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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Portfolio Management Solutions - Portfolio Management Group - PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT CANADA INC.

Portfolio Management Solutions
Portfolio Management Group
Portfolio Management Canada Inc.

I got a call from the company listed above saying I owe money, they are scammers, they gave me bad credit, they just want free money, if they contact you I suggest that you file a report on them through the following agencies:

Better Business Bureau

The following information was obtained through

200 Queens Ave, 7th Floor
London, ON N6A 4C7
Telephone: (519) 432-0075

Original Business Start Date: February 1998
Principal: Mr Andy Szemenyei, President
Customer Contact: Mr Andy Szemenyei, President - (519) 432-0075
Incorporated: June 2004, ON
Employees: 180
TOB Classification: Collection Agencies, Financial Services
BBB Membership: This company is not a member.



  1. Same thing here.
    First of when I dialed the number provided I was told that there is no such extension. The calls kept comming and when I finally got in touch with someone I was asked if my adresses is still such and such and then told about a purchase at a store over 10 years ago.
    a.) I never shopped at that store, b.) I never got anything from them in writing.

  2. Thanks for this. I too got the call and DID NOT return the call.

    Glad I looked to the internet to see if this was real or not.

    GW-Vancouver BC

  3. I have Been getting calls on my Home phone from this guys and they keep asking for this guys name Robert.

    I previously talked to someone in their organization and told them to stop calling my number, it stopped for a few months and now it has started again.

    Is anyone else getting calls from these people looking for Robert.

  4. I began receiving harassing phone calls from this company for someone who has never lived at my phone number. Finding a human to speak with at Portfolio Management Canada was quite a challenge, and once I finally got a hold of one, they were extremely rude. I still have no guarantee they won't call again.

    Stay as far away from this company as possible.

  5. I have a feeling this company is a scam, they ask you to pay a bill and tell you that it was never paid which is untrue, they just want to collect extra illegal money.



    Portfolio Acquisitions Canada Inc., GOT A WRIT OF SEIZURE AND SALE IN JAN 2005 AGAINST A WOMAN'S HOUSE LOCATED AT 2651 Dundas Street, London, Ontario AND AUCTION WAS OCTOBER 2, 2007 -

    "Some 11 Canadian companies from diverse industries have agreed to pay a total of $252,093 to settle claims that they were using unlicensed software, according to two anti-piracy watchdog groups. • Portfolio Management Canada Inc., a company that specializes in the area of debt acquisition and subrogation management, headquartered in London, Ont, paid $40,001."



    Another thing worth paying attention to are statement of claims that appear to be filed separately by this company against a single individual apparently to circumvent the small claims court threshhold limit of $10,000.00 In other words, to make a claim in small claims court, the maximum claim against an individual is $10,000.00 and if a company that buys debts ends up with several accounts against an individual, then they may try to file separate claims for these accounts, however, apparently this is against the rules as they must file one claim for all of their accounts against an individual. And the defendant must pay the filing fee separately for every claim they file.

  8. They called my cell phone 3-4 times day for months. My cell phone is under my fiance's name, yet the messages were asking for me specifically.

    My lawyer called them on my behalf and they stopped calling for all of 3 months. Again, my lawyer called them and spoke to their legal department demanding written evidence that I had purchased what they claim.

    They stopped calling for a while but yes, they did begin their harassment once more, this time on my house phone. With my lawyer on the case again, they have stopped calling.

    They won't provide info on what I supposedly owe. I just bought a house with mortgage approval so my credit isn't bad. It's shady, the whole thing is questionable.

    This company makes me crazy.

  9. I haven't been getting calls (phone isn't in my name), but I have been getting letters from them for MONTHS. They are seeking payment for an account that was closed back in 1993. They have also changed their name (or been bought out by) to Aktiv Kapital Acquisitions Inc. Sooo if you start getting calls or letters from them you can be certain that is is PMC.

    Not sure what to do abou it. I have heard that by calling them you are acknowledging your debt, but I also don't trust them even if I sent a letter. Grrrrr so annoying!

  10. Dont worry about calling them as the only ways to acknowledge the debt is by making a payment to them or writing a letter stating you acknowledge the debt.One of their common tricks is to tell you that if you can just make a small payment to start paying the money.But by doing that you give the loan a new last date of activity and then they can legally come after you.These liars are full of tricks the best thing to do is not talk to them then you are safe from getting yourself in trouble. If you get a letter or call from them talk to a lawyer they will give you best info on how handle it.They are a pretty slippery company and a lawyer will help you from making a mistake.They also will know the specific laws of your province or state which do vary.

  11. Trust me they are theives, depending in which province you live in, once your debt has become Stat Barred (or stale-dated) a real collector can no longer call or intimitate you. Some provinces it's 7 yrs others 6 yrs, and PQ is 2.5 yrs--I know what OF I speak of as I worked for them, for a short while.
    I am a licenced collection's agent doing this type of work for the past 20 yrs, I assure you I left that company as SOON AS I saw they were trying to collect on an account from 1965 which made the debtor 11 yrs old at the time????? Beware of these people: call BBB or Equifax---DEMAND EVERYTHING IN WRITING--AND IF YOU DO HAVE A DEBT MAKE SURE IT HAS NOT BEOCME STAT BARRED---THERE IS NOTHING THEY CAN DO ONCE IT IS!!! STAY VIGILENT---ALSO LOOK OUT FOR THIS KNOCK-OFF OF PMG WHICH IS CALLED SHY LINK--THIS IS OWNED BY THE PREVIOUS OWNERS OF PMG- JASON ARK AND MR??? BRUNETT--BEWARE

  12. They called for my husband and the message said that they had a great offer for him!! when I called back requesting to know the nature of their call I was told it was none of my business. I asked them to not call back and was told/Yelled at they'd continue to call until my "dead beat husband returned their call I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told No repeatedly and continued to be yelled at. Finally a supervisor by the Name of Dave Cochrane came on the phone and immediately yelled at me for wasting their time. I contacted The canadian government about this company @ 1- 800-889-9768 andwas given the OPerator/managers contactnumber 1-519-432-0075 ext 2625 Her name is Suzanne LeRoache. SHe was not available when I called a few minutes ago but I will call again. The government said to contact her and if still not able to resolve issue I can file a report with the Government. This is an extremely rude bunch of individuals. Their Proper leagal name is Active Capital Contingency Inc. They also go by Active Capital aquisitions canada Inc. and Active Capital Caoital Canada, They Have an address in London Ontari 1001-130 Dufferin Avenue East London Ontario N6A 5R2 This address was given by Manager Dave Cochrane. Other numbers related to this company are 866-903-1741 866-877-1626 and 866-226-8881 also the head office number of 519-432-0075
    Caller ID: 519-432-0075
    Caller: Active Capital Contingency Canada Inc
    Caller Type: Collection Agency

    1. Im having the same problem with this people that call where i work and they keep writing letters and telling me that i owe so and so i mean their interest rate has gone up so high that its sounds ridulous to me and this debt has long gone like 15 years ago like shouldnt it been taken off already. Couple years ago they called again and they made it sound fishy like they had two people talking at the same time like a man and a woman and at the same time they sounded like they were making fun of what i was saying and they actually laughed at my comments i thought that was rude and still today they are sending letters and calling me to pay good grief this people are pissing me, i really want them off my back seriously, so r they for real or just a scam and who do i call for them to stop!!!!

  13. Anyone phoning from an 800 number is lying. Why would I say that? Because I build call centres and 800 numbers cannot making outgoing calls! We hack into the phone system to put that number in as a callback number.

    If you knew someone was a known liar, would you willingly talk to them? No? Then don't answer any call that has a Caller ID of a toll free number.

    BTW, it's interesting to watch the agents on their break blow off steam. This company specialized in buying stats-barred debt at cents on the dollar. They are the equivalent of the "gas rebate" or "hydro rebate" folks that go door to door. PMG was recently taken over by Norwegians and I hear that are really having a tough time. In Norway they have more access to government data than in Canada and they are frustrated by Ontario's privacy laws.

    Oh well, just a few cents from a cable puller who overhears things in the lunchroom.

  14. I began receiving calls from this company after receiving a letter ofering me a chance to pay a debt from 2003. I was unaware of this until this notice. Truth is I was in a devastating accident in 2003 and in rehab for 18 months and my insurance company dropped the ball on a few of my debts. This being one of them.
    Wanting to be honest I contacted my lawyer first as I recognized the smell of fish when I read the original letter.
    My lawyer said I would be crazy to deal with these people as they have no way of legitimately affecting my credit rating at this point due to the age of the debt.
    They call daily and I usually get a static robotic blurp on my machine.
    I actually enjoyed making telemarketers crazy and would often answer their calls to have some fun with them.
    But this one is off limits even for me.

    Bottom line is according to my lawyer, (who is a top lawyer in a very prestigious Toronto firm) by the time people like this get the rights to a debt even a legitimate one, it is way past the legal limit for collections.
    Their isn't much they can really do.

  15. Do not give them a cent. My lawyer told me the same thing. They are contacting me for a debt that is 11yrs old and the problem of my husbands exwife. This has not affeted my credit rating because I can explain what the debt is to any bank... Get call blocking and block the ANNOYING phone calls. Yes they are rude, and forceful. Its the only thing they have,intimidation. Tell them to get lost!!!

  16. Aktiva Kapital are a misleading bunch and you must be extremely careful in how you handle them. Unfortunately, I did not educate myself enough about their scam approach and aggressive debt recovery practices.

    I made numerous requests for them to validate an alleged debt. Out of fear, I agreed to make a nominal "good faith" payment until the matter got resolved. This was completely bonehead and stupid move on my part. Their agents become hostile when you ask the most basic questions or information.

    They started making unauthorized hard inquiries into my credit bureau reports. I have contacted gov consumer agencies 3 times and placed a complaint with the BBB. These efforts will not lead to anything but it is important to educate others not to be tricked by this scam company trying to collect on stats barred debt or non-existent debt.

  17. Tricky bottom-feeders hiring cheep lawyers in a hope to obtain default judgments. Remember to file in the court registry your appearance and statements of defence in a timely manner. You do not have to come up with details, but always deny any indebtedness to them, refuse making any payments and submit that the claim(s) be dismissed without prejudice as frivolous and vexatious. It costs less than $30 and an hour or two to do so. If the proceedings reach the discovery stage, ask them for full disclosure of their files with the real cost of acquisition of your stale debt. Threaten to air the whole issue on Youtube and other free Internet sites reaching significant audiences. Just hit them hard where it hurts the most; make them well-visible and transparent to the public. Good luck and remember: Never make a payment, never admit any indebtedness to them and never get tricked by a "settlement offer", as those will reset the clock on your SOL running against them.

  18. Just got a letter from them with my name spelled wrong. Thank you all for the information. It really surprises me that these bottom feeders are allowed to do what they do. There is a small claims court file number attached to the letter does anyone know if I can serch that number to get information as to what it pertains to. My debt is stellar and I have never had a debt that wasn't paid in full. I am currently debt free so they must have the wrong person.

  19. Call block can be your best friend against these jerks. Use the call block through your phone service or spend about $40 for the newer phone systems that have call block built-in.

  20. These scammers will try everything to fool you. The best advise is to clam up and not make any acknowledgement of debt of any sort. Do not offer good faith payments or any special settlements because this will initiate them coming after the full amount of the alleged debt. Calmly request "substantive" paperwork (like legal discovery) because they hate the phrase "substantive". This request makes their hostile agents go ballistic and also ask them what gov regulations they operate under because that drives them crazy too. This company even has a dishonest "compliance" officer who will say their agents were professional when in fact they were hostile and threatening. Use the internet and complain to every governement agency (Ontario consumer protection, CRTC, etc.). I like the Youtube idea but contacting CBC Maketplace and the the Toronto Star might be helpful too.

  21. Aktiv Kapital. Scam. Scammers. Complaint. Bottom-feeders. Scum. Rude. Abuse. Trick. Fraud. Liars. So these are words added so google search will pick-up on these scammers. Aktiv Kapital will contact you and start with a trick called a "business matter". They then get you to confirm personal information by baiting you with circumspect, partial information from your credit history. Sounds credible but it is NOT. They have bought up apparent age old, stats barred debt and are tricking you into acknowledging the debt. Beware because they are known to buy up really bad data. When you ask questions, they become abusive then deny they were abusive when you complain...outright liars. Once again, be extremely careful and do not commit to anything at all. The next step is to contact every possible agency and complaint channel about Aktiv Kapital. Here are some: Ontario Gov't Consumer complaints, National Do Not Call List, Phone Busters, Better Business Bureau (London ON branch was quite helpful), business complaint sites, complaint blogs, consumer financial forums, etc. After that a small email campaign to media outlets is recommended, does not result in much but a good way to vent about these parasites.

  22. I have been going through the same thing recently with Aktiv Kapital. They called to tell me that I owed them over $3000.00 but couldn't tell me what company the money was owed to. They told me they had a "special" this month if I paid it right away and I told them until you can tell me exactly who this money is owed to then your not getting anything. They said oh I think its Future Shop and I said ummm no that's paid then they said oh well maybe the brick and so on.They said they didn't have that information as they had bought the debt from another company and were not given that information. I called Transunion to see if it was actually on my credit report and they said yes so I told them about all the calls and they asked me if I wanted to file an investigation against them and I wasn't quite sure at the time incase they weren't scammers and I didn't want to screw myself so I said no I just think there is something really fishy about them. So about a month later I recieved an updated credit report for Transunion along with a letter stating that they had called Aktiv Kapital and they have not replied back to them in a timely manner so they have taken them off my credit report and will notify me if anything about the debt comes up. Aktiv Kapital still calls every evening and every evening I don't answer my phone.

  23. Just went through several weeks of Activ Kapital calls "fishing" if I live or have lived at an address in Cambridge ON. They didn't even have the address of the phone number they called me at (where I have lived since 1972). It's not just annoying calls, and telling them to cease and desist. Then being told Activ Kapital can call as often as they want as these are "business calls". They also threaten "further action Legal?" if you don't reply that same day. I have sent a complaint about this Activ Kapital phone harassment to the Ontario Consumer Affairs. But something more permanent has to be done to stop this "bottom fishing" looking for and address of some debtor from past years. Wait till some senior gets suched into this scheme and does get nailed with a phony debt.

  24. I also received call after call and never called them back until today when I'd just had enough... they asked if David was there, and I informed them that there was no David at this number, then he asked if I knew David. I said no, you have the wrong number. Then he got very rude and said "the last time we talked to you..." and I cut him off and said "you've never talked to me, there is no David here, you have the wrong number." He said "look lady, are you going to let me talk or what?" and I got mad and said " no, you look, quit calling my house or next time I'm calling the police" and he hung up.
    I called back and got a different girl, who was much nicer, said they must have been calling the wrong number, played stupid saying it was a different number they were trying to reach and they'd remove me from the list... I guess we'll see.

  25. They bottom fish and try to file fraudulent suits in court hoping that the defendants don't file appearances and, consecutively, statements of defence requesting that the claims be dismissed with costs (best "without prejudice") as groundless/vexatious/frivolous etc. without even hiring a lawyer. It is them who have to go through a discovery process and prove their claim. You can also nail them if they access your credit record without your authorisation and, at worst, disqualify in court their evidence obtained in that manner. They just cast a net and scoop default judgments on those who fail to file appearances and statements of defence, as they mostly pursue stat-barred debt and take advantage of the statue that it's you who have to prove that the debt is stat-barred. Fight them tooth-and-nail and ATTACK instead of just defending yourself.

  26. My fiance and I were at the bank today looking into mortgage options, but we were surprised to find out that there was something showing on his credit report for $2900.00 to Aktiv Kapital, no account number just the amount. We have no idea what it could be, the only thing outstanding is from over 10 years ago.....any advice on what to do? We haven't contacted the company yet, after reading some of these comments we are nervous to do so!

  27. Don't negotiate, don't admit anything and, if you can afford it, hire a lawyer and sue them for libel and damages. If you, however, admitted the indebtedness or tried to negotiate a settlement, you reset the beginning of your statutory limitation period which runs from two to six years, depending on the province of your residence, from your last admission or willingness to settle the debt, or the last payment you made, whichever comes last. The best defence is a well thought of and measured attack.

  28. Yea they constantly call our house, when we requested something in writing, they did send something like 3 months later, that has no copies of signatures or original paperwork, it is my understanding that for them to even try to collect, on a debt they must have all original copies of signed documents to support their claim, that would be like all of us calling each other saying "is this mrs. smith,? you owe me 3000 dollars from 30 years ago, but if you act now, you pay only half. Bottom line "DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE" any info to them, they are extremely rude and scum of the earth

  29. After reading the posts regarding Aktiv Kapital I had to share this. I lost my business 61/2 years ago. When I lost it i just simply stopped paying everyone (looking back now I wish I had filed bankruptcy)

    Last winter I rented an apartment and they told me they were going to run a credit report on me - I was terrified of course, but to my surprise eveything came back clean! Excited, I decided to apply for a credit card and that was excepted too. A few months later I applied for a mortgage and was informed that there was "something" on my credit file now.

    I ordered reports from Equifax and Trans Union only to find that Activ put a file on my record. I called Equifax and denied the debt and have asked them to contact Aktiv to provide proof!

    Has anyone had any experience / success with this method. Does Aktiv cough up proof? They also indicated on my file that there was a payment made on this account back in 2004 which would keep it on Trans Unions file for another year! I know for a fact that after I lost my business in 2003 NOBODY anywhere got a dime from me.....

  30. I made the mistake of answering Aktiv Kapital Acquistions (Portfolio Management Canada Inc.) phone call, long story short, after mis-information in legal documents, they have a default judgement and Rite of Seizure and Sale of Land, I attempted to have the Default Judgement & the Rite of Seizure and Sale of Land set aside however, the Deputy Judge Dismissed my Motion/Affidavit in Small Claims Court thus, not allowing me to file my defence. Now, what really upsets me, is the Deputy Judge didn't even realize that Aktiv Kapital took me to court after the Two Year Statute of Limitations here in Ontario ran out from the debt I owed MBNA Bank of Canada Inc. MBNA breached a settlement agreement with me and with everything that I have experienced from MBNA Bank of Canada (MasterCard) from the Fall of 2003 until my last payments in December of 2006 on the two accounts I had with MBNA, I do not recommend dealing with MBNA either, MBNA increases the Interest Rate 5% and will even increase the Interest Rate another 5% for a total of 10% above the original Interest Rate of 16.99% or 17.99% depending on which loyalty card you have with MBNA. On MBNA's Cardholder Agreement there is no mention of Interest Rate increases in the event of missed payments. Not to mention the Overlimit Fees MBNA charged me as well, this is just another way for Credit Card issurers to TAX us even more.
    I am challenging these two companies, they crossed the line, how much longer are the Politicians in this Province of Ontario and this Country of Canada going to allow this attack on working Canadians to continue? There are elections coming up in Ontario and in Canada in the near future, help me make this an Election Issue!

  31. I received a letter from Aktiv Capital stating that they have put a judgement against me and a lien against me for the amout of 26,000.00 dollars. They claim to have purchased a bad debt from MBNA canada. I did have a card from MBNA years ago and it was closed the card was called in stolden and I never got another card. I was told that they got this judgement from the courts back in 2006, yet I new nothing about it. I am really confused, I did a credit check on myself and they are the only ones that are constantly checking my credit. I don't know what to do, how do you get sued without even knowing about it. I called them and asked for a copy of the paperwork filed in court and they told me they would not disclose that paperwork, they said they put a lien against my name? I have a meeting with a lawyer next week, but this is really making me nervous the MBNA card is over 10 years closed. what is going on?

  32. I,ve already written that you cannot admit any indebtedness to them nor you can afford ignoring their notices of statements of claims served on you. You have to file a statement of defence within 21 days from being served the statement of claim(s) and deny everything they ask for, requesting at the same time that the claim be dismissed with prejudice and with costs. It will cost you an hour work and about 30 dollars to do so. It's on them to prove their case in court, pay all legal expenses for examination for discovery and other costs before they even see a judge. This may run into over ten grand and they're too cheap to do so. They hire cheap lawyers instead, have them sue you and, in the absence of your statements of defence duly filed, they obtain default judgments which are extremely difficult to set aside.

  33. Just an addendum to my previous post, if they haven't served court papers on you properly, you may answer just f... off and ignore the case whatsoever.

  34. They have been calling me for over 3 months now claiming I owe over $3000.00 and offered me a deal if I paid it now. Does anyone know what will happen if I just ignore them? Will this affect my credit? I haven't had a credit card in over 10 years and don't remember having any outstanding balances.
    Please help!

  35. Active Capital called my house at 7AM this morning and were extremely rude - first they said they were looking for me, and then the fellow on the phone said that was a mistake and they were trying to contact my husband and transferred me to another fellow.
    When I asked what the call was regarding I got the old "personal business matter", and told that it was none of my business.
    I know for a fact that there is nothing outstanding that we owe debt-wise, as we sold our old house in July and used the profit to pay off all of our debts......
    Sounds VERY fishy to me.....
    These guys are rude and irritating

  36. I had a message left on my work phone telling me to call 1-866-566-8850 regarding a reference number also left. I called them back (Active Capital)and was told by the first person that I owed the Franklin Mint $72 from 1999. I asked for information on what the charge was for and was told they did not have that information. I asked to speak to a manager and was told no. After insisting, I was put on hold and disconnected. I called back and was put through to a Lindsay. She called me back and said she'd be willing to reduce the bill from $72 to $18 if I paid it immediately. I told her that I had no problem paying for anything if I bought it. I asked for details on what the charge was for and was told that they did not have the information. I called Franklin Mint and was told all information on deliquent accounts was sent to the collection agency. I called the BBB, Consumer Affairs and the Department of Justice. Everyone said that the collection agency had to provide proof that the debt exists, including what the debt is for. I called Lindsay back only to be told very rudely that they did not have that information and didn't need to have it. I told her what I was told, and she responded that it didn't apply to them. I asked her why she was getting rude and she said that she was tired of talking to me. I repeated that I wanted any information she had on this so called debt and gave her my fax number. Hopefully I'll be able to get something from her to show Consumer Affairs.

  37. If they keep harassing you, go yo the police, ask to wiretap the calls and report the infractions to the Crown. Once they're criminally prosecuted you may file a civil suit but remember, in Canada it's very difficult to get punitive damages awarded unless you prove that you had suffered measurable pecuniary losses. They prey on his and keep harassing people counting that they don't know that their victims can pit the police on them and this doesn't cost anything. Have the police and the Crown do the job for you. It's FREEEEE!

  38. If you have a computer phone, program a weird number you're calling from, program you phone to call their toll-free number 16 hours a day and keep calling. Put some noisy music in the background and they'll go ballistic. There's no law in Canada preventing you from calling any business, especially if that very business keeps harassing you.

  39. I even didn't have to program my computer to call them after I had told the person from Aktive Kapital who called my home that if they don't stop calling this number right away once and for ever, I'll program my computer to call their toll-free number 24/7. Haven't heard from them since.
    BTW, there's been over 18 months since I filed my response to their fishing court action denying any dealings with them which is true and, now, I'm preparing court papers to apply for the dismissal of the case with prejudice and costs. The beauty of this is that you don't have to serve the papers on them if they were not proceeding within one year from the date of filing of your the Statement of Defence. The courts are more than happy to award you both by default and you may end up with several hundred extra dollars, as your documented work is reimbursed at $130 per hour.

  40. They're too cheep to even serve you a notice of intention to proceed, so they mail it to you and fish for your acknowledgment. Ignore it and file an application for dismissal for want of prosecution with costs and prejudice. You don't have to serve it on them to get your money from them.
    Notice of intention to proceed after delay of one year
    (4) In a proceeding where judgment has not been obtained and no step has been taken for one year, no party shall proceed until

    (a) the expiration of 28 days after service of notice of that party's intention to proceed on all other parties of record, and
    (b) a copy of the notice and proof of its service has been filed.
    Want of prosecution
    (5) Notwithstanding this rule, a defendant or respondent may apply to have a proceeding dismissed for want of prosecution without serving notice of intention to proceed

  41. These people are breaking the law plain and simple.

    Why ontario consumer ministry isn't investigating them and even shutting them down is a mystery.

    Why Equifax and Transunion allow them reporting privleges is an even BIGGER question. There are STRICT guidelines for this.

    As a collection and legal professional I can tell you to NEVER even talk to these clowns an/or acknowledge ANYTHING.

    IF they keep trying to contact you, complain IN WRITING to your local government consumer affairs agency and IN WRITING to any credit reporting agency that they have reported to.

    Your complaints have zero effect with these types of agencies UNLESS you complain IN WRITING. Track the time of day on any calls and the amount of calls in a day. ADD that to your written complaints.

    FYI, the BBB has absolutely NO legislative powers in these matters. They can only report negative and positive information on an entity. They HAVE no ability to make it stop.

    Further as a poster above stated. File a defense to any statement of claim immediately and ask for costs against them in your defense.

    THEN contact a legitamate collection agency to go after THEM.

    In the industry these types of clowns are totally regarded as bottom feeders. Any LEGITAMATE, PROFESSIONAL collection agent has NO problem providing documentation and assissting you to come to terms with an outstanding debt.

    They don't make money unless they do. This is a commission driven industry.

  42. If anyone here knows something about law, try to hurt them with the worst possible way ever:
    Sue them for causing psychological damage!

    Since if they technically called you multiple times, and technically broke the rules and made new calls and continuously gets held off by a lawyer, then you can attack them by filing a charge.

  43. Sorry People , but they are legitimate and they are now Aktiv Kapital, they purchase old debt from other companies like TD, Wells Fargo, Canadian Tire ect, and they also purchased accounts that were financing through the Brick, Future Shop, Radio Shack, ect. You know when you go in and buy and don't pay for 1 yr or interest free at all the big stores, the financing is done through other companies and when you don't pay those bills they then send them to outside collection agencies and they start to try and track you people down who do not pay your bills, So you will continue to get calls, sometimes they are search for a person through a phone number and they get the wrong people but I am sure we all have dialed the wrong number a time or 2 in our lives.

    1. I don't think I like your " you people" comment. You are assuming that everyone that is complaining on this are actually guilty of owing money. My husband and I bought a house 5 1/2 years ago there were no bad marks on his or my credit. After we purchased this house he started getting calls from Active Capital Capital Canada who is now Aktiv Kapital. They claim that he owes them $26,000 from 1991. In 1991 he was going through a divorce and was not making any major purchases. The phone number they are calling is in my maiden name. The only way they could have got this number would be when we purchased our house. Plus they don't even have our current address. They told him that they bought the account from CitiFinanial. My husband contacted CitiFinancial with the account number that Aktiv gave him plus he gave them his S.I.N. and guess what? They don't have any record of him ever having a loan with them. So please don't say you people because I can't see this many people coming to this page and lying about what they are experiencing.

    2. They may call you once a day, but they can't sue past the statute of limitation. They also don't have debt collector's licences outside Ontario. The only way to get them is to record their calls (you don't have to tell them this to use the recording in court as evidence) and "lead" the person calling you on behalf of Aktive Kapital to state and spell their full name, the name they company the represent, give you their company's address and phone number, the reason they call and their debt collector licence number valid in the province you reside or state the lack thereof for your province of residence. After you have collected enough evidence (20 to 100 or so calls) file a complaint or a statement of claims in a small claims court in your place of residence. In most provinces it's now the $25,000 upper limit you can sue them for and you can get a favourable judgement. For them it's quite an expensive exercise, as they'll have to hire a lawyer to represent them during both the settlement conference and the trial. Judges are in most cases not sympathetic to debt collectors, especially if you present them with recordings of their harassing calls (all courtrooms have now facilities to play them). You can get them off your hair for ever and get some compensation on top, even if you do have an unpaid stale debt (stat barred). The other avenue to sue them even in the supreme/superior court is if they contact your employer and tell them about your debt. If your employer agrees to swear an affidavit to that effect and you can proof that you've sufferred monetary losses for that reason (you'll have to indemnify your employer before asking for the affidavit), Aktive Kapital is on the hook or all the losses plus, sometimes, some punitive damages and almost always your legal costs. Aktive Kapital is an extremely shady company, at least in Canada. Good luck!

    3. Really, well here's one for you. I have had an outstanding debt with Bell Canada. Ten months ago, Aktiv Kapital sent me a letter giving me three options to repay the debt. Believe it or not I was happy because I always felt guilty for not paying that bill. My husband and I made the necessary arrangements and followed them to the letter. Three days ago, I started getting threatening phone calls from a company claiming to represent Aktiva Kapital and they demanded $175.00 to be paid the next day. It was for the same phone number as the first Collection Agency and when I told them we were paying that bill down, the woman told me 'You don't know what you're talking about.' And hung up on me. I was unable to pay my phone bill in 2004 because of circumstances beyond my control and I kept wanting to pay them in amounts I could handle but they refused and eventually, 9 years later I am paying one Collection Agency for the phone bill and being harassed by a second Aktiv Kapital for the same phone bill. What I thought was a way to settle a mistake in my past has turned into a nightmare.

    4. You should have ignored all collection calls, as the statute of limitation on suing you in court sets in within two to six years, depending on the province, and reported them to the RCMP. BTW, never talk to them, as your admission of the indebtedness may may reset the statute of limitation clock back to zero.

  44. Good news now. Aktiv Kapital scaled its hours of operation and substituted aggressive goons harassing you with computerised voice demanding that you contact them. This site has probably done its job in educating customers and people are more aware of their rights. Also, the shortening of the statute of limitation on debt in Alberta and Ontario to two (2) years as well as the reluctance of courts to accept late acknowledgments of stale debt even in writing (past the cut-off date of SOL) left them with a pile of cheaply bought debt that is noncollectable. The vultures have to feed on themselves now.

  45. This company is a scammer trying to collect your personal information. Call the telephone company and the police to report them as making harassing calls.

  46. Recieved a small claims court demand . I plan to refute however not sure as I made payments (they have indicated ( one) 2- error payments made when in actuality I made recent payments to them . Asked for a full disclosure of debt purchase but did not get it . Went on to pay as their tactics included a lien on my house. States thatAKCL Investoments Ltd. transferred account Akitv Kapital Portfolio AS. Also showing a trans union credit file dated 1997

  47. These guys are trying to collect on a 23 year old debt from me when I lived in a different part of the country. What bothers me the most is that they collected information about me recently from the credit bureaus. I cannot get my credit report without paying for it. I have told them about limitation laws, but they do not care. Just do not acknowledge the debt to them in writing or send any money, because your statute of limitations will start all over.

  48. it is always advisable to do proper research and due diligence before investing your money with any firm


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