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Tuesday, November 27, 2018


WARNING! STAY AWAY AND AVOID Goal Case Dismissed Complaints, Reviews, Scam

Head Office:
The Tannery Mall

465 Davis Drive, Suite 209
Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 2P1
Tel: (905) 853-3430
Toll Free: (800) 545-6471
Fax: (905) 853-8404
Owner: David Ashby

Northern Office:
324 Elm Street, Unit 2
Sudbury, Ontario P3C 1V8
Tel: (705) 688-1818
Fax: (705) 688-1819

Richmond Hill Office:
370 Highway 7 East, Unit 108
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 0C4
Tel: (416) 429-1800
Fax: (416) 981-3089


We received a scam report about this organization and we are in the process of posting it.

We will be posting the full complaint reviews story about goal case dismissed soon, come back soon to read the details.

Don’t waste your time and money with this company, they will scam you, we will give you tips and hints on what to do if you ever got a traffic ticket that you want to fight and how to win.

Come back here in a few days and you will learn about the scam complaints and reviews of Case Dismissed as well as how you can fight your traffic tickets yourself without the need for Case Dismissed or any paralegal at all.

If you have any comments, complaints, reviews about Goal Case Dismissed, you may post it in the comments section below.


  1. Don’t trust case dismissed, their business name should be called case NOT dismissed

  2. They promised me one thing and in court they did something else.

    They promised me that the charge was very light, I shouldn’t have received a ticket and they are confident to have it dismissed, but they went against my instructions and I was found guilty of the full charge without even lowering it.

    I advice everyone who was scammed or had issues, to post your reviews and complaints public about them.

  3. I got convicted because of them, I believe they should at least handle the appeal for me at their cost because of the negligence at their part.

    Now my auto insurance is probably going to go sky rocket because of them, never ever deal with case dismissed.

    All they do is plea bargain with the prosecutor, which anyone can really do themselves, I don’t think they are capable of handling trials.

    Here is some advice for people who get a traffic ticket, save your money and stay away from goal case dismissed, all you got to when you receive a ticket is this:

    1. Follow the instructions at the back of the ticket in order to request a trial, make sure it’s a trial not a plea bargain meeting.

    2. When you receive the letter by mail advising you of the trial date, call the court and ask them to transfer you to the prosecutor office, advise the prosecutor that you wish to request for a disclosure, a disclosure is basically all the evidence they have against you including all the officer notes to do with your case, they can help you with the full process for free and teach you how it’s done, you have the right to know the evidence they have against you before court before them knowing what you will say to defend yourself, make sure you request for a disclosure ASAP. as soon as you receive the trial letter by mail.

    3. If you receive the disclosure then review it to see if there are any mistakes in there.

    4. On the trial date, arrive to court 15 mins. earlier than the time posted for your trial, you will notice that people will line up to speak to the prosecutor, line up with them.

    5. When it’s your turn to speak to the prosecutor, if you haven’t received the disclosure then you can advice the prosecutor that you had requested it a long time ago and haven’t received it, make sure you have proof with you either a copy of the sent email or a fax sent confirmation, and in this case the prosecutor usually will say that they will drop the charges, if not then ask if the police officer is present because they have to be present in the trial otherwise you will automatically win and the charges will be dropped as well.

    So basically if you had requested disclosure and they didn’t provide it, or if the police officer is not present in court at the time of your trial, then you will win as the charges will be dropped.

    If the prosecutor had provided you with disclosure before court, and the prosecutor tells you that the officer is present ask them to show you where the officer is, then at this time you have two choices, either:

    1. Plea Bargain - ask the prosecutor what they can do for you if you plead guilty, usually they will offer you a reduced ticket fine and reduced points.

    2. Advice the prosecutor that you wish to go for a trial, this is not really recommended unless you are very familiar with the process and you know what you are doing, in this option you risk the risk of getting charged with the full charge and fine plus some added additional court costs.

    Goal Case Dismissed or any other traffic ticket fighter agency like X COPPERS or whatever, usually most of them time they just do a plea bargain.

    Here is what they usually promise you! They usually say that they will win or your money is back guarantee, when they say “Win” they don’t mean necessarily the charges will be dropped! All they got to do in order to win is by doing a plea bargain which you can do yourself!

    Trust me and be confident!! The whole process is extremely easy, be confident, learn and do it yourself! And show this website to anyone who wish to learn the process or to anyone who receives a speeding ticket or any traffic violation ticket.

    If you have any questions you may post your comments in the comments box below.

    I am sure and confident that you will find all this information very useful and will save you hundreds and thousands of dollars with this Gold information.

    Good Luck. :)

  4. Thanks for the info about case dismissed, and also for the info posted above on how to represent myself in court without the need of goal case dismissed or any paralegal or lawyer, this tought me how to do easily and saved me a lot of money.

    I learned something new today!
    Thanks so much

  5. These guys are a scam avoid them at all times

  6. As of now, there is no review available for Goal Case Dismissed. However, the warning advises people to stay away from this company and avoid it at all costs. The company is accused of being a scam and defrauding its customers. There are no details provided at the moment, but the warning promises to share the full story soon. It advises people not to waste their time and money with the company and offers tips on how to fight traffic tickets without the need for Case Dismissed or any paralegal services.

  7. Goal Case Dismissed Reviews really sux


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