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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MHT Architect Complaints - Markham Hightect Architects COMPLAINTS

MHT Architect - Markham High Tech Architects SCAM - COMPLAINTS - REVIEW
Markham Office:
56 Cornell Park Avenue, Markham, Ontario, Canada L6B 1B5
T: 905.472.5802 F: 905.471.1529 -
Niagara Office:
235 Victoria Street, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada L0S 1J0
T: 905-472-5802 -
 Gabriela Lopez Forte AND LEED AP

This company is a scam, don't ever do business with MHT Architect - Markham High Tech Architects.
There are things that they won't tell you about, you might think they these things are included in the price you are paying them, and at the end they will tell you no.. these things are extra $$$ so if you don't ask they won't tell you, and if you are new and don't know what to ask, then how are you going to ask???
I would recommend you go with a better Architect company, just do a search for architect Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Concord, North York, Scarborough, Ajax, Pickering, Whiteby. Mississauga, Woodbridge, Brampton.
Don't fall in a trap like how I did, you might think MHT Architect is cheap and offer you low rates but they are a scam and at the end they are very expensive.

Don't just read this and then decide to signup with them, be a genius and learn from others mistakes, there are tons of other companies out there, don't be so desperate.


  1. I totally agree, I had a similar problem with this company, when I dealt with the woman name Gabriela, this business is very small and only owned by two people that is Gabriela and her husband.
    Gabriela has a lot of family and depression issues and she let's these problems affect and conflict with her business.

    Gabriela is also a type of a person who is very rude and likes to make threats to people.

    I do not recommend this business either, take my advise so you can live in peace and be able to sleep at night or live with headaque for the rest of your life.

    Don't be so desperate, there are many architects in toronto, ontario, just search toronto architects and you will find them.

  2. I had several problems with this company as well, I do not recommend them either.

  3. Guess what? I had a problem with these guys and spoke to Gabriela and you know what she started doing to me? she started registering my personal email address on spam adult websites as a way of revenge! how do I know that? because I contacted the site owners and they released me the IP address of the poster and I traced it to her, I will sure NEVER do business with these pricks and here is their email address incase someone wants to do the same to them, they should get what they deserve. :)

  4. Gabriela Lopez ForteMay 12, 2010 7:47 pm

    Markham High Tech Inc., Architect
    Markham ON ON Canada

    Hello, this is Gabriela Lopez Forte from MHT, yes in fact I did that because you posted this crap about my business, I will find you!!! you are fu**ing with the wrong person as*hole

  5. WOW!!! what a professional way to business Gabriela? what the customer did by posting here is totally ok, under the freedom of information act its totally legal to voice their opinion public, now what you are doing is illegal by making threats and revenge, I hope all your customers and vendors will see this page when they search your business name to see what kind of person you truly are before they decide to do business with you!


    Gabriela, it looks like you also own the website !
    should we dig some more? :)

  7. Believe it or not, here is an email that Gabriela sent me:

    "Are you actually trying to tell me that a real person “client of mine” actually complained about me after i got every single person a permit!”
    Because right now i am thinking that my jealous bitchy mother in law put you up to it..
    Either that or the competition put one heck of story for you."

    Mother in Law??? what does the poor mother in law have to do with this???? LOL
    and no its not the competition either you fool.

    I hope your husband or mother in law will find this post and I wonder what they will think of you after on how you blame people for your own mistakes.

    I suggest you go to a mental hospital.

  8. I think this woman is nuts and you are right her family issues are affecting her business life and she is turning into a psycho. She would randomly yell and hang up on you if she doesnt like what she's hearing so as long as you praise her work and fall for her bullshit but if not then her depression kicks through and she turns into a crazy lady. Would never recommend her!!!!!

  9. I totally agree, Gabriella is totally losing it, she really is letting her personal life affect her business and thats not how professional people do business. It's so sad but it just appears that she only likes it when people just accept her bullshit and appraise her otherwise she get all bitchy on you. Gabriella when you mentioned above that you at least got every person a "permit" you should know that when people need you they'll do anything to get their work done but its afterwards if they'd recommend you or write about their "fabulous" experience on a page like this!!!!
    sad that you blame your poor mother-in-law, its not her fault she knows your mood swings too lol

  10. Hi,

    My name is Ruby and I just found this talking about MHT as well, just to let you know I had lots of people with this company as well :( I wish I did my research on them before I contacted them and wasted my time.

  11. i've also dealt with these people, mht is nothing but scam

  12. This SUX.. good to know.. I was about to contact them, now for sure I won't waste my time.
    thanks for the info!!

  13. I had same kind of problems with these guys :(((

  14. Hi, I just wanted to add to this and let everyone know that;

    The moderators of keep receiving threats from who claims to be the attorney for mht architect, this person keeps sending threats to and demands that they remove the complaints posted here, and they were already advised that in accordance to the charter freedom of rights, people have the right to voice their opinion public and therefore it will not be removed.

  15. Don't ever do business with Gabriela Lopez Forte AND LEED AP, they lied to me and scammed me, thanks a lot for the information posted!!!

  16. The problem we had with markham high tech architects was there was a few things that at first they said its included and later after we paid them they said these things are not included and we have to pay extra for it.

    I found it very disappointing and unfair, I told Gabriela that from the start she told me it was included but she denied it.

    So instead of paying them we paid someone else to finish the job for us and decided never to use them again.

  17. Ohh wow thx a lot for the info here, for sure I will not do business with them.

  18. wow, so glad I read this. Sounds horrible

  19. Do not do business with Gabriella. I was cursed on the phone when I asked her to rectify errors. Worst nightmare I had as she is clearly bipolar.

  20. Did any of you ever take them to court, charge them or deal with the father ? They are all psychos

  21. The review warns against doing business with MHT Architect - Markham High Tech Architects, describing the company as a scam. The reviewer claims that the company does not disclose additional costs that may not be included in the quoted price, and recommends potential clients to look for better architecture firms in the area. The reviewer advises others to be cautious and not fall into the trap of low rates offered by the company, as they can turn out to be expensive in the end.


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