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Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Manchu Wok Health Issues Complaints Reviews

Address: F050 - 5000 Highway 7 East, Markham, ON L3R 4M9
Phone: (905) 474-9898
Facility Type: Food Take Out

I visited Manchu Wok and ordered food for take-out, I got home and ate the food, a few hours later I started feeling very sick.

I took Atomy Probiotics through and this helped me so much, my stomach pain was also gone from these probiotics only a few minutes after taking them, Atomy products makes miracles.

Then I called York Region Public Health and I reported this restaurant, the inspector went there and called me after advising me he found a number of issues, which are listed below and can also be found on the York Region Public Health Website for Restaurant Inspections.

Food handled in manner that makes food safe to eat (defrosting, processing, reheating, cooling and cooking)
• Fail to process food properly
• Fail to cool potentially hazardous food properly

Cold-holding: Equipment used for refrigeration contains accurate indicating thermometers
• Fail to provide thermometer in refrigeration equipment that is easily readable

Hot-holding: Equipment used for hot-holding contains accurate indicating thermometers
• Fail to provide thermometer in hot-holding equipment that is easily readable

Handwashing stations are adequately equipped and accessible
• Fail to provide adequate number of handwashing stations
• Fail to use handwashing station for reasons other than its intended use
• Fail to maintain handwashing station

Equipment, non-food contact surfaces are maintained, designed, constructed, maintained and accessible for cleaning
• Fail to maintain ventilation system clean
• Fail to use equipment suitable for intended purpose
• Fail to provide racks/shelves/pallets to store food that are readily cleanable and protect against contamination

Frequency of garbage and liquid waste removal is adequate to maintain the premises in a sanitary condition
• Fail to remove garbage/liquid waste when necessary to maintain sanitary condition

General housekeeping satisfactory
• Fail to ensure walls are kept clean/in good repair
• Fail to ensure floors are kept clean/in good repair
• Fail to maintain the premises in a clean and sanitary condition

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1 comment:

  1. It's concerning to hear about the health issues related to Manchu Wok restaurant in Markham, ON. A customer reported feeling sick after consuming food from this establishment, and upon contacting York Region Public Health, the inspector found multiple issues with food handling, equipment maintenance, and general housekeeping. It's important to ensure that restaurants are properly handling food and maintaining a clean environment to avoid any health hazards. If you experience any health issues after consuming food from a restaurant, it's recommended to contact the health department in your area to report any concerns.


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