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Thursday, September 17, 2009 SUX

Don't use , there are many bad hosting companies listed there such as HiVelocity and Hostmist, and when you post your review about these hosting companies on webhostingtalk, the moderators of WHT web hosting talk will delete these postings if these postings are against these companies and then suspend your account!

I think these hosting companies pay off so they can hide away all negative complaints about these hosts.

Don't waste your time and don't use

Anyone here agrees with me? Please post your story about webhostingtalk in here

Thank you


  1. I AGREE!!!
    they deleted all negative posts about hostnine (AVOID HOSTNINE!!!)

    AVOID THEY DELETE POSTS AND WORk for the bad hosting companies - I AGREE!!

    AVOID they are NOT fair they are a bad hosting company ad site - ignore their reviews they are a joke!!!

  2. I agree the moderators are complete assholes. they actively encourage scammers @

  3. This is true. is a scam site with only fake reviews. They attack the wrong hosts and they promote bad scam hosts like hostnine.

  4. They must disclose their interests (kick-back, advertising $) from any webhosts that they are getting - their forums and moderators plus the Community Leaders were a bunch of crooks. Their existence is to be the 'rumor-mill' and taboo other reputable web hosts while getting kick-back under the table. There should be a class action law suit among all victims against Web Hosting Talk and its parent company for all the dishonest dealing and damages inflicted on all poor victims and the site should be shut down by the Court Order.

  5. Yes, I have been on WHT for around 3 years, over 1000 posts and just recently I started to get shit from a couple Mods "Anonymouse and Bear" and a couple members who for all I know are mods. That is the shitiest site in the world! I use to love it!

  6. i have to agree one of our clients made a lovely review they gave there domain to ensure it could be verified and WHT removed it. it would appear as tho park of the perks and kickbacks from wht is they will remove reviews which gain too much momentum if there not corporate members or from the forums corporate member host. So it would appear if you want your clients to be able to get reviews on wht your going to have to give the site the back hander for there premium membership first. when we contacted wht and supplied them with whois lookups, proof from the informs we had received on facebook of the review even down to the WHMCS screenshot of the client to prove it was a real client they came back to us with the below response, im just lucky i managed to save the review and add it to our testimonials before it was deleted:
    "May i ask why a web hosting talk moderator just deleted this thread."

    We will discuss it with the OP.

    Community Leader

  7. I agree they allow members to undermined good companies like DTS-NET.COM and remove all the good reviews about the company

  8. The moderators are a bunch of power tripping losers who couldnt get laid in high school and now sit around all day power tripping ahhh yesss i can terminate a postttt look at mee im so cooool!

  9. I agree services sucks! Never sign up with this company!


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