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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Lenovo Reviews Complaints

Attn; Public Complaints, kindly publish.

Email sent to Lenovo.


My Lenovo laptop was received by you on Feb 7,2019, before I shipped it, I was promised that the repair takes 6-7 days by Lenovo customer service.

Then Joe Ramey contacted me, his email is phone # (919) 294-0492.

On February 14,2019 he advised me that he found a machine that's exactly the same as what I had before, and I advised him that I only want it if it's the exact same, he said he will get that machine shipped to me, I asked him if it can be shipped same day he said no and it would leave the next day Friday February 15,2019, I asked him if he is sure that it will be shipped the next day and he said that it will be shipped on February 15,2019, and this would be the quickest way and he said that he will request that it will be shipped to me express, and if he had to order a custom unit like how my unit was originally customized then it will have to come from China and it will take about 2 weeks.

On Saturday February 16,2019 I received an email that had UPS tracking #XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

It showed that it was set to be shipped using the method: UPS WORLDWIDE SAVER

I emailed him back and called him and left him a voicemail asking him to call me because the package was NOT shipped as he promised on Friday and it's NOT shipped with the express method, until now I haven't yet heard back from him or anyone.

Today is February 19,2019 and the laptop still hasn't shipped yet, attached you will find the two screenshots proof.

When tracking the package it shows shipment ready for UPS, which clearly means that the label has been printed however the package hasn't been handed to UPS yet, and the shipping method is still set to UPS WORLDWIDE SAVER which is the slowest cheapest shipping method.

What Lenovo customer service promises their customers is certainly false and misleading, I've read on several internet review sites that people had to wait several months to receive their laptop from repair or replacement, I advised Joe of this and he assured me its false, but seeing how I am being treated, it makes me believe that this goes for all customers, customers should NOT be promised a 6-7 day repair or replacement time if you can NOT honor it.

At this time since the unit hasn't been shipped yet, and all promises broken so far, I request that you cancel that shipping label, and send me the custom unit with the exact same laptop I had customized before, should the unit with the tracking number mentioned above arrive to me, I will have no choice but to refuse it and have it returned back to sender.

Again, I would like to confirm that I ONLY agree that you ship a unit to me if it's exactly the same specifications as what I had before, and hopefully you can ship it to me express, I've been without a laptop for 3 weeks so far and out of work, as I need my laptop for work.

Kindly reply back to confirm.

Thank you.


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  1. This review serves as a reminder for customers to double-check their orders and make sure that promises are fulfilled.

  2. This review serves as a reminder for customers to double-check their orders and make sure that promises are fulfilled.


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