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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Scotiabank Complaint

Scotibank - Unit 38, 420 Highway #7 East, Richmond Hill, ON, L4B 3K2.
Transit #: 45922
Branch Manager:  Josephine Kessler, phone # (905) 731-2381
Personal banker that assisted me: Yijie Tang, phone # (905) 731-4932

First of all I'd like to mention that I'm not someone who complains and have never submitted a complaint in my entire life, but this case was something else.

I have a mortgage account with Scotiabank. It was end of March when I went over to the nearest Scotiabank branch to switch to a fixed rate mortgage for 5 years from variable that I currently have. The branch was located at 420 Highway #7 east, unit 38, Richmond Hill, Ontario and the personal banker who assisted me was Yijie Tang (Personal Banker, Scotiabank). That was a day before the fixed rates were going up. I was given a 3.68% for 5 years rate by Yijie Tang (Personal Banker, Scotiabank) and she offered me a 30 day rate guarantee, even though I was ready to switch at that point. I am not someone who is familiar with the mortgage products, policies and so on, however I did say: 'are you sure you can give me 30 day rate guarantee?' She said yes, that's not a problem I will put a message on your account stating that until April 30th you can get that rate, I even asked her if I should get something on paper, and she told me I don't need to worry about it, it's done. Furthermore when I was in the branch a week following our meeting she still reassured me of the same 30 day rate guarantee. 

A week later when I went back to the branch to switch my mortgage from variable to fixed Yijie started telling me that she doesn't know whether she can give me that rate, later she called me and told me that it's not possible and that she made a mistake, and she is really sorry, while the rate meanwhile has gone up from 3.68% to 4.5%. The next day I had a meeting with the branch manager, her name was Josephine Kessler (Branch Manager, Scotiabank) and she appeared to be a temporary branch manager there as the usual one was on extended leave of absence. 3 of us had a conversation including Yijie who was present and she knew that she promised me that rate at 3.68% for 30 days, however branch manager (Josephine Kessler) started telling me that she didn't put it on paper and therefore it's not valid and they can't give me that rate. I was really shocked to hear her response in particular the way she put it, furthermore them knowing that they made what appears to be a big mistake by guaranteeing me that rate of 3.68% they offered no solutions nor any help, and later after our meeting 2 of them had a 15 minute meeting (Josephine Kessler and Yijie Tang) behind closed doors, Josephine Kessler in the end told me that Yijie Tang never offered me that rate guarantee to begin with. It's shocking for me to see that there are people that work in a financial institution in Canada where they can collaborate and agree on the plan to deny what they offered me simply because they didn't put it on paper (I guess I should bring a tape recorder next time I do anything at Scotiabank).

 Instead of admitting their fault and mistake in this situation and try to resolve it promptly Josephine Kessler (branch Manager) just went on denying everything all together. I also know this based on the report they submitted to Office of the President where Josephine said that I came in to discuss the rate (not to switch), and therefore they never offered me that rate, nor the guarantee. By teaming up behind closed doors and agreeing to deny it all together as oppose to admitting their fault they know that Scotiabank employees even at the office of the president will stand up in the interest of its employees not its customers, and obviously will believe 'Branch Manager' as opposed to 'some' customer, especially the one that had NOTHING in writing and no witnesses.There is more to it, but I won't waste your or my time. I am currently in process of switching my mortgage to TD bank and paying the penalty out of my pocket just to break my mortgage so I never have to deal with Scotiabank again. I will be taking further action with this case, as it simply can't go unnoticed.

It is unfortunate that there are dishonest people such Josephine Kessler (Branch Manager, Scotiabank) and Yijie Tam (Personal Banker, Scotiabank) that work in this financial institution.


  1. This is probablly too late, but did you try the ombudsman? If that doesn't do it try this

  2. We are at this point not in the axact situation you have been in but, we think you are wright with the fact that employees are not always telling th truth and protecting themsels. We say that the Scotia Bank evaluations of properties are done to their advantages and not for the client. We want to breack our mortgage with them but they are asking for a 16,000.00$ penality!And they say if we find another bank that will accept us then they will negociate the penality, but they never write anything simply phone calls???So I think they are disloyal and won't keep their words, they been the head office.

  3. I went as far as, but as I wrote Josephine Kessler and Yijie Tang teamed up against me and lied to Office of the President and Ombudsman that Yigie never guaranteed me that rate. And after scotiabank office of ombudsman completed their investigation they sent me an entire report showing that both Josephine Kessler and Yigie Tang were denying any of my comments. Hence is the reason why I say that obviously Scotiabank will believe its employess more than 'some' customer. So lesson learned here for the future for me and for everyone reading this, is: Always get everything in writing so you have a proof! Because unfortunately there are too many dishonest people such as Josephine and Yijie.

    Oh and Karma is a bitch, because ever since fixed rates mortgages tanked right back down. I can get 5 year fixed right now at 3.6%.. vs at the time I was getting 3.68% at best :))

  4. Scotiabank Virgin Islands employees are all liars also. The bank called me and my husband on the phone and said we heard you need a mortgage. Please come in, we want to help you. The bank basically set us up to fail....gave us start up funds for our home we were building and then when we went back to them for more $$$ they refused. Our project was destroyed by mudslides for sitting so long waiting to be finished. They denied everything they ever told us and also submitted phony paperwork in our file which I saw on the Manager's desk. I asked him to remove the paper that I knew was doctored and he refused. I contacted the President, VP and the Banking Commission but they all stick together with their lies. My property is in foreclosure now because of them and my life savings will be lost. They are nothing but crooks imo as most banks these days are.

  5. hello,

    recently i`w sold my electric guitar and amp for it, to a person trough the web. We agreed for the price and the bank “SCOTIABANK” who was the middle man agreed to transfer the money to me, when i send the package and the conformation from the postal office about the shipment. I have done everything they asked for and they received the documents trough an email. Of course i have`d to pay for the postal costs witch i did not know at first.
    Then problems started, suddenly the bank wanted me to pay some additional money allegedly for how they sad, Nigerian customs, witch caped the package and now is at they`r custody.
    The problem is they never sad that i will have to pay some additional money untill i`w allredy send the package and i think that is not right. I have done my share and they still did not delivered... I have lost my package and the money for the postal cost witch is together about 500 euro, and got nothing!
    Now the package is at the designated address and i`m still waithing…

  6. March 02 2011
    I bank with one of the scotia bank branches in Edmonton Alberta, and their service is the worst with what i have seen in the past 5 years. I am writing with extreme frustration that scotia bank could not even fulfill even one single request that i have made so far... starting from what is the balance in my account excluding the overdraft limit amount till get me a balance letter... they have acted crazy. It takes minimum of 17 minutes for the teller to get my balance, and it takes more than 8 days to get a demand draft processed into my account even when i have the copy of it with me to show them that it is from a reliable source. Probably Scotia bank is investing that money without adding it to my account, and probably is escaping the tax on that amount for over a week.

    The branch i go to has a lady sittting over in the back, doesnt seem like she is the manager, but she is so extremelyyyyyyyyyyyy rude to her customers and any time we ask even a dummest question, they would not know and have to ask that lady, and that lady will not give you an answer, but rather yell at you. Not just one time, but several times i had been yelled by that lady.. what ever her position is..( Dr. YellAtEveryone). I never have seen her smile, or even just show her face politely, she's soooooo rude... SCOTIA BANK has to teach her that customers build the bank, not her. She all the time behaves as if we came into the bank to take her money away.

    I guess scotia bank has one such person sitting behind the tellers to throw away customers with slight complicated questions like "how much is my balance out side of over draft limit" and so on...

    I have seen almost all the tellers blink literally with no answer to most of my common questions.


    You have a long way to go in customer service and long way to go to compete in Mortgage Business with RBC, TD and CIBC leading...

    What else you have.. Someone behind the tellers with no position name to yell at the customers.

    VERY MUCH FRUSTRATED with Scotia's service.
    Anyone reading this mail, please please do not bank with scotia or if you do, goodluck surviving all the above...

    1. That is a fantastic story.

      Just one, simple question . . . if you have been yelled at, disrespected, been lied to, scammed, everything you say . . . why in God's Green EARTH would you EVER still bank there?

      Does Edmonton have only one bank in the entire city?


  7. Sctia Bank , west gate plaza Saskatoon Sask.......... I don't believe this bank can do anything right , Phone call after phone call ,visit after visit , nothing is ever resolved . What a bunch of incompetents .
    I am soooo glad I transfered every cent to another bank ( except for the charges that are withdrawn for wasteing their time and haveing to actually do something )
    I will never again deal with scotia bank , and I was a customer for over 30 years .
    West gate Scotia Bank , Saskatoon Sask , the worst ever experianced !!!!!!!

  8. I recently decided to deposit my payroll into my Scotia Bank account because I have a mortgage through them. Got paid on Friday May/13/2011, and decided to make use of my hard earned cash for medications, groceries and gas. To my surprise my card kept on declining. I even went to their machine to take out $140 and was declined. I was very very angry this weekend and still am. Their customer service said that my debit card was cancelled by bank error. So they can't activate my card, I will have to go out of my way to the branch to get a new card. Wow Scotia Bank, so much for service. My dad had a similar problem with his card. Can't wait til my mortgage matures, I'm leaving this bank. Seems like their staff isn't alert and keep making mistakes. I can't access my money this whole week, unless I take time off work and head to their branch and get a new debit card. I don't want to have anything to do with this bank.

  9. I recently decided to deposit my payroll into my Scotia Bank account because I have a mortgage through them. Got paid on Friday May/13/2011, and decided to make use of my hard earned cash for medications, groceries and gas. To my surprise my card kept on declining. I even went to their machine to take out $140 and was declined. I was very very angry this weekend and still am. Their customer service said that my debit card was cancelled by bank error. So they can't activate my card, I will have to go out of my way to the branch to get a new card. Wow Scotia Bank, so much for service. My dad had a similar problem with his card. Can't wait til my mortgage matures, I'm leaving this bank. Seems like their staff isn't alert and keep making mistakes. I can't access my money this whole week, unless I take time off work and head to their branch and get a new debit card. I don't want to have anything to do with this bank.

  10. Scotiabank SUCKS !
    NEVER do ANY business with Scotiabank Mexico. This so-called ‘bank’ is by far the worse excuse for a bank I have ever experienced. If I would say something about ‘bad (customer-)service’, then I would already give them too much credit, because they do not even know how to write the words ‘customer’ or ‘service’. They can send you all kind of invoices, but will NEVER answer questions about these invoices. And although their website even contains a nice discription of a complaint procedure, do not expect anything (good) of this, most likely they just coppied this from a ‘normal’ bank’s website.

    As stated at the beginning, if you are thinking about doing any business with/at Scotiabank: DO NOT, every alternative bank is so much better. And if you are already doing business with/at Scotiabank, then I have just one serious advice: leave as soon as possible. For those who will (have to) stay, well, I can only wish you good luck and very, very much patience.

  11. The interest rates and fees for most of their services are way too high. Additionally, mysterious errors keep on occurring to your account e.g the sudden cancellation of a standing order and no one can tell you who was responsible, when it occurred and why it happened in the first place.

    1. The use of the term "standing order" makes it 100% certain you are a bank employee.

      Probably from some scammy bank. BTW, anyone with two eyes and a finger can look up Scotiabank's rates and fees. So, which bank are you talking about that charges no fees and gives free service with the best rates? Please be specific.


  12. They are all about money. If you're not rich and they treat you like dirt, make false promises and lack the ability to have a real person contact you.

    They put a hold on a $40 cash deposit - for 4 months. I battled for months with them. Once resolved, no apologies or explanations, I guess we were not worth the effort.

    They are very incompetent and lack proper customer service.

  13. You sir are a liar. It's too bad you are too dense to understand the words, "THIS RATE IS AVAILABLE UNTIL 5PM TODAY".

    He reported it to the president's office, with multiple interviews with Yijie and managers. Yijie was cleared.

    Then, he already went to the ombudsman, btw - and the ombudsman ruled in Yijie's favour, which was also correct.

    AND THEN, a month later, his home branch officer communicated that THIS SAME GUY DID THE EXACT SAME THING TO TD - and they didn't have the guts to back down from his bullshit, and ended up giving him the unusually lower rate.

    He is a scammer, who tries to get his way through threats and intimidation. Sort of like the jerk in a supermarket who drops apples on the floor, and then complains his apples are bruised to get a lower price. A total scam artist complainer.

    THAT is the real truth.

  14. Oh, and my last point?

    Karma IS, indeed, a bitch mate. Guess what the rate is NOW, Mr.Smarty pants?
    2.89% at the 5 yr fixed rate

    Hope you love your LOCKED IN (moron) rate that you were bragging about at 3.60% . . . . oooh, the comedy just writes itself!

    Have a nice day, scammy! Only 3 more years to go! rofl

    1. citizen kane you have alot to say for behalf of scotia bank . you no its sad that you defend this place with all the bad ezsperences people are incountering . me and my wife was takin for a large amont of money from them and nothing . my thoughts on scotia bank is i hope they get robbed and shot and stabbed for ripping us off ..

  15. Just opened an account with Edmonton Southgate (Canada) branch. The experience with the customer service agents was horrible. The employees at the front desk are great but the agents serving inside are simply unprofessional. The information I got from two agents had serious conflicts (what a lack of knowledge about their own policy, simply stupid). The young agents are completely rude and idiots (I can mention one name, Dele). I would never recommend doing banking with them. Come on! you are not feeding us, we are doing business with you!!

  16. I just went through a very bad mortgage experience with Scotia Bank. I caution anyone who is looking to bank with Scotia..GO elsewhere. The lack of customer service and obvious disregard for the customer is unbelievable. If you don't believe me all you have to do is read the response from citizen kane above to see the type of people who they employ. Extremely unprofessional who obviously lack basic grammar skills, judging by that written response. Nice way to represent the company you work for.

  17. I was with Scotiabank for over 20 years. In thanks for my loyalty and a few hundred thousand dollars in profits from my business, Scotiabank blatantly breached the terms of the contract, by not allowing me to add two payments to the end of the schedule when I lost my job. This clause was in writing in the mortgage contract. In addition to not honoring the terms of the agreement the bank terminated my line of credit and demanded immediate and full payment of the credit line leaving me without the ability to heat my house and feed my family in the middle of winter.