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Wednesday, May 20, 2020 HemoHIM Complaints, Reviews, SCAM REPORTS

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Atomy America Inc.

CEO : Han Gill Park

Address : 33801 1st Way S. Ste #301 Federal Way. WA 98003

Tel : 253-946-2344     Fax : 253-946-2345

I am here writing my review story about this product called HemoHim and all products that Atomy American Inc. sells.

I've been using the product for years and honestly can say that their products had blown my mind away.

I am shocked! I wish there there was a better word to describe it.

I know you are searching if there any complaints, reviews or scam reviews about Atomy products, such as their skin care, tooth paste, and many other products especially the number one! HemoHim.

Why do you think this website came up on #1 top of the search you just did?

Because this website is great and recognized.

I'm going to give you a lot of helpful information on Atomy HemoHim and about the rest of their products.

I'm also going to give you information on how you can get the best LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED for Atomy products using a special code that I have!

If you have any questions, comments, scam reports, lab test reports and reviews about Atomy products or HemoHim, you may post it in the comments section below.


  1. Thank you for posting your reviews and complaints about hemohim, I would like to signup using the special code you mentioned that will give me the lowest price guaranteed, please contact me ASAP.

  2. I wanted to try their products but I was hesitant, you helped advise me not to purchase the product from any unknown source and advised me how to purchase hemohim from the original company website. I just want to say thank you so much for your help, you so very kind.

  3. where can I buy hemohim from online? please help me, and tell me the way you said you have information on how to get the best lowest price for this, I really want to try hemohim I heard a lot about it, it boosts the immune system, helps recover people from cancer and other sickness and flue.

  4. I’m worried about the COVID19 Coronavirus and I think hemohim is the best cure for this virus, this product boosts the immune cells, boosts your white cells which will help a lot when you are sick.

  5. Hemohim is a natural product, there are no chemicals, it’s very safe to use for children, adults, and even animals!

  6. if you are looking for the best defense against coronavirus, you must checkout this product!!! you will be shocked.

  7. how can I buy hemohim wholesale price online?

  8. I am also interested to find out about hemohim lab test results and reports, please send me the information about this.

  9. Atomy tooth paste is great too, I also loved their Hemohim product, the products that Atomy sells are FDA approved and also Health Canada approved, which makes me feel very safe to use their products.

  10. Can someone please list the products that Atomy carries and also post your reviews about them.

  11. I researched so much and I could not find any negative reviews about their products, their company has been in business since 2003, I proved this when I did a Whois search on their domain name and it showed it was registered back in 2003! if their products didn’t work I’m sure knowing that they have millions of members, people would have posted scam complaints and bad reviews about them, when you see no bad reviews that means the product is great, I’m sure you agree because many people love to complain and often you find negative reviews rather than people complimenting the product, my post here along with all other posts on top show you that people had nothing but great experience using Atomy products, all these positive reviews you see, along with them having FDA approved and also Health Canada approved products, it really doesn’t get any better! Thank you Atomy. :*

  12. I just tried the Korean Soup made by Atomy, they taste really really good, much better than all Korean soups I tried at Galleria, it’s good that the noodles are made from potatoes! so tasty. I love potatoes so tasty, plus all ingredients that Atomy uses are natural and healthy!

  13. I love Atomy products, you will not find any scam reviews about Atomy because they are 100% legit

  14. Is Atomy a scam? no it’s not, I’ve been with them for many years, I love their products and my health has been great after taking their healthy natural products that benefit me so much, and I’ve made good money by letting others join them, Atomy products are very high in quality, their prices are very reasonable, their products work, I love their HemoHIM and toothpaste, you can feel a difference after you start taking it, put it this way, if you love it I’m sure others will love it too! having said that, it will make you a lot of money by joining Atomy and getting people to join under you as well, so basically you will make money while enjoying their great products that Atomy has to offer.

  15. Atomy is a legit company and it’s not a scam, just make sure you signup under someone who can support you and help you whenever you need help, and you will be very happy with them believe me.

  16. I love Atomy products, where can I buy Atomy toothpaste and hemohim online from?

  17. HemoHim is a immunity booster, HemoHim is the best defense against covid19 Coronavirus, it awakens your white blood cells, boosts your immunity and has many more benefits, including increased libido and more, once you try it you will feel it!

  18. you can search the whole net trying to find bad negative complaints and scam Reports’s about atomy HemoHim, toothpaste and their other products but you will be wasting your time, there are no complaints at all about them, what does this tell you? they are great, I’ve been using their products for many years and I love it so much, all their products are made from natural and safe ingredients, their toothpaste has propolis! when you brush your teeth even a day before and you wakeup you will realize you don’t have bad breath! that’s how powerful it is.

  19. Atomy dishwash soap is also great, it’s very safe to even wash your fruits and vegetables! you will notice after soaking your fruits and vegetables how clean they will get, the wax will be removed along with harmful pesticides that are on the fruits and vegetables, you will see the difference once you try it, honestly their products are miracles, heaven on earth!!!

  20. I just followed your instructions above and purchased the Atomy toothpaste, and HemoHim, thanks so much!!

  21. The product HemoHim is very essential at this time during the covid19 Coronavirus, this boosts the immunity and good immunity is what we all need now to fight against the Coronavirus, this is a natural herbal product, it’s very safe to consume and there is nothing like it! it’s the best.

  22. I’ve been taking HemoHim for several months now, my great is been so much better, my sleep quality is much better than before, I have high libdo, I can think and function better, it helped me with my stress and anxiety, I honestly feel better in health overall and I feel that I have a much better stronger immune system than before because I don’t get sick often anymore, I’m extremely happy that I discovered HemoHim I think this is one of the best choices I’ve ever made in my life.

  23. This product is really great for people who need a boost their immune system, it’s good for people who are diabetic, have cancer, HIV positive, and for anyone who wants to strength their immune system.

  24. I love Atomy, indeed Atomy is not a scam, I’ve been a member with Atomy for many years and I’ve made good money with them, I started as a part time and now I don’t do anything anymore but I still get money every week from them, I make about $500 per week from them, that’s $2000 per month without doing anything, I can make more if I get more people to join but I’m happy with the way it is now. thanks Atomy!!

  25. Atomy has many great products, they got the HemoHim, toothpaste, omega 3, dishwasher soap, laundry detergent and many more great natural products.

  26. you asked before if Atomy is a scam? NO it’s NOT a SCAM. I love it and all my members love it too.

  27. I found this by searching atomy reviews on google, atomy is not a scam, I love atomy, best product they have is hemohim it’s a immune booster and it works really well

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  29. I have been buying HemoHim for over 2 years and I noticed a significant change in my immunity after taking it, Atomy is not a scam, their reviews are excellent and I never found a single issue with them.
    Their products are Health Canada Approved.

  30. I’ve been using atomy products for over 4 years, I love their toothbrush because my teeth enamel is weak and the toothbrush’s that atomy sells are very soft so they are perfect, they don’t damage the teeth enamel.

    Plus they are anti-bacterial, and very fine and does an excellent job in cleaning between your teeth, and another great thing to mention is their prices are very reasonable, cheaper than other brands and much much better, once you try it once you will fall in love with it all.

  31. where can I buy atomy products from?

  32. where can I buy atomy toothbrush toothpaste and HemoHim? I found many good positive reviews about atomy and no scam complaints at all, looks like a really good company

  33. I’m looking for these atomy products please let me know where I can find it:

    Dish detergent
    Laundry detergent
    Laundry fabric softener
    Omega 3
    Peel off mask
    Shopping bag 20
    Aidem cleanser

  34. I need these atomy products as well if you know where to get from please tell me, I found great reviews about them.

    Atomy 3 Seconds Beauty Water
    Atomy Hydra Brightening Care Set
    Mini Pouch Set The Fame
    (Kitchen) Mino Knife
    No.23 Air Pact
    No.21 Air Pact
    Absolute Treatment
    Pocket Tissue
    Avocado Oil
    Beauty Pouch
    Absolute Spot-Out Cream
    The Fame Nutrition Cream
    The Fame Lotion
    The Fame Essence
    The Fame Eye Cream
    The Fame Toner
    The Fame Set
    Stainless Scrubbers
    Daily Mask Cooling & Soot
    Daily Mask Moisturizing
    Daily Mask Hydrating & Lifting
    Absolute Conditioner
    Absolute Shampoo
    Scalpcare Conditioner
    Scalpcare Shampoo
    Potato Ramen
    Kampot Black Pepper
    Deep Pure Cleansing Oil
    Absolute Spot-Out Essence
    432 Lipstick (Velvet Burgundy)
    409 Lipstick (Poppy Red)
    404 Lipstick (Rose Pink)
    Rose Rain Mist
    Puer Tea
    Absolute Nutrition Cream
    Absolute Eye-Complex
    Absolute Lotion
    Absolute Serum
    Absolute Ampoule
    Absolute Toner
    Absolute Skincare Set
    Sandwich Laver
    Herbal Body Cleanser
    Hair Tonic
    Herbal Shampoo
    Evening Care Set
    Peel-Off Mask
    Deep Cleanser
    Peeling Gel
    Foam Cleanser
    BB Cream
    Shopping Bag (L)*1ea
    Thermal Tumbler
    Eco Zipper bag (L)
    Men Toner
    Hip Up Tights
    Atomy Cafe Arabica Black
    Cafe Arabica 50T
    Olive Oil Grilled Laver
    Medi Cook Wok(5.4L)
    Fabric Softener
    Liquid Detergent
    Latex Gloves M *2set
    Dish Detergent
    Flora Milk
    Control Mix
    Again Serum
    Hair Essential Oil
    Hair Conditioner
    Body Lotion
    Ethereal Oil Patch
    Herbday(Panty liner)
    Cleansing Travel Kit
    Skincare Travel Kit
    Hand Therapy
    Hand Soap
    Aidam Cleanser
    Toothpaste 50g
    Oral Care System
    Mild Cleansing Water
    Lip Glow
    Healthy Glow Base
    100% Pure Spirulina
    Probiotics 10 Plus
    Alaska Omega 3
    HemoHIM *4set
    100% Pure Spirulina
    Probiotics 10 Plus
    Alaska Omega 3
    Ethereal Oil Patch
    Absolute Treatment
    Absolute Conditioner
    Absolute Shampoo
    Scalpcare Conditioner
    Scalpcare Shampoo
    Herbal Body Cleanser
    Hair Tonic
    Herbal Shampoo
    Hair Essential Oil
    Hair Conditioner
    Body Lotion
    Ethereal Oil Patch
    Herbday(Panty liner)
    Cleansing Travel Kit
    Hand Therapy
    Hand Soap
    Aidam Cleanser
    Toothpaste 50g
    Oral Care System
    (Vegetable) Mino Knife
    (Kitchen) Mino Knife
    Pocket Tissue
    Stainless Scrubbers
    Thermal Tumbler
    Eco Zipper bag (L)
    Hip Up Tights
    Medi Cook Wok(5.4L)
    Fabric Softener
    Liquid Detergent
    Latex Gloves M *2set
    Dish Detergent
    Avocado Oil
    Potato Ramen
    Kampot Black Pepper
    Puer Tea
    Sandwich Laver
    Atomy Cafe Arabica Black
    Cafe Arabica 50T
    Olive Oil Grilled Laver
    #StayHome #StayStrong Pac
    Beauty Pouch
    Shopping Bag (L)*1ea
    Cleansing Travel Kit
    Skincare Travel Kit

  35. Thank you everybody for posting your atomy reviews here, I will try their products and post my reviews on here soon.

  36. Is Atomy a scam? No it’s not, I’ve been with them for years and I love their products, after I started loving their products I decided to join them and now I’m making good money referring other people to their company.

  37. I love atomy natural products from Amazing site, all atomy products are natural, high quality and amazing great reviews.

  38. Is Atomy a scam? No it’s not a scam, it’s a legit company, atomy is a multi-billion dollar legitimate company and have been around for many years, you can also do a google search and read peoples reviews and you will notice that it is definitely not a scam business.

  39. I love the website design is very nice, user friendly and easy to understand, I just joined today and look forward to it. :)

  40. Atomy products are the best!

  41. No. Atomy is not a scam. I joined them because as a single parent, this in the greatest opportunity that I had to earn for my kids. I can even work at the most convenient time I want. Also, their products are really what they say it is.

  42. I joined atomy because I found an opportunity to earn even at home. I am now earning commissions and enjoying discounts that atomy gave me when I signed up to them.

  43. I am reading atomy reviews online before I decided to join Atomy. Joining is the best decision I made so far. It allows me to earn even at home!

  44. It is overwhelming to see that there are lots of positive Atomy Reviews online sharing their success stories. I am really glad I chose to be in the right company.

  45. I joined atomy after watching some of their inspirational video on YouTube and after seeing good Atomy reviews online. I did not hesitate to join because their goals for their people are really promising. They gave me the opportunity to earn at this time of pandemic in the comfort of my home. They did not fail to provide quality products that I am selling to my customers. They are always giving nice feedback about it.

  46. Nope. Atomy is not a scam. You can google all the atomy reviews all over the internet and read the success story of people earning from Atomy.

  47. Atomy made millions of people successful! There are thousands of proofs and reviews online to prove their success! :D

  48. There are lots of Atomy reviews online that people can refer from! There are YouTube videos on how to earn with Atomy too! If Atomy is a scam, people will not waste time to share how they became successful! :)

  49. I heard lots of feedback about Atomy. And I saw one my of my friend's review online. I joined Atomy because Its hard to find an opportunity in this time of pandemic and joining is the best decision I made so far.

  50. I give Atomy a total 5 stars!!!!! I love it, you should all join through site.

  51. I joined Atomy a year ago. I never had a doubt on joining them. It is the best decision I made so far. Atomy is not a scam, you will find out yourself once your tried this kind of opportunity.

  52. Atomy is not a scam, me and my partner will be celebrating our 2nd year with Atomy. Because of their work from home programs, we were able to save money and help other to join. We were able to earn at the comfort of our home.

  53. Atomy is totally legit! There are lots of testimonials and blogs about Atomy online that you can search! Also, their members are enjoying their work from home programs.

  54. How and Where to Buy Atomy HemoHim and other products? Visit

  55. Atomy is not a scam. I have been with Atomy over the past years and I saved a lot of my earnings. Atomy helped me a lot.

  56. Atomy helped my life to be better. Atomy taught me so many lessons in life and how will I reach my goals.

  57. I love Atomy, Is Atomy a scam? Of course NO.

  58. Atomy is not a scam. They offer lots of opportunities to people who wanted to reach their goals. They offer lots of benefits for their members.

  59. Atomy provides flexible options on how you will earn. Atomy is not a scam,I joined them after being recommended by a friend who became successful in this business.

  60. Atomy helped me and my mom to earn income while we are at home. We have been helping in each other in this Atomy business. Someday we will be successful and we will be able to share our success story to on how Atomy never scammed us.

  61. Atomy made it easier for people who wanted to start their own business. Atomy helped many lives to be better and provided opportunities for those who wanted to work and earn at home.

  62. Atomy is giving opportunities to many people who wanted to take advantage of working at home. Plus, Atomy has a very generous compensation plan.

  63. Because of the Atomy's work from home programs, I was able to earn even at home at this time of the pandemic. They helped many people to have a flexible option to earn and save even at home.

  64. Atomy is not a scam. I was able to earn from joining Atomy. The good part is they are providing work from home programs that values their members' safety and health especially at this time of the pandemic.

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  66. I really love how Atomy is making a way for their members to earn what they deserve. Atomy is making sure that its people will enjoy and experience the benefits they could offer.

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    • Recommended for Elders, Workers and Athletes who need a lot of energy
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    • Development of Functional Biodefense Food for people dealing with radiation
    • Prepared by a combination of three (3) edible herbs: Angelica Radix, Cnidium Rhizoma and Paeonia Radix
    • 1 box consists of 60 packets with 20ml per packet.

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