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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Mercedes GTC Reviews Complaints

Posted a few years ago, and a NEW REVIEW UPDATE is listed below:

Mercedes should Carry parts and have them available for the car that they sell you! But they don't! They sell you a car that they don't have replacement parts for!

I purchased a 2018 Mercedes GTC from Mercedes Thornhill, Ontario, Canada.

My windshield broke, I contacted Mercedes to get it replaced and they placed an order for me, I asked how long it will take they said they don't know, and asked me to call back a few days later to find out.

I called a few days later and was told that there is none in Canada and it's back ordered from Germany, which means even in Germany they don't have ANY!! And there is no ETA, which means it could take a month, several months, a year, or longer, anything is possible when they tell you it's back ordered.

Why? Because GTC is a new model and it's a high end vehicle and they don't stock most of its parts in Canada or US.

This is the problem of buying a new and especially a high end Mercedes, if you ever need to replace a part due to damage or accident, you most likely will be waiting several months.

I don't feel safe to drive my car currently, I'm paying for the lease and wasting time and money that I will not be able to get back.

Summer time is the only time I get to enjoy the GTC, and by the time the windshield arrives it might already be in the winter.

I'm paying for the lease of my vehicle every month and I can't even use it!! This is like paying for something that you don't receive, kind of illegal isn't it?

This issue made me start to regret and hate the Vehicle I purchased.

Keep this in mind if you are considering of buying a brand new Mercedes especially if it's a high end model!

I filed a complaint with Aurelien from Mercedes Toronto headoffice customer relations Dept, also sent this complaint by email to MB Presidents in Germany, US and Canada, as well as other email addresses for Mercedes.



Mercedes ordered me 2 rear RIMs, and I've been waiting since August 11,2020 and the RIMs haven't arrived yet, I was told that they don't have a date available of when it will arrive because it might not even be manufactured yet!

I've had many problems with my Mercedes GTC, and I highly advise that anyone looking to buy a high-end car from Mercedes to really re-consider! Because parts might not be available in Canada, US, or Germany!

I expect Mercedes to put a rush on this order ASAP.


  1. Mercedes GTC Reviews update:

    I have a Mercedes GTC 2018 and I've had many issues with this vehicle when servicing it at Mercedes, I have no other choice but to service it at Mercedes due to the vehicle being under warranty.

    Last issue I had is the vehicle convertible flap on the passenger side was not working properly so Mercedes ordered the part for me and I had to wait about a month for it, then when they replaced it they damaged the convertible soft top inner fabric.

    Mercedes ordered the part which took about a month to arrive.

    Mercedes then sent my vehicle to Enco to have it fixed there even though I advised Mercedes prior NOT to send it there, they said they have no other choice because they don't know how to fix it at Mercedes, and I believe this is one of the biggest issues with Mercedes is that their techs aren't trained properly on how to work with cars, especially high-end vehicles like mine, the dealership sells the cars but their service dept. don't have the sufficient knowledge on repairing it or how to be-careful with it so they don't cause damage.

    Then a few days later Mercedes called me to say my car is ready for pickup, I went to pickup the car, I tried operating the convertible and noticed it's not folding properly and I also heard a crack while it was opening, then I heard something fall that sounded like a broken part.

    I advised Mercedes and was told to bring my car in again tomorrow morning so they can have a look at it.

    Also, whenever Mercedes gives me a loaner to drive while they have my car in for service, they provide me with a very low end vehicle that's no where compared to the value of my vehicle, so basically I was paying lease for a $200,000 vehicle, meanwhile driving aprox a $50,000 loaner vehicle, which is a big loss as well.

    I'm so sick of all the issues I had with my car, so sick of Mercedes that lately almost every-time my car is in service when they try to fix something, either the fix is not properly done the first time and that I have to keep going back, or they fix something but break another part, and I'm suffering a lot because I have to wait about a month for each part that they order for me for the part to arrive from Germany as they don't stock many parts for my vehicle here in Canada I was told, and also all the time I'm wasting, stress, anxiety and more.

    My experience with Mercedes has been very frustrating.

    I am asking Mercedes to train their techs/mechanics property, finish the repair without me having to keep going back to them, find a solution to these issues and prevent further damage to my vehicle!

    Mercedes should have parts available locally I believe, so the customer wouldn’t have to wait about a month or more for the parts to arrive from Germany.

  2. The Mercedes Thornhill in Ontario, Canada seems to have a serious issue with providing replacement parts for the cars they sell. This is a serious issue for anyone considering buying a brand new Mercedes, especially a high-end model.


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