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Wednesday, August 05, 2020

1 (800) 894-1596 Pretending Alectra Utilities SCAM REVIEWS

There is a new SCAM targeting people in Canada, a company claiming to be Alectra Utilities Corporation / Brampton Hydro with the phone number ‭1 (800) 894-1596‬, they call you and tell you that you owe thousands of dollars on a past due electric bill.

They ask you to pay by Cash using a Bitcoin ATM Machine, and tell you this is the only way you can pay now during the Covid19, they won't mention that this is a bitcoin machine but instead will say, "you go into this convenience store, find this machine that says Local Coin, this machine is for making electric, phone bills etc., once you arrive at the convenience store, give us a call at 1-800-894-1596 and we will then send you a bar code that you need to insert into the machine, then follow the instructions on the machine and deposit your cash."

They also say that they will only send you the bar code once you are at the machine because the barcode is time sensitive which is BS!

They also threaten and say your electric is scheduled for disconnection today, don't believe that.


If they contacted you, you may contact the REAL Alectra Hydro at 1-833-ALECTRA / 1-833-253-2872 and report it to them, you can leave a comment in the comments section below if you wish, and if you wish to be contacted by Alectra, police or other organizations to help with the investigation please leave a contact number.


  1. They will also call you from these numbers:

    ‭(905) 752-6633‬
    ‭(519) 752-6633‬
    (289) 278-6529

  2. 1-800-894-1596
    I received an e-mail claiming to be an order from ebay with this number listed. When I called them to say I did not order the item, they tried every which way to get information that they could use to mess with my account. When challenged, they hung up. The only thing they had was my e-mail, but they were phishing for additional information.

  3. this is what I got (eBay scam)
    Thank you for choosing ebay. You shopped WaterSep SU 750 10RES12 S6 Researcher12 Green Line Single Use Hollow Fiber Cartridge .....
    Price: US $1153.95
    Shipping: US $10.00
    Estimated total: US $1163.95

  4. also ebay scam - dont open attachment

  5. Beware of a new scam targeting Canadians pretending to be Alectra Utilities Corporation/Brampton Hydro. The scam involves a phone call claiming you owe thousands of dollars on a past due electric bill and requesting payment by cash using a Bitcoin ATM machine. The scammers provide instructions on how to make the payment, including finding a Local Coin machine at a convenience store and waiting for a time-sensitive barcode to be sent to you. This is a scam, and you should not fall for it. If you receive a call like this, contact the real Alectra Hydro and report it to them. Do not provide any personal or financial information to these scammers.


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