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Thursday, June 09, 2022

Maple Bakery Complaints Review WARNING

Maple Bakery Complaints Review WARNING

10040 Keele St

Maple ON L6A 1G3


+1 (905) 832-2987

MapleBakery . ca

Client found Ants in cake, client called and spoke to Stephanie who claimed herself as business owner, asked for a refund, she refused to provide a refund.

Stay away from Maple Bakery in Vaughan.

If you have any questions, comments, complaints or reviews about Maple Bakery in Vaughan you may post it in the comments section below.


  1. This is gross, I’m not buying from Maple Bakery in Vaughan anymore.

  2. Stay away from this disgusting bakery with disgusting customer service.

  3. Maple Bakery has many positive reviews which appears to be FAKE paid reviews, our advise is you sort the reviews with the lowest so you can get a chance to read the negative reviews of what people had to say! Don’t just only judge by reading the positive.

    You will be surprised how many negative reviews they have, so what they did in order to raise their star rating higher is paid for positive reviews to be posted, because it used to be very low before.

  4. After reading this horrible story I ain’t going back to maple bakery thank you for sharing

  5. Horrible experience, never visiting Maple Bakery ever again after reading this review

  6. I found this review after I searched Google: maple bakery reviews

    I’m glad I found this, and I found the ants photo you’re talking about listed on maple bakery TripAdvisor page, It’s disgusting and what’s more disgusting is their owner Stephanie and the others who refused to provide a refund! Shame on maple.


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