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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Pizza Pizza Store# 33

Pizza Pizza
2241 Bloor St. W.
Toronto, ON.
Store# 33

This store is across from Laura Secord, the nearest intersection is Bloor & Runnymede.

This location has given me headache and I haven't complained about any of
their mistakes like my burnt pizza, missing change, and wrong orders.
However, It is now time for me to speak up. There was a promotion on their
flyer for a free month of DVD Rental on This promotion occurs when
one orders $9.99 or more in food orders. I placed my order with Pizza Pizza customer service and my order was $17.00+ including
taxes and I called the call centre in downtown toronto to ask if indeed this
location has the promotion and the coupons that are involved. It was
confirmed that the store indeed had it. I didn't care much however, I was
curious about the whole DVD Rental thing. When I got there they told me they
didn't have it. I am an understanding person and this was no big deal.
However, an asian man was rude to me. He told me that they never had it and
that I can call customer service if I wanted. I was in "control" as he
proclaimed. I thought this was a very rude remark since I had an awesome day
and I just wanted to ask about a dumb coupon. I ignored it and when I went
back to that location, since I was hungry later that night, I ordered a
snack pack. For $6.00+ taxes I got three strips of chicken and 4 measly
onion rings with my order. It sucked big time. I was so bugged and I think
this was a way for the guy to get back at me. I didn't mean any harm when I
asked about the coupon. He couldn't stop talking the second time I came in.
His eyes were blodshot red like he was smoking some dope or m.j. I was
really bugged. This is not customer service. Clearly this man is not able to
work at all. I couldn't understand a word he was saying. This is Canada for
god sakes! You're here to know at least English! I don't have anything
against people who don't speak English but, this is the land of the free and
the least you can do is do the country a favour and learn how to
communicate. I thought Pizza Pizza had awesome customer service. Even I can
do a better job than he can. He was just unfit and was there unwillingly.
Just tired, all that Pizza Pizza can say is, we will put a notation on your
order regarding the coupon. That is all. Some customer service I got.


  1. I am an understanding person and this was no big deal.
    However, an asian man was rude to me.

    did this guy have black colored female looking glasses with hair to his ears and a pizza pizza hat?

    if so, hes a dick. Me and my friends were at that same location at 1:45am and he told us, "You can order something but you have to get out afterwards, were closing soon". Out of spite, we sat down and ate VERRRRY slowly. We left at 2:30AM lol

  2. The customer had a bad experience at the Pizza Pizza store located at Bloor & Runnymede. The store did not provide the promised promotion on their flyer and an employee was rude to the customer when they inquired about it. The customer also received a poor quality snack pack and felt that the employee may have retaliated against them for the complaint. The customer found the employee difficult to understand and felt that they should have at least known English, given that they were working in Canada. The customer was disappointed with the customer service from Pizza Pizza, which only offered to put a notation on their order regarding the promotion.


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