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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Ceramic Pro 9H VS Kenzo IGL Ceramic Reviews

I am writing to give my own personal opinion on those two products, Ceramic Pro 9H VS Kenzo IGL Coatings.

Upon a detailed search, I found many sites which states that Kenzo IGL Coatings gives a better gloss than the Ceramic Pro 9H, and many reviews and articles said Kenzo IGL Coatings is better, however I COMPLETELY disagree with this, read the full story below to find out why!

There are many reviews online, and the problem now a-days is it's really hard to know which reviews are real and which are fake, because there are businesses that pay for a service called search engine optimization service, which can include enhancing the business reviews by posting fake positive reviews and articles, and then bringing these articles on top of the google search results, which is all a part of the search engine optimization service which is often referred to as "SEO".

And there are many websites that review those two products, when in-fact they haven't even tried the two!

How can you comment or review on something that you haven't even tried?!?!?

Plus, people who do Ceramic Coating for their car, usually stick with what they have on their vehicle because they are promised it's going to be on their vehicle for life!

Therefore they've only tried one type so how can they comment on the other Ceramic Coating type just by assumption when they haven't even tested it!

That's EXACTLY my point.

I however have tried both, and why did I get the chance try both? because later, I noticed there was no hydrophobic effect when water goes on my car paint, which tells me the coating has came off, then I had to bring my car to the ceramic shop to re-apply the coating, but this time I didn't go to the same shop! I went to another! :)

My first Ceramic Coating was Kenzo IGL Coatings which was done at AutoBahn Salon in Concord, Ontario couple of years ago when my car was brand new.

After AutoBahn applied the Kenzo IGL Coatings ceramic coating, I paid, and right after I paid, Frank who is the owner of the shop said that I would have to go back to his shop every year in order to maintain the coating, I asked him what he meant? Because I was confused!

He then said I don't have to go back to reapply it, but it is recommended, especially because I go through a lot of Touch-less Car Washes, the Ceramic Coating might come off over time due to the acids contained in their car wash chemicals used for car washes, I had also checked and confirmed with Petro Canada that the chemicals they use for car wash does NOT contain any acids.

I was shocked, and I wish he told me that before I brought my car to them or at least before I paid, but he mentioned that just a few minutes after I paid which was aprox $2000 Canadian.

And of-course I would rather go through Touch-less car washes at Petro Canada then bringing the car to them every time, for the following reasons:

a. Leaves no scratches.
b. It's more convenient and much closer to me.
c. Faster.
d. Much cheaper.

Plus it's touch-less wash and dry! Unlike hand washing, where they still have to use a cloth to dry it which can cause swirl marks/scratches and yes even if the microfiber cloth was used it can still cause that! It's common sense.

So the second time I decided to bring my car to Ceramic Pro Vaughan, before anything I asked them if the Ceramic Pro coating would come off if I go through touch-less car washes, they said no it doesn't come out so easily like that.

Then I asked, what if the car wash I go to uses chemicals that have acids? They still said the same, and added that the Ceramic Pro 9H coating is very strong, and can only come off if the vehicle was sanded, right away I felt very comfortable with what they said.

I went ahead, brought my vehicle to them, I chose the Gold Package which is the lifetime Ceramic Pro 9H option, I also asked them to do a full interior shampoo detailing.

When the car was ready, I paid the bill, and I was handed a folder that has a few brochures inside which talks about the Ceramic Pro 9H, I was NEVER told what Kenzo IGL Coatings said to me before, in fact Ceramic Pro 9H provided me with the envelope and brochures which talks about their product in detail that I never received from AutoBahn which talks about Kenzo IGL Coatings.

Anthony who works at Ceramic Pro Vaughan is extremely professional and ethical, so is the owner Jeff.

I love the outcome, the quality of Ceramic Pro Vaughan's work is Excellent.

Over all, my final review on which is better, Ceramic Pro 9H Or Kenzo IGL Coatings ? I would definitely go with Ceramic Pro 9H.

If you don't believe me, ask Kenzo IGL Coatings to provide you with a written guarantee that their product won't come off with car wash, chemicals Or acid like how Ceramic Pro Guarantees! Let's see if they will!

I don't think they have such thing.

Actions speaks louder than words.

At the end I felt like I was scammed with the Kenzo IGL Coatings Ceramic Coating that felt like a temporary coating which lasted a very short time meanwhile costed a fortune, Ceramic Pro 9H costed less and the best part is:

a. Forever lasting.
b. They guarantee their product, it's on paper too that I received from them! Where Kenzo IGL Coatings did NOT provide me with any brochures or guarantees.

I highly recommend Ceramic Pro Vaughan, their contact details are as follows:

Ceramic Pro Vaughan

139 Woodstream Blvd. Unit #10
Woodbridge, ON L4L 7Y4

Contact phone number: 647.818.2776

If you have any comments, questions, complaints, scam, reviews about Kenzo IGL Coatings Ceramic Coating Or Ceramic Pro 9H kindly post them in the comments section below.


  1. Thanks for the detailed info you’ve provided, I was thinking if I should go with ceramic pro or kenzo IGL and based on your great reviews, I will no doubt go with ceramic pro.

    Shame on the shop that told you about IGL after you paid!! Definitely not an ethical business practice.

  2. Ceramic Pro is the best ! Stay away from IGL, they shouldn’t even call Kenzo IGL a Ceramic Coating because it’s not a permanent solution like Ceramic Pro.

  3. I’ve had Ceramic pro on 4 cars of mine and I’m very satisfied with the quality.

  4. Ceramic Pro reviews are the best, don’t waste your time and money going with any other coating, spend your time and money wisely, I’ve heard great reviews about ceramic pro vs kenzo igl ceramic coating.

  5. Are you kidding me? You are comparing ceramic pro vs igl? There is no comparison at all, ceramic pro is definitely better.

  6. What’s better Ceramic Pro or IGL? Ceramic Pro is 110% better no doubt.

    What’s the best Ceramic Pro or IGL? Again, Ceramic Pro reviews says it all, don’t believe possible fake Kenzo IGL reviews.

  7. Hey guys guess what, I just found a site that said “The IGL coating provides higher gloss compared to Ceramic Pro 9h. It also has better hydrophobic properties relative to the Ceramic Pro coating. IGL coating forms a harder layer and provides superior paint protection than the San Diego Ceramic Pro. It also is more effective in controlling scuff marks, etching and swirl marks on the paint’s surface. Overall, the IGL ceramic car coating is a better choice over Ceramic Pro coating and we are sure you will see it too!” They are FULL OF BS! Total Nonsense.

    It looks like it was created by Kenzo IGL, very obvious.

    But when you ask Kenzo IGL to give you their product guarantee in writing, they won’t! However Ceramic Pro would, LOL.

    Indeed the Ceramic Pro 9H provides a higher gloss compared to Kenzo IGL coatings, It also has much much better hydrophobic properties relative to the Kenzo by IGL coating.

    Ceramic Pro coating forms a harder layer and provides superior paint protection than the Kenzo IGL Coatings.

    Ceramic Pro coatings can ONLY be removed if the vehicle is sanded which proves it forms a harder layer, meanwhile Kenzo IGL can be removed so easily after multiple car washes or certain car wash acids.

  8. I’ve had ceramic pro for years and never had any issues, I’ve had ceramic pro vaughan do it for me.

  9. IGL VS Ceramic Pro, they say IGL is eco friendly blah blah blah, but the question is does it come off with acids? Yes it does.

    I had Kenzo by IGL coatings and after a few years I noticed there wasn’t any water hydrophobic effect, it was a waste of money.

    I’ve never had any issues with Ceramic Pro.

  10. AutoBath Reviews: There is a company by the name of AutoBath located at 160 Pennsylvania Avenue, Unit #8 Concord, ON, L4K 4A9, it’s being run by 2 unprofessional teenager owners, one of then is SHIMON WILLIAMS.

    These guys are a joke, avoid AuthBath at all times.

    1. Care to explain what happened?

  11. Thanks for all the info you guys provided on the ceramic pro, I’m not currently in Canada but once I’m back I’ll be sure to check this out, I’ve been reading a lot between the difference of ceramic pro or Kenzo by IGL coatings, and based on what I’ve found I’ll most likely be going with ceramic pro.

    My house in Canada is in Mississauga, I know you guys recommended the Ceramic Pro in Vaughan, which is quite a distance for me, any other locations of ceramic pro in Mississauga or Toronto GTA that offers Ceramic Pro?

  12. Ceramic Pro locations
    Ceramic Pro Vaughan
    Ceramic Pro Toronto
    Ceramic Pro Mississauga
    Ceramic Pro Woodbridge
    Ceramic Pro Canada

    Best Ceramic Pro - Ceramic Pro Vaughan 647-818-2776

  13. Ceramic Pro is definitely better than the others its tried and tested!

  14. I agree.. don’t try to compare IGL Kenzo Vs Ceramic Pro because Ceramic Pro is much better, it’s a permanent Ceramic application unlike IGL.

  15. Ceramic Pro Vaughan is indeed the best, I love them.

  16. I think you have this opposite... it's Ceramic Pro that has to be maintained every year for the life of the product... In fact, Ceramic Pro even says it costs $169 every year to maintain their gold package... But IGL does state up-front that it is a 4-year product. So... it's up to you. Also, Ceramic Pro is also way more expensive up-front.

    Ceramic Pro costs $1650 for their gold package. Plus $169 per year (plus taxes, unless you pay cash). So that means after 4 years, you would have paid $2,326 for the product.

    For IGL, it costs $1100 for the 4 years (it doesn't have a required maintenance).

    So... math is definitely in IGL's favor. Now, I don't know about the literal shine comparison, as no one probably changes product on the same car to be able to compare which is shinier. But likely the Kenzo is more durable (since it has the 10H).

  17. Thanks for the detailed review. The author gives a personal review of Ceramic Pro 9H versus Kenzo IGL coatings. They found that Kenzo IGL Coatings did not have a hydrophobic effect and the coating had come off after going through a touch-less car wash. They then tried Ceramic Pro 9H at a different shop, and found that it was much more durable, cost less, and came with a guarantee. The author recommends Ceramic Pro Vaughan and notes that their work is excellent, and the staff are professional and ethical. The author suggests asking Kenzo IGL Coatings for a written guarantee, as they do not provide brochures or guarantees.


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