do the lawn again. We ask for the recorded call and they play back a call from the previous year -- don't trust them. If you do go with this service, make sure you date the call so that they can't cheat you - actually say on the phone, this is Mr./Mrs. "your name here" and it is "insert date here". I am so upset. The sad thing is, they were going to get our business at the new house.

Serena Paul
horrible lawn care. they make you subscribe for a yearly service, and they do a crappy job. my lawn was burnt, full of weeds..etc. they keep telling me that i need to increase payment to an upgraded service. they guy who used to work for them was good in the last couple of years, and last year he no longer works for them. And the service was horrible. they kept calling us every week since winter to start up again. i told them i won't sign up and they keep calling. do not deal with these will not get the lawn care you are looking for. have dealt with them for 4 years. last year was the worst.

Shawn Simmons
Trugreen has awful Customer Service. They sent a technician to my home to service my front lawn that was in perfect condition. They applied too much treatment to one area and created a massive dead zone of of grass! When I called them about it, they sent out a Manager to look at it and he confirmed thay infact this was their mistake. It's been two weeks and nobody has come out to fix the problem, so I called them again and I was told another week or so before they will come out. So in the meantime I guess I should have an ugly front lawn? They also said they would simply re-seed and will not re-sod that area (so I should wait weeks for it to grow back?). Also, I received no reimbursement for the botched service. I will absolutely be cancelling all my services with this company as Trugreen doesn't deserve my business. Mistakes happen, however as a business owner myself, it's all about how you make it right for your client.

Mark Jesse
WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER - You rely on trust with your lawn care company. Other than the cardboard placard on your lawn and the invoice in your mailbox you really can't tell if the company provided the service you paid for. Year 1 - September brought more weeds in my lawn than there was in July...their response was that due to government regulations their product doesn't kill all the weeds it used to. It also was the summer that was had drought like conditions......they responded that their product isn't effective in these dry conditions....why the continued to apply their products and bill when they knew they wouldn't work is still a mystery to me...... Year 2 - I watched the technician only perform their service on half of my back lawn...Their response, the tech didn't realize the size of the property. (my property is 60 by 120.....) not like you couldn't see all 4 corners from anywhere...….This year somehow the just started providing their services. I asked them to have head office call me prior to further servicing...They called back, and the lady went on to school me...THE CUSTOMER....that they sent out 2 letters in November and a postcard and I SHOULD have been aware of the pricing and the auto renewal……...Well I very quickly asked them not to return this year...THANK YOU and GOODBYE.....In an area where I see 4-5 different lawn care companies pass through my neighbourhood DAILY.....You would think customer service, and integrity would be something a lawn care company would be concerned with...…...DO NOT WASTE YOUR will only be disappointed

Kyle Millar
Remember that time I called you three times to have you come out and take a look at my lawn for servicing. And you never showed, but said tomorrow you promise, but never showed. Not surprised your rating is so pathetic

Mirella Campanaro
what is going on , horrible service. I call wait forever no answer. I leave a call back number no one calls me. My lawn is full of weeds. I have been with this company for many many years. Im so upset with this company it will be my last year with them. Do not me in the fall to renew .
Mirella Campanaro

Zongshu Li
Don't waste your money! In the spring I signed up for a package that includes 5 or 6 times of treatment. I also spend extra money for aeration and seeding. Our lawn is not getting any better but even worse than before, every time a technician came to treat our lawn, they spent less than 5 minutes, and there is even one time they came in the pouring rain and dropped a note saying we can't do your treatment because of the rain but here's your invoice of 50 dollars! If this is how they treat your lawn, I suggest just do it yourself!

Maham O

If there was a possibility of giving it less than 1 star, I would. Absolutely horrendous customer service, with the servers having no knowledge of lawn care. The prices are ridiculous for minimal services and with little to no improvement on the lawn.

We were dissatisfied with their services and threatened to leave. They begged us to stay, and promised us three free services. Now they want to be compensated over $300 for these "free" services. Warning to all, stay away from this company.

James Hamilton
I have been a client of this company for 2 years and I don't know what is occurring this year but the service is not the same as last year nor are the PROMISED response times. Getting someone to come has been all but impossible while I watch my lawn slowly die of insects killing it.
To make matters worse, I am now told that insects don't include grubs so I guess they are another form of life.
13 days and no resolution and 50% of front lawn dead.
4 e-mails 4 phone calls.
I had hoped that I would be getting a resolution after I had left my 4th e-mail and had 3 calls and that they would come and show how they would resolve and take care of the extreme damage. I gave then a few days for that and not a call or a e-mail response.
What is extremely sad is that they are always nice and respectful on the phone and the folks that come are always the same.......but they are either too busy to handle the clients they have or they stopped caring.
I am not a person who makes a ton of reviews on line and if I do they are usually GREAT..........too bad I can't this time right now.
If you live in Stouffville, dont take my word for it, drive by 16 Thicketwood Blvd. and see for yourself

Babar M
Most horrendous company to ever exist. These people can't take no for an answer. I kept getting 3 calls a day for weeks till I had to block their number. I kept on telling their reps to please stop calling me and to remove me from their systems, however it seems like their reps are either profoundly ignorant or just plain dumb. They are lucky I'm not suing for harassment. Never ever use their services, horrendous horrendous horrendous!

Tony The Guy
I had this company for a few years, and steadily they have disappointed me in every way. I called the Customer Service dept. One was very helpful. the others were not. They told me it was my responsibility to keep an eye on the grass. ( I guess I was doing their job) . I lost it on one poor rep. Do yourself a favour, , stay away from this company

This is the worst servive I've ever got. Never do anything that supposes to be done, never on time, make lot of excuses to minimize the service. People in the call center swear that customer will get the best service , but as long as you pay then your nightmare starts.

Alex Brooks
Do not sign up!!! They will not let you quit, I have called, I have faxed, and they still disregard a cancellation!

Muhammad Noonari
Useless, very very poor service, nothing is changed in my lawn so far, I can't understand what they do and charge money for doing nothing, highly Not Recommended..!!

I'll tell you all honestly, the reasoning for the technicians doing horrible jobs is the fact that they are over worked, (like 50-65)h per week with no overtime. So most of the employees hatetheir jobs (which is no excuse!). But it starts with how the company treats their employees. No overtime and low base pay. For a huge company like they claim, they should be paying more then $16/h for a 60h week.
Yes. I started working here and left really fast. Got a job with another company for $18.50/h and overtime after 45h. Way better. When looking for a service of any kind. Talk to employees! See howthe company treats them, happy employees mean good services is usually.

Ps- yes, in my time there alot of the employees told me to leave! Told me they hate it there and hate their jobs and hate trugreen. Not naming names obviously.

Jaime Bernal
Last year I contracted them for my lawn care and I was not satisfied so I called them early this year to cancel any service and I also hired another company. To my surprise one guy came and "fertilised" my lawn ignoring the lawn sign from the other company that just did it a day or two before. So I called customer service and they said that I had to cancel the contract, that I didn't do that before and so on... I also told them that I was giving an invoice for $55.6. They said that somebody from the Financial Dept. would contact me and they never did. Now they sent my account to a collection agency in the USA. They want Trump to make me pay for that. Stay away from these guys.

Azam Ali
Most horrible experience ever I faced. These guys call service is pathetic. Three times these guys didn't show up at the time given by them for service call. All their effort is to grab new business through their call service the rest is doomed. It takes three days for their manager to give me call seriously are we that least important to them after they get the business. I am definitely going to complain about them to the government.

tailor pankita
Worst service. I had to call four times to receive the invoice. I suppose to have technician come in urgent in 2-3 days. Its been 10 days no one has came . Just a big name nothing else!!

dipak patel
WORST WORST WORST service. This people don't have any co-ordination with any department. They sign up for one year and after first spray next treatment they have did to some other HOUSE and when i called them for inquiry they said we have already did you two spray and aeration which is completely baseless. Soon after i ask to cancel my account and its been two months but they have not refunded my money.
***My strongly suggestion don't ever try this TRUGREEN***

Gaurav Shah
There is no zero star option.... LIAR... IMPROPER BUSINESS PRACTICE.... The Sales guy came up last year and signed up for Buy One Get One service... He never mentioned about they you that the offer is valid only if you sign up for 2017. Now that 2017 is in, i receive a letter from the company stating they will be starting the service soon... i called in why... they said your contract is for 2017 as well as you got BOGO offer... When questioned, the Supervisor says if you cancel you will be required to pay for the service last year... BUNCH OF LIAR's... TRAPPING CUSTOMERS WITH FALSE MARKETING AND SIGNING THEM UP FOR FUTURE SEASONS WITHOUT ANY KNOWLEDGE OF THEM.…

Renee Morin
These guys do not understand that if we say is NO...they keep calling and this become almost harassment. I will not use them just for that.

Rose Raizman
Horrible service , no results and cheating:
We've hired True Green Last Year and they promised no weeds, unlimited calls etc. I did have weeds all summer, couple of times they send respray and couple of times they told me that I need to give time for weeds to die and if problems persist give them a call. I have asked to be contacted prior to each service call, never was contacted. I ended up calling in September and cancelling. In February they called me to renew at least 5 times. Very nicely promising to reduce price, use new products, be personally responsible etc. I have declined firmly. Today they showed up when I was at work and left a bill for 59.14. When we called to check why they stated that they never spoke with us from September and I never cancelled. When asked to speak with manager stated that manager is not available.
Be aware: very sweet on pre-sale- not delivering and cheating

Tejpal Sahota
I don't use anyone to take care of my lawn, and a truck from trugreen came and planted a sign on my lawn.

Putting your sign on nice properties that you've done nothing on is quite an immoral way to advertise.

Omid Moneeb
Worst service, they never come to check. Our lawn was burnt and weed all over even with their first treatment. Their services are really cancer. I hate trugreen , consider finding someone else.

Ehsan Elahi Malik
These guys are FRAUDS
Sales guys said $40/month
Came in charged $50.32+HST on first service (that service was ok) next appointment they never came and just put the lawn-sign up and left another bill of $56.86 in week. so like I owe them $113.72 within 8 days.
Next time they called I told them that I do not want their service, they said manager will call. Manager said person will come and will do it in my presence which never happened but again a lawn sign only.
I told them that my lawn is now filled with weed and I better take care of it myself and yet manager said he will come and see that never happened.

Now they want me to pay for three services that never happened.
Customer service (very rude) doesn't listen and just threatens to pay or they are sending me to collection.

Killer Football
Absolutely disgraceful, useless & unprofessional company !

A family of hungry racoons would do a better job of lawn care than these amateurs.

AFTER cancelling the service and advising at least 5 people at trugreen of this fact they sent someone to 'service' (their term for destroy) my lawn.
I then informed at least another 3 or 4 people I would not pay for something I had already cancelled.

Subsequently they have employed a strategy of NON STOP harrassment by sending numerous paper bill invoice demands, along with emails and phone calls.

If you value your garden - DO NOT EVER use trugreen !

Lorraine Houston
We had a dreadful experience. They left our gate wide open and our dog got out, thankfully didn't go far and got him home safely.

When I called to tell them that the gate was open they didn't even care how my dog was or apologize, they just said "well, he's home now so why are you so upset?"

I told them I cancel and I am not paying
I was so upset and angry
now they are sending me notices from a collection agency

Nirmal Stambo
Worst ..service ever.. service men gives lame excuses for additional services such as Aeration..ohh I can not do that area , the person who comes to service the lawn acts if they have done a thorough study of the lawn but fails to look for weeds and..just leaves in 5 mins, they always avoid the times the lawn owner is home to minimize their cost...horrible..I would call them...NO green..not True Green

Krupal Patel

Vishal Mehta
This company is a big scam I used there services and my lawn is more bad then before so don't use True Green

Michal Jaster
Subscribed to the service for a couple of years and then decided to stop. They have called me at least 20 times AFTER I told them not too. Don't deal with them unless you appreciate about being harassed.

Merchants Canada Inc.
The worst ever experience. Billed my credit card for the whole season upfront and no one shows up for two weeks. Called in and was told there was a scheduling issue and it " Shall" be taken care of tomorrow. No show, no call the following day. Called again and there was no excuse at all why someone did not show up. I just cancelled account and I hope refund shows up soon else another Hassel calling up visa and going through another process tobget my money back. Twonweeks of wastage of time with zero results.

Mike O'Neill
Wait time on phone to find out why they haven't come yet and when they are coming: 15 Mins. Wait to take your prepayment for the season: 2 seconds

Samer Charab
TERRIBLE COMPANY. They came to our house and convinced my mother to sign up for a 4 part treatment plan and had told her we could cancel at any time and that they will call us ahead of time to let us know they were coming do we could supervise the work done. After re considering we gave them a call ahead of time to cancel the contract, where the man on the phone had said no problem. The next day we arrived home to a voicemail saying they were on their way to complete the work (never scheduled) and a bill for the work done. After several weeks of complaining and trying to talk to the manager to no avail (never receiving a call back) we were told we have to pay or else they were sending us to collections! Not only were we lied to about their cancellation, we also don't even know if they had treated our lawn (which we no longer wanted). Customer service is terrible and we are still waiting to hear from the manager. This has been a headache for us for a month. I am unsure of how well their products work, we do not see any improvement (I don't believe one treatment was enough to see anything anyway) but we were charged and billed for something we were promised will be cancelled. I would recommend any other company besides this

jessy alchorn
The first scheduled visit consisted of the truck pulling up, siting idle for a few minutes and the driving away. I called the next day and was told service was done, even though I assured them it was not. Claimed they spoke to my husband (who was at work when they came). 3 seperate occasions where they called and said they would be out the following day and did not show up. I called and was told each time that theywere there and after arguing they claimed they accidently went to the wrong adress (lucky person getting free lawn care!) Last visit was early june, no visits in July or August but got a call in September saying that in June it was noticed we have a grub problem and needed to pay additional for spray (would have been nice to know in june!) There are tons of weeds, grass has a disease under a big tree in back yard- I diagnosed from internet searching (they kept telling me I was cutting the grass to short-even though I cut the grass the same length all over). terrible service would never recommend

Naya Safar
SCAM! These people should be in JAIL. They forcefully come to your house WITHOUT your knowledge then send you a bill and force you to pay it. How is this legal? Hopefully they will go out of business very soon!

Avoid using this scam at all costs, you have been warned!

Cassandra Laurie
Horrible. I don't even think the technicians know what they are doing.

Pauline Thomas
The worst company you could every choose to care for your lawn. My lawn looks worse this year than previous years and this is the first year I have hired a lawn care company. They show up, put a sign on the lawn and leave a bill - but I don't think they actually do the work. I have had more weeds this year than before and now my lawn has no grass!! Totally burned out - even though I watered it all through the summer - my neighbour who also uses TruGreen is experiencing the same problem. I complained to the company many times and nothing changes - they are only concerned about getting paid not delivering the service they promised. It will cost me hundreds more to replace my entire lawn. Please do yourself a favour - don't use this company!

Sent me an ad in my mailbox. Did not get the name right

River M
Overpriced, irresponsible..

Jonathan Chan
Interrupted my dinner to give a sales pitch.

Shabbir Bilwani
Really bad service. the weeds are still in my garden. i was told that i am supposed to call them after every technician visit and complain and they will then send the technician for a second visit. so this means that i am paying them for getting rid of weeds in my garden and then i am supposed to be calling them to remind them they have to do their job i am paying them for.
tried calling and complaining and was told that a manager will be visiting. told them to make sure he visits after confirming time with me so that i can meet him but sadly that did not happen. the manager visited at his own time without informing me and left a note in the mailbox telling me he visited and could not meet me as i was not home and that i have weeds and that if i get their service next year will be killed. so what did i pay u this year for?? really really bad service.

WORST COMPANY EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fraud fraud and more fraud, they come leave a sign on the lawn and bill people but don't even do anything to the lawn.

bill gren
Applied for a job. Rude receptionist

----------------------------------------2 STAR REVIEWS----------------------------------------

Carmen Downes
I have been using this company for years and my lawn gets worse. It looks like those in pictures above with lot of brown patches. My neighbor's grass look 10 times better without any professional care. Something is definitely wrong here. This company needs to investigate the work of their staff. My lawn is damaged. There is no change with all the rain we have had

Lynda Elliot
I purchased the Spring/Fall Lawn care package and the mosquito spray.
Not impressed with their service at all! I had reseeded my lawn and the new grass was sprouting nicely until the fertiliser and weed control was applied which resulted in the new grass dying and resulting in bald spots all over my lawn. The technician left the invoice noting that ONLY the front yard was sprayed yet I had paid for service back and front. In hind sight it was a blessing as my backyard lawn is perfect!
I sent my 3rd email off to Customer Services this afternoon as the mosquitoes are back and making sitting outside in the evenings very challenging. I will not be using this company next season! I spent almost $700. The Sales pitch was great.... everything else.... Not so great!

Donald Oakley
Obtaining a quote shouldn't be hard. We received conflicting responses, delayed responses and ultimately, attitude. We went with their competitor instead, A shame as they seem to do a decent job on the lawns in our community

Geoff Colling
The product works well when they remember to show up. The guys who perform the work are great but they missed an appointment and never called - I had to follow up a few times with them. to be fair, they offered to come an additional time free and offered to come once free the following year. While I agree last year was a difficult year due to the heat, I feel like they could have done a better job in spraying, like worked in the evenings instead.

Scott Webster
Decent Service for the application of products etc, but they hound you relentlessly and offer additional services constantly! I finally accepted and never received a bill, after asking for a bill several times without receiving one i got a collection notice in the mail from a third party collection agency, pretty poor job done on the customer service end of things!

Angelo Kociper
They don't pay enough attention to the lawn. If grad isn't growing after two years of service you are doing something wrong

Nazim Damji
This is the repeat time we gave tru green a chance to prove themselves.
Their marketing convienced me to join again but we remain disappointed.
Weeds persisted and the grass is not optimal. In fact there is some other type of grass growing and it is not grab grass. I did a much beter job myself last tear at a fraction of the cost. Not a satusfied customer .

Steve D'Sa
I've been a long time customer and I strongly feel their service is deteriorating . Perhaps they are just getting too big and can't keep their service levels. They are very slow to make service calls and quite frankly my weeds are getting out of control.

Sarah Zmenak
BEWARE OF THESE GUYS. Bought service from this company for one season, and they come back the next year without my knowledge and expect me to pay them for their service.

----------------------------------------3 STAR REVIEWS----------------------------------------

Vito Binetti
I was convinced to join on the premise that I would have no weeds...unfortunately its now august and i STILL have weeds despite all the efforts from myself and Trugreen, so I will go back to treating my own lawn next year and saving over 300 dollars...the company does try hard to satisfy but their products(weed control and fertilizer) are not effective.

hemant tailor
Please note that I spoke to True Green in the winter and spring during promotions and requested that you do not start treatment of my lawn
till I give you consent. You ignored my request and initiated treatment. Your followup invoice ( 4945471) for the amount of 189.00 $ is a surprise since I did not request treatment. I should not be liable for this as your company should gain consent prior to initiating treatment. This automatic renewal seems to be the protocol in your field.

Kostas Kendros
The weed prevention/elimination program didn't work.

If you have any questions, comments, complaints, or reviews about TRUGREEN LAWN CARE post them in the comments section below!

Monday, August 10, 2020



8384 Woodbine Ave, Markham, ON L3R 2N8

5285 Yonge St, North York, ON. M1S 4T5

414 Dundas St. W, Toronto, ON. M5T 1G7

16025 Bayview Ave. Unit C5, Building C Aurora, ON L4G 3L4

Unit4 - 7080 Warden Ave Markham, ON. L3R 5Y2

780 Burnhamthorpe Rd. W, Mississaug, ON. M5G 1C3

4186 Finch Ave E #32, Scarborough, ON M1S 3V1
+1(416) 298-4567

109 Ravel Rd, North York, ON. M2H 1T2

1606-4500, Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 2A9
+1(604) 568-1616

We received the following complaint from a customer:

I ordered a whole bunch of food from Yang's Braised Chicken Rice Woodbine location through Uber Eats.

As I was looking at the Cilantro that came with my order, I noticed a lot of soil on them, then I decided to view that in detail under my microscope and I found some ants as well.

I urge the attention of the Canadian Ministry of Health to review this restaurant practices to make sure they abide by the rules and regulations.

I left them a 1 star review on their Uber Eats stating:

WASH YOUR VEGETABLES!!! The vegetables was NOT WASHED! I found soil in them and when I put them under my microscope I found some small ants, reported on social media and to the Canadian Ministry of Health.

If you have any reviews, complaints, or comments about Yang's Braised Chicken Rice, you may post them in the comments section below.

Wednesday, August 05, 2020

1 (800) 894-1596 Pretending Alectra Utilities SCAM REVIEWS

There is a new SCAM targeting people in Canada, a company claiming to be Alectra Utilities Corporation / Brampton Hydro with the phone number ‭1 (800) 894-1596‬, they call you and tell you that you owe thousands of dollars on a past due electric bill.

They ask you to pay by Cash using a Bitcoin ATM Machine, and tell you this is the only way you can pay now during the Covid19, they won't mention that this is a bitcoin machine but instead will say, "you go into this convenience store, find this machine that says Local Coin, this machine is for making electric, phone bills etc., once you arrive at the convenience store, give us a call at 1-800-894-1596 and we will then send you a bar code that you need to insert into the machine, then follow the instructions on the machine and deposit your cash."

They also say that they will only send you the bar code once you are at the machine because the barcode is time sensitive which is BS!

They also threaten and say your electric is scheduled for disconnection today, don't believe that.


If they contacted you, you may contact the REAL Alectra Hydro at 1-833-ALECTRA / 1-833-253-2872 and report it to them, you can leave a comment in the comments section below if you wish, and if you wish to be contacted by Alectra, police or other organizations to help with the investigation please leave a contact number.

Friday, July 17, 2020



Phone: (647) 699-8188
Office Toll Free: 1-888-709-4142
8 Maison Parc Ct. #106, Thornhill, ON L4J 9K5, Canada

69 Donisi Ave. Thornhill, ON L4J 6G6, Canada

This company has a very rude customer service. They are lying to their potential customers to get sales! They are pretending they have an electronic license to convince people to buy services from them! DO NOT BUY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES FROM THIS COMPANY!

I initially told the person that I was speaking with that I have 4 cameras that I would like to be installed and the cameras are already set up. I told the person that I just need it to be installed outside my house, positioning one camera per side. I also asked him if they are providing that kind of service and how much will it cost. I also asked the person if they have a website. Instead of quoting me the price directly, he told me to go to their website to find the price for the service that I am inquiring about. The reason why I reached them out directly is to lessen the hassle of finding the correct price for the service that I wanted to avail. After telling me to go to their website, I asked the person once again if how much will it cost for the 4 cameras to be installed.

Then I asked him/her if he/she is a LICENSED ELECTRICIAN and HAVE A LIABILITY INSURANCE because I wanted to be assured that I am dealing with people I can trust! Then he answered me that the prices for the services are all on the website but sent a follow-up message saying it is $120 per camera installation. HE DID NOT ANSWER MY QUESTION OF HE/SHE IS A LICENSED ELECTRICIAN. I asked him again about his electric license number so I can verify if he/she is really a licensed electrician.

Instead of answering me directly, he asked about my address saying that they need to conduct a site investigation before we can continue with the transaction and that I should give him the IP POE or CVI TVI and the type of cameras that I have. I answered that I have 3 houses and gave them the address where I want the cameras to be installed. Then the person asked me if I am available the next day to do the installation, I agreed and declared anytime after 12 pm.



The person also told me that I am trying to get the information that is NOT REQUIRED in his job and I am not answering his questions about the cameras that I have. He said that he is not sure if he wants to install it. I advised the person that IT IS REQUIRED TO INFORM THE PEOPLE THAT THEY ARE LICENSED ELECTRICIAN IF THEY ARE CLAIMING THAT THEY REALLY ARE.



They are offering the following services and packages:


Please visit

CCTV Security Experts,

Provides affordable Commercial – Industrial - Residential grade Security Camera Systems services, with Professional installation!

Fully insured - licensed Business - certified $2 million (WSIB) and liability insurance.

All our systems come with: Lifetime support and 3 years parts and labor Warranty!

Please call or text Dmitry at Cell : (647) 699-8188





UltraHD \ 4K \ 8MP Dahua pro IP Cameras with Professional Installation from – $1,195 CAD

Fully Installed

2 x IP Cameras, 4 Channel Recorder, 1TB for $1195 CAD

4 x IP Cameras, 4 Channel Recorder, 1TB for $1495 CAD

6 x IP Cameras, 8 Channel Recorder, 2TB for $1995 CAD

8 x IP Cameras, 8 Channel Recorder, 4TB for $2495 CAD

UltraHD, POE, VANDAL & WEATHER PROOF, Day & Night, Outside & Inside WDR IP Camera.

4K SMART NVR – Power Over Ethernet (POE) Dual-core CPU, GRID interface, Smart search, Powerful preview, Recording, Playback and Network performance.

All wires and connectors.

Private, Secure and easy access on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS App.

Allow the user to be notified on mobile phone when Line Crossing Detection is triggered.

3 Years Replacement warranty.

Included Professional Installation & Lifetime Technical Support

Our products are the highest quality systems that can last for more than 20 years.

Cameras are vandal proved and they designed to operate under any weather in Canada!


Installation is done by Experts!

Setup / Programming / Training

Free Remote Connection via Cell phones, Tablets or Computers!

It's impossible to be everywhere at once, but it is possible to have extra pair of eyes with our help.

Whether you want to ensure your Home is safe, check your Front Door, Garage, Back yard, babysitter, protecting your loved ones, check up on employees or make sure your pets are behaving, you can do it from your phone or computer anytime and anywhere you want! Absolutely FREE!


Get your system installed by an EXPERTS!

Guaranteed satisfaction.

* FREE Estimate available in Toronto and surrounding areas (GTA)

Our other services include:

Video IP Security Camera, Automation Installation Services:

(Lights, door locks, thermostats, etc) Network - Cable Runs

Security Camera Systems / CCTV Surveillance

Door Fob Access Control System / Card Access Systems

Computer IT Support for Business

Network and Data installation with Network Switch and Routers

WAP - WiFi - Wireless Access Point - Wireless Bridge - Installation and Service

Call us at:

(647) 699-8188

Office Toll Free: 1-888-709-4142

They have been reported to ESA - Electrical Safety Authority in Ontario.

Electrical Safety Authority
155 Matheson Blvd. West
Mississauga, ON L5R 3L5

400 Sheldon Drive, Unit 1
Cambridge ON, N1T 2H9

Phone: (877) ESA-SAFE (372-7233)

If you have any comments, reviews, and complaints about CCTVSYSTEMS / CCTV SYSTEMS, post it in the comments section below.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Bitmoji Scam Reviews Complaints

We received a complaint from someone asking us to post it, here is the story below:

An employee of Bitmoji recently posted a defamation complaint.

Be aware of Annissa Schwartz, she is a Senior Designer at Bitmoji Snap Inc. studied or currently studies at Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology,

We believe Annissa Schwartz posted a fake negative review, And we believe that she is hoping to get free food in return, which is criminal and basically called defamation by libel.

Here is what she posted:

"I haven't eaten here, BUT, I was looking into ordering food tonight and although there were some bad reviews, I'm looking at the responses from the restaurant that are awfully combative and defensive. Instead of offering the customer a resolution or apologizing, they go the "Amy's Baking Company" route and blame the customer and call their reviews false and a criminal offense.

I won't be ordering here, purely based on their deplorable customer service and overly defensive attitude. Shameful."

Here was our reply to her:

"So you haven't even ate here and you are already judging by some fake reviews?
Thanks and Good luck with your fake review!

I'm sure that you and everyone can see that we replied to the reviews offering a resolution, but no one had ever called us yet, which shows they are fake complaint reviews same as yours.

There are customers that posts fake complaints who live on free food given by restaurants, such customers commit a crime called "defamation by libel", which basically means extortion.

Since we haven't heard back from these who we believe are fake and posted by competitors, we had edited the message and posted this on their fake complaint:

***We never heard back from this person after our reply to them, it looks like another fake false review from a possible competitor which you can IGNORE! :)

There are many fake false and defamation reviews online, and defamation is a crime in Canada***

Criminal Code ( R.S.C. , 1985, c.
298 (1) A defamatory libel is matter published, without lawful justification or excuse, that is likely to injure the reputation of any person by exposing him to hatred, contempt or ridicule, or that is designed to insult the person of or concerning whom it is published.***

And by the way, I'm not the owner, I'm a friend of her, I just feel bad for her to have people like you, if I had a restaurant I would ban you from it because I wouldn't want to welcome people like you. :) enjoy."

If you have any questions, comments, scam complaints or reviews about Annissa Schwartz you may post it in the comments section below.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Atomy Reviews


There's a lot of network marketing companies around the world. The real question is, what can they offer? What are the benefits of joining them? What are their goals for the people who wants to be part of their company? The questions may seem simple, but the answers will bring so much impact if you didn't learn it first before joining them. It is important to choose wisely.

As a person who is aiming to have a financial freedom, I am desperate to know all the ways that I can do to earn and save for my future. Being an "employee" is not really my thing because I am more on working on my passion and being independent making myself my own boss.

At first, I thought network marketing is like a scam that use pyramid scheme. Well, there's a lot of people encountering issues on joining network marketing. But as person who is desperate to earn, I willingly joined one of these network marketing companies.

I found Atomy interesting. Because there is a lot of Atomy Reviews. So I looked it up on the internet to find out if it is just one of the typical networking company. I read reviews, testimonials, blogs, and even watch YouTube videos about it. It is crazy that Atomy is literally all over the internet but its popularity is in a positive way. I saw everything that I wanted to saw.

I registered through and surprisingly I received my login credentials right away within the day. That is pretty convenient. So I downloaded the app to see the difference of the pricing from the member's website. They seem to be very confident on discount they can give as one of the benefits of being a member. Then I saw it myself. The member's discount is fair and beneficial! You can earn a lot if you will be reselling those at the suggested retail price or at your own price!

Also, I signed up to receive work from home details so I can invite my friends, relatives, and loved ones to grab this amazing opportunity. So far my whole family is loving Atomy products. They don't have any problem with skin irritations due to harmful chemicals because Atomy provides natural and organic daily essentials that EVERYONE NEEDS. I hope you'll find your way to join too! Visit to be a member.

If you have any comments, reviews and complaints about Atomy, post it in the comments section below.

Thursday, June 18, 2020 SCAM REVIEWS WARNING


WhiteHatBox Scam, WhiteHatBox Fraud, WhiteHatBox Useless, WhiteHatBox Complaints

WARNING: DO NOT buy software from this provider.

Business Skype:
Twitter: is selling software that DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY. They cannot even follow their own refund system. After selling the faulty software, no support was given after that. Their support system is very slow and very UNRELIABLE. They have rude technical support that will say things that are not nice. They always say that you have to fix it yourself before contacting theme even you already tried hundred times to figure out what's happening! In addition to that, then have an option for refund request on their website but THEY DO NOT GIVE ANY REFUND. These thieves and scammers should experience legal actions!

People SHOULD NOT DO BUSINESS with these scammers! They have unreliable support system and they do not abide on their own refund policy!

They offer the following software and tools:

Luminati Proxy
Following Like
AtomEmail Pro
Tube Assist Pro
Email Scrape Chief
Duplicate Sniper
Black Bulk Mail
FREE SEO Softwares
Twitter Filter
Proxy Spider
Traffic Bot Pro

If you have any comments, reviews, complaints or scam reviews about WHITEHATBOX, post it in the comments section below.



Atompark Scam, Atompark Fraud, Atompark Useless, Atompark Complaints

WARNING: DO NOT buy software from this provider.

Contact Number: (347) 773-0502
Facebook: sells FAULTY software. The software they are selling DOES NOT WORK and FAILED to meet client's basic expectations. On top of that, after reporting their faulty software they DID NOT ISSUE A REFUND due to the client's HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE.

People should refrain from doing business with AtomPark. There are lots of BAD REVIEWS all over the internet. This just proves that they CANNOT uphold to provide reliable services.

If you want to have a reliable software to maintain your company's reputation DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. Make it a habit to read about the provider that you are trying to buy software from. Only trust those who delivers quality results.

Services that they offer:

Email Service
Email Tracker
SMTP Server
Online email verifier
Sms Sender
Mail Sender
Email studio
Email Extractor
Email Logger
Lead Extractor
Newsgroup Explorer
Whois Explorer
Web Spider
List Manager

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Monday, June 01, 2020

Shoppers Drug Mart Richmond Hill COMPLAINTS Canada Post COMPLAINTS

Posted on Twitter.

.@ShopprsDrugMart we received a complaint from a client of ours, your employee "Genie" at store 898 located at 9275 Bayview Ave
Richmond Hill ON L4C 9X4
Canada, is EXTREMELY RUDE, she should be #FIRED #shoppersdrugmart #sdm898 #badcustomerservice #shoppersdrugmartreviews ⏬

.@canadapostcorp @canadaposthelps Your Customer Service SUX & VERY RUDE, see thread above.

#Canadapost #Canadapostreviews #Canadapostcomplaints #Canadapostsux

Shoppers Drug Mart 898 located at Bayview and 16th Ave. in Richmond Hill, Shoppers Drug Mart store# SDM898

Your employee Genie is extremely rude, she should be fired, she should learn how to talk and stop giving attitude and acting in a very rude behavior.

AVOID SHOPPERS DRUG MART Richmond Hill Store 898, shoppers drug mart hires rude staff.

Shoppers Drug Mart Reviews
Shoppers Drug Mart Complaints
Shoppers Drug Mart customer service sux
Canada Post at Shoppers Drug Mart SUX

If you have any comments, reviews, complaints or scam reviews about shoppers drug mart Richmond Hill SDM898 post it in the comments section below.

Thursday, May 28, 2020


Goodcom reviews, Goodcom scam, Goodcom complaints

Standalone Wireless Thermal GPRS Food Online Ordering Receipt Printer


Add: North 5F, Guangxia Building, Torch High-tech zone, Xiamen, China
P.C.: 361006
Tel: +86-592-6022520/6022530 (EXT.823)
Fax: +86-592-6022520/6022530 (EXT.818)
E-mail :
Technical support
E-mail :
Complaints & Suggestions
E-mail :
Other Website
Chris Shaw SCAMMER
+86 152 6060 3767 scam, reviews scam, reviews

Products No: GT5000S reviews, scam
Products Name: SMS/GPRS/USSD printer
Key Features: 1.Connectivity:GPRS,GSM SMS, USSD & STK 2.OEM & ODM welcomed 3.multiple language supported
CTN Dimension : 565*460*280mm
CTN Packing : 10 units
CTN G.W : 14kg 

Products No: GT5000W reviews, scam
Products Name: LAN/Wifi/GPRS/3G printer
Key Features: Real manufacture Linux Netprinter support LAN and WIFI for online order
CTN Dimension : 565*460*280mm
CTN Packing : 10 units
CTN G.W : 13.5kg

Products No: GT6000S reviews, scam
Products Name: Handheld pos printer
Key Features: Used for receive and printing the remote orders/messages by GPRS or SMS two ways
CTN Dimension : 400*385*275mm
CTN Packing : 10 units
CTN G.W : 9.7kg

Products No: GT4000SW reviews, scam
Products Name: Portable wifi printer
Key Features: Mini WIFI Printer, compatible with GPRS and SMS
CTN Dimension : 530*405*260mm
CTN Packing : 10 units
CTN G.W : 9.4kg

Products No: GT5000M reviews, scam
Products Name: GSM/GPRS sms printer
Key Features:
CTN Dimension : 565*460*280mm
CTN Packing : 10 units
CTN G.W : 14kg

Products No: GT5000P reviews, scam
Products Name: SMS/GPRS/USSD/STK printer
Key Features:
CTN Dimension : 530*500*340mm
CTN Packing : 10 units
CTN G.W : 16kg

Products No: GT5000G reviews, scam
Products Name: LAN/Wifi/GPRS printer
Key Features: Under developing
CTN Dimension : 565*460*280mm
CTN Packing : 10 units
CTN G.W : 14kg

Our client sent us the following complaint review about Goodcom reviews, scam:
I've had nothing but headache when I purchased from this company.

I received the printer from them, it didn't work, I've spent about 20 hours trying to fix this damn thing and it was just a waste of time, their customer service sux, they scammed me and I didn't get back the full refund that I paid for.

GoodCom sells their products on their website and also on, and AliBaba tolerates this SCAM and allows this to happen.

So I'm guessing if a company wants to scam buyers they can use AliBaba to do so.

This complaint will be removed upon confirmation and satisfaction from our client.

Avoid buying anything from GoodCom at all times, if you have any questions, comments, complaints, or GoodCom scam reviews please post them in the section below.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 HemoHIM Complaints, Reviews, SCAM REPORTS

If you are interested in signing up with Atomy or purchasing any of the Atomy Best Organic Natural Health Products, Go to WWW.ATOMYBENEFITS.COM Reviews

Atomy America Inc.

CEO : Han Gill Park

Address : 33801 1st Way S. Ste #301 Federal Way. WA 98003

Tel : 253-946-2344     Fax : 253-946-2345

I am here writing my review story about this product called HemoHim and all products that Atomy American Inc. sells.

I've been using the product for years and honestly can say that their products had blown my mind away.

I am shocked! I wish there there was a better word to describe it.

I know you are searching if there any complaints, reviews or scam reviews about Atomy products, such as their skin care, tooth paste, and many other products especially the number one! HemoHim.

Why do you think this website came up on #1 top of the search you just did?

Because this website is great and recognized.

I'm going to give you a lot of helpful information on Atomy HemoHim and about the rest of their products.

I'm also going to give you information on how you can get the best LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED for Atomy products using a special code that I have!

If you have any questions, comments, scam reports, lab test reports and reviews about Atomy products or HemoHim, you may post it in the comments section below.