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Monday, July 13, 2009

Car Company Of Canada COMPLAINTS

2951 Highway #7 West
Concord, Ontario, L4K 1W3

I purchased a very expensive vehicle from Car Company of Canada and had a lot of problems in my car after I bought it! Car Company of Canada said that they will not take responsibility, this was a total loss for me, I regret buying from these crooks.


  1. I used to work for car company of canada and I'll give you a little secret about the car company of canada ;-)

    They buy their cars from Auctions including cars that has been into accidents "not all accidents are reported to police and insurance companies for the purpose of being able to resell the car after". :)

    I would buy direct from a dealer don't buy anything outside of the dealer, lots of scam's are out there.

  2. I was almost gonna call them about a car that I wannted to inquire about, thanks for the info!! now I know not to waste my time.

  3. I found their website through and I called 9056694520, I inquired about a car they have and asked if it was ever in an accident before and they said no, I asked them if they had purchased it from an auction and they said no, then I asked them if they can give me this in writing on paper and they refused!

    All talk but no action.

  4. To the person who had their engine blow and any other people who had problems with this company, I advise you to contact OMVIC at:
    Phone: 416-226-4500
    Fax: 416-226-3208
    Toll-Free: 1-800-943-6002

    And file a complaint, OMVIC will help you :) and it looks very bad for their business to have a complaint on them with OMVIC, Car company of Canada company is 469669 Ontario Inc.

    Car Company of Canada
    469669 Ontario Inc dba The Car Company Of Canada

  5. Don't trust buying from these people, I heard horror stories about them too, if you purchase from them you might be making the biggest mistake in your life and be sorry!! take my advise.

  6. I was about to call them to inquire about a car that they have for sale but thank god I found this!! I will make sure not to do business with them.
    Thanks to everyone who posted this information.

  7. My problem with my car that I had bought off car company of canada got worse :( I discovered more problems that I never discovered before.

    The thing with cars, you can't discover everything at first, that's why you have to buy a car from a source you trust, not a source like this, I made a big mistake when I bought from them.

  8. I was thinking of purchasing a car from these people, now that I found this I'm going to think again
    Its unfortunate that there are a lot of dishonest people out there, all they wanna do is sell you the car asap just to make the extra bucks

  9. I wonder if FOURNIER AUTO SALES & LEASING located at 2951 Hwy 7, Unit #2 Vaughan, ON L4K 1W3 - is them also running the business on another name?!

  10. I'm a CEO of another used car company, I just found this and read all the horror stories about these guys, if you guys want a reliable place to buy a used or new car that has no negative reviews at all then contact me and I will help you guaranteed.

  11. I had bought a car from the car company of Canada, I had several problems with my car, I spoke to a sales rep at car company of Canada and told him that I will contact OMVIC to file a complaint on them, you know what he told me?

    He said "Before you call OMVIC, sit down and think, who did you really buy your car from?"

    And the sales person also said "you can not complain to OMVIC about us since you did not buy the car from us" and I have this recorded, contact me and I'll show you proof.

    He also asked me to contact OMVIC and assured me that OMVIC has received no complaints at all and that they have been in business for over 30 years, Gee NO WONDER WHY!!! see below for the reasons!

    Then I realized how tricky these guys are, because yes I did buy the car from them but because the vehicle is a lease, from what the sales person said it technically/legally means that the leasing company are the ones who bought the car from the car company of Canada, because what the leasing company does is they pay the car company in full and buy directly from them.

    Therefore I have no right to complain to OMVIC and no right to sue them, which also means everyone who bought a car from car company of Canada that had it set it up as a lease did not really buy directly from them and have no right to complain to OMVIC and has no right to take them to court.

    Car company of Canada did not have leasing in-house so I had no choice but to do the lease through another company, which worked them the best in their favor.

    Before you setup a lease for car, think about it twice or more, because at the end you might get screwed and then can do nothing about it!!

    And I believe even if you buy the car directly from car company of Canada by paying them directly in full, looking at what they done and said to me they might be able to do something to show that they aren't the ones who sold it to you directly, perhaps selling it to you under a different company name or god knows what these people are capable of doing, but I can tell you that from my experience I find them to be very tricky people and I'm sure they got ways to get away from trouble easy.

    If you don't believe what I said, go and ask a lawyer and see what the lawyer will tell you! otherwise please take my advise.

    Something else you might want to keep in mind, not everyone will go out and complain, doing this takes a lot of time, headaque and patience, I would like to thank everyone who took the time and posted their experience about the car company.

    If you want to contact me for proof or for any reason I will be more than happy to speak to you, you can send the email to carcompanyofcanada @ and your email will be forwarded to me.

    Good Luck, and thank you so much for taking the time to read everything I wrote.

  12. I work for another car sales company who is a competitor of them, and I can tell you yes there are a lot of sales men in the auto industry that will rip off their customers and will do anything just to make the extra buck, and many of them have a certain quota they must meet every month or they'll loose their job.
    The worst thing you can do to the company who ripped you off is already done by posting your experience about them in public, its priceless.

  13. Hello,

    I found this website by searching google using the term car complaints ontario canada

    I am an editor and I am in the process of writing a story about car sales companies located in Ontario, Canada.

    In reply to John's previous post, if I were you, I would still look into complaining to OMVIC, or perhaps consult a lawyer.

  14. Here is something that might help you all,


    Business Profile

    Legal Name: 469669 ONTARIO INC.
    Status: Registered
    Class of Registration: General Dealer
    Subclass: New and Used Motor Vehicles
    Operating Status: Active
    Operating Status Reason: N/A
    Expiry Date: 2010-06-28
    Phone #: (905) 669-4520
    FAX: (905) 669-9761
    Business Address: 2951 HIGHWAY 7
    Vaughan, ON. L4K1W3
    Community: CONCORD
    Country: Canada

    Additional Info

    Salesperson(s) Name Expiry
    RICHARD CELENZA 2011-06-28
    AINSLIE GREY 2011-06-28
    MICHAEL TERSIGNI 2011-07-10
    WILLIAM GIBSON 2010-05-04

  15. this is freaky, I bet you many car sales companies do this not only them

  16. The Car Company of Canada.. they make their name sound official by adding the word Canada to it.. makes it sound like it's run by the government ! :)

    I hope people don't get fooled by that

  17. I don't recommend the car company either, I recommend buying from

  18. I wish I took your advise!! but I was stubborn.

  19. Interesting info I found here.. hmmm

    And yes, FOURNIER AUTO SALES & LEASING and Car Company of Canada are the same company, I wouldn't trust doing business with them after what I saw here.

  20. Car company of canada changed their business name to something else so that they can start as fresh with a new name that has no bad reviews, but too bad! we found their new business name and we will continue to find any new names in the future, we will never EVER give up.

    This is what happens when they try to scam their customers, they get what they deserve. :)

    1. good for you. You keep at these guys, tracking their devious methods to avoid prosecution. These type of owners are criminals and there are two many of them out there in the used car industry. My advise always is ask to have your car taken to a mechanic you trust. If they say no or charge you or ask for a security deposit, tell them you'll walk. if they still say NO. RUN out the door and don't look back.

  21. I went to FOURNIER AUTO SALES & LEASING located at 2951 Hwy 7 earlier this week and the guy there was trying to convince me they are not a scam, but despite what he said the information I found here is interesting and they sound very fishy people.

  22. I went to dealer service as a crack line on my front mirror came on right corner.Car is under 5 year warranty.They are saying it cannot be covered as it is showing a small spot as pen piont,some thing hit it but acttualy nothing got hit.

  23. I also bought a car from these crooks and later discovered many problems with my car, don't buy from them!!! I wish I found this website before I bought.

  24. I was at 2951 Hwy 7 the other day at the car company, I was shopping around for a car and I asked the sales guy there to explain to me what this website about them is all about, and he tried his best to convince me not to believe the content that's posted here which was very funny to hear him go on and on..

    He also asked me to call omvic or some cra* like that to check their history with them, I don't care about omvic and I don't even know who they are and for all I know they could be paying off omvic, who knows! I see what I see here and that's more than enough, plain and simple.

    Thank you all for posting and sharing your stories.

  25. I work for another car sales shop, I can't wait to show this to my manager.. he's gonna laugh his a** off.

    I knew these guys are crooks from the start.

  26. WOW Thanks a lot guys for posting this I'll make sure to watch out !!

  27. I own a used car sales business. I see deals from the Toronto area that offer prices below what I pay wholesale. I also see certain dealers buying the junk that's been hit. Most dealers buy from auctions but some buy from SALVAGE auctions. It's a wild guess but I think I might know where the low priced cars come from. ;-)

  28. Hi my name is Wilson, I dealt with Michael Tersigni from this company, the way he was talking to me sounds like he was trying to rip me off when he was trying to sell me a car that I didn't end up buying at the end, the way he talks to you sounds so convincing, thank you I didn't buy a car from these guys

  29. thanks for the info guys

  30. Thanks for emailing me this link and letting me know about these guys.
    I also dealt with them and had a bad experience.

    I added my story here -

  31. Hi,

    I work for another dealership, Is Mike Tersigni the owner of car company of canada as well as platinum motor car of canada ?!

    Please let me know

  32. I found an ad they had on the autotrader the other day, their prices seem pretty competitive though, I don't know what to do

  33. Beware of Kings Auto in scarborough

  34. Hi Avoid Kings Auto in Scarborough,and Autogard used car insurance. This insurance is useless and the dealer is a crook

  35. in regards to the comment posted by Anonymous on May 20, 2011 2:19 AM, my advise is that you avoid car company of canada !!

  36. Guys Just buy a car From a trustees DealerShip , and make sure the salesman is working for your advantage not for his pocket .

    Mike Assaad Product Advisor new and used car in Toyota on Front

  37. I am a friend of the person who posted his review public here about the car company of canada.

    I feel so pity for him, not only he was scammed by these crooks, you know what they did to him??? they filed a police report and charged him, YES! they filed a police report against their customer!!

    What happened to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms ??? What happened to Justice ???

    I feel so bad for him after what he has gone through.

    Charges are currently pending and I hope the courts do the right thing and relize the false statements that the car company of canada had made against him, I can't even believe that he was charged, they should have investigated the details before charging him, but unfortunately what they did is charged him just based on false statements and lies made by Rick Celenza and Michael Tersigni of car company of canada.

  38. Avoid the car company of canada, don't do business with them!!! I'm shocked after I heard the horrible story that happened to my friend who bought a car from them

  39. Not only that but the guy NEVER shuts up!!! He will bore you to tears. Stay away. haha!

  40. SWINDLERS alll the way! They will rip anyone off who comes into their sight...this includes family and friends. STAY AWAY!!!

  41. Their new name is FOURNIER AUTO SALE & LEASING.

  42. I have discovered that ANTHONY (TONY) STORTO is a co-owner of The Car Company of Canada & Fournier Auto Sales and Leasing. He is he BIGGEST scammer of all and connected to ALL the scum bags associated in this blog of complains.Home address & phone number: 12727 Keele St King City ON L7B1H5 (905) 833-6155. HOPE THIS HELPS ALL OF YOU!

  43. I used to work for the Car Company of Canada, I have news for you all, they are now operating under a new business name, their new business name is Auto Car Supply Group.

    Their info are as follows:
    94 Kenhar Drive Unit 41
    Toronto, Ontario M9L 1N2
    U.S. Line:+1-843-808-2432

    Be-Aware about doing ANY business with Auto Car Supply Group

    They changed their business name several times because they keep scamming people, then people start posting reviews and complaints about them online, so they had no choice but to start with a fresh clean name.

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  49. These guys r a bunch of liars don’t believe what they say and their crappy sales tactics

  50. Car Company of Canada has received several complaints from customers regarding the quality of their vehicles and their customer service. Many customers have reported issues with their purchased cars and difficulties in getting Car Company of Canada to take responsibility and provide adequate solutions.


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