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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Jasper AI Scam Reviews Complaints


So you are reading and watching all these YouTube videos and reviews that talk about Jasper and you are wondering if Jasper is a scam, or if it rewrites content articles, or if it generates unique content articles, here you will find the details of our investigation into Jasper formally known as Jarvis AI.

Now a-days the internet is full of garbage and it's very hard to distinguish which reviews are real and which are fake.

You search YouTube and other review sites about Jasper and you see mostly positive reviews, when in fact might not be the case.

Here is what we noticed, all YouTube videos we've watched that talk and promote Jasper have an affiliate link, the video maker encourages you to buy Jasper by clicking on their website link they provide you with.

Then we had a look at Jasper affiliate section, see screenshot below.

As you can see they provide a 30% recurring commission for life! if someone were to join Jasper using your affiliate link URL.

What does that tell you? The YouTube content creators are creating FAKE positive video reviews for the purpose of promoting and making 30% commission from Jasper through Jasper's affiliate program.

But wait! It doesn't stop there, we'll prove it even more.

Let's see what happens when you click the button "Apply to be a Partner" !

Look at their requirements, especially #2 & #3.

They encourage people to join and promote Jasper through "Educational content" via "video/blogs/social" which is exactly what we've explained above.

"NEW audiences who don't yet know of Jasper"

So they can fool newbies into believing their video review is real.

And below you will find a screenshot of their application form, they ask for the social media URLs to check and verify if the affiliate applicant has prior content, otherwise they will decline their affiliate application. 

That's a very sketchy way of doing business.

Furthermore, you can check negative reviews, and scam complaints about Jasper by searching Google the following search terms:

Jasper ai scam reviews

Jasper ai scam complaints

Jarvis ai scam reviews

Jarvis ai scam complaints

And you will find many complaints listed about the same.

Then we decided to Join Jasper so we can test it for ourselves.

We generated content, then verified the same with,, and Plagiarism checker.

We found that there was some plagiarized content.


No automated tool out there beats writing original content by hand, Google likes unique content and not copied or auto generated content, Google is VERY smart and can detect if the content is created uniquely or not, if you think all these automated tools are smarter than Google, and if you think Google is stupid then think again! if so, then you might as well think everyone is stupid except you, having said that you might want to consider having an IQ test done and to help you save your money in the future for things that are useless and doesn't get you any benefit :-)

There are many fake positive reviews about Jasper for the purpose of earning money through affiliate marketing just like many other programs out there, and this is not an ethical way of doing business as the reviews are NOT natural reviews.

Jasper may just be rewriting and or shuffling content found online, and it may be of no difference than using another content rewriter such as which offers a lifetime membership option and much cheaper than Jasper.

Jasper is way too expensive.

But if you really insist of going with Jasper, perhaps you should first look at other AI copywriters which are much cheaper and easier to use, such as which offers a plan for $29 per month which allows you to generate unlimited content instead of Jasper's plans which has a limit on the number of words you can generate per month according to the price plan you are on.

This concludes our review about Jasper AI copywriting tool, if you have any questions, comments or reviews, you may post it in the comments section below.

1 comment:

  1. It appears that the activities of Jasper may not be ethical. The use of fake positive reviews to promote the product and earn commission is not a genuine way of doing business, and the fact that the AI may be rewriting or shuffling content found online raises questions about the originality and quality of the content produced. Additionally, the high price of Jasper compared to other AI copywriters that offer similar or better services is a consideration for potential users. It is recommended that users do their research and consider other options before investing in Jasper.


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