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Thursday, April 27, 2006


Town + Country BMW
Town & Country BMW
8111 Kennedy Road
Markham, Ont.
L3R 5M2
Phone: (905) 948-2955
Fax: (905) 477-2214
Toll-free: 1-877-886-3100

I have called this BMW Dealership about a week ago and made an appointment for today to have an Audio input auxiliary adaptor installed in my car, They scheduled my appointment for today at 8:00 am.

When I got there at 7:55 am they were not able to find my appointment on file. I then spoke to the person who booked my appointment and he did not even realize that he had made an appointment for today.

After spending about 2 hrs. waiting for an answer, finally, the service representative advised me they can get the part by 3:00pm and I would have to leave my car at the dealership all day to get this installed. However, they will NOT be able to honour any warranty if any static occurs after the installation. If BMW can't make a warranty or any guarantee on the installation, then they shouldn't offer the service in the first place. After all, it cost a lot to install and a customer does need assurance that everything will be up to snuff.

I also spoke to the service manager, He said that BMW Canada had advised Town and Country BMW to warn any customer who wanted to install this audio-in adaptor in their vehicle about the issue that any static caused after the installation will NOT be covered under warranty. I called BMW Head Office and 2 other BMW dealerships and they told me that they have not heard of anything like this before. They also said there were no bulletins or recall information on the part or for my vehicle. I figured this only has to do with Town and Country BMW.

Sadly, I decided to go into another delearship besides BMW that CAN give me a guarantee on this service. This is the very first time that BMW has screwed me over when it came to customer service. I had the impression that BMW reigns supreme when it comes to treating their clients right since I saw them being voted as Customer Service Excellence or something along those lines. However, this experience had made me very uncertain on what their abilities are when it comes to customer service excellency.


  1. Why are you getting the Audio in installed at BMW?!?! Go and get it done elsewhere, you'll get it done right away plus you'll save lots of money.

    Incase you didn't know that most BMW dealerships including Town and Country BMW are privately owned! This means each dealership makes their own rules/policies, only a couple of them are corporately owned, that's why I would never buy anything from BMW.

    I would choose Mercedes Benz instead, all Mercedes Benz dealerships are corporately owned and you will receive a much better customer service at Mercedes Benz! :)

    You'll find a better service at a corporately owned place than a private one, so I would carefully check before doing any business with anyone.

  2. An email has been sent to BMW advising them of this complaint, and advised them that they can respond to it if they wish.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. I had similar experience with Town and Country BMW.

    The service advisors always looking to make money and very pushy. I brought in my car to replace waterpump and they screw up something else. Now my car on the road and I am trying to get in touch with the service advisor for the whole day with no luck. I would recommend Europa Motors at Hwy7 and Woodbine. Much better service and less expensive.

  5. This dealership does appear to be willing to push the envelope when it comes to squeezing the extra last penny from their customers.

    I don't know if others also do this, but this dealer recently charged a 328i cabriolet purchaser $75 for a tank of gas on delivery even when the cost of the gas was significantly less than that at the time - 61L capacity @ even $1.00/litre (then-current price + 5%) means the actual cost would have been $61, not $75.

    BMW customers deserve better than to be nickelled-and-dimed this way.

  6. I had a smiliar experience myself with T&C.

    About 2 years ago I started servicing my 540i at BMW Toronto. There is a world of difference, believe me.

  7. I also think Town and Country BMW is pitiful. BMW Canada should replace its owners.

  8. The only thing thats good about Town and Country Bmw is that is you complain enough to the Service manager Rohan, that Idiot will GOOD WILL anything

  9. Well if the idiot gave you some goodwill why does it make him an idiot? I did complained to him about a problem I was having and he did help me out with some goodwill which I am grateful for. He is a good guy. He only did it because it was a common problem. Anyway don't sound so ungrateful.

  10. My experience at Town and Country BMW was also disappointing as the dealership failed to honour an appointment for installation of an Audio input auxiliary adaptor in my car.


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