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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Skip Assist - Target Connections

There is a company called Target Connections, their website addresses are ,

If you call this company and ask what they do they won't tell you!

But here is one of the things they do.

They have phone and address records of consumers who had asked their phone company to unlist their phone number! How do they have this? I don't know and I'm curious to find out how they obtained it and if they had obtained it in an illegal way.

I heard that some collection agencies use their services to track people who have unlisted phone numbers.

I believe this is a breach of privacy laws, the people who should be resposible are Target Connection inc. and the phone company who releases this information to Target Connections inc..

Can you believe that even if you ask your phone company to unlist your phone number, these people can find you and then whoever that uses their system can find you too! Pretty scary isn't it!

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  1. I have used skip assist in the past. It is a very useful tool for collections and most times if your number isnt listed it will bring up neighbours and possible relatives. Most times its your neighbours and relatives that give your number but we are asked not to reveal this information. If the collection agency has your address it will bring any old numbers you may have used or of previous residents at that address. There is nothing illegal done by skip assist its all in how you ask the questions to who ever knows you.

  2. Skip Assist, also known as Target Connections, appears to be involved in the questionable practice of obtaining the phone and address records of consumers who have asked their phone company to unlist their phone number. The company refuses to disclose what they do when asked, but it is believed that some collection agencies use their services to track people with unlisted phone numbers. This is a serious breach of privacy laws, and it is unclear how Target Connections obtained this information. Consumers should be aware that even if they ask their phone company to unlist their phone number, companies like Target Connections may still be able to find and track them. This raises serious concerns about privacy and data protection.


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