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Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Aviva Insurance Reviews Scam Complaints

Aviva Insurance Reviews Scam Complaints

Just received this letter today from Aviva Insurance. Was extremely surprised since I didn't have any tickets, accidents or any claims!

Aviva is known as one of the biggest insurance companies. I guess not.

August 31, 2019

Lapse of Insurance Renewal Policy
Insurance Company Aviva Insurance Company of Canada
Policy Number / Type ************
Name Insured ************
Date Policy Cancelled 12:01 AM   October 2, 2019

Dear ************

After careful review and consideration, we regret to inform you that we are discontinuing your insurance coverage. Coverage is being discontinued as you no longer qualify due to the following:

Insurance Company: Aviva Insurance Company of Canada
Date Policy Cancelled 12:01 AM    October 2, 2019
For the following reason(s):

7.31 Any automobile with 500hp or more.

Please note that we have marked your policy to be cancelled on expiry and kindly ask that you contact your insurance broker if you have any questions and to arrange replacement coverage.

Insurance broker name: ************
Contact number: ************

Mina Javadzadeh
Personal Lines Underwriting Department

Broker Code: ************
Broker: ************

If you have any questions, comments, complaints, or reviews about Aviva Insurance, post them in the comments section below.


  1. Aviva insurance reviews suck big time, Aviva keeps lying to their customers, they keep canceling their clients policies and leave many unhappy clients at the end because of their scam.

  2. It would have been nice if Mina Javadzadeh sent the document earlier by giving at least a 30 day notice, however a 30 day notice was NOT given, it was less than 30 days until the cancellation date.

    If you do a search for the Aviva Insurance Reviews or Aviva Reviews on google, you will find many posts of unhappy clients, my suggestion is that you STAY AWAY FROM AVIVA, if you are already with them then the best solution is to move on as soon as possible.

  3. Aviva has been on many news articles recently, many of Aviva Insurance customers are complaining about Aviva changing their policies, rules, denying claims, and other issues, I made the biggest mistake when I signed up with Aviva, I should have read the full reviews and complaints about them before I signed up, now that I checked their reviews I noticed they have an extremely bad rating on their google business listing, there are so many bad reviews and complaints from their customers, they might be a big company no doubt but for sure not a reputable company!

  4. Aviva Canada
    Claims 1-866-692-8482 / 1-866-MYAVIVA
    General Inquiries +1-800-387-4518

    Aviva Canada Insurance Reviews, Complaints, Scam Reports can be posted here in the comments section.

    Stay AWAY from Aviva, if you are with Aviva, SWITCH to another company RIGHT AWAY, don’t wait till last minute when you need them! Because they might not be there for you, do it now ASAP. and stay away.

  5. Shopping around for insurance is really tough in Canada, all insurance companies share the same system, this makes people consider getting the vehicle registered in the US with a US insurance company if possible.

  6. Aviva Canada Insurance used to be a good big reputable company however not anymore.

  7. Wow I can’t believe this is coming from Aviva, they stopped providing insurance to vehicles with 500hp or more! That’s a shame Aviva, you are loosing a lot of business from many high-end clients.

    This was not smart decision at all on your part.

    Watch the AVIVA PLC/ADR stocks go down now.

  8. Thank you for all the info you posted about Aviva Insurance Reviews, this information is very helpful.

  9. WARNING to all customers and potential customers of Aviva, I was denied insurance, I will start to look elsewhere for a different insurance company that can insure me.

    I never had any tickets, accidents or even any claims but I will still denied insurance by aviva canada.

  10. I used to have auto insurance through aviva, I received a similar letter by mail, and I’m now shopping for another insurance company in Canada with good reviews.

  11. News Warning about Aviva Insurance, Aviva Canada is denying insurance for all vehicles that are 500 horsepower or higher.

    This is my review about Aviva Canada Insurance, Aviva sux.

  12. If you are looking for a good auto car insurance company don’t trust Aviva, there are several other companies that are much better than Aviva, Aviva canceled my auto insurance and put me in a lot of headache, I will never deal with them again for my auto or home insurance, there are tons of negative reviews about Aviva everywhere, I regret not reading them before I signed up, I learned a lesson.

    I highly suggest that if you currently do business with Aviva stop now, do yourself a big favor and switch to another company, don’t listen to what people tell you, do your own research and read the reviews about Aviva and judge for yourself, people talk and talk and talk, but facts speaks louder than just words.

    Just do a search for Aviva Reviews or Aviva Canada Reviews or Aviva Canada Insurance Reviews or Aviva Insurance Reviews or Aviva Auto Insurance Reviews or Aviva Canada Auto Insurance Reviews, and read what everyone is saying about them.

    You will be very glad that you did your own research, and you will be very glad that you don’t have to deal with them.

  13. Thanks so much to everyone that posted their reviews about aviva insurance, I’ll be sure not to join with them.


  15. Aviva Canada Auto Insurance Reviews:

    News Warning to All Vehicles that exceed 500hp.

    My policy with Aviva was canceled because they don’t provide insurance for any vehicles over 500 horsepower, what a shame, coming from a well known big company Aviva I was very shocked.

    These Insurance companies need to change the way they do business with their clients, I’ve never had any tickets or accidents but they still refuse to insure my vehicle.

    I called several other companies, like CAA insurance, intact, bel air direct, belairdirect, Desjardins Insurance, TD auto insurance, PC insurance, Allstate Insurance, Co-operators insurance, Cooperators Insurance, Coseco Insurance, and each insurance company gave me a different issue, one company tells me they can’t provide insurance for any vehicles over 500hp, another one tells me that my deductible has to be set to $10,000 which is ridiculous, I’m stressing so much because of this.

  16. I also spoke to hagerty insurance, hagerty said They don’t even insure any vehicle that have more than 5000 km’s per year, hagerty is a well known company that provides auto insurance to exotic vehicles, antique vehicles, expensive vehicles, but what’s a big surprise! That that don’t provide auto insurance to any vehicle that is driven more than 5000km per year! This sucks.

  17. Aviva used to be a good company but recently they started having many bad reviews and complaints about their insurance business.


  18. Many people are having issues with Aviva failing to pay for damages on cars, what good is the insurance if you can’t even have the peace of mind? Would you be comfortable in knowing that your auto insurance company might not compensate you if you got into a car accident? I wouldn’t be comfortable and so I stay away from Aviva.

  19. Its very disappointing Aviva, I should have chosen a better insurance company. Your company sucks!


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