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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

347-688-5963 OR 315-220-6255 Amber Base Solutions is a SCAM, Be aware !!!

I received a call from Louie who called from a call center called Amber Base Solutions located in the Philippines.

Louie Called from the phone # 347-688-5963.

And when I asked him to provide me with his contact, he provided me with the customer service phone # 315-220-6255.

This company is called Amber base solutions, located in Manila "Eastwood area" Philippines.

Amber Base Solutions also known as ABS, is contracted by several online pharmacies to handle customer service as well as telemarketing.

This company is a scam, they steal your information from an online pharmacy that you have previously bought from and they call you to pretend that they are from the online pharmacy you dealt with, which is not true, its a lie, and they are a scam.

If you are or if you used to be an affiliate of an online pharmacy program, beaware of the online pharmacy affiliate program you are using! Because most of them what they do is, they keep your customers contact info and a few days or weeks later after your customers order, they will contact your customers and pretend that they are calling on your behalf, and offer your customers a special discount, and guess what? You think if your customers place the orders with them that your affiliate account will receive the credit? Of course not! Because they are processing the order directly themselves, so its kind of unfair that they call the customers, pretend to be calling from your company and at the end you get no credit at all!

There are lots of ways to prevent such companies to scam you, there are things you can do to prevent them from having your customers contact information, so that they won't be able to contact your customers, if you need help on that, post in the comments section below and I'll reply to help.

If you have received a phone called from 347-688-5963 OR 315-220-6255, or anyone pretending that they're calling you from an online pharmacy, DON'T ORDER Anything from them! It is not safe to give your credit card and personal info to them!, just hung up on them. is one of these companies that runs this scam, recently they chose to close their company, I'm curious to know why! Perhaps they got into some kind of trouble ?

If you know what happened to private partners or have any comments, complaints, problems, or reviews about or any other online pharmacy affiliate program reviews, please post your comments below.


  1. Thanks for the info. I got a call from this number on Saturday, Sept 17, 2011, didn't answer because I didn't recognize the number and because there was a + sign in front of the caller ID of the number, which suggested it was an overseas number.

  2. They also try to sell you cigarettes at an incredibly reduced price. Don't buy they only want your bank account number

  3. Beware of calls from Amber Base Solutions, with numbers 347-688-5963 or 315-220-6255, as they are a scam. They pretend to be from an online pharmacy, offering discounts to customers, but actually steal their information. Amber Base Solutions is located in the Philippines and handles customer service and telemarketing for online pharmacies. They work with several online pharmacies and may have gained access to customers' contact information through these programs. If you receive a call from them, do not give out any personal or credit card information. Also, be cautious of online pharmacy affiliate programs, as they may keep customers' contact information and allow third-party scammers to call them.


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