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Monday, August 28, 2006

Wendy's Restaurant at Dundas and Kipling

This complaint is about the Wendy's Restaurant that is joint together with Tim Hortons in front of Kipling Subway Staion in Toronto, ON. Canada.

Following is more information about this Wendy's Restaurant:
Wendy's Restaurants Of Canada
(416) 234-8666
5250 Dundas Street West
Etobicoke, ON M9B 1A9, Canada

At aprox. 1:30am on August 28th,2006 I arrived at the above specified Wendy's location at the drive-throu and ordered the classic combo with my choice of fries and coke with a side order of a large chilli and a baked potato stuffed in chesse and bacon with sour cream and chives on the side and a bacon club classic burger.

As I was ordering the girl who was taking the order named Medhia, she was laghing and yaking to her co-workers, when I finished ordering and drove ahead to the first window I asked how much is the difference in price between the sandwitch and the combo and she said "ofcourse there is a difference" I then asked "What is the difference though?" And then she provided me with the answer, my order came out to aprox. $15 and after I paid for it by my visa credit card she gave me the card back and said "here" in a very rude tone, then I drove ahead to the second window and received my order through a man which appears to be the manager.

As I was driving, I noticed that my order is missing the credit card receipt, I had paid by my visa credit card as I had mentioned earlier and I need the receipt but Medhia had forgotten to provide it to me and I wasn't surprised of this because she was yaking to her co-workers and not taking her job seriosuly while she was taking my order, I then called the above location and advised the manager of my complaint.

When I got home later I noticed that the order is also missing sour cream and chives, I then called back and spoke to the same manager and advised him how fraustrated I am because of this second problem and all he said is "come back and I will replace the baked potato and give you the receipt that Medhia forgotten to give to you", I then advised him that I am not happy with this kind of settlement and that I will contact the head office instead and he said "ok" then he hung up on me.

I am very surprised and not impressed that Wendy's tolerates this kind of a behaviour and let's their employees do this.

I welcome anyone including Wendy's employees to respond to this post and make your comments.

If Wendy's is responding, please include your contact name and telephone number.


  1. I attended the drive through Wendy's on Yorkmills and placed an order. I order a baked potatoe with sour cream and a burger. When I returned to work I noticed they did not give me a fork/spoon/knife.

    I called the store and advised them that I did not receive any eating utensils and the Manager said that she was sorry. There was an ackward silence for a few seconds then she said sorry again. I then asked her how she would like me to eat this baked potatoe and she said sorry again. She did not say come back and we will replace it she just kept saying sorry. I then advised her that I could not go back to pick up utensils as I was at work. She then offered a free meal.

    I went through the drive-thru the next day with two other employees. We placed 3 separate orders. When we picked up the orders the Manager shoved 3 bags at me. I asked her to please advise me what meal was in which bag and she continued to shove the bags at me. I asked her to slow down and relax and that I didn't like being rushed, seeing how the day before I was rushed out of there and there was no utensils.

    I could not believe what the Manager said. She said there were people behind me and she didn't want them to be upset because I was taking too long. I asked her how is my asking her what was in each bag taking too long? I told her I could not believe she actually said that too me, seeing how I was a customer as well. I then advised her that I would be contacting their head office and she went on to say "I'm Sorry".

    What ever happened to customer service???

  2. This review serves as a reminder for all employees to focus on their job and provide quality service to customers.


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