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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Get A Freelaner

I signed up with and paid a refundable $5 fee to post my project but these people at lied and cheated me, they did not refund me my $5, they are a scam.
Don't trust its a scam, I had about 5 projects posted and put in $5 on each, they failed to refund me.
Be very careful, I would suggest another company instead.


  1. I had the same exact thing happened to me and when I tried to submit a refund for the $5 I got a message on their stystem saying Paypal withdrawal minimum is $30!! and when I wrote to their support staff at here is what they responded to me with:


    Sorry but it is already too late to refund your deposit. Also we do not permit withdrawals less than $30.

    Thank you
    GAF Support"

    Get A Freelancer is a SCAM.

  2. I have been using GAF for years and even though I don't like the $30 withdrawal minumum it is clearly stated in the terms when you sign up.

  3. yes they are,there charge 19.95 dollars for activation of payoneer card while other freelancing sites either charge 9.95 dollars oe even give for free

  4. Maybe you can protest against anything else but refunding for the canceled project works in 100% cases. It must be that you have canceled the project too late or something like that. I agree that GAF is pretty flaw full but no from this aspect.

  5. I like GAF web; it's a good system either for buyers and for providers to make a project in common. Do you know anyother web similar to GAF? Thanks.

  6. GAF staff are an idiots... i had 3890$, payment from one project in my account and when i requested a withdraw, they suspend my account and after 1 week they had closed it.. The buyer tried to ask a refund and send me the money by western union, and GAF said they don`t give refunds if you already made a payment.. And my account was closed for no reason.... If you work on GAF , don`t take payments through their site, ask for a payment by western union, bank transfer, money gram, paypal, moneybookers, or any other external service...

  7. As a provider I can only be unhappy about too many Indians giving low prices!

  8. I haven't had a problem with the refundable charges but I noticed that the top providers on their website have duplicated feedback mostly from the same buyers, so when you see a provider with a 300 rating they probably only have about 10 projects under their belt.

    I've messaged Getafreelancer about the abuse of their feedback system and have not received a response.... of course they get a fee for every project posted so why should they care?!


    I am one of those victims of this heavily fraud site. I have deposited a big amount of money in the GAF thinking that I could use this amount for my project, and then they suddenly suspended my account(without even notice) citing security reasons. They did ask for my ID proof and I did provide them. Then they started asking all sort of non sense questions, as to how I possess a US account and so and so. I did request them many times that while you are trying to resolve the issue, please refund my amount. They never responded to my request. Please stay away from this site.

  10. Yep - GAF are not transperant with their fees. looks like a good site.

  11. I found these clowns and sad excuse of a Web site by doing a google search. I happened to be searching for something else that was related, and found that some poor sole was looking data recovery and assistance with a specific software product. Well I'm a former developer of that product, and I wanted to help this guy out. There ain't too many people out there that can solve this problem for him. So, I click on the big ass blinking "Bid on this project" button. Oh wait, Can't bid unless you register, no sweat, I enter all my personal details. I get an account activated. So, now I'm all registered and good to go. I'm looking at this guys project, no more BID button. Where did it go?

    So I fire off an email to the web site support clowns. Yup, send in the clowns. They respond with some nonsense that I can only respond to bids with my "expertise", and those that are posted after I signed up. Well, thats find and dandy, why not disclose that first? You didn't have any problem getting my personal details. I want to bid on this guys project. That's why I clicked the BID NOW button, yet these poor excuse of technical support who respond to you have no clue about that. I mean why would they know how the web site works?

    So BEWARE before you give up personal information to this poor excuse of a "middleman" Web site!

  12. Would anyone know if moneybookers is a scam? anyone who works with GAF know that the first withdraw takes fifteen days. Then once the money gets to the money bookers its another hassle to get your bank codes ready. after that they tell you the transaction is complete but nothing is credited to your bank account.who is using moneybookers and happen to go through the same?

  13. I signed up for an account recently and posted a project and wasted hours and days responding to people and now when I login to my account at it says my account is suspended!!!

    They suspended it for no reason, I did nothing wrong at all, I followed all their policies 100% but they suspended it.

    Don't trust get a free lancer, they are a scam.

  14. I posted a project on getafreelancer, a project that I know that is very complicated and only a very few programmers knows how to do it.

    Later I got 80 bids, all of them are so confident and they think they can all do it! :) after I asked these people to do a small test for me, they got stuck and relized they can't.

    The problem with getafreelancer is they don't monitor their providers at all, when providers see a project all they do is copy/paste a template they have saved to the project without even reading the details and knowing if they can accomplish this task or not, and getafreelancer staff doesn't look into these things and they don't relize how much headaque this will bring to the buyers.

    I had even tried doing an escrow to some people and it did not work out, you think that if you do escrow you are protected 100% ??? LOL !!! NO YOU ARE NOT!

    If the service providers want to scam you, they sure can, they can claim to that they spent lots of time researching and working on it and charge you a certain percentage ex. 50% of the money held in escrow, I've heard a few stories where this has happened.

    So, I've decided NOT to trust GAF getafreelancer and NOT to trust any service provider, and I will only trust the service provider if they can supply me with the project first then I send them their money later or at least they should provide me with a test and prove to me that they will be able to complete the project and no BS.

    Lots of people are scammers now adays, and many service providers listed on getafreelancer are scammers, and the staff at getafreelancer could care less about what's happening.

    This is your warning NOT to join getafreelancer, learn from my mistake and other people mistakes.

  15. Get a freelancer is lame they have all kinds of glithces in there interface. They suspended my account freezing it and all my money that I deposited via credit card.

    They thought that I have multiple accounts and it is a violation of their terms. They think that I and somebody I hired are the same person.

    Either they have serious bugs to work out or the guys working there are not to smart. They are so wrong, and I am so frustrated!!!!

    To make matter worse they asked me to send a copy of my drivers license, government identification or passport to them in their country. Hah! Oh ok... let me get right on that one. LAME!!

    They seem like they might dabble in a little bit of fraud.

    On the flip side I hired some guy half way around the world to do some programming for me. That was pretty cool. I hope they do the right thing. So I can continue to use them.

    So far my account is still frozen and I have no access to my money. I am not sure what will happen but I would watch the turn out of this comment before putting any time or money into

    I will follow up with this comment, day by day, so others will know.

  16. In am so sad of hearing this one. I signed up last night. But thank you for the information. You helped me a lot.

  17. GETa freelancer is a HOT STANKING FILTHY MESS! They are dogs and are just out to get a buck. The "employees" or bidders also know this, so they hop on the site hoping to scam people who post projects. Once you award them the project and pay, they never deliver and pull out of the project. I wouldn't be surprised if this whole site, including the bidders are a bunch of scams from third world countries.

    Read my blog post about my experience with these dogs.

  18. Follow up: Get a freelancer finally did unfreeze my account. Hopefully they have their stuff together and it does not happen again. I like the service and intend on using it often in the future. I have contracted six successful projects through them. If the problem comes up again I will post again for others to view, but so far so good. :)

  19. It was since last june that I worked in GAF, but not seriously. and recently, I was working more, because I needed some money in big amount.Before I never had more than $300 per weekly withdrawl. But this time it was second time that I was going to withdraw $400+. Suddenly, I had my ac suspended. Its been more than a week that they had suspended my account, and I haven't got any reply yet. When I googled for to know if more people was troubled like me, god the result was "Results 1 - 10 of about 11,200 for is getafreelancer scam. (0.19 seconds)"

    Well, all my money that I earned for working sooo hard seems to be gone.

    The most annoying thing is that they don't even bother to respond to the support tickets people create in the page they so call "GAF Help Desk"... Well, if they don't bother to reply, why do they just keep people's temporarily suspend. They are just criminals.

    And recently I have come to know that they even have faked their postal address. I had just lost 500, but there are people who have lost more than 5k... guess how they might be feeling while they lost it and still can't do anything!!

  20. I too am one of the those that have had their accounts frozen. Interestingly enough it happens mid week when it is getting close to time to withdraw. It could make a convenient way to cover up if there are enough funds to pay people??

    Also they request alot of proof of identification. Sometimes more than once. Why did they need this? And why are they asking for it more than once? hmmm.

    Anyhow there are things that you can do about it. Go to the internet crime complaint center. You can register a complaint there. Perhaps if enough people do this GAF will get the message that people aren't going to put up with it.

  21. LOL, i have now 1500$ frozen at GAF after 5 years of work. Without any reason and without notice account was susspended. The good news is that it's lowest paycheck for last month and i could lost mych more. Will report news from GAF soon. Hope they will not be as piece of shirt as it's reported at ripoffreport.

  22. Is good for indians?
    is this site trustworthy?

  23. I lost $280 on GAF, I will not trust GAF any more.

  24. They have my $2400 frozen for a week and they aren't even replying to my emails. On monday I'm going to the bank to efectuate a chargeback. THEY ARE A BUNCH OF MISERABLE SCAMMERS

  25. Storearch i have suffuring from same problem 2000 is there and my account blocked after 4 years and 300 positive reviews.

    please give me yr email so that we can communite and do something directly.

  26. Account suspended for trying to retreive my money.

    I'm a "buyer" on the site. Tried to transfer my a three figures sum of money ($---)from my GAF account back to my paypal account. Next thing I know, my account is suspended and they asked me to provide government issued IDs. What a joke. Anyway, I think they've swallowed my money without even saying "Thank you very much". What a bunch of crooks! BUYERS AND SELLERS ALIKE, PLS DON'T EVEN BOTHER WITH THE SITE unless you'd like to send them money or being scammed.

  27. Hi,

    I had the same bad experience here. Payed 40 dollars. Get two SEO projects started. Turns out I get all kinds of bidding's with monthly fees. Complain about it. No answers back. So decide to stop it. The tell me how to do it. So I deleted my projects. Then the keep my money, because I had to cancel it. When I asked what is the different in a chat. The stop talking to me. Now I have make a complaint from it by PayPal, and ask my money back true them. Hope that will work. Maybe a Idea for others here!

  28. I posted a project on Getafreelance for e-commerce web site development. The provider agreed to complete the work within a month. It took the developer three months to get a basic structure ready and i had to keep chasing the developer for everything. Then the developer was not refusing to develop the functionalities he initially agreed to do. The quality of work he did for me in comparison to the work he showed me was very poor.

    Because of the delay and lost the clients i was developing the site and lost the finance to do the marketing for the site. When i reported this to GATAFREELANCER they failed to get a refund for the partial payment i made and were not welling to help. They have suggested me to talk to the developer. I simply think they are stupid! Do you think you will be able to get your money back from someone like this?

    I am simply writing about my experience so that we can learn from each others experience. BE CAREFUL WITH GETAFREELANCER!!!!

  29. I've never really had any problems with them...but will be careful in the future!

  30. Experience report: They offer withdrawl by PayPal and Bank transfer. Hitting either button takes forever to get to those 'highky protected' functions. The Bank transfer then transfers you to another PayPal page where you then can Bank transfer it from your PayPal account. If you ever get lucky to see any of your money. First withdrawl = 15 days security delay (???) after that, your account will be suspended until you send them ID (are they the police ???). Once you did that, you hear nothing anymore ... Take action

  31. Hello,
    I cannot believe, I have the account for 5 Years and just Yesterday Freelancer suspended my account for no reason (because I deposited larger amount on my account???). On my account there is a lots of money now (since I have planned to pay freelancers) and since they have suspended my account they refuse to give me my money back.

    Remember everyone, freelancer has no authority to ask for your ID card and a picture of you holding your ID. You are doing business with paypal or credit card and freelancer is the third party - freelancer is not your government institution neither police officer. What they do is illegal, it is fraud, because it is done intentionaly to many people. I am glad that I have found this complaint site here. is risky be aware!
    I am not provider there, I am consumer, and they are holding thosuands of dollars that I have deposited and submitted in milestones.

    I am waiting right now for 48 hours and their customer service is ignoring me. Their "online support" is open but they just don't reply to me. They will take your money in the middle of your project and then good luck, just wait for days for anyone to reply.

    The only way to get my money back is to provide them with picture holding my ID which looks like picture from criminals taken by police. i don't want to send them picture, I have right for privacy.

    Anyway, very good material for lawsuit... taks care!

  32. Never work with these guys in India. Company name is stepinsolutions ( No respect for clients time. No on time delivery of any functions or projects. One of the worst consultants I have ever seen in my life. Code was the worst part. Never finish code on time. Guys name are Jaldip Upadhyay & Pratik Upadhyay. Never trust on these guys, never.

  33. If you're looking for a trustworthy and reliable online freelance platform, I recommend using Odesk. Unlike, Odesk offers a secure payment system, which ensures that freelancers receive payment for their work and employers get what they paid for.


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