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Friday, July 14, 2006

Casino Rama - The Noodle Bar

Casino Rama – The Noodle Bar

I was at Casino Rama on July 13th, 2006. I and my family were going to a Kenny Rogers concert. We got to in the casino at around 6:45 and we decided to try the Noodle Bar at Casino Rama. I thought it would be something good to try since it is a very popular hotspot. Once we got in, the owner, who I think, is an Asian man told us to have a seat in a rash tone. We just approached him inside and he said that, that tone of his voice made me walk out and leave! However, I did not let this get away from my hunger. Throughout the evening, he was complaining and cussing in another language under his breath that I could hear. Whenever I asked for a refill of my drink, he would look bitchy and ungrateful. Our food was okay except my cousin Ira who had a piece of hair on his soup. That was very unsanitary! My cousin ended up not eating at all! I was very upset with the experience. He was staring at me too and looking very upset at me for some odd reason. The attendants were quiet eager to have us eat for 5 minutes and leave. They stared at everyone and kicked anyone out without notice. This is the most absurd service I have ever had! My gosh! They should be happy that business is booming since hungry losers like me chose to eat at his restaurant! Casino Rama should have this guy replaced by someone better!

Tim Hortons – Trillium Health Centre – Queensway Site

Tim Hortons – Trillium Health Centre – Queensway Site

I was at Tim Hortons today for my Physiotherapy since I had a Microdisectomy and I am still in pain. There was a Tim Hortons at the Queensway site and I was very happy that I know I can order something from there. I first though I could order a Cheese Croissant and an Garlic Herb Bagel. An attendant named Zuzana was a trainee at this location by the note on her card. However, if I was a trainee at this location, I would care about presence and sterility. When I was talking to her, she was so loud. I couldn’t hear her when she told me that there was no Cheese Croissant and people were staring at me like I am some idiot! I was just hungry! Tim Hortons is one of those Canadian Stores I am proud to have in this city. She asked me for my money in order for her to ring up the order of an Herb Garlic Bagel that is regular and it Toasted. She had her gloves on and she touched the money with it!!! That is EXTREMELY unsanitary. She didn’t bother to wash her hands as normal procedure of handling food plus, like I said she was loud when I she responded to the question, “I beg your pardon?” This sucks ass! I didn’t bother to eat the damn bagel since last week, I suffered from food poisoning and trust me, that is not a pretty sight that I want to see happen again! To think that this is a hospital for god sakes! Procedures should be taken more seriously than other stores!!!! Tim Hortons really made me upset and very very very mad.

KFC – Jane and Dundas Location

KFC – Jane and Dundas Location

This incident happened on Wednesday, July 12th, 2006. I ordered a 20 pcs. Bucket of chicken and two snackers to go. I was very hungry and I was on a road trip to Niagara Falls and I needed something to snack on. Once I got to my motel in Niagara, I opened the bucket and a majority of the pieces were drumsticks! Two pieces have very “unique” features. One piece was red inside and the other had a black ant deep inside the skin. This chicken made me want to throw up upon seeing it like this. The other pieces were mostly bones! For $26.00 I got junk! On the way to Niagara, I was also snacking on my Snackers Sandwiches and they were hard as rocks! If I threw them on the pavement, they would make the ground shake! I am not very happy with KFC’s quality. Before I left, I also asked for BBQ sauce and at first, they didn’t want to give it for free. They wanted to charge me .26 for each packette. What a rip! The only thing that was good at KFC was the BBQ Sauce and the fact that they did not charge me for it! I am deeply disappointed. I have been a loyal customer of KFC for ages despite everybody wanting to ban it. I was left with no dinner that night since I spent the last allowance I had with KFC! :(

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