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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Benny Pang Realtor SPAMER

Benny Pang
+1 (416) 723-7305

Used the number +1 (647) 496-2804 to send the SPAM SMS Text

Received a text message from the spam number above saying "Hi Gytytytrc - I see you've been showing interest in a few properties on our home search site. Is there any you'd like to go see? We have time available tomorrow. - Benny", I replied back asking which site? And no one responded.

This is definitely unsolicited as I never requested any information.

Then I received a missed call from +1 (416) 723-7305 that's Benny's mobile cell number.

Benny is going against RECO and OREA policies by sending a large bulk of SMS messages.

Let's see if RECO and OREA will allow this to happen.


  1. Just sent an email to OREA and RECO

    With the following message:

    Please review and respond online directly on the blog.

    Since this is allowed and no action is being taken against this realtor, many other realtors are thinking of promoting this way as well.

    1. This is allowed? I don't think so. Under CASL there can be no electronic communications without express permission. He does have my permission, in fact I've never heard of him before and he has sent me 3 text messages in the past 3 days. SPAMMER

  2. I have received the same spam calls & messages from this guy (same phone numbers). I have called & asked him to stop messaging & calling but he continues to do so for some reason. When I called him to request no further contact, he is very rude.

  3. Be carefull with Benny Pang of Century 21, we had an experience with him secretly letting us sign a document waiving the Condo Certificate of Status, the document was inserted in other documents that was not disclosed to us. It was only when my lawyer called the broker following up the Status Certificate we were told that such document was waived. We were fooled by this broker be careful. We were knew in Canada not privy with such we trusted him but he fooled us.

  4. He also spams old listings that are not his on Kijiji. I also reported to Reco and called him out of professional courtesy to let him know. The guy is so rude, defensive and asks you questions and cuts you off mid-sentence. This guy gives realtors a bad name

  5. I've also received 3 unsolicited text messages from this number (647) 496-2804 in the past 3 days. SPAMMER

  6. this guy hijacked my ad on kijjiji. Intead of link going to owner of ad it goes to him saying he has "insider information on property". This guy is giving realtors a very bad name.

  7. He's AWFUL, he's contstantly calling and texting. During conversations he is rude and abrasive. He's a terrible real estate agent and gives the industry a bad name. Where can someone go to report him? This needs to stop.

  8. His actions violate the policies of the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) and the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA)


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