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Monday, December 05, 2005

VOIP Comwave iphone

I have been a member of comwave iphone for a long time but I find that they always have problems with their services and it takes them a long time to fix it and sometimes they can not fix the problem.

And sometimes Comwave service goes down and their lines don't work.

I have spent hours talking to them to fix some problems and sometimes the problems doesn't get fixed.

I heard that vontage is a better company to go with but their rates are very expensive and not worth it! And I don't even think they have an unlimited plan! So it costs money even if you want to call someone in your own area code!!! What a rip off.


But here is a company that I found much better than comwave and vontage, it gives you unlimited calling to all US and Canada for only $19 a month! they also offer unlimited international calling as well! and the best part is I never EVER experienced any problems with their service or any outages and I've been with them for over 2 years so far.
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  1. I emailed comwave asking them to cancel my account, and then Geza from comwave called me; he lied to me and was playing games.

    I told him that I shouldn't have to pay for the last month because the service was very bad and he said that he will give me a credit for $31.00 that will cover the charges for the last month, and just at the end of the conversation he asked when can someone from comwave call me to correct the issue that I have and I asked him to clarify because I had only requested to cancel the service, he said that he can only give me the credit if I decide to stay with them!

    So I said to him, I am not going to pay for a service that was not working properly.

    I asked to speak to the manager Naresh but he had left for the day already, I emailed Naresh asking who else I can speak to and he said I can speak to Rory, I hope Rory or someone at comwave will see this post and respond.

    I am thinking of starting or joining a class action suit against comwave, anyone interested?

    I am now also going to file a report with the better business bureau and other organizations; I think comwave would’ve been better solving this matter at the beginning.

    Geza contact number: 416-623-8500 ext.348
    Comwave main number: 1-877-I-Phone-U 1-877-474-6638

    I believe that Comwave owners name is Ron or Yuval Barzakay

    And their office address is as follows:

    Comwave Telecom Inc.
    Yuval Barzakay
    4884 Dufferin St. Unit
    Toronto, ONTARIO M3H 5S8
    Phone: +1.4166639700

    1. I know how you feel, I'm going through a battle with them as well. They need to be shut down, it's a huge scam and they lie to get what they want from you then you're stuck with the bill!

    2. Incredible poor service. The reps are alomost impossible to understand, including the managers. Cancelled the contract.....finally!

  2. in regards to this, I can help you. I work with comwave. Please provide me with a contact number and I can help you with your issue, or email me

  3. You know I was with Vonage for 6 months and had nothing but problems. They made me pay and would not issue a credit even if I stayed. They only offred $25. I then cancelled and moved to Comwave. I cannot complain the service has been very good.

  4. btw, that last comment was left by someone from Comwave! it is the same IP address where the previous post came from!

    They are trying to make Vonage look bad, but really it is NOT! Vonage is a great company and no where close to Comwave!, do you see Comwave modems being sold in stores??? YAH RIGHT!

    Do you see Vonage modems being sold in stores?? Ofcourse! such as Circuit City, Futureshop, and more stores!

    Vonage is Great! Comwave is CRAP!

  5. Big deal. I work at Customer service and am nothing here but an ant along with another 100 CSR reps. I'm a nobody. I was with Vonage and it stunk. As a CSR at Comwave I can tell you we get lots of Vonage converts.

    You know I worked at Honda but drove a Nissan! Nissan still stunk and I can say that...not because I work at Honda...but because I tried it.

    I can tell you one thing....I work here and so I know. Customer service is our priority and we are blasted each weekly meetings meetings on the quaility of our work.

    I'm sorry you feel that way.

  6. I spoke to Roy from Comwave, He said the problem I am having is because of my Rogers modem sb5100, he offered to send me a dlink router and said this should fix it, I told him that comwave should have offered this to me months ago when I was having problems not now because I had already made a decision to cancel and go with another service.

    And I told him that I don't think it's because of the Rogers modem, I tried it with sympatico too and I had the same problem.

    He was not able to offer me a credit for the bad service that I have had, he said he will forward my info to the customer loyalty and they will contact me and let me know if they can offer me a credit or not.

  7. Being new to the VOIP services, I can safely say that IT IS NOT A PERFECT MACHINE YET ! It is growing and getting better each time. I have spoken to many people who have VOIP and all their experiences have differed to some extent. I don't know why these VOIP customers haven't realized that their VOIP service is only as good as their internet speed. I know the main players in the VOIP industry and I have only heard of one who isn't there to nickel and dime it's customers. From their rate plans and service they offer it seems to edge out the other services.

  8. I understand that it depends on the internet connection! BUT! I have Rogers Extreme which I tried it on and my internet doesn't always go down, I tried it also on Sympatico high speed and same c*ap, so this can be blamed on the internet connection! It is simply the company Comwave; their service is bad and unreliable.

    And you can't even get Asterisk@Home to work with Comwave because Comwave can't even support Asterisk@Home from , But Vonage supports it!

    I urge someone to try the company then they can speak for themselves! I wish a Comwave subscriber would find this post while searching on Google so they can come here and comment on what kind of experience they have had with Comwave!

  9. Hello,

    Your wish came true; I found this complaint about Comwave and decided to respond to it.

    I have been a Comwave subscriber for some time now and I can say that Yes their service is very unreliable and it always goes down for me, I also referred a couple of friends to their service and all my friends experience problems with this company.

    I personally would NOT recommend them, I would defiantly recommend Vonage, they are a reputable company and by having their products sold at Future Shop, Best Buy, London Drugs, CompuSmart, The Source, Staples Business Depot, Office Depot, and Visions Electronics this clearly speaks for it's self from being a great company! Otherwise why would all these companies sell their product?

    I have not seen Comwave being sold in stores.

  10. I just filled against this company with the Better Business Bureau, and will be filling with other agencies.

    anyone wishes to complain and file against them can find their BBB profile at .

  11. In early septemeber i opened at acct with Comwave thinking i would get the best deal for long distance....instead i got charged long distance for calls i've never made. I was also told at the time of opening the acct that nothing would be charged to my credit card without my authorization and invoice.
    I called the agent and was told that this would be investigated and I would hear from them soon. I heard nothing from them. So I called them back and requested to speak to the manager and i was told the manager would get back to me asap. Again nobody followed up with me. A week past and I received my mastercard statement for a bill over $150 (of which i only owed $12.95). I called them back very frustrated. I got another sales agent,Yin. I did not want to speak to another sales agent so I requested to speak to the manager. I was put on hold for over 10 minutes and again they promised somebody would get back to me. The next day i called again and again reqeusted to speak to the manager. This time the sales agent, RIna, said the manager was "busy" and would call me back. But i was put on hold 3-4 times while she spoke with the manager, whose name was Sukhwinder. After speaking with the manager she told me that the manager had looked into it and said another number was displaying on my cell phone and that was their reason for charging me. There was a
    phony phone number on my account and claimed that my own cell phone company may have made a mistake. They told me to call my own cell phone compnay and ask why another number was showing up as my ID ---my cell phone provider clearly stated that my number that i have is the only number and that COMWAVE is responsible for anything else.
    Its been over three weeks and I have a balance owing on my mastercard for service that I did not use. The company had put a phony number on my account and charged for long distance calls that i did not make. The POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE along with COMWAVE's negligence I have filed this with the BBB. I have also contacted the local newspaper and radio stations to ensure my word gets out. This compnay is ripping people off. Their fake commericals will soon also be removed from TV. I fulfill my duty paying for services that I owe and refuse to let other company's charge me for something that i do not owe.
    SO to anyone out there who's interested in signing up with this company - THINK AGAIN. This company is the worst I've ever seen.

  12. comwave sucks, does not work, lucky if you get 3 days a week of service. cant cancel because of contract. don't go there.

  13. I am glad to see that I am not alone when it comes to the dissatisfaction with comwave. STAY AWAY!!!! They will do everything in their power to trick you and take your money.

  14. In early septemeber i opened at acct with Comwave thinking i would get the best deal for Home phone.....instead i got charged on disconnection. I returned their modem and given tracking number from Canada post, they charged me 299$ for modem. I called the agent and was told that this would be investigated and I would hear from them soon. I heard nothing from them. So I called them back and requested to speak to the manager and i was told the manager would get back to me asap. Again nobody followed up with me. A week past and I called them back very frustrated. I got another sales agent,Hardik. I did not want to speak to another sales agent so I requested to speak to the manager. I was put on hold for over 10 minutes and again they promised somebody would get back to me. The next day i called again and again reqeusted to speak to the manager. This time the sales agent, Devang, said the manager was "busy" and would call me back. But i was put on hold 3-4 times while she spoke with the manager, whose name was Ryo. After speaking with the manager he said his manager will call me within 2 hrs. After 2 hrs, supervisor from evening shift Mr. Ryo called me and give me ensurity to return my money in 24 hrs. It was friday so he asked me to wait till tuesday. Its been over one week and I have a balance owing on my visacard for charges that I did not use. I have given all proof of modem delivery and confirmation from Canada Post, they are now saying we did not receive any modem from me. The POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE along with COMWAVE's negligence I am planning to file this with the BBB. I will also contact the local newspaper and radio stations to ensure my word gets out. This compnay is ripping people off. Their fake commericals will soon also be removed from TV. I fulfill my duty paying for services that I owe and refuse to let other company's charge me for something that i do not owe.
    SO to anyone out there who's interested in signing up with this company - THINK AGAIN. This company is the worst I've ever seen.

  15. THIS IS GETTING SERIOUS! I thought comwave just has extremely unreliable poor service, but pretending not to receive the modem and charging you four, five times what it is worth is downright FRAUD. I am EXTREMELY dissatisfied with the service, I can't even make outgoing calls, usually the other party hears me and I don't even hear the phone ring when I call people. It is embarassing actually. I usually can receive incoming calls, but there are times when those calls do not go through either. To anyone out there thinking about using COMWAVe, DO NOT!!!! Don't even think about it, the service is terrible and extremely unreliable. Please keep us posted on the fraudulant charge for the modem and avoiding your calls for the manager.

  16. I had cancelled my account with Comwave. I had returned their equipment. I waited over a month to confirm by a Comwave staff that they don't get the equipment. I ABSOLUTELY don't believe that! I don't have any tracking information but it's supposed to be arrived with the guaranteed postal service that I chose. Now, Comwave has "stolen" up to $299 from my credit card. I'm very angry of that situation. I think if I had chosen a postal service with tracking information, it's sure that Comwave won't never do so much problem towards me... It's why I said they "stole" my money. They only contact me by e-mail. I demanded them to contact me only by postal mail but they don't care! They ignore me! It seems like they're searching for problems.
    Can someone tell me how to resolve this problem quickly?

  17. I have been having issues as well. I have had their "service" since March 5, of which, it has only worked for 10-14 days. They refused to give me a credit until I paid in full, saying that they could only issue a credit to accounts that did not have and outstanding balance.

    Once paid, service remained disconnected. Their excuse was that the bank info on file was not valid. Even though they had been paid, without correct bank info they could not provide service.

    I asked why I had paid them, if not for service? Still on the phone with them, really frustrated. Other than the BBB, who else can one register a complaint with (I am in Alberta)?

  18. Hi,
    As of about March 2007 there has been sever problems forwarding phones. People have to call me 2-4 times to get through. Resolution takes too long. Also the web page to change forwarding is down for hours so you are not able to change forwarding till the people get in in the morning.
    As a long time customer I am definately considering to cancel my Iphone service.
    I would join in a class action if someone starts one.

  19. Comwave experience was the WORST EVER! for me. I AM VERY READY TO JOIN OR INITIATE A LAW SUIT against them. I'll post my full story soon.


  20. Last month, I was "fined" with the monthly fee Comwave asks their customers to pay. HOWEVER, I STRICTLY said to the company that I wanted to DISCONNECT my phone line for a month, as I was going on a vacation. STILL, they ignored me and charged me the money. If it ended here, I might've shook off my anger to the company, but NO, they DISCONNECTED my phone line AFTER I came back! I still can't believe the way this company works, they're basically trying to rob me of my money. I'm still waiting for the phones to work again, even though Comwave told me that they CONNECTED MY PHONE LINE AGAIN. This is ridiculous, I haven't been able to use my phone for a week, and I'm still trying to fix it, not sure whether it's because of Comwave that it isn't working, or because of something else (after reading these complaints, I'm thinking whether to cancel this crappy company and switch over to Vonage).

  21. Terrible company - lie in many parts of dealing with clients.
    This company operates based on lie.

    Everything I have to say already have been mentioned by many clients.
    To summarize - they lie when they sell you the service. They refuse to deliver promises advertised on the website.
    Geza from customer loyalty - is very slippery and act like chameleon. Don't rust anything he says - otherwise you will have to pay for it. Trust your intuition, trust the facts. Everything else is their (comwave's) opinions. Opinions worth nothing. Do you want nothing for your money?

    Ig you involve with them - chances are - somewhere down the road you will loose your money.


  22. Hi all,
    Thanks for taking the time to vent your complaints on-line. We were seriously considering Comcast and at the last minute I decided to check the Internet for any dissatisfaction with them. Your comments have saved us from making a terrible mistake.

  23. Oops...I meant Comwave, not Comcast.

  24. After my experience with comwave I am not surprised they tried to pull one over on me. I had them send me their modem or whatever it is, in september 07. When it arrived, I checked out the instructions and decided it was too much of a pain in the butt for me to do and put the instructions back in the box (i didn't even take the modem out of the box). I left it sitting on my fridge and forgot about it until Jan 16/08 when I received my first email from someone named domenic saying my account was past due and I owed them $113. I didn't even activate the account and they want to charge me for something I didn't even use? Anyways, going on...I responded to this email and told them I would be returning the modem by canada post and to adjust my account accordingly. Didn't get a response so figured all was good. WRONG Sent the modem back in Feb/08 (kept forgetting it was on my fridge) by canada post. Never heard anything so figured they received it and my account was adjusted. I never even received any bills in the mail (like normal companies send their bills) or any ebills except the past due one. WRONG. March 6/08 i have a message from a Joya stating that my account is past due and is willing to work things out but if she doesn't hear from me it will go to collections. I immediately call her back and tell her that I sent the modem back to comwave. She asked if I had a tracking number and I said yes, I just need to find it but she said I will also still have to pay "something" because they sent the modem to me. Here i am wondering what kind of scam are they trying to pull. She also said the banking information I gave them was wrong and they couldn't access my account. I'm thinking if they put in the wrong info it's probably for the best because who knows how much they were trying to take out. This Joya said she would call back on March 7/07 to talk about an agreement on payment and to also get the tracking number. It's 8:46and she hasn't called. After reading the complaints here I'm not surprised. I've left a message for her, so I'll assume she'll return my call in a month which seems to be the norm on how they handle situations. I'm not a big fan of my current phone company but at least I can say I get my bills in the mail and any discrepancies are taken care of. I can't comment on comwave's actual phone service because I never did use it, but their customer services stinks.

  25. In early septemeber i close my acct with Comwave after my contract was completed..... I returned their modem and given tracking number from Canada post, they claimed the did not receive the modem and they charged me 249$ for it. They are stealing money as fast as they can.

    Stay clear of Comwave.

  26. I have the same issue with Comwave on Jan 2008.
    To add to this a long distance service they sell is completly unusable and expensive.


  27. We were going to signup too. Looks like your comments have saved us from making a terrible mistake.


  28. If you order a phone line and don't use it, would you still not expect to pay for it?

    I ordered an voip line from Comwave and have been using it for a year without a problem. They send me my invoice regularily via email. I also use their LD service to call India and it works perfectly. I was paying a little much per minute but when I called them (their was no hold time when I called them) with a competitor's rate they beat it.
    Overall I would say I am happy with the service i get from Comwave.

  29. I had been a customer of Comwave Telecom ( for more than 4 years now. I have multiple phones with them and have been spending well over 100$ for long distance alone every month. I have personally connected over than 50 other customers to their VOIP service and had also advised many more.

    About half a year ago their voice quality degraded dramatically furthermore long distance was not working half of attempts. But this was just the beginng of the story.
    I had to spent well over 13 hours on the phone with their tech support and customer service to try to fix the problem. Finally new devices has been shipped to me but never arrived. Another month and another two been shipped and finally arrived. Now I was charged for 2 unactivated devices. Every month this charge comes up and I have to call back.
    I have requested the credit for those months that I was not able to use the phone but had received refusal. Nobody was calling to me back for many weeks in a row. My account got suspended a few times as those lost devices been coming up every month. I have spoke to Customer Service Manager Kim and Synova but they were not returning my calls.

    Finally I've got fed up with this pure disrespect and nonexistence of customer service and started disconnecting my phones. I am also proceeding with moving my customers to another provider.

    My current advisory: KEEP AWAY from COMWAVE.


    I'll be glad to join class action against Comwave.

  30. I am also using comwave long distance service.
    and it is observed that they have some kind of setting in there system so that you will be charged on an average 10 % to 20 % more minutes then the actual talk time. means if u talk for 20 mins they will charge for @25 mins.

    when i discussed with my other friends who are using comwave service and then they started to keep exact tract of there account and they also discovered same problem that they are charging 10 to 15% more minutes then the actual talk time.

    COMWAVE is a well organised cheating company.

    Move away from COMWAVE ASAP because they have ur credit card details and they are no more in your control.

    Make your plan to move away from COMWAVE otherwise you will have to pay for that too....

  31. I am also extremely upset with Comwave... back at the beginning of February 2005 I signed up for iPhone at 9.95 when that was the only price available... shortly after (a week or two?) they made that the "2 year term price" and without a term it was 14.95...I called right away and was assured I wouldn't be put on a contract even though my plan on my bill said "2YR"... anyways... fast forward to today...

    Due to service issues and also lack of use I no longer have use for the phone (service has always dropped, cut out, not gone through, etc). I called to cancel and not only are they now saying i was fully informed and put into a 2 year contract at the start... but also that they have been automatically renewing my contract every February since! They won't let me cancel and I haven't used the service in ages.

    Not only is this illegal and un-ethical but completely ridiculous. I am going to call my credit card company and make sure any Comwave charge is reversed... I am sure the insane modem charge and the "we didn't get it back" claims will start soon. I see they have tons of BBB complaints against them and I'll be the latest one... this company is terrible and would rather piss customers off than keep them happy. STAY AWAY.

  32. Here is my terrible experience:
    I had a 2 year contract with comwave starting from May 2006, the quality is not very good, plus the rate is not cheap at all, but that is ok. so we decided to cancel the service when the contract is finished. So I called them April 2008, there is a lady told me it was too early to cancel, she told me I should call back end of June, then I call back end of June. Today there is a guy called Geza called me, he said because I did not cancel my service on time, I got automatically renew contract for another year, if I want to cancel now, I need to pay $200 early cancellation fee, they made a trap and I am feeling being robbed

  33. comwave is no doubt a shaddy company , its sales pitch is good but standard is worst, getting out of comwave is harder than getting out of some secret gang.
    they are liers, unprofessional thugs, I bet the company is Indian,These indians are cheap,thugs who are violating North American standard of Customer service,

  34. actually to correct you, the owners are jewish not indian!

  35. I have been with them for over 2yrs and the contract finished by May. I called them in July, and as everybody knows those robbers robbed my money and I have stuck with the worst phone service. I spoke to the customer service supervisor and I told here what are you going to gain by having unhappy customers? Further I told her I felt like someone robbed my money, and she said this is something you have to discuss with the management team. This means these people understand but they can't do anything. I prefer to contact them by e-mail so that you can have a record. But there is no way to communicate through e-mail.


    This is a fraudulent service. I was also tricked into a 2-yr contract and can't get out of it.

    Do not make the same mistake!

  37. I am with Comwave for last 3 years with no contract. They setup their business the way that you can't have person to person contact, all is over the phone. When you cancel account they will ask you to return equipment by mail to P.O. Box 22, there is no option to deliver it in person. If you sent anything to them take picture of what you sent, sent item only with delivery tracking number. This is your proof that they got it back. Remember they took $50.00 deposit for this equipment, the have to give it back to you upon return.
    They do not care about being truthful or professional; they will mislead you or tell you a story, which doesn’t make sense to any reasonable person.
    Would you like example? OK
    As I wrote, I have service with them for last 3 years, I had DLink 102S gateway (iphone adapter), few month ago it started to act up, and finally it died. Comwave promised to sent replacement (again mail, you can't pick it up) with promised arrival time week or two. No service till delivery of new device. When I got it, I was told that this one Granstream HT502 is the best, and that actually my old one was wrong for Rogers Cable Modem maid by Motorola and I should not have it. Remember it did work fine and I was able to send Faxes, or at least was working most of the time (I had to reset it about once a month) for at least 2.5 years. Back to new one, remember I have "correct" one now. Now fax is not working for sending or receiving (yes I tested with five different machines, yes I have reduced speed to 9600 or 14400 and yes I have switched off Error Protection). It will not work (remember with "wrong" gateway it did work fine). My line is working for some time (few hours up to 10 hours) for the last two weeks. Then it will not be able to receive or make call and sometimes even it will cut off my internet. Note: They will ask you to connect 'gateway" by WAN to Modem, then computer to LAN. If you have more than one computer they will tell you that: you should not, because they do not like routers, you know boxes which connect other computers in your house to internet. If you would like to help yourself, you can do yourself reset. In your internet browser type:
    Then the number you get type again in your browser. You will get to HT502 gateway page. Your password is 123, at the bottom of page it should be reset or reboot button. Click it, and wait 3 minutes, if your modem is working and you have internet your iphone will work again till next time it will "unregister" itself. In my case, it will happen again in few hours.
    They will tell you that fax should work, but their setup will prevent that: They use G729 for voice - it is high compressed codec, Fax needs G711, but no they do not like it, because is...less compressed, more data traffic for them. Fax uses T38, gateway Ht502 can use it, but they do not support it, they support nothing, and they refuse to give you any setting information. Why? Because, you would know what I wrote above. They give you HT502, which is good gateway which is capable of giving good call quality (G711) and can work with fax (T38) but they deliberately disable all. When I asked to replace my old gateway G102S with the same model (remember the wrong one which actually did work fine) they refused, because it is wrong one for my type of connection (ya? it worked for 3 years fine). They will not give you credit for time with no service. You can call technical department 10-20 times and they will repeat same tests, ask same questions, they will tell you that you did not call before, and this time it will be fine.
    Long story, yes I know. In short, they would like you to have high speed internet ($ 50-60), their service ($15-20), just dedicated to them. They do not care that gateway from them can cause problems with your access to internet. You can end up with no phone and no internet. If you feel adventures go with Comwave, you will have some interesting times with them.

  38. Wish i never got there service they treat customers like crap. I was out of country for 2 months due to a death in family. when i got back there was over 10 messages on my voice mail or messages with my roommate from a lady named rosemary leaving threatening messages that if i did nt call back that i was going to collections. I finally talked to her and explained that due ot the death in my family that i would need more time to pay the bill. She did not care saying that my account was over 70 days late andd demanded payment. I said that i did not like her treatment she said just pay

  39. I was a Comwave subscriber for about two years and have nothing good to say about this company! The customer service is a joke. They flat out lied to me more then once. I had to call MasterCard and block them from charging me to get rid of them. Although Vonage Customer Service is far from perfect it is still light years better then Comwave.
    Beware of Comwave!

  40. Been with Comwave for over 3 years. Over the years I don't think I ever had one good quality phone call where voices were not echoing.

    Finally I bit the bullet after my 2 year contract ended and went to cancel my account. Low a behold, my contract was automatically renewed a few weeks before and that I'd have to pay $220 for the remaining months.

    Unbelievable! They refused to help further and told me I was stuck using there poor quality service for another year.

    Will definately contact the BBB.










  43. Thanks for the Heads-up everyone.

    COMWAVE ran a large Ad in one of the Vancouver Papers offering this incredibly low $ 10 Price. Their sh*tty Website raised Red Flags right off the Bat because it had no e-mail address and supposed phone numbers to call not posted.

    Too Mickey-Mouse for my liking.

    I then searched various Forums as well as the BBB Sites for Complaints, and alas, by all accounts, its most likely a Scam by all indications.

    Further, I don't do Biz with Binders, Ragheads, Pakies, Ruskies and other similar Scam Shyte of the Human Race. With Tech Support Names such as Gesa, Naresh, Sikhwander, Yokoy and what not ... I would have to be within walking Distance with Baseball Bat in Hand before I'd even give them the Time of the Day for Business.

    Thus we opted out, and went back to our regular Phone Service Provider. Although we are royally getting hosed with higher Fees, at least I have to comfort of knowing the Phones work, and don't have to get aggravated wanting to choke some Cow Pie Paddy Farmer at COMWAVE.

    1. You have now just shown where you come from. White trash is the name they give you. Just a heap of stinky dandruff with beer breath and a family of pychos... tsk, tsk, tsk...

  44. I am really glad I decided to check out if there were any complaints about comwave. I see their adds in the paper and there were a few of us that we thinking os signing up. I have sent them the link to this site so they can save themselves from being ripped off. Sorry to hear about all of the people that have been ripped off by this company but think it's great that sites like this exist so you taking the time to comment allows some others to avoid this scam.

  45. I signed up for comwave about 3 years ago and they were worse than BELL (BELL is another headache to deal with). I figured since at that time, the VOIP technology was relatively new, it wouldn't be perfect but woe betide you if you try to call them for "tech support", "customer service",a "promised credit" or some kind of billing error on your credit card! I have never dealt with a more careless staff (yes Geeza) than I have with Comwave! It was soo bad it should be illegal! They yell at you and make you feel like it is you, not their bogus machine, that is crazy! They just don't care! All they want is your money and to h*ll with you! I have been seeing their ads all over so I thought maybe they had improved, maybe considering signing up....afterall would they be in business this long if they were no good? I am shocked to read all these complaints to find out that they are just as bad. Please, if you want piece of mind, find another phone service provider.

  46. comwave is a scam a total rip-off. People need to come up with a class-action lawsuit against comwave based in toronto canada.

  47. folks, it seems Comwave has run its deceitful practices and dishonest business practices on a lot of us. I totally agree with the previous poster that we all should come together to file a class action lawsuit against comwave. Lets find a way to come together. It won't cost us anything as there are plenty of lawyers who will be willing to take the case for free and just take their fees later on from the remedies/damage. Put some thoughts folks. Lets do this.

  48. Thank you everyone for this site! I was also going tp sign up with conwave until I decided to do some investigating and found this. I hope others will do the same and thereby putting comwave out of business. For those who got ripped off, try small claims court, if you get the name of the owner and managers, list them all, and make them go to court. They will receive a summons. Usually a threat to sue will get you the results you are looking for, if not I think these guys need to see the courts in action!

  49. Thank you everyone for this blog! I was thinking of signing up for voip with Comwave, but decided to do some investigating before signing. I'm glad I did. What Comwave is doing is completely criminal! For those who have been ripped off, a suggestion. Don't do the class action, lawyers only will win. Try using small claims court and have the managers and owners listed in the court summons. They will have to spend a lot of time if each person does this. Remember to sue for not only the money they owe you but also for your time, aggravation, stress, loss of opportunity etc. Also keep in mind that almost all companies and persons will do anything to avoid court as usually only the lawyers win. Good luck to you all!

  50. they are full of shit and liars. i had there long distnace and they over harge only on international LD calls. what they do, they give you cheaper rate and charge 20% extra on your minute and when you work it out you end up apying same amount as big carriers.

  51. Thanks to everyone for writing here. I saw their ad and they had an attractive offer...I was thinking of signing up with them, but I guess it's a good thing I didn't. Thanks so much everyone for commenting here! I really appreciate it!

  52. I signed up in Feb 08 attracted by their $25 coupon and relatively good rate for international phone calls. I rcvd $25 coupon and mailed it to canada after few weeks. the coupon stated that if i redeem it i will sign up a contract for one year which i was never told about before i activated my service. Several months later i called and was told they never rcvd any coupon. I faxed the coupon again and few weeks later when i called i was told they didnt rcv any fax. I faxed 2nd time in Sep 08 and upon calling this time i was told that my coupon expired because i didnt call them after faxing for the coupon to be credited. That was ridiculous but i faxed the 3rd time and called after two days. This time i got credit for $25 in Feb 09. Last week i decided to cancel the account because i dont use it and i was rudely told by Shauna that i cannot cancel because the contract is good until Feb 2010 as i redeemed the coupon in Feb 09. I told her that the coupon was for my 2008 contract but she kept insisting that the contract starts the day you redeem it and threatened that i will be charged $120 early termination if i cancel now. Well i have left the manager "Anat" a voice mssg and am waiting for a call back. Also just filed a complaint with BBB. Be aware and do not use comwave....infact file a law suit as many people have mentioned above. I will support it by all means.

  53. I've been a customer of Comwave for close to 6 years, never had a problem. Back then I remember if I would call them with a better advertised rates, they used to honor them. Last year I noticed that I was getting charged more than I was supposed to on my long distance plan. Gave them a call they said I will get a refund and that next month everything will be fine, which did appear to be the case. And now again this year they have started charging more than the agreed rate and on calling them to get it corrected (more than 5 months in a row), I was told they can only correct it for 1 month. Not only that, they wouldn't even honor their rates which was printed in the newspaper and wanted to charge me higher. It was redoubtably one of the worst customer service experience I have had. They were not only stealing money from me but than had the audacity to basically say that it is my fault for not noticing that I am getting over-charged. Any one who gets comwave bill please beware, now that they have removed the per min billing column to make sure you are being charged the correct amount. Needless to say I'm leaving them and would strongly urge people to stay away from comwave.

    1. Indeed that is exactly my experience. They are cheating in exactly the same way.

    2. We are trying to get out of Comwave after having horrible service. Do you have any advice?

  54. I answered an add for an internet phone service called Conwave Telecom.
    The add said 6 months free in bold letter.
    Because of technical problems I have not/never been able to use their service.
    They are refusing to cancelled my services even though I never signed any contracts with them.
    They are now withdrawing $20.95 a month on my visa .
    They are saying that I had a 3 months trial (90 days ) to cancel the service after 90 days the terms and conditions applies (which terms and conditions?) and because the deadline passed (2 days) I now have a commitment with them of 3 years. This is essentially an automatic renewal.
    They are also saying that if I whish to cancel that it will cost me an additional $210.00

    I have learned a lesson, I'll will probably end up paying the extra cancellation charge and move on but first I needed to share this...

    Do not do business with Conwave Telecom

  55. Thanks everyone for your comments and advise regarding Comwave. First, I couldn't get past the "Choose Business from List" on the BBB website to lodge my complaint 'cause Comwave is not registerd with BBB which I understand. Secondly, how and when do we start this class action suite list? I'm ready to sign up. And please, if anyone can get me the name of the director/s or the head hunchos I'll gladly take them to a small claims court before they screw up my credit history. Regards.


    4646 Dufferin Street, Unit 5, Toronto, Ontario

    Owners : Yuval, Ron and ABE.

    Let me know if u need more information.

    1. We have had an absolute NIGHTMARE with comwave... saying we are on contract. We have NEVER agreed to a contract or signed ANYTHING. Their service has been an absolute disaster and now they are saying that we owe &720 to get out of the contract. I spoke to 9 people having to give all the security info plus why I wanted to cancel to each department. I asked for a manager and was told that there was none available but that they would have someone call at a specified time... needless to say no one called. Do you have a direct telephone number for Yval, Ron or ABE. Thanks for any help you can give us.

  57. I received a big flyer for comwave yesterday. It was so interresting that I was really considering to sign up with them and save some money. I'm so glad that I found this before I did something I was going to regret for a long time. I feel sorry for all of you who have been scamed by this company. I just wish that there are more people like me who will read reviews on a company before signing up for anything.

    It seems to me that the company all they want to do is to get the people in for a ride, give the people the worst service and make sure that they cancel before term like that we can get their money for nothitng. I don't really believe that we should use the word " customers " here because you don't mistreat your customer. Despite so many complaints made with BBB they are still operation , this mean that they don't give a damn about nothing and I believe that BBB can't do anything either. I think may be all of you who have been scamed should report them to the police and may be call the media to try get the attention of the public and to warn them. Anyhow I just feel lucky I didn't call them today

  58. Here's my story, Phone goes out, I try to fix it,
    I wait a couple of days seeing as though it sometimes picks up the dial tone again, a WEEK & a HALF pass by and still no connection. By this point I am really pissed off at these bastards cause this is not the first time this has happened, its happened around 20 times since I switched to their crappy service four years ago. I get my uncle to try to fix the problem, because he's an elect. engineer and would know this stuff, next thing you know he can't fix and he suggests i seriously give this peice of shit company a peice of mind on their unrealiable phone service.

    I call the next day, so now its TWO WEEKS without phone service, the technician and i are on the phone and computer for and hour and a half and finally at the end they re-registered the crappy Comwave box and I give him a peice of my frustration.

    He says he "understands" and that this shouldn't have to happen again, and the B**tch quickly hangs and before I can tell him I want a rembursement of the 2 weeks of no phone service. Cause there liable for my phone service, but he quickly before hanging up says: "Thank you sir, have a good night"...


  59. You should go to website and type in in the search website bar. When it opens the, there is title asking you to write a REVIEW for this company, click and write your experience with

  60. I canceled comwave after finding out that they were charging me twice than the actual time. I actually checked my rogers airtime to find that out. I canceled their service, however after a year they sent me a fake bill and threatened with collection. Luckily I kept the records of my last bill paid and had this sorted out. This company is a big scam.

  61. I can't cancel the comwave.
    after 2 years contract with comwave, they auto renew my contract on Oct. I don't know the expired date, I have no letter,no notice from comwave. they just renewed. I tried to cancel it today, they asked me to pay $200 or whole year service fee...
    ANy orginations can complain this things

  62. This Comwave is a rip off company.
    When I moved to my current house, I kept the service and in the new house the phone line would not work as it used to before. After a week about two weeks they sent me a crapy modem, It was slowing down my high speed internet. Called them again, we did speed test and found out it was the modem. The sent me another modem, it was good after that. So far so good.

    My problem is:
    They charged me $120 dollars ($60 for each modem) with out telling me or mentioning their policy in their e-mail that I had 30 days to return the modems. Now it is past the thiry days and I am calling them to give me the $120 dollar credit and I am sending those two modems. Their answer "Yes sir, I understand but you should have read our company policy on the Internet".

    I told them that you should have told me about those policies. I explain to them that I don't need these modems, they are crap, they don't work. You are the company who deals with them take them and give me my money. They says they can't do it. Appearantly it is my fault for not going to their website and reading their policy for returning the modems.

    I think that is a very cheap way of make money from me who has been their customer for 3 years. I used to say many good things about them, but after this f**k them... They are rip offs and don't care about their customer loyalty.

  63. never use comwave its completly rip off company
    they told me there is no security bt when i recieve my bill i find they charge me $50 on my bill as security deposite & still i did't get that amount from them. when i call them they told its the activation charge its a fucker company

  64. Similar experience--returned a faulty modem to them, but they charged $55 because they did not get it within 30 days (not to mention they expect us to return their faulty equipment at our own expense). After AN HOUR on the phone and hold, I was told I should have read the terms and conditions. I just did, and now I am really scared--they have their customers in a not sign up unless you read their T&C and think otherwise!!

  65. Hi

    Comwave is a very tricky company. They are robbers. Please donot sign up with Comwave. They charge on credit card without any authorization. This company is a fraud. I am sure there will be many got cheated. Please let me know if a complaint can be lodged against comwave.

  66. For the person that did not activate their service and had their modem on the fridge. Read the terms and conditions of the agreement. It says that "if you install the service you accept the terms and conditions...." but if you did not then obviously the agreement does not apply. I think you have a case.

  67. Hi there,

    another similar experience. My mother signed up thinking it'd be a cheaper option (my mother barely speaks english, and doesn't work anymore)

    Anywho, they automatically renewed her contract, since she had no idea and didn't pay; they cut her phone line, and when she tried to cancel over a year ago, they sent the bill to collections, and sent her another renewal bill. This is getting ridicious! This company traps people... I tried calling but they refused to talk to me - told me to deal with a Dominic in collections.

  68. Comwave misleads and holds imperative information from their customers and then bill them higher rates.
    their strategy is a game of odds not a business that run with integrity.
    it is a scam. stick with your local provider. they are more willing to help than the lack of listening skills and service provided by these scam atrist that categorize themselves in them as service providers

  69. they are big fraud and rip off long distance too.when i sing up they gave me 2.9c to india but billed me 5.9c. poor customer service, they dont even listen.

    i have joined transtel canada, very happy. they care for customer and whatever they say they provide

  70. False Advertisement by comwave
    Their advertised rates are cheaper then billed for some countries. For example they always say 5.6 cents for Pakistan and when you check you phone bill it is always charged 9.9 cents. You can call and argue with the rep. He will adjust for that month and will be the same 9.9 cents next month again.

    Problem with porting a number out from comwave network

    Just wanted to mention that there is another big problem that comwave telecom has is porting a phone number out of comwave to any other service provider.

    I noticed that when I ported out our business phone number from comwave to bell. Number (905)388-0008 was ported to Bell. Since comwave released this phone number it receives calls from anyone in the world but comwave clients can not call that number anymore. When any one who has comwave phone service calls this number he gets the message "[I]This number is not in service"[/I]

    It's been more that a year now and this number still don't receive calls from comwave network. You can call and try now, it will work from any other phone but comwave.

    I have recently ported out another phone from comwave to and having exact same problem. When spoke to comwave support they would say it is Bell and now FreePhoneLine problem.

    What I think the problem is that when someone ports his number out from comwave to other service provider they simply unassign that number but they don't reroute or divert it. Comwave system keeps thinking that number is still owned by comwave and not yet assigned to anyone.

    Just to let you guys know that if you are planning to port your number out of comwave, you'll never receive a call from a relative who is still using comwave’s service.

  71. Glad to find this blog. I had noticed that by my phones I was using a 15 min airtime but the comwave reflected 18 min, then the rates also changed, no warning. Finally I decided to cancel and also no way to cancel, you have to be available 3 to 5 business days to wait for a telephone call...Are they nuts or just jerks?

  72. I am totally in for the Class action suit... they did the exactly same thing to me, they lie and twist their words around.
    the worse customer service I've ever had with a telecom company is with these guys. huge business integrity issues...

  73. All small VoIP companies are like that. As a VoIP consultant, I have been dealing with them for a few years. They don't have enough money to buy good equipment, or pay decent salaries to their employees, or hire enough people to run business properly. You get what you pay for. Telecom equipment is expensive, and good telecom professionals ask for good salaries. Don't expect a lot from small VoIP companies who think selling dirt cheap VoIP will make them successful. They usually go bank corrupt. Comwave have survived so far, but for how long will it survive with the cheap VoIP philosophy and deception.

  74. I am going to file a compliant about comwave,
    could someone tell me the best place to send.

    If there is group people want to suit them I will be the one.


  75. Trapping peoples in is what they do at will, then collection agencies to screw peoples' credits are their pleasures. I had been with them since the very beginning, but no longer needed their service, and no way I could cancel it, if you call to cancel before 30 days prior to your expiration, they tell you to call back "the last 30 days", they will not cancel it "too far in advance", if you call within the last 30 days, they say you have to call in at least 30 days in advance, so now, you are automatically renewed for another year if you are in yearly contract.
    If you charge back, they will charge you $50 charge back fee and send you to collection agency with some surcharge on top.
    If they double charge your card, which was what they did to me (and maybe others)they will only give you back credit on your account and will refuse to refund it, why would we have to leave them money for credit when we will ever in our lives to have anything to do with them ?!?! but if we rightfully charge back, we will face $50 penalty for doing a charge back even they wrongfully taking our money (at will).
    I filed complain with BBB, they did not aknowledge anything wrong, simply saying they are right in doing the renewal, ignoring anything else, and tell you to deal with the collection agency and this is what they do very quick.
    I am looking at all the law suits against them to joint. They are in breach of trust, scamfull, unethical, abuse power (of using collection agencies to screw peoples credits), un truthfull, lying, robbing customers, practicing like there are no laws to protect customers, I will try consumer protection to see what options we have against them. I will post again.

  76. I joined Comwave after seeing an add in the Edmonton Metro saying you get 3 months free with no contract and 6 months with a three year contract. I signed up for 3 months free with no contract. On my last bill I noticed it said 3 year term. I called them to find out why they had put me under contract, they told me I agreed to that. I told them I wanted the recording that stated I agreed to that,I was told they would call me in 48hrs, its been a week.


  77. I agree with the other posters. My experience is similarly negative. I was trying their service for about 4 months and was giving them the benefit of doubt when their Tech Support attributed the bad call quality to internet connection. Incidently, I have Rogers Extreme Plus plan which has a speed of 25 mbps. The problem became more acute when I was unable to make any outgoing calls as their Modem started conflicting with a new Roger Router. Ultimately, after spending hours talking to Comwave & Rogers Tech Support, I was informed that the conflict cannot be resolved and the only alternative is to cancel. When I cancelled Comwave, they levied an illegal Cancellation charge $ 56.00 in addition to the regular monthly billing, even though I was not able to use the phone and it was their Techie who told me to cancel.(I was on a No Contract / Month to Month billing). I was advised that I can write to the authorities if I want but the charge cannot be waived. I also got a call from Nelson in the President’s office to inform me of the procedure to return the Modem to a PO Box address. When I wanted to send the Modem though courier so I can be assured of the delivery with a "Signature required" feature, I was told by Ronnie & Kevin in CS that no regular address can be provided and if I send it to the office address, no refund would be given. In order to avoid being billed fraudulantly for the cost of the Modem as some of the posters have been, I was constrained to send it to the office address. Now, I am waiting to see if the crooks would refund the Modem cost or not. There are a lot of happy clients also but I guess, the problems start when you cancel. Not a good Company to be involved with. I see there are scores of people who have been scammed. I would be willing to join a Class Action lawsuit if someone takes the initiative.

  78. Hi Mr. Edmonton,

    I think you got your recording. And indeed you were on a three year term. As the recording stated and so did the ad. It was "Get 3 Months Free" when you sign up on a 3 Year term. All promotions in telecom are based on contracts. Comwave provides high quality home phone service and fantastic promotions.


  80. Comwave is being run by a convicted fraud artist. Mr. Abraham Benitah was just released from Federal Prison after serving a 2 year sentence for defrauding the public out of more than $3 Million Dollars when he founded Comwave, as reported in the Globe and Mail in 2004

  81. Comwave is being run by a convicted fraud artist. Mr. Abraham "Abe" Benitah was just released from Federal Prison after serving a 2 year sentence for defrauding the public out of more than $3 Million Dollars when he founded Comwave, as reported in the Globe and Mail in 2004

  82. Anonymous said...
    Comwave's President and is a recently convicted fraud artist. Mr. Abraham "Abe" Benitah was just released from Federal Prison after serving a 2 year sentence for defrauding the public out of more than $3 Million Dollars when he founded Comwave, as reported in the Globe and Mail in 2004

    Yuval Barzakay

  83. Agree with almost all the comments above. This joke of a company took over Thomas Hook (which was a good provider with great customer service) and that was the end of my happy life.

    There is no Customer Service, and the invoice uses different rates (higher, of course) than those stated on their website. If you dare to complain, they will BS you forever. I asked for a reviewed invoice so that I can pay then close the account, instead I got a $2 credit in a voice message... I want to see it in writing, credits coming from where? And don't bother reviewing their invoices - it never adds up to the total. You guessed it right - it's always more!

    Can't believe how this company still exist after so many complaints with BBB? I filled one myself, which was closed recently as "unresolved", since Comwave (shall I say con-wave?) didn't bother replying to BBB.

  84. I got a "cold call" from Comwave, and after hearing about their long distance rates, agreed to try their service, until the representative asked for my credit card number! I would not give that out to a stranger who calls me, and said as much to him. He said "Don't you trust me?", like I was at fault. He then said he would forward via mail (or email, don't remember which) the necessary forms for the deal to be secured. I never received anything, nor have I used their service, but have received an e-bill, and 2 late-payment notices, now I just got a recorded message phone call telling me to pay up or they'll give my "account non-payment bill" to a collection agency! I suppose they figure they can bluff or bully money out of people, which probably works for some old folks. I actually pressed 9 as the recorded message suggested to "speak to a customer service rep", but hung up when all I got was really bad electronic waiting "music". Creeps.

  85. I had contacted "Comwave" myself after hearing about their rates and didn't sign on the first time. The second time I contacted them I didn't sign on because my wife had a funny feeling about giving them our credit card number. The third time i did sign on and was so looking forward to getting this converter to get my line up and running. They said it would be sent to me in 7 to 10 business days. Hay all is good 7 days pass, 8 days pass, 9, 10 11,15,20 days pass hay all is not well anymore. I call the customers service dept. and speak to a CSR. She is as polite as can be but no help what so ever. finally I do get to speak to a manager by the name Romauld. Now let me remind you as you read this blog I haven't even got an active phone line from Comwave yet. They said the information I am giving them does not match what they have on their record. yet the contact number I gave them shows up in the email they sent me for confirmation. after they made an excuse for that I asked why haven't I received the converter? Well Mr Jones there was a credit problem. Now they charged my card and are telling me that my name does not match the card, but at time the order was placed they were told it was my wife's card. So they still took the money but canceled the account…. after listening to me the manager basically says there is nothing i can do. This company is all about the money and that
    is it.


  86. found this on redflagdeals:

    Abe Benitah, vice-president of Toronto-based Comwave.

    This is what I found on this guy:


    Of the other six men charged in the stock scam, three pleaded guilty several years ago. Abraham Benitah received a conditional sentence of two years less a day...


    Louisa and Abe Benitah is looking for a Live-in caregiver (live-in in caregiver for 4 kids)in Thornhill, Ontario

    ******* Contact number: (416) 992-5235 *****

  87. whois search result:

    Administrative Contact:
    Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.
    Whois Agent (
    Fax: +1.9027495405
    PO Box 841
    Yarmouth, NS B5A 4K5

  88. Thank goodness i didnt sign up to comwave before reading this, thanks to the public

  89. They called my house and after I told them I wasn't interested, the bastard told me to go to hell. What kind of company is this ? Bunch of idiots.

  90. This company is a big bunch of scam artist. I have tried to cancel for months now but nobody will call me back. Every time i call in i get the voice mail then i leave a message but nothing happens. I am in the process of gettting my credit card company and attorney involved. This is by far the worst company i have ever dealt with, but it serves me right for not doing a quick google search for any complaints on this company.

  91. COMWAVE is just a BUNCH OF THIEVES. Beware of them. They hook you on a 3 year 'contract' over the phone, without even telling you. They hide, they play games, they are negligent, they LIE, they don't provide the service you are paying for and when you complain, you get technical support who are just a bunch of IDIOTS who don't even speak English properly. After half an hour, they will understand what the problem is but then you face two issues: one is that they don't know what to do (they are IGNORANTS who get paid like 5 dollars an hour) and the second one is that their 'supervisors' DO NOT ALLOW THEM to do anything.

    Then you reach the president's office and NELSON, who is nothing but a CHEAP LIER will tell you he is 'on your case' and will take care of it personally. Nothing will ever get resolved. The service they provide is GARBAGE. The line COLLAPSES frequently and they DO NOT FIX IT.

    If you want to cancel, they will tell you that there's a 'CONTRACT' and you will be charged a $20 penalty for every remaining month.

    I will contact my lawyer and sue them on FRAUD.
    I will file all the complaints I can and I will also contact the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services.

    These THIEVES just take money from you and provide a completely USELESS service that will never meet your needs.

    BE CAREFUL. NEVER, and I'll say this again, NEVER even THINK of using COMWAVE.


  92. COMWAVE,,,Such a bad company

    I used Comwave long distance and they gave me local access number and I have been their customer for last 3 years and then I moved to northern territory and here they couldn't give me a local access number. I asked me to cancel my account and they did but later a month sent me an invoice of ~$280, I called them back and they told me that because you have used $25 gift card and you were bound to remain with company for 1 year. I asked them that I have no problem to stay with company but I need local access number so I can use my long distance, but they insisted me to use 1800 number which is 10cents adding to my each minute charges.
    This is really bad. I was on 3 yrs contract with Rogers (cell phone) and Telus for Internet, but when I called Rogers and Telus that I moved to Northern territory they just closed my account without even asking to return their blackberry and wireless router.

    I will submit a complain to Canada consumer services and BBB.
    Lets see if they learn some lesson.

  93. I too was stung by the CrimeWave, oops that’s Comwave. Little did I know when that persistent incoherent telephone solicitor contacted me I was inadvertently signing up for a long distance service. Reading all the comments on this blog one has got to realize that this can’t continue, there are steps to take to STOP this! PLEASE follow these steps. Contact the BBB (Better Business Bureau – ) and file a complaint. Contact the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission – ) and file a complaint. Contact your MP (Member of Parliament) and advise them of ComWave and their business practices. One voice can be easily extinguished but a mob is much more difficult to get rid of. Next, file a claim in small claims court, this will cost a few bucks but will definitely get results. The claim should represent any monies that were billed to you that were not agreed to, this would include automatic renewals, over billing, etc. Also include in the small claims action time spent dealing with the actions taken to rectify the situation, be reasonable, calculate your amount based on your current earnings and finally include an amount for potential damage to your credit rating because they have involved a collection agency. BY THE WAY did you know that the definition for EXTORTION according to Wikipedia is “a criminal offense which occurs when a person (or corporation) unlawfully obtains either money, property or services from a person(s), entity or institution, through coercion. Kind of makes you think instead of contacting the BBB or CRTC we should be contacting the RCMP. If anyone is aware of a lawyer that would do a “pro bono” lawsuit please advise I would be more than happy to assist in anyway

  94. I've been burned too and never even signed up! I got a call one day from Call Select, an agent of Comwave, and asked them to send me more info about their rates by mail. They did, but they also ended up signing me up without my permission and charged me for a long distance call I thought went through my Rogers long-distance plan. I contacted them several times to tell them how ridiculuous this is and refused to pay. Just when I thought it was over because I was not getting a bill in the mail anymore (with accrued interest of course), I get a letter from a collection agency who told me if I didn't pay the amount within a week it would affect my credit. So I paid it and am looking to file a complaint with the BBB. What a bunch of thieves.

  95. I am so glad I did my research online. My father was considering comewave (or as someone cleverly posted 'crivewave' lol. BUT NO WAY!!!!!! Scammer Alert... thanks to all the reviews. Shall definitely lodge a complaint against them though. Such criminals need to be put behind bars.

  96. Good web site and information, I was suspect about comwave because they want you to sign a 3 year contract but they don't tell you that on their telivision adds. When you go to their website they don't offer any information about what they are offering for thier 14.95 a month service just that it's cheap. Yea I'm glad I didn't fall into their trap of deception....

  97. I am a banker for the last 12 years and the best way to get your funds back is to file a dispute with your Credit card company in case of debit card with your bank but before you do this call them let them know you are filling a charge-back if the funds are not returned in 24 hrs and you require a transaction number for the reversal of charge in 2 hrs or you will file a charge back for unauthorized charge for charging you $299.00 for a modem that you mailed back to them and for the customers who got bad service can do a charge-back for not getting the service you were promised good luck any questions let me know

  98. Keep in mind people, Comwave is in fact a carrier type company. Also keep in mind - Vonage's network is entirely ran on Comwaves network.

    So in essence, when you buy Vonage you buy Comwave.

    Round and round the wheel we go.

  99. They (comwave) now are signing people up without their consent and a friend of mine got a call from Comwave to confirm her account....... She never called comwave nor had anyone called her and they switched her long distance from her current provider without asking her if it's ok. Then they called up to confirm her address and 'welcome' her to Comwave!!!!. She was freaked out how can they do that? She said she didn't ask for the service they said they would cancel it immediately that their agent shouldn't have opened the account without her consent!!! How about at least calling her first? Anyway the worse part is they told her SHE had to call her old provider and get the lines back!!! Isn't that illegal? If it's not it should be!!! Don't deal witht this company they have some kind of scam going with their telemarketing people and if they really don't know it's happening then they have extremely poor management!

  100. They steal your long distance lines from you phone company without your premission. Then call you up afterwards and say... Welcome to Comwave when you say you didn't sign up for a service or get a call they say sorry about that you have to get your lines back from you provider. We will cancel the account on our end though.

  101. Now with out my permission they bill and try to collec the payment from my credit card. They close the account they start it and charge 20 times more money than the advertised price. a pack of frauds. i have instructed my bank that they are not going to pay comwave until i authorize them now wonder reading from them i find it is run by a person back from jail.

    once they called from Nicaragua i dont from where on world.

  102. wow, another story of the CrimeWave fiasco. both my parents and myself (seperate residences) have soon as the year expired, their modems died...and right at the christmas season...after calls daily and more than 2-3 hours at each time on the phone with tech support, they did not do anything....i cancelled the phone, changed the credit card....and returned their modem after spending weeks dealing with the rockstars at the customer loyalty department and accounts receivables...
    neddless to say they threaten my parents (who are retired) stating that if they did not pay over $500 in cancellation charges that they would call i have a counteroffer that i proposed to them...

    I will contact the media
    Provide the news with a copy of my cell phone and long distance bills for the holiday season
    file a formal complaint against them at the better business bureau
    and sue them for damages resulting from a service not rendered and paid on a monthly basis

    lets see what their answer is now !

    we've been more than fair with companies but it is complete B.S when then expect you to spend more than 20+ hours on the phone with tech support, use your personal cell phones in the process, not provide their service as per their terms and agreements and STILL make you pay

    this will stop here....and with the help of the media and forums like this i am going to make this public....

  103. To all the BC residence. Do not get fooled by Comwave ad " 6 months Free trial, satisfaction guranteed or no money charged" Once you sign up for free trial, you have to provide them with your credit card detail, after that you are a dead meat. I signed up with them and cancelled after 2 months and they charged me " $87. So don't trust them, keep away from Comwave. I already filed a complain with BBB.

  104. Now with the mobile service the only way to contact them is by email. I been dealing with them for months for a services I paid 30/year and finally it wont work for me after they told me my country is included, but they didn't tell me only two city and i found the two city I don't have nobody to call..then i told them I don't want to have any business with them and becose they told me something and then sunddly change the rules, but surpprise they went and change the website content and on the 57 contries and guess what country now has a restiction? MINE!!! and they service 57 countries and only 4 or 5 has restrictions now ...I wonder if open and account and call to one that does not have any restriction and record all this and send those proof will get them out business. I have copy of the website before they did the change and add restriction on my country..i think that will be enough to file against them.

    very bad company

  105. The problem why new subscribers don't get to see the numerous complaints against companies like Comwave is because we are blinded by the numerous ads on TV, papers, internet etc. All the talk about being 6 months free is a SCAM! And the lesson I learnt here is never to preauthorise credit card payment!
    When I had called the sales agent August 22 to subscribe, I was told the following:
    1) the first 6 months was free with a 3 year term
    2) Any cancellation within the 3 years will mean that you pay back the first 6 months free service, which makes sense.
    3) There will be no other charges, no hidden charges, just cancel and return the equipment.
    4) Invoices will be sent to my email account, which I later found was registered as - instead of
    As I had just moved into a new city, I was busy and only realised about not receiving any invoices from Comwave after several months. When I had called in, I was told that the email address was incorrect (with a laugh) and emails for online registration were apparently sent to
    Next, I went on to register and logged into my account to find a couple of invoices:
    1) shipping charge of $13.44
    2) Equipment deposit $50
    3) Extended warranty $2.24 monthly
    4) 911 fee $0.75 (charged on some months and $0 on others)
    When I called in again to ask why wasn't I informed of these charges, the agent explained that it was "company policy" to make the charges. Just when I was taking care of this issue, Comwave started charging me for service from the 4th month onwards, when it was supposed to be free for 6 months. When I again called to check on this, I was told that it was only free for 3 months and if you want 6 months, you need to port your old telephone number??? If this is true, why was I told that I will get 6 months free and the sales agent even chose a new telephone number for me???
    After numerous phone calls and agents who failed to carry out what they had promised verbally, I had made a final call to COMWAVE and was told that the matter was escalated to "higher up" and someone will get back to me. Of course this never happened.
    At this point, after over 4 months of subscription, I had enough of COMWAVE and had called in to cancel but was told that I need to pay the remainder of the 36 months, ie 31.5 months which amounts to nearly $1200 plus a $50 to port the number out to SHAW, which was not done correctly as Comwave cancelled my line 2days earlier leaving my family without a phone!!! Shaw was surprised by this action as well.
    How ridiculous! It doesn't make any sense, especially when I had paid for that small box, paid for the shipping (I virtually own it). It is not like we are binded to a cell phone company as we had been given an expensive mobile phone. Also this was COMPLETELY different from what I was told during the sales transaction!!!
    BEWARE! Never deal with comwave! please read the horror stories! Be deligent and check out companies first before giving them your credit card or banking information. If it is too good to be true, then it can't be true!

  106. What a joke! These people should have been out of business if the government did its part in watching the communications sector. In the UK you can buy a sim card and call from any cell anywhere (5p a minute to Canada). In Brazil, Federal Law mandates ALL cell phones to be sold unlocked. Here in Canada, we are stuck with the four big cell phone companies, that force us in inimum 3 year contracts, and when we THINK that the VoiP thing will free us, oh no, think again: we are just caught helplessly in another trap.
    COMWAVE is the worst thing so far. They are deceiving. Their customer service (or lack of thereof) is second to none in bad manners, unwillingness to help, and doubtful language speaking skills when we have to repeat the same thing over and over and over, and the agent still does not understand a word of what we say.
    It is apalling. DO NOT ENGAGE IN BUSISNESS WITH COMWAVE. Save yourself money and headaches.

  107. Comwave charged $50 before but now just want return $25 without explanation. How to sue COMwave, please suggest the way. thanks

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  110. The review highlights the problems faced with Comwave iPhone's service. They mention the frequent service issues and outages, long wait times, and unresolved problems.


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