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Saturday, April 17, 2021 SCAM REVIEWS WARNING - Avoid Buying GetVoltex is a SCAM, read our detailed review below.

+1 (361) 320-6947

Company Address:
Voltex | 919 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10022, United States

Voltex claims that their devices can save you money on electricity, however we believe this information is FALSE and MISLEADING.

We have conducted an investigation and found that Voltex is a scam, we advise you to save your money and avoid buying Voltex, here are one of the obvious reasons why we believe it's a SCAM.

If you head over to their site, at the bottom you will see many positive reviews posted, there is also a box where you can type your own review to make it look legit! It's designed in such a way where when you put a review in the box and hit submit the review would show below! However, when you refresh the screen you will see the review disappear, it's designed in a smart way to fool people but NOT very smart!

It didn't take us long to realize GetVoltex is a scam, took us only 20 seconds to realize their scam.

Also, when you search online you will find many fake positive reviews posted about this product.

If you have any comments, reviews, complaints, or scam reviews about GetVoltex or Voltex please post them in the comments section below.


  1. Bought 2unit.did network.called several times,told to leave message,Noone calls back.tried to leave @support,turns up blank pages.

  2. Definitely a scam. I am an electrical engineer. OK, so spikes and noise on your electricity supply line may cause interference on PCs or other sensitive electronic equipment, and even if this device were to smooth out the supply no way would it reduce your consumption. Furthermore, plugging in several devices in different rooms would have no advantage anyhow, as they would all be on the same circuit. Take a look at the reviews and note when they were posted (say 12 days ago). Now look at the same review in a couple of weeks, it still says 12 days ago.


  4. PGI Global is a total scheme to rip innocent people off their hard earn money as I have invested with them but nothing fruitful came out of it, instead, they kept demanding for more funds to be invested, after several methods to make more deposit had failed, they decided to lock me out of my accounts with no reasonable explanations, had to take matters into my own hands as my financial institution couldn't help me get my initial investments backs contacted a recovery firm to help me recover my funds, took me less than a month to get it all back but am really glad I could get the help I needed, contact fightingscams (at )(aol )dt (com).

  5. I ordered 1 voltex and it arrived today and when I plugged it... half an hour later the green light still hasn't come on. I guess it's to good to be true.

  6. I'm an electrician and electronics technician and right away I was skeptical and with some short research saw these units claims are wildly exaggerated. They save about $3-$5 per year in a home and the component that does all the savings is a 2-4 microfarad capacitor which means there is no chance it could save a person $40-$50 dollars a month on their bills.

  7. As far im concerned, the authorities are as responsible for these scams since they know about it and yet they dont stop it. ????
    Where is our protection (Ombudsman ???)

  8. the annoying thing about this scam if your shopping on ebay it keeps coming up as a pop up ad why cant they have software to prevent this?

  9. Glad I found this site before falling for this scam, however anyone who believes the savings would be that outrageous, should do their researching.

  10. Hi all another company selling this scam is on Google and ad.pops up on various pages. I like everyone else who wanted to save on their power bills ordered one at $70 delivered.was even urged to buy 3 to save even more money. Lucky for me my conscience wouldn't let me.after using it for over six months I have found that my bills have not dropped at all. As other post says I wrote a bad review and submitted it only to find that it disappears when you refresh the page. Also those recent positive reviews are the same ones I read over 12 months ago. Definitely a Scam. Why is Google letting them advertise on their platform? Really pissed off.

  11. I bought 2 units of Voltex on December 07 th 2021 and after one full year today....I can honestly say that it did not save me a penny...Bob Bourbonnais

  12. I bought 2 of them on Dec 07th 2021 and did not save a cent on my electric bills since they have been plugged as exactly 2 different locations into our house...A scam for sure

    Bob Bourbonnais

  13. You won't publish my comments...for sure..
    Your gizmos are simply a scam...Disgusting way to doi business...
    Bob Bourbonnais


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