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Friday, June 01, 2007

Iberostar Varadero - Signature Vacations

Iberostar Varadero By Signiture Vacations

I personally will never go back to this hotel resort again nor I will book a vacation with Signature Vacations next time.

I would rather book with Sunwing and choose Melia Varadero.

Here is my review on Iberostar Varadero, I am NOT exadurating at all, everything that I have said is 100% accurate, trust me! If you go to Melia Varadero or Sol Palmeras that are 4 star and less expensive and much better than Iberostar Varadero and compare it to Iberostar Varadero 5 star hotel more expensive then you will know what I mean, don't say I didn't warn you! I am doing this voluntary on my own; I saw this hotel was #1 on out of all 208 hotels in Cuba so that's why I decided to go to it! But the truth is you will be surprised that the staffs that work at this hotel are the ones who posted all these FAKE posts!

Or maybe is getting paid to only have positive complaints listed on this hotel and to delete any negative complaints! Who knows!?! Every hotel listed has a complaint but if you look at this hotel reviews on you'll notice that they are all 100% positive! Isn't that fishy? Something must be going on!!

Don't say I did not warn you! This is real.

The hotel rooms are far from the main building where they have all the restaurants, lobby, reception, bars and everything else.

It is very very annoying to not have everything like guest rooms, restaurants, and reception in the same building, imagine if it was raining how annoying it is to walk all these big distances and in Cuba Varadero it does rain a lot! Out of 7 days I was there, 4 days was raining.
And there are no elevators in this hotel; you have to go up and down the stairs!

Melia Varadero is one building that contains everything and it has 2 or more elevators.

Food is not good in Iberostar Varadero; I had to always go out to buy food from restaurants in Varadero even though I had paid for all inclusive! :( I found pizza nova in Plaza Las Americas and it was ok, don't eat their pasta's tried it, had no taste! Only pizza's, I found a Chinese restaurant in downtown Varadero called Lai Lai which was amazing! Their food is great, I had canton fried rice which was the best, tried the fried shrimps which was ok and also tried chicken and pork sweet and sour sauce which was ok too and their prices were reasonable! About 4 CUC a meal.

In Iberostar Varadero there is no 24hrs. Restaurant! The restaurant that's open late starts from 11pm to 4am, and they are always late they always start at 11:40pm instead of 11:00pm. And they don't have a variety of food, only 2 dishes to choose from.

Unlike Melia Varadero which has a 24hr. restaurant, and a menu with a lot of choices to choose from, this hotel isn't like that.

Also, their food for lunch and dinner is mostly Cuban food and I, my friends and a lot of other people did not like it.

They have a restaurant called El Bohio, their buffet food is uncovered and birds always comes and eat from it, then a minute later you'll see a tourist that comes and eats from the same food! That didn't realize what just happened :)

This hotel is rated 5 stars, it should not be rated more than 3.0 stars.

Melia Varadero and Sol Palmeras are much better than this, these two hotels are rated 4 star, guest rooms are all located within all the same building, main buffet restaurant is downstairs, their food in all restaurants are great and a huge variety!
Their main buffet restaurant is 3 times bigger and 3 times more variety food than the buffet restaurant called Ambrosia located in Iberostar Varadero.

I heard from a few people that Barcelo Solymar is a good hotel but I haven't tried it yet, I also heard to stay away from Sol Sorinas, I think that on my next trip to Varadero I will choose to stay at Melia Varadero or Sol Palmeras.

One day I was in the room watching TV and all of the sudden one of the room service people knocked on the door and a second later right after she opened the door and walked in on me! While I was walking towards the door, there is no privacy at all there.

Be aware of the Cuba Rent a Car guy that works inside this hotel, he rips people off big time and also rips the Cuban government off!, he asked for $80 CUC for 12hr. rental of the Hyundai Accent and in the contract he wrote that he received $60 CUC and when I asked him why he noted $60 instead of $80 he said "ohh the $20 CUC is for the insurance and other B.S." he is obviously lying and he thought he can fool me, he wrote $60 CUC to make it look like he gave me a deal on the rental and the $20 CUC he put in his pocket for himself!
Another thing, the car he gave me is a standard car I only found out after he took payment from me, I told him I don't know how to drive standard and he said he will not refund my money and that I should've asked for auto!
He is so dump; all cars should be auto unless you specifically ask for standard and if he going to give me a standard then it's his responsibility to inform me or write it in the contract in which he did not.
If his company Cuba Rent a Car finds out what this guy does they will fire him for sure, so be aware from him!

I don't know his name but he looks like James Bond!

I was almost going to complain about him to the head office of Rent a Car and to my Signature Vacations rep. at the hotel.

I think I deserve some kind of a credit or refund, this wasn't worth it.


  1. Signiture Vacations was notified by email of this complaint.

  2. Iberostar Hotels & Resorts Co. was notified by email of this complaint.

  3. No response yet from any of them, I guess they don't care about Customer Service.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. lol at the two comments deleted above! :D

  7. Iberostar cozumel The administrative staff cannot understand an american who speaks spanish. I moved to Venezauela at age three, had a venesuelan duena, spoke spanish before I could speak English. After 5 years in Venesuela moved to Madrid Spain and continued speaking Spanish for 2 further years when I moved to Paris and learen French. NONE of the staff waiters, maids bartenders,dive probl, NONE of the people at that resort had any problem understanding me EXCEPT the administration staff who pretended I was an idiot for addressing them in Spanish.This is a further exhibition of the administration staffs inability to be professionals and act as such.

  8. I completely agree with this review of Iberostar Varadero by Signature Vacations. The hotel's staff posted fake positive reviews on, which led me to choose this hotel for my vacation, but the reality was completely different. The rooms were far from the main building, and there were no elevators, which was a major inconvenience.


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