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Monday, June 02, 2008

Antosha - formerly called "World of Pastries"

Business details:

formerly called "World of Pastries"
Cafe, Pastry shop, Bakery
5986 Bathurst St.
Toronto, ON.
M2R 1Z1
Bathurst and Cedarcroft (Royal Bank Plaza) and (shoppers drug mart plaza)
European and Russian cakes, custom-made wedding cakes, cakes and pastries for all occasions, baked goods

On Sunday June 1, 2008 at 8:15pm I called the above mentioned business and spoke to someone who claimed to be the owner, I asked him what time they close and what kind of cakes they have left and advised him that I'm looking for a birthday cake.

He informed me that they have all cakes available on display and they close at 9:00pm, I advised him ok and that I will be there at 8:30pm to select a cake, he said ok.

I arrived there at 8:30pm with my friends and we saw there was a blonde lady that was taking all of the cakes off the shelves, I advised the lady that I called earlier and spoke to the owner about the cakes and he said that you have a variety of cakes available on display, she said yes and that she had already took them off the shelves and asked me for the name of the cake that I want.

I advised that I don't know the name, there are about 20 different kinds of cakes and I want to see all of them so me and my friends can select one, I also advised her that the owner advised me that you close at 9:00pm and its only 8:30pm and that all cakes should be on display and that he had confirmed that all cakes are on display before 9:00pm, she answered by saying "well then come back tomorrow", I said that we can't because the birthday is today!!!

She said "I don't care".
I asked her for her name and she said her name is "Pidaras".

I advised her that I'm not being unfair and that she is being unfair, I asked that she either shows me a catalog of their cakes or brings them out so I can select which one, I came all the way to the store from far away and the store owner told me to come, she said no she doesn't feel like bringing them out and that I should leave the store.

I left the store and I will NEVER ever go back there again, the people that works at this place are very bad people, they are not nice at all and they are a bunch of mother fu*kers and liars.

Do NOT ever go to Antosha or World Pastries, they are rude and dirty low class people.

The pidaras there was very rude and I will pursue this complaint until she gets fired from this place, I will probably go back there tomorrow and ask to see their business license and other public documents.

Anyone has any suggestions or comments in regards to my complaint or about this business? Please post them in the comments section of this post.



  1. Hi,

    I think you should also contact The Minitry of Health to inspect their store, I once saw cockroaches in their store! I wouldn't be surprised if there were cockroaches inside their cakes and other pastries!! lol

    I would NOT buy from there if I were you!

  2. Yes indeed I agree with you, I once was there and saw lots of ants inside this place.. I wouldn't trust their cakes.

  3. I actually think their cakes are great. You had a problem with an employee and not the owner. Other then the price that is going up steadily, I love,love,love their cakes and I am not the only one. You yourseos don't have a great clean language also and I suspect that you aggravated the so called blonde lady quite a bit. Somehow I don't buy your story as is. Yes I can see how the Russian lady was rude, but you are not an angel as well. And no, I am not Russian and I am not related to the owners.
    Have a good day

  4. I just wannted to let you know that you are very stupid.

    DO you really think we are stupid? we all know you are from Antosha World of Pastries.

    Don't worry!.. I will request your comment to be deleted by the admin since what you said doesn't make any sense!.

    Not only me who complained about these idiots, but as you can see above there are many replies from others complaining of dirtiness and other problems.

  5. You know I would consider asking the admin to remove this complaint if you come up with some kind of a fair deal to me.
    otherwise it will stay here forever and it's already indexed by search engines.

  6. Hello,
    I am certainly Russian, and I have never spoken to the owner, or somebody from the sore. I do not have any connections with the business or people from there. I am sure there is something wrong in the situation you describe. But let me kindly remind you that you you could get exactly the same attitude to the customer at any 'traditional Canadian' store like Canadian Tire if somebody is in a bad mood. You may write the complaint to the owner about the cashier who was rude to you, and this will be the only right thing to do in the current situation. The Owner himself, even as you described him, was absolutely sweet guy. So, what's wrong with the business? One wrong cashier? Go and punish her but labeling the whole great business is a very English way to do things. This bakery is absolutely the best. We have been buying from them for every weekend and for every special occasion for about 8 years. We never ever had any single problem with either service or the product. I think you are just a provocative person who is paid to ruin Russian business, together with 'ants & cockrouch' Guys.
    Try to create something this great by yourself, and I will come at 8:55 p.m. and start asking you to take everything you have back from the fridge because I do not know what I want. You would better apologize and take what she would
    have left.

  7. Stop trying to defend yourself! you probablly work there yourself! so don't try to pretend you are a customer and start talking good about them.

    I did not blame them about the 'ants & cockrouch', it was someone else who had found this post and replied by complaining that they saw 'ants & cockrouch' in antosha world of pastries.

    As I said, I will request that this post gets removed ONLY if they compensate me for what happened to me.

    Otherwise the more time passes by, expect more people to see this when they search the business on search engines. :)

  8. OK,
    I do not work there myself but I would be happy's smells much better than Engineering field nowadays...
    Obviously, the owner should give you a hug and a free cake - they are increadible, you will see it.
    You will buy only from that store all the time (I am realy not getting tips for this)

  9. i cant belive that she said her names was Pidaraz!! thats so rude!!!
    do u know what it means?? shocked
    people like that should not be in customer service!

  10. Her name is not Pidaraz... It is not even a name... it is just a very bad word

  11. antosha is ok i guess...but i saw cockroaches too. and the cream on some of their cakes and pastries pretty crappy

  12. don't buy cakes from Antosha, I don't like rude people.

  13. I went in there and I agree, this place sucks big time! don't go in there!
    I cant belive she said her name is pidaras! that means bastard in russian

  14. Its really disappointing to experience this thing, they should be true to their customers always if they want their business to last.


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