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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sleep Country Canada. Why Buy a Mattress Anywhere Else?

Sleep Country Canada, Why Buy a Mattress Anywhere Else?

Well I could most definitely tell you SEVERAL reasons why you SHOULD buy a mattress someplace else OTHER than Sleep Country!

About a year and a half ago I bought a mattress from, you guessed it Sleep Country. I figured with all their satisfaction guaranteed advertisements it would be hard to go wrong with this purchase. But boy was I wrong!

Just about a week ago I was vacuuming my room, a weekly ritual for me as I like to keep the house clean and dirt free, when I came across a bug. As I vacuumed the little creature up I looked around and saw another one of his little friends and soon found a whole community of them intruding in my room near my bed. It was not long until I realized that these creatures were coming from my mattress!

The following day I called up Sleep Country and spoke to a representative there, explained to him my situation and the response that I received was that I would be contacted in 3 days. I was left with no solution to my problem and no promises to a solution. So I patiently waited until they called me, which by the way took more than three days, and I was rudely told by the supervisor of Ontario region Mr. Asir Shaffeal that bed bugs was not covered in my warranty and that it was basically tough luck! No “sorry”, no offers to compensate the inconvenience caused to me, just a mattress that was obviously either poorly made or had some sort of defect in it that attracted these bugs.


  1. An email has been sent to the business letting them know of this complaint and advised them that they can respond to it if they wish.

  2. Or they illegally sold you a recovered mattress full of disease and vermin. That's why there are "Made From New Material Only" tags on mattresses and whatnot. Creat a stink, go to the media and the Better Business Beureau and contact government consumer affairs. This may be a way bigger and nastier thing than just your problem. People can die from recovered mattresses, it is illegal.

  3. bed bugs do not live in mattress's, they only come to feed on you at night in your bed. so you are liar and do not keep a clean home. you have bed bugs caused by your filth.

  4. You're complaining about bugs in a bed purchased 1 1/2 years ago?

    When do you think you should have noticed them, If there had been any bugs in the bed at time of purchase?

  5. This is super crazy!
    A year and a half, and you had been cleaning as a weekly ritual? Did you go to the movies in that year and a half? Did you stay in a hotel in during that timeframe?
    There are a lot of places where you can get bed bugs. And by the way, you'd have bites all over. So I do not believe the retailer was at fault here. I think you picked up those little hitchhikers some where else.

  6. Clearly you do not keep a weekly cleaning ritual. the fact that you have bed bugs is because you picked them up. they aren't born from your bed, they clearly like feasting there.

    your shit out of luck, its not the companies fault that you are a filth bucket.

  7. Bed bugs don't live in a mattress, they live on it, they hide inside the seams and tape edge. If your mattress had bed bugs, you would have noticed them after the very first night, if not the very moment that the bed was delivered. It is also not only illegal for a company to sell a refurbished mattress without disclosure, it not cost effective enough for a company to even waste their time trying it. It's unfortunate that you had bed bugs, but you brought them home somehow.
    I have sold mattresses for many years and can say that issues like these are unfortunately common. People need to realize that a company will not put themselves at risk when it comes to things like trying to pass off a used mattress as a new one, or selling a mattress that has ever even been near a bed bug. People also need to understand that the store they bought their mattress from didn't manufacture it themselves. And please!!!!!!! If you are overweight, accept the fact that you may need to re-think purchasing that $150 mattress in hopes of it being a 10 year investment. If you are one of these people, than be kind to your salesperson and he will be much more willing to give you the best service that he possibly can!

  8. Might not have been bed bugs, but I doubt that ANY bugs would have taken that long to get out of the mattress and onto your floor.... On a side note, this is a company to avoid simply because of their way of doing busines.

    We purchased 2 memory foam pillows, memory foam mattress, box spring, and mattress protector. Sales person convinced us to buy the pillows, claiming that down pillows were a health concern. She then suggested that we wait to have the pillows delivered with the rest of the items, as the mattress would take ~10 to arrive. So we went along with that. Delivery day arrived, and only one pillow. We had discarded the old pillows that morning, in anticipation of the new ones being delivered (this had been confirmed 3 days prior). Upon calling, we get informed that the one pillow had been back-ordered for weeks, and we could not get a confirmation on an exact arrival date. Customer service at the store and by telephone was borderline ignorant. We were also informed that our sales person was well aware of delivery issues, and had been informed the day before that she needed to call us. Nobody did. So first night with the new mattress, and we're a pillow short. They wouldn't even simply buy one from their competitor next door and deliver it to us in order to make things right. The reality is that the salesperson KNEW that they didn't have the pillow, and made the sale anyway without informing us, just to get the extra commission. And the company seems to support this type of policy, as they will not do what needs to be done to make it right. Thsi is a very dishonest company, and one HAS to wonder what else they are dishonest about. We are advising everyone we know NOT to deal with them.

  9. we bought a mattress for a gift but the person found a better deal after xmas , 1 week later , and since we never recieved the mattress we brought in the bill but they would not refund the money on the debit card that was used to purchase it because they said"security reasons" what a joke, they say the check will come in the mail in about 3 weeks. I will never recommend Sleep Country to anyone.

    1. its true, they dont have the machines to refund it on debit, but at least you received a refunded difference. who else does that?

  10. This must have been the stupidest "review" I've ever read. Like they said, if the bed had bugs in it, you would have noticed it the next day. You brought the bugs home yourself.
    Give yourself a scratch on the back.

  11. I have also recieved a review on your mattress. It appears that the bed bugs in your room have unanimously voted to evict you. They are tired of living in your filthy dirt bucket of a room and would like to thank you for the hepatitis.

  12. I work in the home furnishings (and specialize in bedding) industry and would like to clear up some of the misinformation I see in these comments/post:

    1) Bed bugs can live in a mattress, wall, wood frame, carpet etc. They create a nest and come out to feed at night, usually on humans and most commonly in the bed due to that is where most of us are at night, then go back into hiding during the day ... so it is sometime hard to find them when it is bright out as they prefer the dark.

    2) You can have the CLEANEST room in history and it wont make a difference ... similar to the misbelief that lice only infect dirty hair ... they actually prefer clean environments!

    3) Bed bugs take 3-4 weeks to "hatch" ... so they were already in the bed or they were in the room, or if you are in an apartment they could have been in the neighbours you share walls with! OR, THEY CAME FROM THE TRUCK DUE TO THE OLD MATTRESSES THEY CARTED AWAY FROM THE OTHER CUSTOMERS HOMES ... a more common than you think problem ... just because they put it back in a bag, it doesn't stop bugs from crawling out the holes in the plastic!

    4) Unfortunately ALL the major retailers sell "Used" beds ... Brick, Sleep Country, Sears, etc. ... they wont tell you that they are used (although they are supposed to) ... be careful when you hear the words "As Is" or "Demo Model" as they are most likely comfort guarantee returns that have been in houses for as much as 90 days (or 120 for The Brick). Defective/Warranty returned beds go back to the suppliers so no worries there.

    They will do everything they can not to return your money, they actually have legal council at hand to deal with these claims (all the retailers do) because of what a big problem bed bugs are and how expensive it can be to get rid of them. Need to discard all your bed related stuff including the frame and have a very good a thorough pest control service do MULTIPLE treatments!

  13. Sleep Country is a Joke!!
    I would never purchase another product from Sleep Country. Their after sales service is the worst, and the warranty isn't worth the paper it's written on.Our almost $2000.00 bed isn't even 2 years old and is sagging to the point we can't sleep on it,and Sleep Country will not warranty it. So much for their so called 25 year warranty.Buyer beware!!!

  14. I would never purchase another product from Sleep Country. The Serta Mattresses they sell are actually garbage and their after sales service is the worst, and the warranty isn't worth the paper it's written on.Our almost $2000.00 bed isn't even 2 years old and is sagging to the point we can't sleep on it,and Sleep Country will not warranty it. So much for their so called 25 year warranty.

  15. Wow, what a joke. Simmons elation mattress. Defective mattress, warranty sucks. Customer Service sucks .......Christine |Magee you are a fraud. I will never buy from here again. I think they must reuse these defective mattresses. I will pass this on to anyone who listens.

  16. Just bought a bed from here about 4-5 weeks ago, and my girlfriend has had bites on her stomach. A friend just told her they looked like bed bug bites... We begin our search in the morning. And yes, we'll be sleeping on the couch.

  17. Memory Foam Mattresses. ... Wayfair Sleep 8" Firm Memory Foam Mattress gel memory foam mattress

  18. I also had a terrible experience with Sleep Country Canada, The customer service was rude and unhelpful, I'll warn others to stay away from Sleep Country and to buy a mattress elsewhere.


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