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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

American Express

I am making a complaint in regards to American Express and their
Processor, CardPayment Solutions. These two companies in conjunction
have been using Nigerians to steal from Americans using American Express
products using a life insurance scam. I received American Express Gift
Cheques which I called into the American Express Fraud Department for
verify the authenticity before cashing them. The serial numbers were
correct on the gift cheques in which I received from CardPayment
Solutions via Federal Express. The recorded conversation I had with the
American Express Fraud Department prior to cashing these can be
obtained at the local courthouse in Annapolis, Maryland.

I was charged with 5 counts of fraud and all charges were immediately
dropped after the State Attorney Warren Davis (410-222-1740) listened to
my recorded conversation with American Express Fraud Department. The
American Express Fraud Department clearly stated that all of the
cheques were valid and gave me the go ahead to cash the cheques. I
notified the American Express Fraud Department after I found out it was
fraud/scam and then provided them with all the information and they
clearly tried to discredit my information/documentation by replying back
with different serial numbers which was provided to me by two 'so
called' employees of American Express named (Christina Smith and Reed
Clawson). This information from these two individiuals as received on
American Express' letter head. I investigated and discovered that
these to individuals do not and have not ever worked or been employed
by American Express. This information I obtained from the Human
Resources Department of American Express.

I submitted my documentation to the Maryland Attorney General and his
office forwarded this information to the FBI. In the envelope containing
the handwriting of the person who sent this fraudulent material to me
from CardPayment Solutions' Federal Express account number. This fraud
material was driven 100 miles away from the office of CardPayment, in an
attempt to cover up up where it was actually sent from, by a Chris Curry
who as well was never employed by CardPayment Solutions. This
information I obtained from the Human Resources Department of
CardPayment Solutions. This person Chrs Curry clearly tried to avoid
giving up his location of CardPayment Solutions by providing two
incorrect addresses on the Federal Express shipping labels. I have this
in writing from FEDEX that these two (original) shipment labels was sent
100 miles away from the actual location of CardPayment Solution.

I am an honorable retired military veteran (20 years) who has used
American Express all over the world. I feel this is a disgrace of this
company that is an international company that does not stand by their
word and they need to be stopped. Several websites appeared during time
frame when I was scammed requesting for information of this fraudulent.
I have information for these mentioned websites.

I am humbly requesting that you investigate this issue on my behalf. I
would gladly send you all evidence upon your request. You can contact
me at anytime at number listed above.

Thank you very much for your time and cooperation pertaining to this
matter and please have a wonderful day.


William M. Harley

Sent from my BlackBerry device on the Rogers Wireless Network


  1. On Novemeber 28, 2008, I received a phone call from Joel Conway at Auto saying that he had a buyer for the car I am selling. For just a small fee he was willing to push the buyer on to meet me. Once the fee was paid no one showed......this is not a good time of year for being scammed so what yourselves if you are selling a vechile. I know the willingness and anxiety of wanting a car to sell. Kevin Murray

  2. My wife and I are also dealing with American Express. People beware!! Their policies are wrong and mean to do harm. We never paid a bill late and always try to pay more than the min. due. In the last 6 months we have only paid the min. twice and all the other times at least 25 percent more and sometimes even double the min. payment. They have made a negative impact on my credit and I warn anyone who uses them to be ware if you carry any balances. They offer you a high credit line at first and then start dropping the credit line to what your credit balance is or real close. This impacts your credit in a negative way. My wife and I have reported them to the Better Business. The customer service is worthless. Talking to people in Miami, Florida is also worthless. For those who do not know , but that is where the complaint department is. Do yourselves a favor and throw the card in the trash. The best thing for this company to do for America is to go out of Business. My wife and I have our credit monitored and the company instructed us that their practice is what is lowering our score. We have a high credit score; we just want it to be higher. This is just to warn people.

    Please for more additional info at

  3. All credit cards are doing this these days. If you have over 1/3 of your max on your card it now hurts you. I was also shocked to see my credit score was low even though my payment history has been perfect.

  4. I am expecting a pkg thru AMEXPRESS. Tracking it, it shows that the package was DELIVERED(?) yesterday to DELTONA FL. Then put out for DELIVERY at 09:30. NEVER DELIVERED YESYERDAY or TODAY!IT was never delivered and NO WAY TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED.HUH. There is no AMEXPRESS in DELTONA FL. I tried getting in touch with them on the website.. HAH. You go on there website and get a COMPLETE CIRCLE of pages and NO WHERE to e-mail.

  5. I used to have an American express and I cancelled it today, I hated my american express.
    There are a lot of things I hate about it.

    One of the things is, I have a supplementary card added on my account on my friends name, and whenever my friend makes payments on his card it won't show on payment history that he made the payments on his account directly, it shows that payment was received for the main entire account. So there is no way to track if he's making payments or not.

    I spoke to Britney from Amex, she agreed that the statement should show which payments went to which account, but unfortunately it doesn't.

  6. This complaint is about American Express and their payment processor, CardPayment Solutions, who are allegedly involved in a scam that uses Nigerians to steal from Americans using a life insurance scam. The complainant received American Express Gift Cheques and called the American Express Fraud Department to verify their authenticity before cashing them. The Fraud Department confirmed that the cheques were valid, but it later turned out to be a fraud/scam. The complainant notified American Express Fraud Department and provided them with all the information but was given different serial numbers by two employees who were never employed by American Express. The complainant has submitted their documentation to the Maryland Attorney General, and the FBI was involved in the investigation. The complainant is requesting an investigation into this issue, and they have evidence to support their claims.


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