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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Endurance Softwares India Scam Reviews Complaints

Endurance Softwares India Scam Reviews Complaints

Addresses for them:

E253, Cabin 106, Industrial Area, Sector 74, Sahibzada AjitSingh Nagar, Punjab 160071, India

Cabin 106, E253, Phase 8b Industrial area, Mohali – 160071 India

They are located in Kharar, India and also Barnala, India

Their Email:

Fake United States Number +(1) 607 258 2002

Their # in India: +91 98159 05733

Their other # in India : +91 95017-10226

Their website:


Company social media links:



Skype account: live:info_838488


Other Upworkprofile:


























Employees / Scammers:

Kuldeep Singh - Company Manager

Gurpreet Singh - He is the Founder at | Find my Kid - Social Network for families

Hira L. located in Ludhiana, India















They had done work for the following client(s) websites:


Endurance Softwares is a scam company in India claiming to offer iOS and Web Development workers. This is a scam. The company is not registered in the United States nor does it have any employees in the United States. The company uses Upworkas their primary source of hiring freelancers and they have been known to use fake profiles and lie about their experience. They will also try to get personal information such as your passport or driver's license number. Do not work with or for this company.


Endurance Softwares is a scamming company that hires people from all over the world, but are based in India. They have scammed many people out of money and time, by promising them jobs and then disappearing.


The company uses various websites to recruit people, including Upwork and Freelancer. They often create fake profiles on these websites, and lie about their experience in order to seem more credible.


They will also try to get personal information from you, such as your passport or driver's license number. This is so they can steal your identity and use it to apply for credit cards or take out loans in your name.


Do not work with or for this company under any circumstances. If you have already been scammed by them, please report them to the authorities so that they can be brought to justice.


Their Google reviews are all FAKE positive reviews. Please do not be fooled.




Their Upwork agency profile has a success rate of ONLY 76% on Upwork which speaks for itself, there are also numerous complaints listed under their Upwork agency profile as well as negative reviews listed on every employee employees by this business, which includes the employees Kuldeep Singh, Gurpreet Singh, and Hira L.


When doing a simple Google search for "Endurance SoftwaresScam" or "Endurance Softwares Review" there are many blog posts and articles that come up about this business and how they have scammed many people.


Endurance Softwares is NOT a legitimate company, they are a SCAM. Do not work with them or give them any of your personal information.


Please do not work with or give any money to this company, as you will most likely never see it again. If you have already been scammed by them, please report them to the authorities so that they can be brought to justice.


These employees are scammers, they hide behind fake names, fake IDs, and their work quality is very bad, they have many complaints about them on Upwork, employers should avoid them at all times.


Employers should avoid this agency along with all employees employed by them, do not waste your time with them.


Endurance Softwares is a scamming company located in India. The company promises iOS and web development workers to their clients, but delivers very poor quality workmanship instead. Many complaints have been filed against the company on their Upwork profile- including negative reviews from each employee. If you're considering using this company's services, beware- you may not get what you paid for. Save yourself the headache and look elsewhere. There are plenty of other, more reputable companies out there that can provide you with the quality services you deserve.


If you have any comments, complaints, reviews, scam or news about Endurance Softwares please post it in the comments section below.

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  1. Endurance Softwares, based in India, is a known scamming company that promises iOS and web development services to clients but delivers poor quality workmanship. They often hire through Upwork and Freelancer, using fake profiles and lying about their experience to seem more credible. Personal information such as passport and driver's license numbers are often requested and used to steal identities. Reviews on Google are all fake, and their Upwork agency profile has a success rate of only 76%. Complaints and negative reviews have been filed against the company and their employees, including Kuldeep Singh, Gurpreet Singh, and Hira L. Employers should avoid this company and their employees at all costs.


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