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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Petro Canada Gas Station in Toronto ON Canada

On Sunday, November 20, 2005 10:08 PM I went to a Petro Canada gas station located at:

7092 Yonge Street
Vaughan, Ontario
L4J 1V7
Tel.: (905) 482-8282

At the time that I arrived to the gas station the price of the gas was 81.x cents, as I was about to start pumping gas, the gas attendant changed the price to 86.x , I spoke to him and advised him that he has to wait until I am done before he does that, he said "No I can, I changed it already and I'm not going to change it back".

Then I decided to leave and go to another gas station.

Can you believe that??? what a scam, deceptive way to make extra money!!!

I have decided NOT to ever get gas from Petro Canada Gas Station anymore because of what has happened.


  1. 2011 Apr. 30 Scam Scam Scam Calgary
    Shopper Drugmarts coupon for 100 liters 20 cents
    discount card.
    Petro Can charged me 35 Cents more / liter than
    most other stations. Pump was not marked and
    I did not notice. Lucky I only bought 37 Liter
    so I only lost $5.55 Bastards, Never again

  2. I went to my local Petro Canada station @ night. I only intended to top off my gas tank, & I only brought a 20 dollar bill with me. It is a full service station, & when the attendant asked if I wanted to "Fill up" I said, "No, I only want $20.00 worth of regular gas, please."
    He proceeded to attempt to fill the tank. I shouted at him to stop pumping gas.
    I had only a $20.00 bill with me, & he acted as though I was trying to steal gas. He made the mistake.
    I accompanied him inside the station, & he refused to take either the 20 dollars, or allow me to leave to get the rest of the money. He demanded my driver's license & threatened to call the police. I asked him to call the police & his boss. -He did neither. He simply kept harranging me to pay him money that I did not have on me.
    I don't think it's any mistake that he pumped more gas than i asked for. After fibbing through his teeth when another customer arrived about the whole incident, I have concluded that this is a scam! I was either trying to bully me into buying more gas than I required, or trying to get enough I.D. via my driver's license, a credit card, or a debit card ( all of which he also demanded)to conduct some kind of funny business. I don't think that people act in such an objectionable way to their own 'mistake' unless they plan to gain from it.
    When I confronted him with evidence that this kind of thing had happened to other lone women customers at night, when there were few other customers to intervene, his face blanched!
    I called the police when I got home, & they said that it was "His Mistake" since he had pumped the gas. He should have taken the 20 dollars & owned up.
    I had a police officer call on me at my home some time later, requesting that I pay, since the station owner had filed a compliant against me. I did pay the full amount, & the same attendant had also lied his face off to the officer. I think I convinced the officer that there is 'funny business' afoot @ this station, & it should be watched for other problems.

  3. I agree with you, I had a problem when I purchased Vanilla visa gift credit card from the petro canada gas station located in richmond hill at 9550 yonge st.

    please see

  4. Look at my complaints story posted about Petro Canada Richmond Hill at

  5. It is unfortunate to hear that someone had a similar experience at the Petro Canada Gas Station in Toronto. It is concerning that gas attendants would change the price of gas while a customer is pumping without their consent. This is a deceptive practice that should not be tolerated by any gas station. It is important to always be aware of the price of gas before starting to pump, and if anything seems suspicious, it is best to leave and find another gas station.


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