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Friday, December 04, 2020

Al Monasaba Restaurant Scam Reviews Complaints

Al Monasaba Restaurant Scam Reviews Complaints

UNIT 2, 9222 KEELE ST.,
L4K 5A3
+1 (289) 553-5000

I believe, Positive Reviews found on Google could be FAKE PAID positive reviews, it's very obvious, look at the accounts which left the positive reviews, most of them only have 1 or 2 Reviews posted.

Ordered through Uber Eats, restaurant called me to tell me they are out of an item, I taught them how to modify the order on Uber eats so that I can get a refund for that item and advised them they have to do this before they complete the order, the lady said Ok.

10 minutes later she called me back to tell me that the restaurant already completed the order and they can't do it anymore and asked me to call Uber so they can refund me, I said to her I refuse to call Uber as it's not my responsibility, the restaurant made the error and it's their responsibility that I get the refund, I also advised her that I already taught her before what to do exactly to process the refund on the item not available and that should have been done before they marked the order as ready.

Later I got a call from the restaurant supervisor, I asked him why when the Uber driver went there he waited for a while as the restaurant advised him the food wasn't ready, he said the food was ready, then I said to him that's not what the Uber driver said, Supervisor then said they had the food ready but they were on the phone with Uber trying to resolve the refund issue and that's why it took a while and the Uber driver had to wait, I told him that this is another issue, and now when I receive the food it will be cold.

1. When an item is sold out or not available, the restaurant SHOULD mark it as NOT AVAIL on their Uber App.

2. Uber driver arrived at the restaurant, and messaged me saying the order is not ready yet, I told him what happened and told him that they lady confirmed to me on the phone that the order was ready, he said they lied to me, it's not a surprise that Monasaba lied, they lied about many things it's very obvious.

3. Why do they have to hold the driver and having my food get cold while they're calling to process the refund? They could have simply gave the driver my food and then called after.

I believe restaurant Al Monasaba is a SCAM, at the end I wasn't refunded, I had to go on the Uber app myself and request a refund for the missing item.

It's illegal to charge a customer for an item which they do not receive.

Would I order from them again? Probably Not.

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  1. Poor management they will lose their customers if they will not improve their service.

  2. We also had a poor experience with Al Monasaba Restaurant, they should improve their service if they want their customers to stay with them.


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