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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

King Property Maintenance Scam Reviews

King Property Maintenance Scam Reviews
Business Identification Number 260801360

Address of Principal Place of Business in Ontario:
King City, Ontario L7B 1J6

Business Registration Date: 2016/08/08
Business Expiry Date: 2021/08/07

Last Document Filed: NEW REGISTRATION
Last Document Filed Date: 2016/08/08

Name (Individual/Corporation/Other): ROBYN DIETRICH

Joe Tutt
(905) 716-2115
(647) 471-2101

The Barn Store
Antique Store

11244 Keele st., Vaughan, ON, Canada l6A 1S1
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Joe Tutt operates a scam business in Toronto GTA and King City areas.

If you have any comments, questions, complaints, reviews or scam review about Joe Tutt or King Property Maintenance please post them in the comments section below.

Avoid doing business with Joe from King Property Maintenance, many home owners have complained about his work, and are looking to start a legal class action against him, if you are interested in joining the legal class action, please post a comment below with your contact phone number and our legal team will contact you, you may also post your review about King Property Maintenance or Joe Tutt in the comments section below.

Thank you.


  1. I can corroborate that this is indeed true. He is a con artist who takes many shortcuts and cheats home owners. I am interested in taking further action.

  2. To the original poster, please provide your contact information.

    1. Life long career.

    2. Since early childhood, terrible thing is, he has a gigantic heart when it comes children.

    3. Bullshit he is a convicted child molester too

  3. Yes this guy Joe Tutt is a con artist, and he seems to get away with it.

  4. Joe from King Property Maintenance scammed us, I wish I had found this posting before I dealt with him!

  5. Joe Tutt has a long and bizzare scam history. He and his wife Cindy Tutt were charged with scams dating back to the 90’s in Milton, Ontario. As well he did a cycling fundraiser that his wife promoted fir a small town that was a scam.

  6. Joe tutt is the biggest crook, he came to my neighborhood in king city and scammed many home owners

  7. As far as i know she not his wife since the 90s. He scammed her too back in the day. His Girl friend is Robyn and she is no good as well, He manipulates women and men. Joe is a Scammer who needs to be locked up and the key tossed away, a true piece of shit and coke head. someone please call the cops on him. DONT trust him. if you see him call 911

  8. Joe Tutt (Karl) is a huge con artist and a convicted child molester. He also cons woman who are usually single mothers who have their own place and moves himself in pretty quickly Flashes all the money he stole from people to make a life for with him seem quite enticing. Beware everyone he is a huge narcissist and will con you and make you feel like you are crazy. Run!

  9. Avoid King Property Maintenance and Joe Tutt, their work quality is subpar and many customers have complained about their services. If you are considering doing business with them, please think twice and read the reviews before making any decisions. There have been reports of a possible legal class action against them.

  10. Joe and his girlfriend Robyn are scammers, I hope they get caught and I hope the police finds this post about them so they can be served with Justice!


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