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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Hogan's Restaurant Complaints Review

Hogan's Restaurant Review
12998 Keele St, King City, ON L7B 1H8
+1 (905) 833-5311

Hair Found in Food from Hogan's Restaurant in King City, lost appetite.

On September 20,2021 @ Aprox 8:10 PM I visited Hogan's restaurant in King City and I am writing my review about my experience.

I ordered 3 items for takeout, I started eating and about half way while eating I noticed a piece of hair in one of the 3 items which is the Penne a La Vodka, and I know that's not my hair for sure, I lost my appetite and felt sick after noticing the hair in the food and I couldn't continue eating the rest of the food.

On the same day @ Aprox 9:22 PM I went back to the restaurant and spoke with the the lady with the long black hair who claimed to be the manager, I advised her that I am very upset and explained the situation, I also brought the Penne a La Vodka together with the hair with me and showed her so they won't think I'm lying.

She offered me a replacement or refund of ONLY the Penne a La Vodka, I refused to settle for only that one item and I advised her I believe the restaurant should do more by replacing all 3 items or at least 2 of the items and advised her that it's up to her and I'm not forcing her, her final offer was to replace only the one item, I refused to settle with that and then I left the restaurant.

I believe they should be more careful when preparing food and provide a better customer service, furthermore Hogan's doesn't appear to be an elegant restaurant based on what I've experienced.

Hogan's Restaurant Reviews
12998 Keele St, King City, ON L7B 1H8
+1 (905) 833-5311 reviews
King City Restaurant Reviews
#kingcity #hogan'srestaurantreview #hogan'srestaurantreviews

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  1. I used to go to hogan's restaurant in king city but not anymore, they used to be good but not anymore.

  2. That’s disgusting, hogans restaurant never again

  3. Our family used to go there before but they’re not good anymore.

  4. I’m never going back to Hogan’s anymore after I read this, thanks for sharing.

  5. Locale restaurant in King City which is right across is much better, once you try it you would never wanna go back to Hogan’s ever again!

  6. Hey I’m with you on that one, I agree the restaurant should have refunded the full order, just because one dish had hair in it, other dishes can have the same cross contamination, this is gross and I feel what you feel, they should be careful and wear hair nets.

    If I had a restaurant, and one customer found hair in one of the dishes they ordered, I would with no hassle refund the full order.

    You’ve all heard the saying “Customer is always right”, maybe not always but most of the time, and in your case you were absolutely right.

  7. I also experienced the same issue at Hogan's Restaurant in King City, with a hair found in my food. The incident made me lose my appetite and feel sick. I believe Hogan's should take more care in food preparation and improve their customer service. Overall, my experience was disappointing, and I don't recommend this restaurant to anyone.


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