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Monday, September 30, 2019

Tomo Sushi Reviews, Complaints, Scam

Tomo Sushi

9625 Yonge Street

Unit 1&2

Richmond Hill, ON L4C 5T2

+1 (905) 770-2129

On Sept 30,2019 @7:00pm I called and spoke to Sue which claimed to be the restaurant manager.

I ordered the chicken bento combo, and instead of the California Roll I asked her to upgrade to the Green Dragon Roll, she said that's not possible, she said they can only upgrade to the Dynamite Roll, the only difference is the green dragon has avocado on top!! First of all I've done this so many times and they are ok with it, second of all, they are extremely cheap.

I've always done that at Tomo Sushi, I've ordered from there always for the past 3 years and they always upgraded for me for an extra charge and this girl doesn't know anything.

She said she always checked with the head chef Philip and he also agreed that they can not change it.

I will be posting this story not only on yelp but also on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and other blogs and review sites, I hope the owner educates his employees good.


  1. The owner who claimed to be as “Henry” called me from his cell phone, caller ID showed as HYEUNG KIM +1 (647) 339-7750, also called me from EUNSUNG FOODS +1 ‭(905) 237-7120‬, which is the main number of ToMo Sushi.

    He said to me that I am NOT welcome in Tomo Sushi anymore.

    This is the kind of customer service that you receive from Tomo Sushi Richmond Hill, this is the kind of service you receive from inexperienced business owners.

    I said to him that’s fine there are a ton more better restaurants than his, better service, better food and much cheaper plus all you can eat!

    I would highly recommend you try the all you can eat sushi restaurant in Markham which is close to Richmond Hill, only 10 mins drive from Richmond Hill or Thornhill, Yang's Sushi Bar Japanese Restaurant 4261 Hwy 7, Unionville, ON L3R 9W6 (905) 944-0818 they are also open till 11pm everyday! Last call @ 10:30pm.

  2. Tomo Sushi Richmond Hill Reviews

    just came back from Tomo Sushi in Richmond Hill, I didn’t like it, I prefer other sushi restaurants

  3. I have to agree with the previous reviewer about Tomo Sushi's poor customer service. I've also experienced the same thing where they refused to upgrade my roll to the Green Dragon Roll, even though I've done it before in the past without any issue. It seems like the employees need more orientation and training in terms of accommodating customer requests and providing good service. It's really disappointing because I used to be a regular customer of Tomo Sushi, but I may have to start looking for other sushi places that can provide better service. I hope the owner takes notice of these reviews and makes changes to improve their customer service.


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