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Friday, April 04, 2008

WebServe Canada

Webserve Canada
Name of owner: Ali Mozaffari
Postal Address:
WebServe Canada 1000 Roosevelt Crescent Suite 235 North Vancouver BC V7T 1M3 Canada
Phone: 604-904-0926
Fax: 604-904-0927

Webserve Web hosting is a scam And they keep emailing me notices to send them a payment even though I'm not their member.

I've asked them several times to remove my email from their records and they replied asking me to go on their website to fill out a cancellation form which I declined to do because in the cancellation form it asks for my info and I don't want to give them my info, they probably do this so they can get the rest of my info and maybe do identity theft! So I told them that I never signed up and therefore it’s not my responsibility to fill out this form and they should do what I requested and cancel the account and this is the way they responded to me:

"If you didn't sign up with Webserve I need to alert Paypal and the RCMP Fraud Squad that someone is fraudulently using your name and information. We have the ISP location of the person who ordered the services and we will give that information to the RCMP as well you should make sure your identity hasn't been stolen. If you did sign up with Webserve our email system is automated and will keep emailing you every day until we receive the cancellation request form. If you don't want to fill in the form please send me your account password and I will cancel your account for you. You won't have to fill in the form and the emails will stop."

All I can say is Wow! They try to scare you and threaten you saying if you don't do what they asked then they'll contact rcmp and paypal fraud, etc..., And that the emails will be sent to me forever until I do what they say, And I bet you that lots of people fall for that crap and do what they say.

This is clearly an illegal practice and we should all report this company to phonebusters, RCMP and their local police office.

This is very unprofessional of them to respond with such rude wrong response and they should comply when someone asks them to have their email removed.

I suggest you don't signup with this company, you will regret it later, there are millions of hosting companies out there, you don't need this one plus their prices are very expensive too.



  1. I have had a similar problem with this company myself as well.

    I found this info also about this company on the internet:

    Ali Mozaffari
    728 14th St, # 11
    North Vancouver, BC
    (604) 929-2729


    1202 London St
    New Westminster, BC V3M 5Z6
    (604) 759-0114

  2. Well if you told me you hadn't signed up for an account and knew nothing about it then I too would assume you were the victim of identity theft and fraud.

    Seems to me if you didn't sign up for the account then their response is the correct one. We all have to fight the scammers, spammers and hackers out there and reporting this transaction to the RCMP Fraud Squad would be the right move.

    However, it seems really odd that the person who stole your information and used it to sign-up for hosting also used your personal e-mail address.

  3. You are from Webserve yourself so don't pretend to be someone else responding to this post!

    I might be a victim of identity theft but that is non of your business, If I choose to report it or not then it's upto me so don't give me BS threats that you will report it to rcmp or whoever.

    Your unprofessional attitude shows to your clients that they shouldn't signup for your services.

  4. You should read the last two sentences again. The person says "Please send me your password and you won't have to fill out the form". Seems to me you are the only one with the problem here.

  5. What you said doesn't make any sense!

    You guys asked me for the account password so you can close the account right? well, if I never openned the account myself then how the hell would I know the password to the account huh??? what part don't you understand.

  6. I had problems with webserve as well, and their rates are very high its a rip off.

    I wouldn't suggest anyone to signup with them.

  7. Here are some interesting links that I found about this company, I guess there are tons!!

    On website I found them saying the following about webserve canada:


    I Advise: DO NOT USE Webserve Canada for your web-hosting needs.

    My experience with Webserve Canada has been one of frustration. They have proven themselves incompetent, abysmal communicators, and they even have broken the terms of their own contract!

    When I complained about poor service and filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Mainland BC, WEBSERVE CANADA TOOK DOWN MY WEBSITE WITHOUT WARNING OR EXPLANATION.


    Keep in mind that if you see positive feedback about this company, it's possible that the owners of the company itself posted such feedback.

  8. Current network status from Webserve:

    "We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the following servers, NS66, VPS2 and NS62, the servers have been moved to a new datacenter due to network issues which require a migration to a new network infrastructure to improve performance and speed however the new IP addresses are taking time to propagate and created some difficulties for few services including DNS service."
    Posted by: Network Administration Team
    On: 4 November 2008

    Webserve has been off-line for many users since Nov.1. Their 24/7 "LIVE HELP" chat support displays the following:
    Welcome to our Live Chat.
    Please select the department you would like to reach.

    Billing (Offline)
    Sales Support (Offline)
    Technical Support (Offline)

    Their web site states: Our support center, Help Desk and Live Help are always available 24/7.
    I thought 24/7 meant ALL THE TIME!

    Calls to Live Help go to a call centre and the person states they are taking messages only and passing them on to support staff. I've had no response since Nov. 1.

    The Lower Mainland Better Business Bureau advises that Webserve are not a BBB client however Webserve continues to list themselves as BBB affiliated. The BBB has numerous unresolved complaints against Webserve.

    Check these links before signing up with Webserve: Review/Complaint | Psyc3d Animation & Design - Blog
    BBB of Mainland BC: Check Out a Business or Charity

    Webserve webhosting - Techvibes ForumWebserve Canada ( did they go? - Web Hosting Talk - The largest, most influential web hosting community on the Internet Review/Complaint » News on Hosting and Web Hosts Sites

    Webserve Canada Review, User Reviews of Webserve Canada


  9. did you report webserve to RCMP? I want to do so but not sure if RCMP will take me seriously. Webserve has been cheating money out of me, and I am so angry.

  10. We had the same problem. Webserve is a scam. Webserve had over 100 BBB complaints against them. They continue to try to charge me monthly without my authorization.

  11. I just got burnt by Webserve Canada. I had come to an end of a two year contract with them which I did not want to continue with because the service was so bad. They just charged my credit card for a renewal of my account for another two years without my consent. So I cancelled the renewal of my account with the understanding that I would be refunded (at least that's what customer service said). All they did was terminate my service and keep my money - two years worth. I am furious! How dare they. How is it that a company like this can keep getting away with it? Where is the serve in Webserve?

  12. You people are retards. I use as my hosting company so i cannot comment on my service with webserve, but i have used many hosting companies, small and large and the customer always has the power. If they are chargeing your credit card, stop bitching like a bunch of fools and call your credit card company. The reason i am saying this is if you are not getting a response and you havent had any customer service in months and they are always offline, then yes report them and do whatever you need to do, but stop getting ripped off and loosing your money, and then complaining about it. CALL AND BLOCK THEIR TRANSACTION OR CANCEL YOUR CARD!!! They cannot charge a canceled credit card number!!! The only person doing a good job in here is the person who posted the full report and included all the links and BBB reviews and a detailed explanation about the company,,, the rest of you are whining and are wasting our time reading your stupid comments.

  13. I DID contact my credit card company. They told me to wait and see if Webserve refunded my money before taking any further action. Calling us a bunch of retards is not cool. Grow up.

  14. I would say past is past... Webserve has improved their support and services a lot more better than what it used to be...

  15. The last comment is BULLSHIT, because if they improved then they should refund me the $50 they scammed me, they took the money and did NOT provide me with any service, THEY TOOK MY MONEY AND RAN AWAY.


  16. My domain was offline for 5 days. Now my page is accessible but the FTP isn't. WEBSERVE ROYALLY SUCKS. All they do is fill out fictious tickets. They are top notch when it come to being incompitant. Isn't there a division or a group that can put a civil suit together.

  17. My site has been down for two weeks now. I've issued trouble tickets, emailed, called their "24 hour support" and left a message and used online chat but the site is still down.

    Trouble tickets are a joke. 3 trouble tickets and no response to even one.

    Your comment is ridiculous "the past is the past Webserve has improved their service" gime me a break. Do they pay you well at webserve?


  18. I too have had many issues with Webserve. I would not recommend them to anyone. Customer service is non-existent. Currently my site and e-mail is down and no response back from this good for nothing company. I am switching as soon as I can, and will hopefully find a better provider. They are good at taking your money and that is all.

  19. Webserve is horrible
    We have our web site on there keeps going down email is down we are a on linr business they have no support and no one answers the phone donot og with this company no matter what I have never had such poor or NO SERVICE WHAT SO EVER!

  20. Signed up with Webserve in early September 2009. I couldn't get anything to work, tried their support lines/contact info, etc. and got nowhere. Sent a cancellation request within a few days of originally signing up (they have a 30 day money back guarantee). They sent me an email a few days later saying the account had been cancelled. My second credit card bill came and they still haven't returned the $321 I paid them. Called AMEX and they said I'd have to take it up with Webserve. Many calls have gone unanswered by Webserve. Several times they have taken my details and said someone would contact me. Latest update from them, they say they have processed my refund. I wait to see proof from my credit card company. Buyer beware.

  21. I have had numerous and regular problems with
    They are terrible for keeping a site up and running. The site often goes down, files go missing and twice the server has been hacked into. DO NOT make the mistake I did and host with them.

  22. Although I still have a couple of domains registered with Webserve, it's been over 2 years since I had a site hosted by them. Once those domain registrations are transferred elsewhere, I'll no longer need to hide behind 'anonymous' postings about their horrific service. Quick example:

    - Site was disabled somehow (they recently upgraded PLESK)
    - I had them re-enable it, but the files/database were gone.
    - Fortunately, I backed up the site using their documented methods.
    - Their backup software wouldn't restore the database (and the backup files were in a proprietary format)
    - I created a new database and backed up and tried to restore. It failed again (a re-creatable problem).
    - 1st level tech support had no clue and 2nd level never returned calls/emails.
    - Eventually had to re-create site from scratch and use another backup technique until I went elsewhere.

    That's just 1 of many issues I encountered at the hands of those clowns.

  23. I've also had bogus invoices from Webserve. After I've transferred my hosting accounts away from this company, and that was only accomplished with extreme difficulty, I have continued to receive invoices. Out of confusion, fearing I didn't want to interrupt service from the new host in any way, I think I might have even agreed to pay some of these invoices, or else they simply continued to run stuff through my credit card number (until it has at last expired). I don't recall exactly. But I would strongly advise anyone not to have anything to do with this company. I have a phone number for their office in North Vancouver but when you call, it's merely a telephone loop that replays the same information.

    These comments indicate to me that Webserve should be investigated by the Better Business Bureau.

  24. Fresh is Best Salsa and Company fails to pay their employees on time. Based out of Kamloops, BC, management resorts to sending cheques in the mail rather than using direct deposit.

    Please do not support this company as a majority of the employees are treated unfairly. Boycott their products found in local supermarkets and grocery stores.

  25. I paid $66.40 for 3 years domain registration and got nothing in return not even a reply, WTF,

    How do we sue this asshole and shut him down

  26. I purchased a domain name and paid $66.40 for 3 years, I never got a reply to my phone calls or email, it has bee almost 2 weeks now.
    This is wrong, how can we sue this ASSHOLE, Karma time for this one.
    His he even legit?

  27. I ended up purchasing my domain name with Go Daddy after 3 weeks of no reply from Webserve. I am surprise that there is no legal action taken against this obvious fraudulent scam. How can we start a class law suit for lost of time and money against this selfish con artist.

  28. I signed up with them 2 years ago. After 2 days it was clear that their service and tools available were completely inadequate for my needs and I switched hosts. They refused to give me a refund.

    I gave up attempting to transfer to another registrar due to the difficulties I had dealing with them. I figured even though their hosting was inadequate, I guess they could be trusted with a simple thing like domain registration...

    Now, they have taken a payment made to them for the purpose of renewing my domain name and used it to renew a domain forwarding service they hooked up to my account once I'd already established hosting elsewhere. Of course, I find this out only now that my domain name has expired.

    I'm out of business. No website. No ability to receive email.

    If there's even a 1% chance of this happening to you or your business, would you risk it?

  29. I have to agree with a lot of you about webserve. I made the mistake signing up for a hosting package last week. Not only couldn't get straight answers out of their support staff. They took a long time to respond. When I finally had enough and said "ok now you are pissing me off cancel the plan and reverse the credit card charge for the first payment." I still couldn't get straight answers and responses out of them. They cancelled the account but no idea whether reverse the payment which took them way too long to process in the first place. Some of the replies I received they said couldn't process the payment. Though got email confirmation saying had made the payment. It took 4 days this week to eventually get in touch with someone from billing to reverse the charge. No response by email hard to reach on the phone. I was on hold for about 30 minutes then was disconnected and had to call back. The person I talked to said she needed to call me back when I said wanted a refund. She did in a couple of minutes. Put me on hold for another several minutes came back and said sent an email confirmation for the refund. I will be watching online my credit card statement very closely. I don't like having to go through my credit card company to dispute charges but will when have to.

    Webserve shame on you. Pull your heads out of your butts.

  30. Ahh! They cancelled the account but no idea whether reverse the payment which took them way too long to process in the first place.

  31. Ali Mozzafari is a crook. we rented an apt. from him and not only is he the epitome of an absentee landlord - we never saw him one time after signing the lease despite issues with HIS property - he also demanded an exorbitant (and not to mention illegal) damage/pet deposit, and now that we've moved out, he has failed to meet with us to inspect the property and return our deposit. we are being forced to file and Application for Arbitration in order to get our money back from him. my advice is avoid this parasite and time waster and any company he has any connection to

  32. same thing happened to me, Ali Mozzafari is a scammer, don't signup with webserve !!!!!

    avoid them at all times and don't do any business with Ali Mozzafari !! he is a scammer.


    BE AWARE !!!!


  34. I am the owner of, a starter hosting package. I registered this 5 years ago with Webserve. During this period, there was no single incidence that would have triggered the idea of reconsidering my hosting company. Their prices are good and competitive in today's market, tech. guys know their job, and billing department are always reachable, ready to address any issue/concern I may have on belling, renewal, etc. I could have possible asked for anything better.

  35. Webserve billed and charged me for domain registration renewal on 4 parked domains in 2011 and then did not register them and they dropped and were registered by someone else. Would not refund me; emails, calls (never answered leave messages), letters have not been responded to. Now it is 2012 and they have billed me again for the same domains that they failed to register a year ago and are currently registered by someone else at another registrar, sending me email every 5 days that my credit card info is no good and I should update it so they can charge me. If I wasn't out $85 I would be laughing.

  36. this is February, 2014 and they are still billing on visa for services that were never available last year. The Emporer's new clothes....

  37. Webserve Canada's prices are very expensive compared to other hosting companies.


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