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Friday, June 12, 2009

Pfaff Leasing

Pfaff Leasing
9088 Jane St.
Vaughan, ON.
L4K 2M9
Phone: 905-907-5850
Fax: 905-669-9483

I had an unpleasant experience with Pfaff Leasing, I spoke to them before signing a credit application and I advised them of my high beacon credit score, and they told me I will be required to put a $5,000 deposit only and they assured me it will not be more than $5,000.

Then after I filled out the application and submitted it to them they informed me that the deposit would have to be $10,000, Of course I've then decided not to do the leasing through Pfaff and do it with Havakar Leasing instead.

I am upset because pfaff leasing lied to me, and my credit was also affected, I've contacted them and advised them that they should fix my credit by taking off the credit query they did and they refused and said that I signed the credit application and there is nothing they can do.

I would not trust doing business with Pfaff, thank god I've decided to go with Havakar leasing instead and I'm very happy with Havakar leasing, their staff are very nice people as well and there are no surprises with Havakar unlike Pfaff.



  1. Thank god I found this post, I was almost going to do the lease through pfaff but after I saw this I decided to go with Havakar leasing.

    Hav-A-Kar Leasing
    4077 Chesswood Drive
    Toronto, Ontario M3J 2R8


  2. You will not be so happy at the end of your lease when you find out that you are on the hook for the buyback.

  3. Are you refering to Havakar leasing??
    And why won't I be happy? I already know this from before, they clearly explained it to me that I am on the hook for the buyback and I agreed to it because this is something I want, I do want to keep the car at the end, who told you I don't!!

  4. Yes my reference was to Havakar. Consider yourself one of the few lucky ones as there are many, many people who had no ideas that they were on the hook for the buyback amount. Havakar use the term buyback loosely and never goes into detail as to the responsibility you are assuming. BEWARE!

  5. I have done business with Terry Green since 1976, and we have leased dozens of vehicles from him.
    I have always known I am responsible for the buyback price. Leases either indicate responsibility for the buyback or impose a mileage limitation.
    If you put a lot of mileage on a car, as I do, simply increase your monthly payment so there are no surprises at the end of the lease.
    If you put under 20k yearly, get a walkaway lease.

  6. Always do business with Terry Green Havakar leasing and NOT Pfaff Leasing, I highly recommend Terry Green.

  7. I agree Pfaff is a SCAM, I had terrible experience with them, they tell you something at first then later when you are about to sign the contract you find out the truth which is not the same as what they first told you.

    be aware and avoid Pfaff at all times !!!

  8. I also had a terrible experience with pfaff, they are not honest people and they lie to you a lot, they tell you something then later they tell you something else and deny what they told you originally, I wish I found this information about them before I signed up with pfaff.
    Beaware and don't make the same mistake, I also recommend Havakar Leasing, I heard great things about them they are very good.

  9. I hate it when companies like this say something at first then later when they do the real paper work they tell you something completely different !!! that's when you lose trust with them.

  10. I called this dealer about a car that was for sale. I was transferred to Abraham, and as it turned out the car I was interested in was his personal demo. I told him I was willing to drive down from Ottawa to Toronto to buy the car on Saturday, that I was willing to pay cash, and that I was willing to put down a credit card deposit on the condition that the car was in satisfactory condition. He said that he wouldn't be working on Saturday and that he would have one of the sales people who would be working call me back. It was close to their closing time and no one called me back. The next morning I called at 10am to again try to purchase the car, but after several calls Abraham was not answering his phone. Eventually I called the main number and was told by the receptionist that the car had been sold. Within 3 business hours the car that was available when I called that I tried to purchase was apparently sold to someone else. Deal with these scum at your own risk.

  11. Abraham never worked for HAVAKAR, and he was selling his own personal car. He did not represent our company!

  12. I also had an unpleasant experience with Pfaff Leasing as they lied to about the required deposit for leasing.


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