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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Extreme Fitness

I got a flyer today from Extreme Fitness advertising their membership at the rate of $10 per month for 2 months with no commitments and no obligation to sign a contract, when I called them I confirmed this information and they agreed with their flyer ad.

I advised them that I do not want to go all the way there and waiste my time and they said I won't.

I went there and the sales person gave me a tour of the fitness club then we went back to his office and worked out the numbers, he said I wouldn't want to go with the $10 a month because in this plan I would have to then sign a contract which states the first two months I would pay $10 a month and it will change to the regular price of $80 a month and that I would be obligated to pay that until the year has ended in other words a contract must be signed and after the year is ended they would keep collecting funds from my bank account until I put a request for cancellation, instead I should pay for 13 months and her would offer me 2 months free.

So I asked, why did you guys advertise $10 a month with no commitments and no obligation, he answered by saying "when we say no obligation we mean you are not obligated to signup with us if you don't want to" and when we mentioned no commitments it means the same as no obligation.

I asked him if I can have a copy of the contract to take home with me and read it since its 5 pages long and he said no I can't and he can give me all the time I need there to read it but I can not take it home!

How many people do you know that will sit down there and read the 5 page contract and concentrate well on it!!!

I decided to leave and post my comments public to make people aware of these scum bags! I do not suggest you get a membership with these scammers.



  1. Extreme Fitness stands behind the offer in the flyer!

    We offer potential members 2 months at $10, with no obligation to continue. Members have the option to continue or cancel at the end of 2 months by providing us with a written notice of cancellation.

    Our membership agreement is one page, and we require a signed agreement with everyone that uses our clubs.

    We welcome the opportunity to have ‘anon’ come back into the club to clear up the misunderstanding. Keep Fit!

  2. Hello Extreme Fitness..

    1. Can you please provide your name and contact number.

    2. Can you scan the copy of the contract and post here?


    Last February, I called Extreme Fitness to inquire about joining their gym (North York location). I had been referred by my brother and took a look at their website. When I spoke to the consultant, Haitham Hassam, I explicitly said I was interested in joining Extreme because of the pay–as you-go, no long-term obligation, etc. advertised on-line. In big bold print was written “$5 per Month, No Long Term Obligation, No Initiation Fees, No Extra Fees, etc., and in fine print "[This] offer based on two months prepaid membership. First time members only.”

    The consultant assured me it was indeed Pay-as-you-go and invited me to tour the facilities. Due to other priorities, I twice cancelled my appointment with him and twice he called to reschedule; He was very nice. The day of the tour, I insisted that I wanted to ‘experiment’ to see if I could make coming to the gym a habit since I had tried the “Y” five years ago and failed at this. Moreover, I was planning to return to Europe for an extended stay either in the spring or summer.

    The first thing I noticed was that he charged not two, but three months on my credit card, which should have been my first clue about how this sneaky, dishonest company operates. Their website said their offer was based on two months prepaid membership.

    I had gone to the gym only twice in my first month and ended up using the Jacuzzi and steam room since there was a line up for the machines. In April, a training rep called me to set up a mandatory ‘SmartStart appointment’ where they would assess my physical condition, measure my body fat, etc. I realized later that this was a disguise and gimmick to exploit consumers for more of their hard-earned money using aggressive marketing techniques. Even though I was taken aback by the sales rep’s change in direction, I felt prompted to hire a trainer to get me to exercise regularly. His sales pitch was effective.

    I first attempted to cancel my gym membership when my trainer left for a two-week holiday to China at the start of my third session in April. She said “I told you I was going to China, right? I’m going to bring you back some little gifts.” I was incensed that I had been left hung out to dry since one of my goals was to make exercise a habit, and hiring a coach for $70 per (one-hour) session is great motivation.

    I did not go to the gym during my trainer's two-week absence and she did not propose an interim strategy and even neglected to write down the workout program I had requested. While she was away, I decided I did not want to start from scratch so I called Mike, the Training Manager, who told me that I could not cancel training/ nutrition sessions, or my membership for that matter. He offered to reassign me to another trainer and give me the first three sessions for free. While I think that was a generous offer, I had already concluded that I was not a gym rat and that I preferred to save my money for my trip to Europe.

    Mike informed me that I could not cancel my training since I was bound to a contract that forced me to pay for 12 training and three nutrition sessions. I told him that I never signed any contract with him and that his assertion was impossible since I was a pay-as-you-go member. That would be a dumb conflict. He said that I signed a ten-month membership with Haitham. I explained the pay as you go ad to him and he said that he was not aware of it. I hung up the phone.

    To my amazement, I read the ‘Extreme Fitness membership form’ and learned that Haitham Hassam had deceived me into signing what was essentially a 10-month contract. “4-C Automatic Monthly Renewal – In addition to any applicable discount fees, the Buyer/ Member is obligated to make 10 monthly dues payments… this membership does not expire.”

    There was no clause to rescind the contract, only “The Buyer/member may cancel this membership at any time after all obligatory payments have been made … The number of harsh, onerous clauses in this totally unfair, unbalanced (illegal) agreement that totally ignores the consumer while exploiting Extreme’s corporate interests is astounding.

    Several times in early March, I tried to reach Haitham Hassam who was either busy or away and he ignored my voicemail messages. No more Mr. Nice guy.
    I was totally unaware that I had entered into something as serious as a contract. Why would I even suspect I was entering into a binding contract after I insisted that I was only trying out their gym to see if I could go regularly. Plus, I had just come from France last January, was unemployed and transient in Toronto and the $5/month made it compelling to try their gym as opposed to another one. Is a 12-month contract not contrary to the concepts of ‘pay-as-you-go’ and ‘no-long-term obligation’?

    Hassam and Extreme acted in bad faith; He was well aware that I had not intention of signing a contract. I was under the belief that I was signing a simple membership form that described services and facilities and indicated payment method. He never said anything about a binding agreement that included 10 obligatory payments or made reference to what I suspect are illegal terms and conditions.

    From start to finish, Extreme is run by a bunch of unconscionable scammers. They don’t care if their advertisement or their people LIE, they will resort to any means to deceive and hook as many people as possible because they know most people who change their mind will not want to waste time writing letters and complaining. And they also know they will be able to mislead and swindle many weak, timid people who believe there really is nothing they can do.


  4. WOW! it looks like everyone is complaining about the same scam that Extreme Fitness is doing!!
    I have just filled out a complaint on the competition bureau's website and I think everyone should do the same!!

    As you can see earlier in this post, Extreme Fitness had failed to respond when asked for their the name and number and a copy of the contract.

    I suggest that everyone files a complaint with the competition bureau, better business bureau, and also possibly file a class action suit :)

  5. I am having problems with Extreme Fitness as well. I went to the club as a result of the advertising saying they offer $8 a month membership with NO CONTRACTS. Well after going to the club and being pressured into signing a contract and after reading the fine print find out it is for ONE YEAR and is only $8 for 2 months and then it is over $70.

    I am currently filing complaints with several places and probably will take this to small claims court seeing my attempts to cancel this contract is being ignored by Extreme Fitness.

    I am looking to document other problems with this club by others. My goal is to inform others as well so no one else is mislead like I have been.

    If you can forward any problems you have had with this club to me I would very much appreciate it.

    email me at:

  6. I work out at the Extreme Fitness on the Danforth location and am pretty unhappy there. The staff are rude.. they have extreme pressure tactics for you to get training. Im 40 5"10 and 165lbs and they told me I was out of shape! LOL... I turned down the training.
    The gym itself isn't bad its the way its run thats terrible. The manager doesn't care about any concerns you have. The weights are all over the place and no one including the staff and trainers put them back. Excuse me but when Im paying 80 bucks a month I dont want to have to spend 15 minutes of my work out time trying to find a set of weights or a pin that locks the weights into place ( which is also another problem ) its the small things... like over head lights at the ab station so when your lying down your staring up into 160 w halogen bulbs which blind you. Complain about it? nothing ever gets done. Hell the clock is still stuck at 2pm and it has been for 2 months.. the sauna has a timer on it and is always cold when you go down and want to use it... the change rooms are messy and the gym is really dark.

    Out of ten? I would give Extreme fitness Danforth a 4.1.. staff helpfulness ? 2 out of 10...



  7. Here is my opinion;

    8281 Yonge Street
    Thornhill ON L3T 2C7

    The staff at Extreme Fitness in Thornhill misleads customers a lot, I guess they were trained to mislead people.
    They promissed to give me a membership at $10 per month for 2 months and I asked them if there will be any contracts that I will have to sign and they said no there isn't.

    And when I went there a sales person sat with me and explained to me the details and told me that I will have to sign a contract and give a void cheque in order to get this $10 offer for 2 months, I told him that I confirmed with them on the phone and they said there are no contracts and I even showed him the flyer that I received which shows there clearly $10 per month for 60 days and it says on the flyer as well that there are NO CONTRACTS to sign!!!




  8. I was tricked into signing up for training thinking that I would only pay for training based on the months used. In my case I used my sessons in 3 months which made me think I was only going to pay 192.50 for three months. Litttle did I know they were going to charge me 192.50 for twelve months straight. How I caught there scam was when my trainer told me if I wanted to keep training I needed to sign up for more sessons. Which I did, but then that started another set of payments. So they where trying to take out 192.50 twice a month plus 66 dollars for my membership. I was so mad when I discovered this and tried to withdrew my membership but they will not let me. I was told no annual contract so how can they do this.

    We all need to come together and fight back. There are pages on Facebook, and also complaints on Blogto. I plan on going to the paper if I have to.


    Screwed by Extreme Fitness Pickering.

  9. The same thing happened to me at the Pickering Extreme Fitness. It's just a money-making scam, their clubs look nice but once you join they are dirty, not taken care of, crowded, and they never fix anything when it's broken. The sales people get paid 10% of whatever they can charge you and that's why they try to hike the price- anyone paying 70 or 80 dollars is being scammed CRAZY, when I was a member there I talked them down to $40 a month after the manager came in to "close the deal"....and they double-billed me four times throughout the one year I was forced to stay there. Extreme will definitely close in the next few years, just like Bally's, Gold's, etc etc etc. It's just bad business the way they do things and their reputation is getting worse and worse.

    I ended up joining the new GoodLife in Ajax, which is a THOUSAND times better....this company has been around and stable for 3o years and I asked about 10 different members I have met and it is true, they only offer one price and one promotion for ALL members, and also their staff is so nice and they are not paid by a percentage of what the memberships cost. There is no incentive for them to screw you over because they are paid in a different way! The club is always clean, well-maintained, the staff is welcoming, and I have not had a single banking problem in two years. Just my opinion, but GoodLife seems to have a great handle on the fitness industry without all the shady sales B.S!

  10. Someone should take all those Extreme Fitness flyers and create some art 'ala' Ready Made Magazine.

    Those flyers would make great coasters or something... :)

  11. Extreme Fitness is full of snakes and thief's. The owner of this company should burn

  12. The Yonge and Eglinton club has declined in quality since Extreme Fitness took it over. There are too many members and too low a quality
    of staff who look bothered by questions or requests to fix things.
    There is only one real Stairclimber and despite lots of other machines sometimes you have to try two or three to get everything working properly. They are cheap on running air conditioner and one of the exercise rooms has to have its door open so exercizers don't
    overheat. The yoga classes allow people to come in late (and answer their cell phones - I couldn't believe it!!)disturbing the meditation of others. This is the McDonalds of sports clubs.

  13. I was considering joining Extreme, but have now crossed them off my list. I wish you all the best in getting justice.

    Thanks for posting!

  14. I believe it's an absurd how this company scams people and they are still out there. Enough is enough.

    They lie to people and lure them into signing contracts without actually showing them how much their contracts will costs.

    Shame on them for being so disrespectful and unprofessional towards their customers.

  15. I went to Extreme Fitness on Bay and Bloor location. I was greeted by one of their sales rep, given the tour of the place and after a brief chat about the membership, I was thanking him for the information and was about to leave. As I was about to leave, he told me that he could give a 10 day try out, under no obligation whatsoever, and I thought, OK,sure, so Itold him sure. Before I even say another word,this sales rep suddenly asking me for my banking info/credit card, and I said, you know what, I am NOT ready to make up my mind, as I do shop around before I make my final decision for anything. Before I knew it, he started to enter my info into the computer, and he assured me it is just to allow me to have a temporary pass to go into the club, then I was presented with a membership agreement complete with my name, address, employer: Ryerson ?Hello, I am a student there, not an employee! and mobile phone number, he was asking me where I work, thankfully I did not disclose that info, I only said that I am a student, he asked me which school I go to, I said Ryerson University, then threw me a price already drafted in that very agreement at $59/month, he even threw me 3 months free membership where I can claim it in February next year, and he made me sign the agreement. Thank to the CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT 2002, HOORAY,I AM GOING TOMORROW TO MEET THAT VERY SAME EVIL MAN TO TELL HIM TO HIS FACE THAT I AM NOT INTERESTED AND CANCEL THE DAMN AGREEMENT! I realize that I was stupid to sign that very agreement, however, I REFUSED TO GIVE HIM MY BANKING INFO, SO HE CANNOT EXTRACT ANY PAYMENTS FROM ME, HA..HA..! EXTREME FITNESS SCAMMERS, HERE I COME!

  16. My purpose of posting this comment, to beware of a luring type that any sales person that are working in EF will try to get you hooked into a contract.

    I went to EF recently in one of the many location in Greater Toronto, anyway, I was greeted by one their sales MGR, I told him straight away that I was only interested in getting pricing info. That was it, b/c it was the only thing that led me to go to begin w/. He then, brought me to his desk, he explained to me that the price was $76/month, I asked for a student discount, since I am uni student here, he then, said ~$60/month, then, I thought, well, not that bad. He then, offered me the tour of the facility, I agreed, mine as well, I was there anyway. This was the part that got me suspicious of him, while we were talking about the pricing, he started to enter information, I was suspecting mine. But, I did not say anything, I could be wrong.

    We, then, went back to his desk again, suddenly, he printed some papers and told me that here are the papers, you have to commit for 9 months, then, I said, I was ONLY LOOKING FOR PRICING, DID NOT SAY I WAS GOING TO SIGN UP! He then, tried again with his sleezy (I hope I spelled that right) sweet talking to customer, ironically trying to impress me w/ the way he was looking at me, gosh, in my head, how low are you? Again, he was asking me then, why was I there? If not to join? I am giving you a VERY GOOD DEAL, ha... ha..., LOL in my head, so, this is the part that killed, I asked myself, shit, he got my info, if I chose NOT TO SIGN, WILL HE BILL ME ANYWAY? I WAS SCARED, so, stupid me, I signed, but, I told him that I WILL NOT BE GIVING YOU ANY OF MY BANK INFO, NEVER MIND, CC! AS WELL AS, YOU HAVE TO PUT THAT IN WRITING THAT I AM UNDER NO OBLIGATION FOR THE TRY OUT, HE THEN WROTE 10 DAY TRIAL NO OBLIGATION ON THE CONTRACT! I then, signed. I mentioned, then, since I already signed, how much does Personal Trainer costs? He then, brought this I must admit handsome w/ incredible hulk features to me, introduced himself, etc, then, he and I shook hand that, he was going to remind me of my appointment. So, I thought, wow, impressive, another gimmick! He did call! The very next day, I went to the club, demanded that I wanted OUT OF THIS COUNTRACT, ARMED MYSELF W/ A WRITTEN CANCELLATION. The very same sales MGR, told me that he already called me that my contract no longer in the system. He was about to leave the desk and I said, I NEED THE WRITTEN CONFIRMATION W/ YOUR SIGNATURE ON IT SAYING THAT THE CONTRACT HAS BEEN ANNULED!He then did it, printed out TWO CANCELLATION CONFIRMATION SHEETS, and WOW, I FELT ELATED IN MY HEAD!
    Also, I LEFT him my written cancellation request for the membership agreement.

    Here is my final comment: When you feel edgy about a contract, go back to where you got it from, armed yourself with a written confirmation request for cancellation and ensure that YOU DO NOT LEAVE W/O A DOCUMENTATION STATING THAT IT IS INDEED CANCELLED, AND THE SALES REP SIGNATURE ON IT, LASTLY, WITHIN THE 10 DAY WINDOW, as stated in the Consumer Protection Act, 2002.

  17. I just cancelled my contract today, i had 3 months for free, and i DONT WANT THEM. they can have them and their ugly white towels. they BILLED ME or charged me for the first of the thre months FREE, so yeah, amazing crap. so now i'm kinda scared. he printed the cancellation form and signed and i signed, then he printed the refun (which will be credited to my account), does anyone have any advic on what ELSE i should do? what if they'll keep charging me because i didnt do something else?

  18. I signed up a contract for 1 year with theese scam people.I went in to a car accident .I can't go to fit ness club.I went and cancel the contract with the doctors letter.But now they send it to the collection department.They are now saying my contract is automatically restarting. Because my helalth condition is ok after 7 months.I have to pay the money.What a animal people are runing this company.Please folks never ever go and sign up for a contract with scam Extreemfitness.They use decorated talks and brain wash you. Don't go and goin this company.Also now they thretening me they will spoil my credict record and they saying I can't get any credit cards with any companies.
    Beware of Extremfitness(Totally Scam Company)Profesinal theives working in this company.

  19. That is how they make their money. Once you signs contract, they manager/sales people get their commmission. It does not matter how they get your signature - by charm, intimidation, deception, bullying - it does not matter. Once they have the signed contract, you are legally bound. They can and will make you take your money. If you complain or try to cancel the contract, they will make all kinds of excuses and it very difficult for you to cancel. Also, they will threaten you with ruining your credit, which they have done with others and will do with you as well. LESSON - STAY AWAY FROM EXTREME FITNESS.

  20. THank you all so much! I am looking into fitness clubs in the Danforth area as I'm moving there, and I'm so glad you all posted this info! Extreme seems like a great choice looking at their website, but I can't believe these scams!

  21. I also have a very bad experience with the club. Do not give your credit card information ever the the club. They will try to hook you first time you visit. Never Never give Credit card infor oor committee.
    Please spread the words among all your friends. I got to know there is some one looking to file class law suit against the extreme fiytness, Please let me know if you come across.
    Tip: by chance if you give your credit card and want to get rid of the membership, Call your credit card company immediately and dispute the payment. Keep evidence such as email/fax for cancellation and other communication. If you go directly the will hook you up more.
    Just send this evidence to your credit card company they will disbpute the payment.

  22. im the recent victim of extreme fitness
    its a long long story..ill keep it short
    i signed up for the contract and signed up for the sessions(forcefully) now when ive used about 19 out of 48 sessions..i wanted to cancell the rest..cuz i found out the agreement price is about $3800 (they didnt explain that to me)
    i went to their manager told him that i wanna cancell rest of the sessions..he was rude n said i cant..i have to use all of them cuz i signed up for kinda bound cuz i saignd the agreement..
    ny1 there to halp me out..plz plz plz
    wat should i do?

  23. Wow! seems a very common problem! These guys are all scammers! They deceive people to sign a contract and seems no way to cancel it!

    I got membership in August 2009, first 3 months free and for the rest I pay $76.80/months. Then, they deceived me in signing the contract for training. I was told I pay $140 for 4 sessions per month, plus I have 2 sessions with nutritionist included. Then I realized that $140 is just for two sessions plus for 2 session with nutritionist I was charged $110!!!

    I was so pissed off, I tried to cancel, but they said I cannot cancel it. I am not going to give up on this. I canceled my credit card first. Then, I am going to dispute this in court, because I believe they are scamming people, deceiving them, and taking advantage of people's trust!!!

  24. Do not ever join or think of visiting Extreme fitness, it is a scam. You get hooked once you give your credit card information. Even after you cancel your membership they will keep charging you. If you don't make payment they will handover the bills to the collection agency. Some one has to take action before this get spread.
    I wonder why they still exist, wouldn't the govt authorities and consumer protection authorities and credit card companies know about this.
    This kind of practice will permenently damage the industry. I'm spreading this nesw about the Extreme fitness to all my friends and all meetings I go for.
    One need to take action to stop this before it goes beyond control.
    Recently I saw program called 'Market Place' in CBC or GLOBAL. This program bring all the bad product and unethical business to the light. I'm not sure how to rachout to them to cover a documentary on this.
    Please some one who read this take the message across the 'Market Place' program producer.

  25. Wow I have just moved to Toronto from the UK and was looking for a gym. I had considered extreme based on the website. I thought it can't be that bad. Give them the benefit if the doubt. I was due to go see them this evening but glad I missed it. There are too many people with bad experiences both on here and when I talk to others. This has put me right off Extreme and to be honest all fitness centres here. How can an organization get away with behaviour like that in a country like this?????

  26. I too, was scammed by Extreme Fitness. Long story short, I went into their office (in Vaughan) on November 28,2009 to claim a 3 month gym membership prize (they told me I didn't need to sign any contracts and that I just had to go into their office and claim the prize) but instead, I was coerced into signing a 1 year membership (they told me that this person who called me about the prize was a new employee - total bs). So I knew I wasn't going to anywhere about this so I decided to give their gym a try but I told them that I wanted to do a trial first before I consider joining with them. We then agreed that because I had exams going on during that time, they allowed me to have a 2 week grace period before my 1 week trial membership began, in which I could still cancel during that time (therefore, we agreed that I had 3 weeks after November 28,2009 to cancel my membership). Although this was not fully stated in my contract, a date of December 15,2009 was written down to represent when my trial membership would begin, which my friend who was there with me the whole time, can provide testimonial evidence that this agreement did happen.

    I realized soon after I had signed the contract that I was not able to afford the membership, so I decided to cancel my membership on December 13,2009 and since I lived too far away from their office, they allowed me to send my member cancellation by email (big mistake!). I followed up a few days after to verify my cancellation, and was told that my membership was cancelled and that I could expect a refund back for their erroneous charges against me.

    Fast forward to March 4,2010, I have still not received my refund back so I went into their office to rectify this issue. After going in, they told me that they would only refund a partial amount of $120 rather than the full amount they still owe me of $188.70, under the basis that I had cancelled my membership too late (within 10 days of signing the contract) and would not acknowledge that I was given extra time to cancel my membership. Because our other agreement was not properly documented, I am in a difficult situation to dispute this. The only evidence I can provide is the first hand witness testimony from my friend who was with me when I had signed up.

    After this incident, I got into contact with the general manager, Gordon Roblin and he said that he would look into this but I have not heard back from him ever since.

    I put way too much trust into these scammers, thinking that they would uphold their words and promises but I was dead wrong. They honestly don't care who they scam, even people who come from low income families like me.

    So I'm still fighting this dispute to this date. I am not giving up until I get my full refund back because what they are doing is truly wrong. I will be commencing legal and consumer protection actions since this has gone on too long. If anyone has any advice for me, I would greatly appreciate it.

    It's time for people to rise up and defend our rights. Extreme Fitness is not a proper business and they should be exposed and punished for their fraudulent and unethical practices.

  27. Same here, I went to join as the $10 per month for two months, i was misled into signing a one year contract and on top of that they told me that i might need personal training, so i said ok, i never agreed to contract, i signed for personal trainer and now they want me to take 60 personal classes. yeah right. i did complain to BBB and had to close my credit card.
    the location that did the scam to me is North York at Yonge and Sheppard and the names of the lier scammer thieves are: Gary Stefancic and Sam something.

  28. I am glad I came across your feedback. Thank you for taking your time to warn others about dishonest practiced this company employs.

  29. David Luck at St. Clair and Yonge St. location is complete fraudsters and lier. I have a contract for 7 payments for 1 year but the still charge me after the 8 months!

    Extreme Fitness is disgrace to all Canadians. How can a company continue to operate like this so fraudulent? Visa is also part of it.

  30. Beware of Goodlife Fitness. When you join they give you a fitness assessment to take your measurement and discuss your "goals". What it is in reality is a sales pitch session to sell you personal training sessions. They are just like a con-man/woman. They ask all the questions to get info on you before hand, as a pretense to do a fitness assessment but in fact, they are just going to use it to manipulate you. They get aggressive in their sales pitch when you say no. You begin to feel like as if you were at a time-share property sales presentation. They harp and harp and try to make you feel bad and that by not signing up for the personal training sessions, you are not commited to achieveing your goals. Beware of this kind of psychological manipulation. They don't let you leave. Be strong and stick to your guns. If you don't want the training sessions - don't feel bad - it doesn't mean you are not committed. If you have to be rude to get them to stop and let you leave, then do it. Tell them you are not interested and that's final. You are not interested in discussing it further.

  31. Really unprofessional with the way they handle business,fitness,equipment and different aspects Seriously, No one has 10 mins to look for a misplaced dumbell,people with no manners and ethics.
    I wish someone does file a court order of shutting them down for good. Absolute aggressiveness from all the staff during their sales and fitness assessment bullshit.
    Serious Bodybuilders stay out , I warned you!

  32. Went to the Extreme Fitness on 3495 Lawrence avenue east and to my surprise they have a nicer facility than most of the other health clubs. But the staff is only trained in pressurized sales techniques. The managers make you wait for atleast 30 minutes by clock and the reception is extremely rude.
    I did not sign up at Extreme Fitness but would be going to sign up at Goodlife Fitness where they use minimal pressure and are much more ethical in sales. The sales staff at Goodlife seemed to be more helpful than Extreme Fitness's which i believe are underpaid.

  33. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!! SCAM ARTIST!!!!!!!!!! They dont provide you with enough information when you cancelled your membership, makes you believe that you have. And they STILL start charging you money!!!!!
    DO NOT JOIN!!! Gave them a second chance to prove me wrong, and they still screw me up!! Dundas location- snobby, and unfriendly staff!!

  34. Markham & Lawrence location is jut run by cheats and the biggest cheat is there manager "ELLIOT KARANTJAS" .

    Insulted me and my son infront of his staff and was just being a racist. If this is the way company runs its business , i wish it all the bad luck !!!!

    A cheated/lied-to member ( Markham & Lawrence )

  35. I hate Extreme Fitness. Don't Join People. Horrible company. I never had problems with Goodlife Firness.

  36. If you just signed a membership agreement or a personnal trainer contract with Extreme Fitness and regret now regret it, read the back of your membership agreement contract form:

    YOU CAN CANCEL ANY PERSONNAL SERVICE AGREMEENT WITHIN 10 DAYS OF SIGNATURE under the Consumer Protection Act, 2002. You do not need to provide any reason for changing your mind.

    All you have to do is to send a cancellation letter by certified mail and make sure it gets there before the 10 days cool off perid is over. A sample letter is available at the following adress:

    There are also other grounds such as misrepresentation which allow you to revoke the agreement altough the procedure may not be as simple. See the text of the Consumer Protection Act at:

    Personnaly I just revoke my membership after realising how crooked this company was. I was promessed a 2 months trial with no commitment on the phone. When i got there, the same guy would'nt keep is work and finally offered a 1 month trial period which he put in writing on a separate sheet of paper he atached to the contract. I realized later that he did not provide me with a copy of this attachement and that I had no proof of this part of the agreement. He also offered me two months free to get me to sign a 9 months agreement. However, after reviewing the contract, I realized that a 9 payments of 76.00 each were required. Indeed the two ''free'' months were indeed a two month delay in my first monthly payments. To be fair, the salesman promessed that I wouldn't be charged on my credit card until the 1 month trial was over and I wasn't charged anything to this day. I still called VISA to cancel my current card, just in case.

    I also attended my free ''assesment''. I found the staff nice, but really pushy when they tried to sell me a personnal training package.

    Be carefull we are talking about a lot of money here. Be sure you know how much is the total cost of your training program. The initial 48 sessions they offered me worth a total of over 4000 $, then they cut it back to 24 for a total of more than 2000$. Do not sign anything on the spot, this is no small decision to make.

    After reviewing their business practices on the web, I decided that it was better to cancel during the 10 days cool off period rather than taking the risk of having them charging unjustified amounts to my visa. Reputation is important and I don't want any company with such bad credentials to have access to withdraw my money directly from my credit card.

    I though I was a smart guy but I feel like I got very close to be seriously ripped off. BEWARE OF THEIR SALESPEOPLE, they really are a bunch of crooked smart asses.

  37. Hi All,

    I had the same experience with this gym, i joined and they signed me up to 68 personal training classes. I didnt realise how much it would cost! Luckily i cancelled the training sessions within the ten days and got a signed receipt from them. But i want to cancel my gym membership now too from reading this! if you go outside the ten day window is it possible to cancel the membership or are you screwed for the year??

  38. I have also had a bad experience- I went to the Yonge and Eg location- Dunfield and the staff is very rude and not helpful. I am training for a trek I am doing (I have done similar ones successfully without a personal trainer) and they suggested that I spend $2000+ on a personal trainer over the next 2 months. When I said I wasn’t sold on the idea they basically said that if I expect to complete the trek I need to sign up with the trainer, otherwise I may not make it! I felt like I was talking to a used car salesman. Unfortunately I am locked into a one year membership- but I will not be hiring one of their trainers.

  39. I am a member at the Lawrence and Markham location and was a member during the change from Bally's to Extreme. I think they have one of the best group exercise programs and instructors around and am very happy with this aspect of the gym!!! Besides this positive side Extreme as a whole is run by unprofessional people with a lack of regard for anyone. It is owned by shareholders and is money driven. I think they could succeed if they weren't owned by shareholders and was privately owned by a fitness guru/business person.

  40. I was a member of this gym when it was Oxygen, and then stayed when it was purchased by Extreme -- ie I have been a member for many years and was being billed month to month. Last September I moved to the US, and as part of the move changed my credit cards, including the card getting billed automatically by Extreme. I figured I'd get hit for an extra month's dues, then they would cancel my membership when the payments stopped going through.

    Big mistake. Today (February 7th) I stopped by the gym to formally cancel and they demanded full payment for all the unpaid dues since September. They refused to cancel my membership unless I paid up ('the system won't allow us to'). They said they would continue billing me indefinitely until I paid their bill, and said that the bills would go to collection.

    I paid their bill. I feel like I was shaken down by the mob, and feel like an utter fool -- I should have just walked out.

    You have choices in this life. Choose to avoid this gym and when you need to cancel your membership, tread carefully and budget accordingly.

  41. I liked Extreme Fitness location young and Sheppard. Nice ambience and plenty of machines to work on. I heard about their Boot Camp but have not enrolled for that yet.

    Paying $69/month for 12 months commitment is a fair deal as I checked the prices at goodlife and other clubs. I also looked at the YMCA they are cheaper however, they have time ristiction and less equipment.

    One thing is strange. How come I never get these negative experience.

  42. exterme fitness is crooker. do not sign anything

  43. I just joined 10 days ago (Richmond Location) and now Its starting to get fishy. For one they called and said I had won "one month Free VIP pass" because someone had put my name in a "draw". When I went there I asked who put my name in and how did I win this? all the guy (Dan) said was that people put other peoples name in all the time.
    He then proceeded to offer me a low month to month free for 59$ a month. When I asked If my first month was free he said no you have to pay the last month first. When I persisted about my "free month" he said that after my annual contract is up, I would get a month free.
    After I said okay (it seemed reasonable) He asked me right away to sign a contract and pay a fee. He asked for my banking information and I said I dont know it, he offered to walk me to the nearest bank to get my info. I thought that was a little weird but I was like okay and we went.
    Then in the assessment I got bullied by 2 employees in a room to get personal training lessons. They were quite rude calling me obese ( im 5-8 140 pounds) and telling me I was going to get diabetes if I didnt get fit now.

    After I added some friends to the guest list so that they can come with me too the gym. One of my girlfriends called me to tell me she got a message from Dan at extreme fitness and That she had won a month free because I supposedly entered her into a draw and she won. I had never entered her into a draw, they had taken her name off my guest list and lied to get her into the gym!

    SO now I am planing on canceling my contract and taking every name I put on my "guest list" off their computer

    Don't ever go there!

  44. Well an eye for an eye. They decide to be pushy manipulative, greedy and rude. Why not play them at their own game?

    I got my money back that way. And in the end I won.
    It took me almost 2 months from the time i signed to get it.

    If you want the short cut, why don\t you just cancel your Visa or whatever you gave them as a form of payment and change your phone number not to take anymore calls from collectors. Might be a lot of work but promise its a good lesson learned. I don't trust ANY sales individual now period and I pay in cash now when i sign contracts and provide no bank account information.

    I signed up for a summer membership, and was directed into having a personal trainer, okay so i was curious to know the price and bouts, i was told 60 dollars per month for 2 months 12 sessions, unfortunately 2 weeks later i realized i was being charged $80PER Session, which merely lasts an hour, and consists of NOTHIGN close to 80 dollars worth, a total of GRAND :S
    ONTOP of this i was charged 110 dollars for nutrition which was mentioned nowhere in teh contract, it was crept upon me as it was a free inclusion or an free assesment
    This is very unethical and clearly many people are being scamed, this is not amatter of charging an extra 10 or 20 dollars but tieing people to 1000 doollar worth depts, in form of persuasion and false/missing info, how do they NOT mention the TOTAL of a contracT?:S they only mentione th 60 per month FOR 2 MOTNHS, what is an average suposed to take of that? somthing nmust be done guys !

  46. I would not recommend Extreme Fitness to anyone. Please stay away if you can. If you have to work it on your own or buy an equipment with the money that you will be paying to a gym.

    I have developed a medical condition and unable to work out. even with a surgeons note they wont allow me to cancel the contract.

  47. W5 doing an expose on Extreme
    Call Robert Osborne 416-384-6587
    To tell him your stories

  48. Extreme Fitness is gym of robbers,thieves, liars, deceivers, and I these words are not enough to describe them!!!

    -Beware prospective members!!!
    -They get you into a so-called agreement and then they trick you to pay your yearly total fee upfront, like in 7 monthly payments and the rest is pay free. Then without even enjoying your remaining pay free months they conitnue to debit your bank account or credit card, even if from the very beginning you tell them that you will go with them for only one year!!!
    -Then they have a lot of excuses, like you have to actually go into their gym in person to see someone to give auhtorisation to cancel membership, and so on...
    -Extreme Fitness will tell you nice things to get you to join, and after that, is HELL BREAK LOoSE!!!
    -Their customer service will place you on hold for a looooong time, and their account manager will tell you, that there is nothing they can do for you...
    -The General manager will say he can not talk to you and ask you, 'cause he is busy...An account manager will tell you to send an email to the GM regarding your concerns, and it will take days to respond!!! I had to send another email before he respond and not with a solution!!! He told me that they refund my account and it was blatant lie!!! I can go on and write books on how they treated me!!!
    -I have been robbed my pay free months and plus they went ahead to debit my credit without my authorisation!!!
    -I am going to take this up these issues at every forum to expose their bright daylight scam and robbery!!!!


    Get everything in writing if you do join their gym!!!

  49. Lol I paid 39/ month at extreme. 1 year Prepaid in cash. Just be smart and use cash. Don't take any special offer. Don't feel intimidated. Intimidate them with the knowledge you learn. Do your research.

  50. hi folks,

    Listen to the new story from AL the memeber ship manager from yonge and sheppard club.This joker thinks he's almighty and behaves very cheaply with women.Why cant some media expose this non-sense.The are looters and when come to cancelling find some issue to avoid you.

  51. A scam.

    Joining a gym that does illegal business (such as refusing to cancel contracts by being unreachable at the specific numbers they use for cancellation) is not advisable. Obviously, you should be able to cancel at the front desk and get it in writing immediately.

    They make a lot of profit from intentionally stealing from customers as a consistent practice.

    I think it's unethical, and even if I am too smart to be scammed, I would NEVER support a business that I knew was stealing from other people in order to attend a cycling class or something.

    Also, their "fitness test" or "assessment" is designed to get you to buy personal training sessions you don't need. They try to lie about people's fitness levels or their knowledge of proper safety techniques...anything to talk you out of money.

    I was so grossed out by the initial sales meeting (I could overhear them in the next office discussing the strategy to lie to me and manipulate pretending the cost is 129 and if i refuse then make up a couple fictional deals to pretend it's lower - the cost is something around 60 per month.) I did not join. I then asked around word of mouth and heard HORROR stories:

    DOUBLE CHARGING YOUR CREDIT CARD hoping you won't notice
    Not letting you cancel
    Lying about the costs to people who seem too dumb to read the contract before signing.

    I hope someone cares enough to do a proper expose on them and put it on TV.

  52. SCAM!!! If you read these posts before going there, you are one of the lucky ones.. just STAY AWAY!

    I came to the club based on an ad that says $6/month for the first 2 months and with "No Obligation' month to month membership. I was told verbally that there is no obligatory contract, and that I can cancel the membership at any time. Absolute BS!

    I've been trying to cancel for the past 2 weeks.. no success.. I've been pushed around from manager to manager, and finally told to suck it up. I always thought these things just happen to "other people".. well now I'm one of them!

    I called Consumer Protection Act, but they basically said if I signed then I'm stuck.. what about misleading ads and verbal commitments? That is aside from the misbehaved staff.

    Totally unprofessional, extreme rip off, and a disgrace to Canada

    If a lawyer reads this, please go ahead and shut down those bastards.. you have a guaranteed case, with thousands of eye witnesses on how they scam people

  53. Go suck a dick you whiny little babies I've been with that gym since ballys and it's only gotten better you should have used the time and energy spent on this complaint to burn a few extra calories you fat pieces of shit

  54. Dear Mr. Elahmar,

    I'd like to tell you about my experience at your gym (Yonge and Dundas).

    I went as a guest with a friend last week. I was surprised. I liked it so much I even though about switching over - instructors and classes and the energy was all impressive.

    I pay more than 200$+ for my current fitness routine (Dynamic Condition Center for strength training + Turning Point Fitness for Pilates - both these places are amazing and you guys can learn a thing or two from them) so the convenience and affordability of Extreme Fitness appealed for me.

    Sometime during the week I was a Eaton Center and a friendly guy from Extreme Fitness was handing out 10-day trial pass, I asked him if they were any conditions attached and he said no, it was a trial memebership with no commitments and there was a month to month membership as well - I asked this because I was go away temporarily from Toronto and I didn't want to sign a long term contract. I thought this is great - before completely switching over or signing on to a monthly contract I could completely make sure that the gym is right for me.

    So I checked the schedule and I saw a yoga dance class on Sunday. I walked in at 11:40 and was immediately led to some one from the membership department.
    He said he'd have to keep my ID till I came back to fill out membership forms - I said I wasn't comfortanle handing off my ID and he said "We are a 'private' gym and it is the safety of our members" - I'm 5'4 120 pounds female so yea whatever. I told him I had a class in 15 minutes and asked him how long would this filling out forms take me - he says 20 minutes - not wanting to hand in my ID I say its ok OK and that I don't mind being late for the class lets get it over it.

    so i want into their office space - he says almost immediately to activate this membership you need to RIGHT NOW SIGN ON TO A 12 MONTH COMMITMENT. I said the person who gave this card said I could try out the gym for ten days and decide after (I mean it is afterall called a FREE TRIAL MEMBERSHIP). He says this is our policy and then asks me why I'm hesitant to commit to 12 MONTHS OF PAYMENTS - I mean other the fact I am away for a few months ,it is after all a YEAR LONG COMMITMENT - I think I'm completely reasonable to be hesitant and not be happy to be forced into a year long commitment when I had been told this is a 10 day free trial.

    He says in the MOST OBNOXIOUS TONE " Well you are not planning to switch over till later why do you want to try out our gym" - YOU KNOW WHAT IF I HAD LIKED ThE GYM I WOULD HAVE BEEN MORE THAN HAPPY TO FORK OVER 125$ for the month to month plan and switch long term when I would be back in Toronto.

    I told him I got a free trial membership pass and I was excited to try it out - and he then proceed to say again in THE MOST OBNOXIOUS TONE " Well you tried it with your friend, isn't that enough for you". He then says "this is it", nods towards to the door (basically telling me to get out).

    Here I am, all dressed in my yoga, I've walked a kilometer on a Sunday hot morning, to try out the gym and the class and I am treated like SHIT.

    Today you've not only lost one potential customer, but many many others - I will make sure that everyone I know about my horrible experience. I will make sure I post this everywhere and anywhere so people like me are not fooled.


  55. Has anyone had any problems using their Groupon or Team Buy coupons with Extreme Fitness?

    I too received the hard-sell to sign up for a membership beyond the 2-month membership with a fitness assessment and 2 personal training sessions, that were included in the deal.

    I didn't sign up for anything else, or give them my banking info, so I think I am ok on that front. I am going for my fitness assessment next week and really dont want to have to sit thru another hard-sell situation, especially if it is their schtick to call new recruits obese.

    Blech, after reading the comments, I wish I had never joined.

  56. Lawrence and markham extreme have no sense of ethics and will tell you anything to sign a contract and make money off of you. Avoid extreme at all costs. The employees have no morals or ethics.

  57. If people have any problems with our GYM'S then don't join.
    We have allot more people who will love to join and work-out.
    by the way we don't scam anybody we tell you to sign its your responsibly to read the contract.
    Take us to court but you will lose and pay court fee's.

    Have fun and keep fit

  58. Thank you for the posts. Was going to join extreme, then I saw the reviews.

  59. I agree. Extreme Fitness will do whatever it takes to make a sale and smile right in your face when lying about it. They must be going under. The nerve of them, to be able to look in your face after there is a problem and lie so they can try and make a person think they need to remain in a contract.

    Put it this way if you want to go to gym to work on personal goals don't go to a gym that will personally screw you (Extreme Fitness). It's sad, we all have sources of income but this is company feels they need to lie and cheat a person to make a buck. DON'T BE victim and support the madness. Go somewhere else.


  60. If anyone can help me get out of this 4000 dollar contract please contact me at 416 788 7485. They are going to ruin my credit now and I dont have the money to hire a laywer. DO NOT EVER ATTEMPT TO GO FOR THEIR PERSONAL TRAINING, THEY TRICK YOU AND INTIMIDATE YOU!!!










  64. Extreme Fitness have been involved in this racket for a long time and has been getting away with it. I had trouble with them and had to resort to canceling my credit card, I refused to be held hostage by them.
    My advice is consult the better business bureau and consumer protection.
    Extreme fitness uses the law to blatantly steal from people.

  65. A few minutes at Extreme Fitness were enough for me to know that I will never set my foot there ever again.
    I got their flyer in my mail, again, for 2 month - $6 membership trial, no obligations, no excuses. So, after some thinking, I went to Yonge and Sheppard location to look at it today at about 5 pm.
    After some waiting, a woman in her forties with long permed hair came out to ask me what I wanted. She never introduced herself. In a sarcastic tone of voice she asked me if I new that this offer is only for two months. Then, she questioned me for a few minutes about my previous memberships with other gyms. In conclusion, she told me that I am someone who “goes from club to club.” I indeed was once a member of YMCA and recently used a Goodlife Fitness facility for a month. I do shop around and find it useful. At least, I am not going to be a member of a place where I was insulted.
    This company does not have and head office details on there website. One has to deal with clubs only. Clubs have no mail or email details of any kind, only phone numbers. Obviously, there is no responsibility. This is also something to think about.

    Now, I posted the above on extreme fitness facebook and it was deleted within seconds:)

  66. I brought the $24 for 2 months deal form Groupon and went to redeem it yesterday.

    Like everyone else, I was tricked to sign the contract for one year, and the worst thing is I gave them my credit card information. When I went back home I just feel there is something fishy about this whole thing, then I google it and found all the negative comments about them. Right away, I called my credit card company to suspend my credit card and send me a new card.

    Today, I went back again to cancel the contract since I am still in the 10 days period. I waited about 40 minutes until I finally got to see the manager. He was nice at first and saying fancy things about how great their gym is and how they can help me achieve my goals, and obviously I denied everything he said and I can see he was getting mad and started saying how I am negative about my life and I didn't even realize it. What a jerk! HE WAS REALLY RUDE!!!

    Anyway, I knew my final goal is to cancel this contract and I don't want to waste too much of my time on this asshole. He finally print the "Change Request" which states the "Membership Cancel Information". It still shows there are recurring charges which is unreasonable since I've already paid the first two months fee from Groupon. Now, I realize cancelling my credit card was a right decision or they will start taking money from my card even the membership is cancelled.

    Also, during our conversation, the manager was saying he is going to fired the guy who helped me to sign up. I am not sure if a manager is serious about this, but I started to feel sorry for that guy and then I thought this may actually help him to find a real job that doesn't require to trick and cheat people.

    I was lucky that I saw the negative comments before the 10-day cooling off period passes.I hope everyone here could get out from this money monster company.

  67. I bought a membership last week. And within 10 days period, I wanted to cancel the membership. I went to them and they were rude to me. So, next time, I went to them with 3 of my friends and I was rude with them to cancel my membership. Then they told me that I can cancel the membership by e-mail. I then emailed them and they emailed me back that my membership is cancelled. They also sent me a confirmation number of my membership cancellation. Is it fine? can I use the e-mail as a proof if they charge in my card? Is e-mail considered a proof? Please help me ASAP

  68. Same problem as everyone above. I am now locked into a contract for a year when I was told I can cancel "anytime I want". I talked to the manager who told me that he would "make an exception" for me by letting me pay for 4 months and then cancelling, however, I would NOT be able to use the gym for these 4 months. Who in their right mind would do that?! Anyways, point is: never get a membership with Extreme, ESPECIALLY THE BAY/BLOOR LOCATION. The sales team is full of arrogant juiceheads who feel no remorse in scamming the shit out of you by lying to your face.

  69. I can't believe people can accept having Extreme Fitness pick into their bank account; They are absolute crooks! I signed-up at the Yonge and Eglinton location, but had to quickly cancel after getting pushed into signing up for personal training; spending thousands of dollars. That gym is so fraudulent that I'm since then double checking my bank account every month to make sure they aren't dipping in.

  70. I tried to cancel my training sections at Yonge and Dundas lot of times. The personal trainer was never there in time. Besides, as you said, it costs thousands of dollars. I assigned it bc understood that it would be once a month, but it was twice + the membership (which I thought it was included in my training program). They also charged me in wrong dates, making me crazy. I sent a lot of emails and tried to contact them by phone and never get an answer. I needed to cancel my bank account, bc I couldn't cancel my contract there. Only after that, they called me saying that I must pay for everything (although I didn't use all my sections)or they would contract someone to contact me directly... I don't know what can happen, but I will not pay for it. That gym sucks!!!

  71. Please help I have the same issue 2 months free but endup with one year membership which I was not aware of. Please help whom to complain for this?


    I joined Extreme and did the whole assessment and 1 free training session. Within the 10 days allowed, I went and cancelled my personal training. Now, they are telling me that they have no record of me having returned the cancellation letter. WTF! Now, since Goodlife has bought Extreme, they are after me for money for training sessions that I did not take! I hope that they will understand my situation because I do not have the paperwork. They told me that I cannot cancel my contract. Can anyone help me out?

  73. I entered the contest at extreme fitness and I get a call telling me I won second prize, at the time I didn't know this till I read last year but apparently everyone wins second prize there is no winner. Anyways I was excited but apparently what changed was how they handled funds withdrawal they kept changing the amount to withdraw from my bank account which I got tired of and I put a full year of stop payments on it. They tried changing their name just to get the money from my account. I tried a few times going there and I just didn't like the vibe. I rarely went mostly from dec 2010 -jan 2011and I felt like I was being judged by them, saying I need to lose weight but felt much worse coming from them. Anyways I wanted to cancel my membership along with my spouse, I called and was told that I would have to go in to cancel. But then reading online about how they refuse to cancel, I would like to recover the money that I paid just for their fraudulent business practice of using a gym and personal trainer forced upon me.


  74. Warning: Be cautious of Extreme Fitness's membership promotions. This shady behavior suggests that Extreme Fitness cannot be trusted, and potential customers should be wary of any promotional offers from them.


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