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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Tai Pan Tours Complaints Reviews

Tai Pan Tours
3668 Weston Rd
Toronto ON, M9L 1W2
Phone #: 416-646-8838
Fax #: 416-749-8221
Key contact: Francis Wat

I arrived at Casino Rama with some friends by car, my friends decided to stay at Casino Rama longer and I was getting tired and wanted to go home and didn't want to bother my friends while they're playing.

So I went to Tai Pan Tours desk at Casino Rama and spoke to the manager "Eddie" and I advised him that I want to buy a ticket to go back to Toronto by bus, Eddie said that Tai Pan Tours doesn't work like that, I can NOT buy a one way ticket to go back, I would have to come with Tai Pan Tours to Casino Rama to be able to return also with Tai Pan Tours.

I asked him why? He said because Tai Pan Tours gets paid by the Casino if I did a two way trip, and if I only do one way then Tai Pan Tours will not get paid by Casino Rama.

So I asked how much they get paid so that I can pay the difference? And Eddie said that he can NOT release this information and I won't be able to pay the difference.

I advised Eddie that I'm willing to pay $50 or $100 fee to be able to return, and he said no that's not possible.

I'm curious how much they get paid by Casino Rama for each passenger? If you have any information please post your comments below in the comments section.

I'm not impressed with Tai Pan Tours at all, it seems like they don't care that I get stuck here in Casino Rama, I still don't have a clear understanding on what the catch is, I personally believe this is nothing but BS.

I spoke with a supervisor at Casino Rama in the customer service dept. and he said there is nothing they can do and its all in the hands of Tai Pan Tours.

I suggest you be beware and stay away from Tai Pan Tours.

That was my story and review about Tai Pan Tours.

If you have any comments or complaints about TaiPanTours or Casino Rama please click the comments link below and post your comments.

Thank you.


  1. Just to add to Taipantours posting, below are their pickup locations:

    Scarborough - Oriental Centre
    4438 Sheppard Ave. E
    Unit 103
    Scarborough, ON.
    M1S 1V2

    Thornhill - Commerce Gate
    505 Hwy 7 E.
    Unit 8
    Thornhill, ON.
    L3T 7T1

    Markham - Pacific Mall
    4300 Steeles Ave. E
    Unit B50
    Markham, ON.
    L3R 0Y5

    Markham - First Markham Place
    3225 Hwy 7 E.
    Unit 68
    Markham, ON.
    L3R 3P9

    Toronto - Chinatown Centre
    222 Spadina Ave.
    Unit 139
    Toronto, ON.
    M5T 3A2

    Toronto - Tai Pan Centre head office
    3668 Weston Rd.
    Unit A
    Toronto, ON.
    M9L 1W2


  3. The bus operator is just a victim.
    Casino Rama is a bigger crook. Bus ride is free for Gold Card holders or better.
    If they promise you 300 points to get one, do not think they will. Same for Platinum.
    They tell you that even with sufficient points,
    you do NOT qualify unless you play longer, and
    higher and Bigger buyins. And no comps.
    The biggest organised frayd, built in the middle
    of nowhere, with nothing to see, no comps to eat, no transport, unblievable odds in their
    favor which is not in other casinos.
    Tai Pan is becoming their VICTIM too.
    Just WATCH. Much of my friends were defrauded
    in the same way and will NOT return there despite many years of patronage. Worse than
    the Backstreet gambling houses of olden days.

  4. you know what your all right it is very rama is getting bad our bus comes in and alot of people got letters about telling them they dont get any free meals anymore because they dont gamble enough at rama...To me this is bs tooo as far as i am concerned you can pay 20.00 go to niagara falls and you get a free meal there and no one threatens you in a letter saying you dont gamble enough so you cant have a free meal/// yesterday went on our bus to rama to find out that a friend of ours goes all the time and he dont get a free coupon meal anymore... and i said no way and now i look on the computer i dont see one for myself either anymore...look rama your food sucks.. and also your grabbing at people you want them to gamble and loose everything they have,,, no wonder why people are only going to concerts now.. yesterday a woman i was sitting with told me she had 400.00 in a manchine and it gave her one set of 7s i told her to get off it wont pay i came back later to ask her how her machine was doing she said she has 800.00 in it now just to try and win 1900.00 come on lady i said your going to loose all your money came back she said she has 1,000 dollars in and for tai pan busses they dont give anyone meals,, they are very cheap and i know alot of buses dont go to rama anymore as they cant fill there bus...i hope alot more people send commits to this site... also rama does not want to help anyone that lady should of been able to pay for a bus to go home that is alot of bs,,,,,well rama and tai pan your sure not getting great reviews that is for sure.. i would rather go to gorgian downs were they treat you alot better that is for sure,,,,

  5. taipan get paid of percentage of how much u loose....and the only way for casino knows that u r a passenger came with taipan is to go to rama with taipan cuz they have a list of all cux who came with if u just want buy one way ticket they r not making anything at all....

  6. sorry to hear your experience but i think any tour bus don`t just accept "walk in" have to do some reservation so that you can have a spot in the bus,or else if they take you other passengers will also lost their spot...that`s how it works..

  7. I was on a Tai Pan tour for New York City a few days ago, and frankly it was bad.

    There was no A/C on the bus, they promised a full day of exploration in NYC and when I lost my passport during the trip the tour guide told me that I had to stay behind in ether the hotel, New York City or Buffalo. Basically they wanted to dump me in the United States so I wouldn't inconvenience them for the rest of the trip.

    When I asked the tour guide on how I can get back to Canada she wasn't of any help at all. She didn't know where I can go to the nearest Canadian embassy or their phone numbers... Nothing!

    This wasn't the first time I went on a Tai Pan bus tour, and frankly I feel that all of their staff are under trained for their jobs. This will be the last time I will be going with them as before this trip I was on another bus tour which the bus broke down and I had to come home at 10:30PM EST.

  8. Tai Pan Tour does not care abour customer once customer purchased tickets.

    I purchases flight ticket to HK vis Tai Pan Tour but they made a mistake on my schedule. I suppose to come back on Sep 18 but they scheduled on 22nd. I asked them to reschedule it but they said I have to pay extra $360.
    I complaint about this to the branch, this is not my fault. But they say they cannot do anything bout this. Since I purchased 2 flight tickets, I need to pay extra $720 to reschedule.

    Dont you think this is ridiculous. What the hell is this?
    Tai Pan Tour is the worst ever in the world.

  9. A friendly reminder to NEVER join Tai Pan Tours! You'll miss out on the trip and won't even know what happened. Three friends and I had signed up to go on a bus tour for Thanksgiving long weekend, but Tai Pan cancelled the trip and DID NOT inform us!! We waited from 5:30AM to 6:30AM to find out they had "forgotten" to call us. One staff member said "they were too busy to call", while another staff member said "it was possibly a new staff member who forgot". Regardless of the reason, it is absolutely RIDICULOUS that travel agency can cancel a tour without informing the people who had paid for it and were fully expecting to go on the trip! Furthermore, there was NO SORT OF COMPENSATION for wasting our last long weekend before Christmas.

  10. My husband and myself took the Tai Pan Bus to Niagara Falls last summer - We wre the only 2 canadian people on the bus - Sorry to say it was a very bad experience - although we booked ahead of time but we did not sit together, the person in charge was very rude and for the whole trip all the informations were in english - It was a zoo - Well if you live in Toronto you must respect the canadian people and speak english wherever you are. It is very impolite to ignore non speaking chinese people on board. Never again... awful and disgusting experience... rather drive than be with these kind of discipline, no organization. no respect for waiting in line...all they did is pushing to be on the bus....If you ever wants to take this bus tour think hundred times better walk than ride with them....

  11. I didn't even go on a tour with taipan yet and I already hate them. I called Taipan's customer service asking for some info about their Washington/NY/Boston 4 day trip. Every single question I've asked them the customer service lady told me just to go on their website. At one point she said: "are you booking or not? I have other customers here so otherwise I am very busy." How rude!! Also, I asked if Mississauga would be one of the pick up locations as Toronto would be really far from my house and she YELLED at me and said: "of course! Mississauga is Toronto!" Wow, she thought I was stupid or something?? Mississauga is not Toronto!

    Anyways I really don't understand why they would treat potential customers this way. When I was calling I was really ready to book. But her attitude just pushed me away. If this is what their customer service is like during booking, imagine what it would be like during the actual tour. Wow the horror!

    Please stay away from them. It's so clear that they care about themselves more than their customers.

  12. hey chinese is always a one can change

  13. when you try talking to tai pan tours at the casino they won't talk to you! they tell you if you don't gamble you can't get on the taipan bus! my wife and i we like to go to casino rama to get out of the city and go to concerts not to gamble!! we were harassed by a woman recently who told us "i was looking for you guys, i haven't seen you gamble if you don't i get into trouble with my boss and i could lose my job" there's no law that says i have to gamble! this woman worked for taipan! taipain is a crappy service they're very nasty to passengers and even to gamblers they treat them like crap! they even don't allow people to use their bathrooms which are on bad shape it's crappy bathrooms i'm surprised they're not reported to the health boards! i'm surprised that when you go home they demand 5 dollar tips and those tips go to the bus driver! meanwhile the driver makes a few bucks! it's illegal for them not to allow people to use the bathroom! i'm surprised greyhound doesn't go to casino rama! one time last month, they refused to allow us to book seats on the bus because we weren't gambling!! they freaked out!! WE DON'T RECOMMEND TAIPAN TOURS TO ANYONE! ONE TIME SOMEONE MENTIONED THAT CASINO RAMA SHOULD HAVE THEIR OWN BUS SERVICE!!


  15. Lol not Chinese! Koreans! Man in the bus they only play those Asian movies which I don't understand jack shit! I even ask the tour guide to put the English subtitles...that dumbfuck doesn't know what subtitles means! Pretty sad!

    I am a gold card member at Rama...I know I get free rides to one point...the sexy Korean said I had to pay a fee for the ride even I was a gold member! Was like WTF! Wished I had pennies to drop on the floor so she would bend down! What a bitch!

    I feel bad for you that they didn't allow you to go home...even you offered 50-100 bucks! They need some major shake up in the company!

  16. Just booked a tour with Tai Pan. I haven't even been on the tour yet and already I don't like them. The travel agent was not very informative and not bright. One she undercharged so I had to make two payments. Even though there prices may seem cheap it really isn't. Secondly they only accept cash payments and you have to directly deposit to there bank account at there bank. She did not mention this before I went to make my first payment so I got charged a service fee and they got charged as well apparently. Now she is trying to get me to pay their service fee. Is she out of her mind or something. Then she sends me an email this evening after all the banks are closed to pay what I owe plus their service fee that they got charged after I already made the second payment. Also the email said that I could pay by cheque only 2 weeks to departure. Like what hell, why didn't she mention this in the first place. Then she goes on and says you should of called me to telling they were going to charge you the service fee. Ya, like the first thing that pops up in my mind was to call her. Then she goes on says I told before I told you before. Then she says I will ask my manager to see if you have to pay. I better not. To sum it all up I would not recommend that you book a tour or vacation with them, they just keeping sucking money out of you.

  17. I have taken their bus to Rama numerous times and I HAD so much respect for them until rules change as they see fit. This month I guess I tried going on their buses one too many times this month (third time) and told me I wasn't a top priority member. Which ticked me off when I have concert tickets reserved and always spend money on the slots and restaurants. And was very sad to hear Casino Rama condones the discrimination towards customers. I used to go to Rama once a month and recommend customers to Taipan tours. I guess Niagara Falls is the place to go for entertainment.