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Sunday, January 02, 2022

Best Dash Cam Review


Recently I was a Victim of an Attempted Carjacking, the suspects had a stun gun, a knife and also a hand gun.

I'm happy that their plan to steal my vehicle failed, and I'm very happy that I had a DashCam in my vehicle which recorded the incident.

The crimes had increased so much due to Covid, and not all crimes are shown on the news, I believe only about 10% of the crimes are shown on the news, and I highly recommend EVERYONE to get a DashCam for their vehicle.

The DashCam is worth every penny, the DashCam can help the police identify suspects.

I suggest you choose a good 4K quality DashCam, which includes both front and rear cameras, also choose a 128GB memory card in order to store more recordings, and a PowerCell 8 battery, as this battery gets charged while your vehicle is on and the camera can use this battery when your vehicle is off and parked to record any motion which acts like a security camera as well, instead of using your vehicle battery which prevents your vehicle battery from getting drained.

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  1. I agree, people should have many cameras for their homes and dashcams for their vehicles, there is so much crime happening lately, everyone should have cameras.

    I believe insurance companies should mandate cameras.

    When you have cameras you will help yourself and others preventing and or solving crimes.

    Here’s a code I found and also used which gives 5% discount on DashCams

  2. Having the best dash cam on your car can provide you with peace of mind while on the road. It can capture valuable evidence in the event of an accident, protect you from false insurance claims, and even deter theft or vandalism. Investing in a high-quality dash cam is definitely worth considering for any driver.


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