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Monday, March 20, 2006

Rogers Wireless

Rogers Customer Service is the worst ones I have encountered, their reps give false/misleading info from time to time.

I called today and spoke to several Rogers Wireles representatives and no one was able to answer my question so I called the third time and spoke to Tracy from southwestern ontario, waterloo region office and asked to speak to a manager, she asked for my cellular phone # and I said I don't have one, she asked for the reason why I want to speak to a manager and I said I have a complaint and want to speak to a manager, she said they are all busy and if I have a problem then I can speak to her instead because she is a senior person, no matter how much I insisted to speak to a manager she wouldn't transfer me :(

I explained to her the problem but she still did not have an answer, and still did not pass me to a manager!

I told her that I wil post this complaint online here and advised her to let her manage review the complaint online on and they can respond to it here directly if they care at all.

From this experience, it shows me that Rogers does not care about their customers at all, I would not want to be a Rogers customer!



  1. February 5th I called to inquire about charges on my bill that did not seem correct. That situation was fixed and the operator told me they had a promo in which they will send out a free phone. I explained I don't need a free phone as my husband and I just bought 2 new phones. She insisted I get the free phone sent to me and I could give it to a friend to take into Rogers and have connected. I agreed. I gave the phone to a friend who has not yet gone into Rogers to set up an account. This month my bill arrived with a phone number on it that I did not recognize and a charge of $54.43. I called Rogers and spoke to 3 different people, repeating my story and my id credentials each time. Finally they told me that they sent the phone, gave it a phone number and billed me. Completely not what I was told when offered the phone. I asked the representative to cancel the number and reverse charges. She said she could not do that until I sent the phone back.

    I asked to speak to a supervisor - she put me on hold and came back on the phone and said that there was nothing a supervisor could do for me.

    Basically this is no better than reverse marketing. They have sent me a phone, gave it a number and are billing me and making me cancel it. Now I have to go through the hassle of returning the phone. Even though this was not the information I received from the woman who insisted I take the phone.

  2. The reviewer warns others to not use Rogers Wireless, stating their customer service is the worst they've encountered. They mention having spoken to several representatives and receiving false or misleading information. When attempting to speak to a manager, the reviewer was denied by a senior representative who claimed all managers were too busy. The reviewer concludes that Rogers does not care about their customers and advises others to avoid the company.


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