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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Tim Hortons Complaints

@TimHortons B-9275 Bayview Ave

Richmond Hill ON L4C 9X4 Canada.

Ordered a medium steeped tea in a extra large cup, advised that I'll be using a #RollUpTheRim⁠ ⁠, I was given the medium Roll Up The Rim, asked for the xtra large they declined and said because I ordered medium size.

The reason why you'd order a small or medium in an extra large cup, so it won't spill in the car.

They only fill the drink to the size you order but place it in an x-large cup, and charge you based on the size you ordered NOT the cup size, this is their policy by Headoffice.

But during the Roll Up The Rim contest it works a bit different as larger cups have a higher chance of winning than smaller cups.

So if you were to order a small coffee in an extra large cup.

They would put the small coffee in a extra large NON Roll Up the Rim cup, and give you a small empty Roll Up the Rim on the side, and charge you for the small coffee price.

However, if you do the same thing as above but you would claim a Roll Up the Rim, they should place the coffee in a extra large Roll Up the Rim, why? Because when you redeem a RollUptoWin you may redeem for any size.

The lady that was working tonight gave me a hard time with this and didn't agree, then I asked her to change my drink to extra large and place it into an extra large Roll Up the Rim cup, she then started acting very rude and gave me the empty extra large Roll Up the Rim cup.

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  1. Was in Tim Hortons in Cookstown on hwy 89 and a customer ordered a bagel with butter and jam and when he got to the sandwich maker her screen said peanut butter and jam and he told her I ordered butter and jam so the lady who took his order came over and argued and said her screen said butter and jam so the other worker said no it says peanut butter and jam the 3 argued for a couple of minutes then the employee who took the order walked away and said "fuck off to the customer. That should of never happen but the Tim Hortons is always rude to their customers and mess up orders all the time.

  2. Sign the petition about this issue here

  3. The reviewer had a bad experience at Tim Hortons on Bayview Avenue in Richmond Hill. They ordered a medium tea in an extra large cup to avoid spillage in the car and requested an extra-large Roll Up The Rim cup. However, they were given a medium Roll Up The Rim cup instead and were denied the extra-large cup. During the Roll Up The Rim contest, larger cups have a higher chance of winning, but the staff did not agree to give an extra-large cup. The reviewer was given a hard time by the staff and was treated rudely.


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