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Monday, October 24, 2022


John at (647) 640-3379 who runs the Facebook page LED POT LIGHT is NOT a licensed electrician.

Be aware of unlicensed electricians, it's very simple, if any of their work causes fire or damage your home, your insurance might not be able to compensate you and you can lose your home!

Licensed electricians are obligated to provide you with their ECRA# and it should also be visible on their vehicle, if they don't then it raises a BIG flag, and contractors who install pot lights must be licensed as that involves electrical work, you can report unlicensed electricians on

In the video posted on YouTube you can view the correspondence between our client and the unlicensed contractor which mostly likely goes by the fake name "John", you will notice the contractor is NOT a licensed electrician and very unprofessional, makes sexual threats and racial discrimination remarks about Indians, you still wish to do business with him? 

If you have any comments, complaints or if you have any information about this unlicensed electrician please post it in the comments section below, it can assist ESASAFE in the investigation.


  1. Great tips you mentioned, another great tip to add.. since these pot light installers are not licensed, it could also mean they don’t have a business registered “as they need a business to operate with the same” and may provide you with a fake invoice, police may or may not even assist because they may consider this as a civil matter “and if you have to sue them good luck on finding their real address to serve them with the court papers because courts won’t provide it to you”, best is to obtain their ecra # beforehand so you can do your do diligence on the research, and if they fail to provide it to you it simply means they’re not licensed, and operating without a business.

  2. And also, if the pots lights which they install burn you will lose all the money you wasted as there can be no valid warranty if they are no-body.

  3. Thanks for the info provided

  4. Thx for the info

  5. Non of your business you stupid guy

    1. As you can see the business responded with the above comment saying “Non of your business you stupid guy”.

      Way to go business owner!! Good Luck with that dumb behavior, this makes people not want to deal with you even more. LOL

  6. Yes, not licensed! Tried to get paid up front???? A no no!! Also, changed price 1/2 way through job…. Stay clear & if you use him get everything in writting

  7. Beware of an unlicensed pot light electrician operating under the phone number (647) 640-3379 and the Facebook page LED POT LIGHT. Hiring unlicensed electricians can put your home and insurance coverage at risk, as damages caused by their work may not be compensated.

    Licensed electricians must provide their ECRA# and display it on their vehicle. If this information is missing, it raises concerns. Report unlicensed electricians at

    A YouTube video ( shows correspondence between a client and the unlicensed contractor, who likely goes by the fake name "John." The contractor is not only unlicensed but also unprofessional, making sexual threats and racial discrimination remarks.

    If you have any comments, complaints, or information about this unlicensed electrician, please share it in the comments section below to assist ESASAFE in their investigation.

  8. Good thing I searched Google 6476403379 and found this post about this unprofessional before doing business with him, what a true moron he really is!

  9. So this guy at 6476403379 sends me a text message saying “This guys are not licensed 647-395-1486” he also said “Sorry for the bad language I used” “I'm not that type of person who swear, feel sorry for the bad language again” “Please remove the post, I need my number for Saling security camera. I'm not working for this guys anymore, they sued me to do advertising and they owe me money, I told them about your post and ask about CRA number, they said they don't care, thank u for ur understanding” “His name is Moiz also have another bos his name is Sing 4372563009 I don't know if they are licensed or not, they are very busy, please remove my number from ur post, since I stop working with this guys His full name is ( Moiz Shaikh )“

    Then shortly after he sends me another text message saying “Son of the bitch delete my number, I was working with guys, ask them for any think u looking for koskesh All ur generation is koskesh plus ur next generation sujer:) Do what ever u can son of that bitch:))“

    This guy is crazy, and anyone who does business with this guy is truly an idiot.


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