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Thursday, January 03, 2019

Magic Noodles Reviews Complaints

Magic Noodles
D-1383 16th Ave
Richmond Hill ON L4B 0E2
+1 (905) 889-9886

Ordered from Uber Eats, Bak Choy has lots of dead ants inside it as they don't wash it properly.

I ordered just about 30 min ago and I asked that they replace the Bak Choy with Califlower, a guy called me back and refused to give me his name he said they don't give out their names, he said he can NOT change the Bak Choy to Califlower but he can just remove the Bak Choy, he said if I want Califlower I have to pay extra.

They are extremely cheap! And Dirty, I will report them to the ministry of health for having dead ants in their Bak Choy.

Next time you order something with Bak Choy from them, take the Bak Choy and open up the leafs and look carefully inside in between the leafs, if you see small black dots look closely at it and hope it's not sand or ants! :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Ocean Seafood Wholesale

Ocean Seafood Wholesale Scam Complaints Reviews
81 Scottfield Drive, Scarborough, ON M1S 5R4

I called prior to going to confirm if they have the size 12+ they said no they have 10+, I asked if they are sure they have 10+ in stock, they said yes they are sure!

I paid for a size 10+ Crab, they gave me size 8-10 they tried to scam me.

Then when I told them they gave me the wrong size, they said they don't have size 10+ currently! Why did they charge me for 10+ then if they don't have it !! This place is known for deceiving and scamming their customers, MAKE sure you always check what you pay for, check the size and everything to avoid being scammed!

I came here all the way from very far Richmond Hill, wasted my time and money for nothing.

They tell you one thing over the phone just to get you to come in and later when you arrive they give you a smaller size.

I will start looking for a different wholesaler and will update this post with the name of the new better wholesaler I find.

I will post this today on multiple blogs and review sites.

This is an update to my original post, I found the new better seafood wholesaler that I told you I will update you about and it is as follows;

Seacore Seafood inc
81 Aviva Park Drive
Vaughan, ON
Canada L4L 9C1 Phone: 905-856-6222
Toll Free: 1-800-563-6222
Fax: 905-856-9445

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Facebook Account Disabled - Ineligible Scam, Complaints, Reviews, Warning

Account Disabled - Ineligible

Facebook Disabled my account for no reason.

When I logged in to Facebook, I saw the message on top saying Account Disabled - Ineligible.

And it said to fill out the form in order to send the appeal to Facebook which I did.

Upon reading multiple articles, it showed that Facebook usually responds to appeals within 7-10 days.

My appeal was sent over 2 weeks ago and still no replies at all from Facebook and my account remains disabled until now! I will post an update to my story once I receive a response back from Facebook.

Facebook is a place where you have a contact list of all your family, relatives and friends, Facebook is a place where where you share all your wonderful photos and memories, and when your account gets disabled, all your contacts, photos and memories are all gone unless they re-enable your account.

Also, if you are an admin of a business page, you won't be able to manage that page any longer unless they re-enable your account.

So I learned a lesson to never trust Facebook, always keep a copy of my contacts, photos and memories, because if one day your account is disabled, you would loose everything you have there, including the business page(s) that you used to manage!

I also learned that in September 2018 Facebook said 50 million user accounts affected by security breach.

And in December 14,2018 Facebook said a bug affecting up to 6.8 million users exposed photos they hadn't shared.

All this proves that Facebook is not a website you can trust and rely on.

A multi billion dollar company doesn't have a customer service support number posted on their site! and they only has 500 employees working for them I heard that deals with appeals in regards to disabled accounts, What a shame!

My experience so far made me really hate Facebook, I'm really upset at the way they handle their accounts and appeals.

If you have any complaints, reviews, comments, or scam issues with Facebook kindly post them in the comments section below. and Scam Reviews Complaints Scam Complaints Reviews Warning

Ajay Goel | Wordzen Corp

Gmass is a SCAM ! It does NOT work.

When emailed asking for a refund, here is what Ajay replied back with:


You just subscribed to GMass. I'm glad to have you as a subscriber. I would love to refund the payment you just made. Here's the deal...if you write a review of GMass in two key places, then reply to this email to let me know it's done, and I'll issue a refund of the payment you just made.

If you want to do this, here are the two places I need a review:

1. The GMass listing on the Chrome Web Store: Here's the first direct link

2. The GMass listing on the Gmail Add-on Store: Here's the second direct linkYou will have to install the Add-on before you can leave a review. Doing so will make your GMass experience better anyway. It makes it so that key information about a person shows up in your sidebar in Gmail. After you install it, find the "Rate this app" section and leave a rating with a comment.

After you have both reviews posted, just reply to let me know, and I'll issue you that refund.


Ajay Goel
Wordzen - We write your emails for you
GMass - Powerful email marketing inside Gmail

Which clearly shows that most of the positive reviews you see online about Gmass are FAKE positive reviews.

When you try their app and it doesn't work, you would then try to email them to, which they will then reply back to you with the message shown above, threatening you that they will only give you a refund if were to post 2 positive reviews about their App! And that's why you see so many positive reviews about their app, because most of these people tried getting a refund and the company forced them to write these reviews in order to have the refund processed.

I believe this is called Fraud and Extortion.

Posting positive reviews should be at your OWN will, NO one should ever force you to post positive reviews.

If you have any questions, comments, reviews, scam, or complaints about OR please post them in the comments section below, and post your experience with them.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Waterslager Petshop Amman Jordan

Never EVER buy a pet from Amman, Jordan.

I purchased a parrot from Waterslager Pet Shop Amman, Jordan, their address is:

First Circle jabal amman 9th Shaban Street Building No. 31، عمان 11190, Jordan
Phone number: +962 7 9566 2667
Owner name: Mohammed Ziada OR Mohammed Ziadeh

Before I made the purchase I asked the owner if he can provide me the necessary documents that I need in order to take this parrot with me outside of Jordan to Canada and the owner Mohammed Ziada confirmed to me that he will be able to provide me with these documents, when I made the purchase he did not provide me with any papers and he said he will provide it to me later because he has to first obtain it from the seller who sold him the pet, and he never provided me with any receipt or invoice and I asked him why and he said because if he provides me with the receipt he has to pay the government taxes and he doesn't want to pay any taxes to the Jordanian government.

When I took my pet to the vet, the vet advised me that it will be impossible to travel with my pet without a paper called Certificate of Origin in which I have to obtain this from the seller who in this case is Waterslager Pet Shop Amman.

And when I spoke to Mohammed Ziada, he disagreed and he said I can get this paper from another place, I spoke to so many places and everyplace I've spoken to all advised me that the only place I can obtain this paper from is the actual seller which is Waterslager PetShop Amman.

I called the owner again Mohammed Ziada and then advised him of what I had been advised off and he advised me that he told me from the beginning that he will never be able to provide me with this paper, I disagreed and I told him that from the beginning he promised me that he will provide me all documents that I need in order to bring this Pet outside of Jordan to Canada, he said I'm sorry there's nothing I can do.

Mohammed Ziada told me that he is selling a book supposedly he is supposedly the author of it, the name of the book is Book of secrets of the African grey, when I looked into this further I learned that this is a complete lie, all he did was that he took an English Book that talks about the African gray and then he translated the book to Arabic and he started selling the book pretending that he is the actual author which is against copyright laws.

I advise you never EVER to buy ANY pet from Amman, Jordan at all because all of these pet shops are crooks, scammers and liars, they want to sell you a pet just because they want the money so quick, the pets you buy you may never be able to travel with it and the pet could have many illnesses and if you have to buy one never buy it from Waterslager Petshop.

I also advise you NEVER to believe positive comments posted about the shop at all because the owner can post positive comments himself to make his Pet Shop look good.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I hope you don't make the same mistake that I made.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


WARNING! STAY AWAY AND AVOID Goal Case Dismissed Complaints, Reviews, Scam

Head Office:
The Tannery Mall

465 Davis Drive, Suite 209
Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 2P1
Tel: (905) 853-3430
Toll Free: (800) 545-6471
Fax: (905) 853-8404
Owner: David Ashby

Northern Office:
324 Elm Street, Unit 2
Sudbury, Ontario P3C 1V8
Tel: (705) 688-1818
Fax: (705) 688-1819

Richmond Hill Office:
370 Highway 7 East, Unit 108
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 0C4
Tel: (416) 429-1800
Fax: (416) 981-3089


We received a scam report about this organization and we are in the process of posting it.

We will be posting the full complaint reviews story about goal case dismissed soon, come back soon to read the details.

Don’t waste your time and money with this company, they will scam you, we will give you tips and hints on what to do if you ever got a traffic ticket that you want to fight and how to win.

Come back here in a few days and you will learn about the scam complaints and reviews of Case Dismissed as well as how you can fight your traffic tickets yourself without the need for Case Dismissed or any paralegal at all.

If you have any comments, complaints, reviews about Goal Case Dismissed, you may post it in the comments section below.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Israel Okechukwu Issy SCAMMER

This guy is a big scammer, he is in Africa, he will msg you asking you to do business with him by shipping your products to him, if you want to loose your money then go ahead and do business with him.

And when you say that you don't want to do business with him and call him a scammer, he will defame you by posting fake negative reviews about your business.

AVOID This guy at all times.

Israel Okechukwu Issy is a fraud, scam.
Info on GrillMeCafe:

Grillmecafeandstudios is a Theater-Dining Business/project Innovation by Mr,Chikwendu and funded by the Federal Government of Nigeria's ProjectAct-Nollywood. The Goal of the business is to help promote the Nigerian Movie Industry,financially support and appreciate creatives of the Nigerian Movie Industry as well as create job opportunities.

We are located at 146 Awolowo Way Ikeja,Lagos and we officially opened the doors for business in 2017. From the beginning, we have been offering top quality theater while dinning, and also lounging experience to customers  . We offer cost effective events management services,from the conference center venue to Dining and bar lounge experience. Our promise is to delight you as well as inspire your every moment.

Info taken from his LinkedIn page:

Israel Okechukwu Chikwendu

Founding Partner at GrillMeCafe
Israel Okechukwu Chikwendu


Federal Polytechnic Ilaro, Ogun State
Events Marketing Services

Company Name
Dates Employed
Jan 2014 – Present
Employment Duration
4 yrs 11 mos
Events Marketing Serivices
Company Name
Dates Employed
Jan 2010 – Present
Employment Duration
8 yrs 11 mos
Company Name
Dates Employed
Feb 2005 – Present
Employment Duration
13 yrs 10 mos
Events Marketing Business Establishment. I have had a wealth of more than Sixteen years experience as a Events Marketing Creative. Now as an Establishment, we bring that same experience and skill into play when handling any project.
Company Name
Dates Employed
Jan 2001 – Oct 2005
Employment Duration
4 yrs 10 mos
Company Name
Dates Employed
Feb 1999 – Aug 2005
Employment Duration
6 yrs 7 mos
Company Name
Procter & Gamble
Dates Employed
Mar 2000 – Jun 2004
Employment Duration
4 yrs 4 mos
Company Name
Dates Employed
May 2000 – Jul 2000
Employment Duration
3 mos
Show fewer experiences
Federal Polytechnic Ilaro, Ogun State
Degree Name
Field Of Study
Dates attended or expected graduation
1999 – 2022
Skills & Endorsements
Creative Strategy
See 2 endorsements for Creative Strategy
AYODELE TAIWO OGUNKOYA and 1 connection have given endorsements for this skill
Creative Services
See 1 endorsement for Creative Services
Albert Agbemenu, MSc. PMP has given an endorsement for this skill
Brand Management
See 1 endorsement for Brand Management
Albert Agbemenu, MSc. PMP has given an endorsement for this skill
Other Skills
What is Other category?

Post your complaints, comments, reviews, scam reports about Israel Okechukwu Issy in the comments section below.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 SCAM REVIEWS WARNING

Host4Geeks LLC
Managed Web Hosting Services complaints reviews
340 S Lemon Ave.
Walnut, CA
91789 US Global Managed Hosting Inc.

855-737-GEEK 855-737-4335

This company is a scam, don't trust this company and avoid at ALL times, when you pay them they will never setup a server for you, and when you try to open a PayPal dispute they will fight it and send a fake false message to PayPal team and eventually they will win even though they are a scam, what I suggest you do is avoid contacting paypal to file a dispute and contact your credit card company directly and file a dispute / chargeback, you will have a much higher chance of winning this way, and if they have enough chargeback reports then eventually paypal will terminate their account preventing them to use paypal as a payment processor, they might even be placed on a fraud list which prevents them from using any other credit card merchant payment processor in the future.

After you open a PayPal dispute, they will reply to your dispute through PayPal and right away after they reply to it, they will escalate it to PayPal which doesn't give you a chance to reply to PayPal, PayPal will then resolve the dispute to their favor even though they are wrong.

Below is the message they usually always send to PayPal that helps them win their scam cases:

"Thank you PayPal for giving us the opportunity to respond and address this dispute. We have been in communication with the client both our helpdesk and email however have received no response from the user. We notice that the client has raised the dispute against "non delivery of services", we strongly disagree with his claims and subsequently will prove that his services have been delivered precisely as ordered and additionally logs of him use the services as well. The order was for a dedicated server hosting plan purchased from our website here -, the payment of $199 was made on from IP address: 2607:fea8:3d60:e8a:f4a3:73ae:95dd:fe61 Prior to ordered the client has had to agree to our terms of services agreement found here -, which clearly states that due to the digital and intangible nature of our services, all orders are non-refundable. However, we understand that this is not of much significance here, since the client did not request a refund rather filed false claims of not receiving the service. Please find the screenshot attached in SS1 which shows the emailing containing the details of the server along with the login details being sent to the client on his registered email address on . Further, SS2, should his last login date to the service as well. We sincerely hope that this helps PayPal reach a conclusion and close this false dispute and further takes action against the buyer trying to rip-off small businesses like us. If there is any further information or details required, please do not hesitate to reach out to us."

All positive reviews that you see posted on this company online are fake, they are posted by the company itself.

They are currently using as their web hosting provider and their hosting provider allows them to continue their scam business operation and frauding their customers.

This is in the process of being posted on several other blogs and review sites as well.

Post your comments, reviews, complaints and scam reports about Host4geeks in the comment section below

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Pinoy Delight - Pork Lumpia

Pinoy Delight - Pork Lumpia Party Pack

Filipino Frozen Pork Spring Roll Reviews and complaints

Purchased this from T&T, cooked it and it tasted so bad, it has a very strong Rancid porky taste, it tastes so bad, I had to throw it in the garbage unfortunately, don't waste your money.

I also noticed something which appears to be plastic in the filling, if so then Health Canada should investigate this item and not allow it to be sold.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

MyBusinessScore.NET IS A SCAM

Have you ever received calls from weird numbers such as:

‭(866) 220-6347‬

They call you and tell you that your google business listing needs to be updated, they are a total scam, don't fall for this scam, hung up on them and report them.

The people who call you don't speak english properly and the owners of the business are complete idiots.

If you already paid them then contact your credit card company to dispute the charge by doing a chargeback, this will make them loose their merchant account which will prevent them in doing business.

Add your comments, reviews, and scam complaints about in the comments section below

Monday, September 10, 2018

Canadian Tire Richmond Hill WARNING DON’T GO THERE! – FALSE DECEPTIVE INFORMATION on the product listed – DID NOT try to RESOLVE customer complaint

I found the item "Gracious Living 8-Drawer White Tower" Product #142-2057-6, listed on on sale for 1/2 of its Regular Price: $59.99 – Sale Price is $29.99.

On September 3, 2018, it showed that they have 7 in stock. That same day, knowing that they have it, I went to their store located at:

250 Silver Linden Drive Richmond Hill, ON
L4B 4W7

I went to aisle # 52 as mentioned on their site, and couldn't find the items.

I went to customer service and spoke to Taz, she confirmed that her system also shows they have 7 in stock. When I informed her that there is none, she paged for a sales associate to meet me in aisle# 52, who told me, "Yeah sorry, I know the system is showing we have 7, the manager is aware of this issue, he's been looking for them and can't find them".

I went back to Taz again, I told her what the sales associate said. I requested a rain check, but, she refused to give me one and said this is because the store shows that this item is in stock that's why she can't give me a rain check. I said, "Yes it shows you have stock on both your website listing and your local store system, however, you don't have the physical item available!, therefore you should give me a rain check, I lost time, cost of gas and milage". She said she can't give any rain checks.

I told her that I don't agree with her decision and this is deceptive/false advertising, I came from afar all the way to the store only to find out they have none in stock.

I asked for a store manager, Yonie came, and told him exactly the same thing, he said he can't give me a rain check. They did not even offer to call other stores for me, to check which store has this in stock.

I believe this is one of Canadian Tire's way to bring customers to their store - False Deceptive Advertising. So, when customers come for something, they buy other things at the same time.

I advised Taz and Yonie that I will post this story public and will also contact the head office, they said that's fine and it's my right to do that.



Post your Canadian Tire Reviews, Complaints in the comments section below

Sunday, September 09, 2018

Mandarin Restaurant Complaints Reviews

Mandarin Restaurant

Manager Hubert

7660 Woodbine Ave

Markham ON L3R 2N2


+1 (905) 479-6000

I went for Dinner at Mandarin Restaurant at 4:30pm at the location listed above.

I paid finished at around 5:30pm, as I was leaving at the door the waitress stopped me and said "Hi, Hi, you didn't pay yet" I looked at her and said Ofcourse I paid, she then ran to the section that I was sitting in to verify and then came back and reported to Hubert her manager and apologized to me.

I felt very offended and humiliated in front of all the people that heard what she said.

This was extremely rude, the staff at this location should be trained better, and should learn how to respect themselves and others.

I am in the process of looking into filing a civil case against them in courts for falsely accusing and humiliating me in public.

I will never go back to Mandarin anymore.

This complaint has been forwarded to Mandarin Headoffice.

Please post your comments, complaints, and reviews about Mandarin Restaurant in the comments section below.

Monday, May 26, 2014


I received a call from someone at Market Options Group, they advised me to go to their website , I then googled their website and company name and found many complaints about this company scam.

Be very careful and if you receive a call from this company, terminate the call right away.

It looks like a stock scam scheme, if you have more questions, comments, complaints, reviews or more information about this company feel free to post them below.

Monday, October 24, 2011

indian_art_home (Indian Art Home) -ebay seller

This seller is very misleading. Indian_art_home is a big scam and uses eBay to sell low quality products. Do not buy from this Indian_art_home on eBay!

He is uncooperative! As soon as you buy the item, you will never be able to get a refund!

Dishonest seller...stay away ebay users!!!! sells not genuine chest sets.

His store includes:

The TAJ-Design Indian handicraft CHESS SET Wooden MAGIC

Chess Set - Classically Handicarfted Pieces from India

Wooden Handcarved Chess Set- King 4"- Holly Church Design 

Two In One chess Box+Set/ Backgammon set size 12"X12"


Stay away from Indian_art_home ( unless you want to get scammed!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Chako Korean BBQ Izakaya Richmond Hill

Chako Korean BBQ Izakaya Richmond Hill
163 York Boulevard
Richmond Hill, ON.

I arrived at Chako Korean at 10:15pm, the waiter asked me if I want the regular menu or the late night menu, regular menu has sushi and I don't like the sushi there because the owner and chef are Chinese not Japanese, so I asked for the late night, she asked me to come back in 15 mins., I asked her if I can have a seat and order a drink or something? She said no I have to come back at 10:30, meanwhile there are other people sitting down already from before, I have never seen such thing before with a crappy service like this.

That was my story review about Chako Richmond Hill.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Soprano XL Laser Hair Removal - Reviews, Complaints, Scam

Do you have any information that you would like to make public about the soprano xl laser hair removal ?

* Did you have laser hair removal done for yourself?

* Are you a male or female?

* Which parts of your body did you have the laser hair removal done on?

* Which laser hair removal machine was used to treat you? Was it Soprano XL or something else?

* What was the number of setting used on you for 1st session, 2nd, 3rd and so on..

* How many sessions did you do so far? And how many months apart?

* Is your hair dark black or light color?

All these things matter! And results can vary from one person to another, so please let us know, tell us about yourself and answer the questions above.

Please post your reviews, comments, complaints in the comments section below

Thank you for spreading the news!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


We received a complaint from someone who runs a vBulletin message board saying there is been a user spamming their board with fake registrations for the reason of SEO work, if you take a look at the profiles made by this guy, you will see that all profiles have a homepage set in them, he uses an automated bot to create these profiles with a homepage link, he thinks by doing this it will enhance the ranking of these websites because he's building backlinks, he is not aware that when google bots see there are too many links in a short period of time and not only that but also most links are in vbulletin sites, google will know this is all fake and instead of ranking the website high, it will be placed at a very low ranking, and perhaps the chance of getting blacklisted in search engines such as google.

The domain name this guy is using is DEMIRPRENSES.COM below you will find the contact info for his domain, if you have any questions, comments, or info about this guy please post them in the comments section at the end below, we ask that you Aldo post all his customers domains that he's trying to build back links for so that way they know how he's spamming in an unethical way.

He's probably making a lot of money by charging his customers hundreds or thousands of dollars to build SEO backlinks for them, And his customers need to understand what he's doing might affect their website search engine ranking, not only that but people will post their negative reviews and complaints about these websites that are being advertised here on and other business review websites as well.

So in the comments section below, please help by listing all the domains/websites this guy used in his registrations.


% The data in the WHOIS database of 1&1 Internet AG is provided by
% 1&1 for information purposes, and to assist persons in obtaining
% information about or related to a domain name registration record.
% 1&1 does not guarantee its accuracy. By submitting a WHOIS query,
% you agree that you will use this data only for lawful purposes and that,
% under no circumstances, you will use this data to
% (1) allow, enable, or otherwise support the transmission by e-mail,
% telephone, or facsimile of mass, unsolicited, commercial advertising or
% solicitations to entities other than the data recipient's own existing
% customers; or
% (2) enable high volume, automated, electronic processes that send queries or
% data to the systems of any Registry Operator or ICANN-Accredited registrar,
% except as reasonably necessary to register domain names or modify existing
% registrations.
% 1&1 reserves the right to modify these terms at any time.
% By submitting this query, you agree to abide by this policy.

created: 08-Apr-2011
last-changed: 10-Apr-2011
registration-expiration: 08-Apr-2012



registrant-firstname: Burak Sahin
registrant-lastname: Gulu
registrant-street1: 543 sokak numara 28 yaghaneler KONA
registrant-pcode: 35270
registrant-state: 35
registrant-city: Izmir
registrant-ccode: TR
registrant-phone: +90.5435625346

admin-c-firstname: Burak Sahin
admin-c-lastname: Gulu
admin-c-street1: 543 sokak numara 28 yaghaneler KONA
admin-c-pcode: 35270
admin-c-state: 35
admin-c-city: Izmir
admin-c-ccode: TR
admin-c-phone: +90.5435625346

tech-c-firstname: Hostmaster
tech-c-lastname: ONEANDONE
tech-c-organization: 1&1 Internet Inc.
tech-c-street1: 701 Lee Rd.
tech-c-street2: Suite 300
tech-c-pcode: 19087
tech-c-state: PA
tech-c-city: Chesterbrook
tech-c-ccode: US
tech-c-phone: +1.8774612631
tech-c-fax: +1.6105601501

bill-c-firstname: Hostmaster
bill-c-lastname: ONEANDONE
bill-c-organization: 1&1 Internet Inc.
bill-c-street1: 701 Lee Rd.
bill-c-street2: Suite 300
bill-c-pcode: 19087
bill-c-state: PA
bill-c-city: Chesterbrook
bill-c-ccode: US
bill-c-phone: +1.8774612631
bill-c-fax: +1.6105601501

% See for information about 1&1 Internet AG

Friday, June 03, 2011

Online Pharmacies Scam Reviews that won't ship you out the medications

Here is a list of fake scam online pharmacies that we collected, and we just want to update you on this! So be aware of these, don't buy anything from them, there are many reviews and complaints about these online pharmacies

Don't buy anything from the online pharmacies list above!! They are a scam.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

347-688-5963 OR 315-220-6255 Amber Base Solutions is a SCAM, Be aware !!!

I received a call from Louie who called from a call center called Amber Base Solutions located in the Philippines.

Louie Called from the phone # 347-688-5963.

And when I asked him to provide me with his contact, he provided me with the customer service phone # 315-220-6255.

This company is called Amber base solutions, located in Manila "Eastwood area" Philippines.

Amber Base Solutions also known as ABS, is contracted by several online pharmacies to handle customer service as well as telemarketing.

This company is a scam, they steal your information from an online pharmacy that you have previously bought from and they call you to pretend that they are from the online pharmacy you dealt with, which is not true, its a lie, and they are a scam.

If you are or if you used to be an affiliate of an online pharmacy program, beaware of the online pharmacy affiliate program you are using! Because most of them what they do is, they keep your customers contact info and a few days or weeks later after your customers order, they will contact your customers and pretend that they are calling on your behalf, and offer your customers a special discount, and guess what? You think if your customers place the orders with them that your affiliate account will receive the credit? Of course not! Because they are processing the order directly themselves, so its kind of unfair that they call the customers, pretend to be calling from your company and at the end you get no credit at all!

There are lots of ways to prevent such companies to scam you, there are things you can do to prevent them from having your customers contact information, so that they won't be able to contact your customers, if you need help on that, post in the comments section below and I'll reply to help.

If you have received a phone called from 347-688-5963 OR 315-220-6255, or anyone pretending that they're calling you from an online pharmacy, DON'T ORDER Anything from them! It is not safe to give your credit card and personal info to them!, just hung up on them. is one of these companies that runs this scam, recently they chose to close their company, I'm curious to know why! Perhaps they got into some kind of trouble ?

If you know what happened to private partners or have any comments, complaints, problems, or reviews about or any other online pharmacy affiliate program reviews, please post your comments below.

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