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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Wal-Mart Customer Service

Wal-Mart may sell low prices but, customer service isn't one of their best assets. I am closeby to a Wal-Mart and there are times when I need to either exchange or get my money refunded for things. When it comes to returning things, the associates are very moody. Moody as though they have a bipolar disorder. The associates either say, "You're here again", or "I haven't seen you return stuff in a while." I find it an insult. I do not return things often and when I do return or exchange them, its either there is something wrong with the merchandise or the size is different from what I had in mind. This is the location at Stockyards Wal-Mart at the corner of Runnymede and St. Clair. The associates are very rude and they don't say "Hello" or "How can I help you today?" Isn't Wal-Mart known for Customer Service? Isn't Customer Service the skill they are so known for? I actually applied for a job at this location. Believe, me I could've faked saying Hi or even pretend to care about a customer. These asssociates obviously cannot. I am outraged by comments and ridicule. I have been a loyal customer of this store ever since it opened and so has my family. it's surprising what kind of turds they hire off the street. A prostitute can do a better job of pretending to be nice.


  1. The customer service at Walmart is the reason I shop at Target.

  2. why shop at either???esp. walmart, which sucks the living breath out of communities, and seems to blur the vision and otherwise good judgment of community members, who simply cannot make the connection between shopping at walmart and the corner store shuttering its windows. walmart is a problem, but wouldn't be so much so if many, many more people did NOT shop there. i've been in one walmart (and bought some coleman fuel) years ago and another one a year ago in a deseperate search for an item it didn't have anyway and felt completely nauseated after the experience (lotsa people, crappy crap everywhere, groceries up against the motor oil, messy store, lots of obesity). Shake the walmart habit today. you CAN do without.

  3. I was on the market to buy new tires. Well walmart was about $60 cheaper for the same tires. So against my own gut feeling I went to Walmart. They talked me into buying the road hazard insurance with now brought me up to the price of thier competition. I felt I still got a good deal, until a month later I hit something and the tread came off. Instead of changing the tire. I drove slow enough that the tire did not burst. I drove the car straight to my nearest Walmart. They changed the tire and charge me $80.00. they said I voided the contract and misused the tire because I drove on it. I guess I was suppose to stop and change the tire when it happened. Well they got me, but me and my wife will never shop in a Walmart again.
    By the way this took place in Athens Alabama, so beware.

  4. Listen bud, I work there, obviously this was posted quiet a long time ago, I'm in Electronics, my name is Colin and coem see me if there is a problem with something in the store, if you have a problem with an employee in the store, ask to speak to a manager, if they don't fix your issue, ask to get the info of the district manager, his name is Shawn. Happy?

  5. no not still sucks as especially that old cunt at the csr desk usually in the mornings...friggin skitso

  6. walmart staff are very rude esp stockyards very very very unprofessional

  7. Attention:
    Walmart Management,

    I am a loyal customer at your Stockyards location in Toronto. However, I am disappointed with the poor customer service provided by some associates. The rude and moody behavior during returns and exchanges is unacceptable. As a frequent shopper, I expect to be treated with respect and kindness. I urge you to train your associates to greet customers with a friendly attitude and provide better customer service overall.


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