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Tuesday, November 13, 2018 SCAM REVIEWS WARNING

Host4Geeks LLC
Managed Web Hosting Services complaints reviews
340 S Lemon Ave.
Walnut, CA
91789 US Global Managed Hosting Inc.

855-737-GEEK 855-737-4335

This company is a scam, don't trust this company and avoid at ALL times, when you pay them they will never setup a server for you, and when you try to open a PayPal dispute they will fight it and send a fake false message to PayPal team and eventually they will win even though they are a scam, what I suggest you do is avoid contacting paypal to file a dispute and contact your credit card company directly and file a dispute / chargeback, you will have a much higher chance of winning this way, and if they have enough chargeback reports then eventually paypal will terminate their account preventing them to use paypal as a payment processor, they might even be placed on a fraud list which prevents them from using any other credit card merchant payment processor in the future.

After you open a PayPal dispute, they will reply to your dispute through PayPal and right away after they reply to it, they will escalate it to PayPal which doesn't give you a chance to reply to PayPal, PayPal will then resolve the dispute to their favor even though they are wrong.

Below is the message they usually always send to PayPal that helps them win their scam cases:

"Thank you PayPal for giving us the opportunity to respond and address this dispute. We have been in communication with the client both our helpdesk and email however have received no response from the user. We notice that the client has raised the dispute against "non delivery of services", we strongly disagree with his claims and subsequently will prove that his services have been delivered precisely as ordered and additionally logs of him use the services as well. The order was for a dedicated server hosting plan purchased from our website here -, the payment of $199 was made on from IP address: 2607:fea8:3d60:e8a:f4a3:73ae:95dd:fe61 Prior to ordered the client has had to agree to our terms of services agreement found here -, which clearly states that due to the digital and intangible nature of our services, all orders are non-refundable. However, we understand that this is not of much significance here, since the client did not request a refund rather filed false claims of not receiving the service. Please find the screenshot attached in SS1 which shows the emailing containing the details of the server along with the login details being sent to the client on his registered email address on . Further, SS2, should his last login date to the service as well. We sincerely hope that this helps PayPal reach a conclusion and close this false dispute and further takes action against the buyer trying to rip-off small businesses like us. If there is any further information or details required, please do not hesitate to reach out to us."

All positive reviews that you see posted on this company online are fake, they are posted by the company itself.

They are currently using as their web hosting provider and their hosting provider allows them to continue their scam business operation and frauding their customers.

This is in the process of being posted on several other blogs and review sites as well.

Post your comments, reviews, complaints and scam reports about Host4geeks in the comment section below

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  1. Do not make any transaction with Host4Geeks if you don't want to waste your money.


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