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Sunday, January 06, 2008

McDonalds complaints they always screw up orders

You know what I hate about Mcdonalds? Everytime you goto the Drive through and place an order, they always get your order wrong, it keeps happening to me in almost every relocation and lots of people complain about this same issue, can't they f$="÷» stop this??? And be more careful??
I always call the store back when this happens and the manager puts my name in the book so the next time I go there I can get the combo replaced for free, I guess this is a good way for people to get free food from mcdonalds! :D all they gotta do is call the location and ask for the manager and pretend that they've messed up their order and that they want the number to head office, but then the manager right away will want to resolve it and will ask you to give them your name and that they will put it in a book they have and next time you go there you can get a free meal :D couple friends of mine tried it while driving to Mcdonalds and made it seem like they ordered something but they got something else and they're pissed about it and it works! And if you really got screwed over the best thing to do is contact the owner or their headoffice and complain and instead you will get a lot more compensation Pls post your comments below and let me know what you think!! :)

Thanks and thanks to my favourite website where I can talk freely and in minutes later all this will be visible on search engines including google :)

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  1. After not having eaten at McDonalds for several years due to enjoying my health, I decided to go there as it was the only place available that was open at the hour I went. WHAT A MISTAKE! I ordered a 1/4 w/cheese which was the worst tasting peice of slop that I've ever had! Next time I'll just deal with my hunger. There should be a antacid dispenser in the w/c. Goodbye.

  2. i always go in on saturday were it has 2 floors go up2 the counter and tell staff "as i went to the toilet i came back and to my horror the cleaner has cleaned my table and taken the rest of my meal and put it in the bin" works everytime.

  3. Mcdonalds when are you going to learn to teach your workers to CLEAN THE TABLES IN YOUR RESTAURANT I don't want to see Catchup and lots of it on the table it got on my wallot and on me that's GROSS Do Something About It This Time and No More Terriacki sauce on Hot fudge Sundaes OK PEOPLE AT MCDONALDS

  4. In the colder months about once a week I take my children to the indoor playground at McDonalds. On Wednesday, March 10th my children and I went to the McDonalds Rivermede location at 1600 Highway 7 in Concord and it was at about 5:20pm. This location is about 20km away from our home and we make the long trip there occasionally due to the large size playground.
    Each experience that we’ve had thus far has been very poor. Every time has been slow and under-staffed however, today was just truly horrible. Upon arriving, there were about 7 others in line and one cashier. After spending some time in line, the manager on duty who was working the drive thru window finally noticed and called another cashier from the back to help. At first all the young fellow did was get a few orders together and did not go to a register, but soon he finally opened a second one.
    Once we were able to place our order, the whole process was painfully slow. As we waited for them to get it together, my kids went to get ketchup and napkins only to find that they were all empty! We told the cashier and were given only ketchup. It was when we got to our table that we realized that he didn’t give us napkins. So, back to the counter we went to ask for napkins.
    Each cashier that we dealt with was robotic, having no empathy or an ounce of courtesy or customer service. Both very young and seeming inexperienced, their manager was certainly oblivious to what was going on.
    The kids and I were seated in the play area, we ate and then they went off to play. Of course, they both had to go to the washroom at some point and I accompanied them through the restaurant to the washroom. As I took a good look around, it was clear that they were either really under-staffed or just didn’t care. Many times the counter was only manned by one person with many waiting in line. The state of this restaurant was filthy; most of the table surfaces were either dirty or littered with garbage, newspapers or trays left behind and the floors were soiled. Even tables in the play area were not wiped or cleared off.
    During one of my visits back to the counter to order something else, the state of the front area where the cashiers work and assemble orders was also filthy. On the floor was spilled coffee, items dropped on the floor like a cup and a squashed coffee creamer, french fries, etc.
    Having time on my hands since my children were busy, I noticed through the glass from the playground as plain clothed people walked in and out of the cash and kitchen area, including staff members arriving for work. A few plain-clothed individuals walked in and helped themselves to drinks, French fries and burgers all the while they had just come in from the street and had not washed their hands to be in this area where food is served!
    Finally, I noticed an older gentleman in plain clothes go behind the counter. My assumption was that he was the owner, as he had mail in his hand and seemed to be very friendly to all staff.
    If it was indeed the owner, he made no notice and took no care in the state of his filthy restaurant. I watched in disgust as he left and got into his high end vehicle and drove off. He noticed me, as I watched him leave and drive away.
    I am not sure if each McDonalds location is individually owned and operated, but you would think that each would uphold a certain level of expectation from McDonalds Canada, as well as the general public. Most of the McDonalds that I have been to have someone who is assigned to maintaining the cleanliness of the restaurant; to replenish consumables, mop floors, clear and wipe tables, washrooms, etc. It is my perception that this location does not have anyone dedicated to these tasks, nor do they schedule enough front line staff to handle the demand.
    It is not likely our last visit there, since the kids like this playground. However, if you have a suggestion of a restaurant located closer to home that has a comparable size play area we would be open to suggestions.

  5. The McDonalds on 2nd Avenue in Saskatoon is absolutely discusting not because of the food or service but because of the scummy people that hang out there. They dumpster dive for discarded coffee cups and go in for their free "refill" then hang out panhandling for money from passers by. This is reflecting baddly on a reputable downtown business and many good customers are refusing to go back. There is nothing quite like the expeience of using the washroom after one of these street people have been in there. The door says you must ask the manager for a key to be admitted to the wash room. But the door is always unlcked! McDonalds please do something about this situation no more free refills at this location, lock the wasrooms, clean the washrooms more often, refuse to serve intoxicated/stoned people and don't serve the bums that hang-out panhadling right outside your door!

  6. I just came back from McDonald's location at 420 Highway 7 E Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3K2. (905) 882-6550 and guess what!

    I ordered a sausage egg mc muffin and when I got home and opened the bag, I noticed they gave me the wrong order which is ham and egg mc muffin, so I called and spoke to the manager and demanded that they deliver the order to my home because I'm not going to go back to the store again, she said she can't do that but instead she can replace the order, I said that I don't believe replacing the order is fair enough, I told her that they either replace it with 2 free orders or I will have to contact head office, operations manager, district manager and so on.

    She agreed and put my name in the box, so next time I go in they'll give me 2 free combos doesn't matter if it's lunch or breakfast.

    And I encourage everyone to do the same if your order gets screwed up you have to demand for at least 2 combos or more! these people have to learn to stop making mistakes, true humans are not perfect and they make mistakes but these are not humans or animals because animals are smarter than them.

  7. The location in richmond hill at bayview and major mac is the worst location in richmond hill when it comes to screwing up orders!!

  8. Today at 2.20 p.m. I was in the McDonalds's restaurant at the Wal Mart in Ottawa (Kanata). It was the most disgusting experience that I have ever had in McDonalds.
    1. The garbage bins were overflowing and garbage was on the tables on trays
    2. The line up was "out the door" and no additional cashiers were brought in
    3. The staff member (may have been a Wal Mart staff person) who was bringing supplies in through the restaurant was extremely rude to staff.
    What tops it all is you contact their web site and there is nowhere to register a complaint unless you want to write a letter. In this day and age? However stories like this help as I am a management consultant and always like good stories about poorly managed companies. If anyone at McDonalds reads this e-mail me at and I would be happy to enlighten you.

  9. Today I ordered 2x Hotcake Happy Meals for my children. Usually I pay $8.17 today I was charged $11.83. When I queried why the price was so different from usual, the girl (Mailing) answered that that was how they did it. I told her the milk and cookies were included in the cost (Cookies instead of a toy) she said they were not, they were merely discounted and that I still had to pay $1.68 for the cookies and $2.58 for the milk. Anyway I asked her to void it and ring it up correctly all the while she was rolling her eyes to heaven, huffing and puffing and with a raised voice, embarrassing me in front of the people behind me in the line up. Eventually, after I called another cashier over, she re-rang it and refunded me the overcharged $3.01. How many other people would have complained and then stood their ground whilst being humiliated and verbally bullied in front of everyone else?
    One of the other staff members said she always behaves like that, even with the other staff members, but shame, she is heavily pregnant. My response is..... Do not accept bad treatment from anyone in the customer service, no matter his or her 'excuse'. I could have accepted it if an apology went hand in had with the explanation, BUT I too have been pregnant and if I do wrong, I apologize. This Mailing should get a stern talking to and McDonald's STOP allowing your staff to overcharge, as this is not an uncommon complaint. Also, if you are going to have obnoxious people working on your front line, give them people skill training, your customers do not have to put up with such bad treatment, there are many fast food outlets, don't make us choose because of continual bad service......

  10. McDonald's Employee.June 16, 2012 1:21 am

    I work at McDonald's, and the things all of you people do fucking DISGUST me. By saying "we messed up your order" when we really didn't, or complaining that we "threw out your meal" when we really didn't could get us written up or even fired. I hope you all burn in hell, pricks.

  11. I was in Mcdonald's at the Bayview and Major Mackenzie location in Richmond Hill located at 1070 Major Mackenzie Dr E, Richmond Hill, ON L4S 1P3 (905) 508-9550 couple days ago, I ordered a ice cream cone, and here is a picture of the cone that I received:

    I asked for another one and here is what they gave me:

    So I asked for the manager and the mcdonalds employee said there is no manager at this time, I was very surprised to hear that there is no manager, mcdonalds has a rule that there should be a manager there at all times!!!

    I spoke to Vanessa today who claimed to be the main restaurant manager and she insisted that there was a manager there at that time and the information I was given was not true, I believe Vanessa was lying trying to cover up.

    I asked Vanessa for the contact information of the district manager and she said his name is George Curry but she does not have his contact information, and I would have to contact head office and register my complaint with them and they will pass the complaint to him, here is his linkedin profile that I found

  12. It's unfortunate to hear that many people have experienced issues with McDonald's getting their orders wrong, but it's not ethical to purposefully scam the restaurant to get free food. While it's understandable to be frustrated when an order is incorrect, pretending to have a problem just to receive compensation is not a solution. Instead, customers should try to communicate their concerns with the restaurant in a respectful manner and give them a chance to make it right. If the problem persists, contacting the owner or head office is a more appropriate course of action. It's important to remember that restaurants are run by humans who can make mistakes, and it's up to us to handle the situation with maturity and honesty.


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