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Sunday, November 01, 2009

McDonalds Restaurant sells a Big Mac with blood of their employees in it!

I went to Mc Donald's located at:
1070 Major MacKenzie Dr. E
Richmond Hill, ON
Tel 905-508-9550
Fax 905-508-9550

I went through drive-through and ordered a big mac combo, then I went home and started eating it, later when I was half way done I noticed some blood on the bun of the burger, I was very disgusted.

it was blood 100%, I even put a sample of it under microscope and I saw the red blood cells, I also sent it out to a private lab for testing.

Regardless whether it was human blood, animal blood, whether the blood had any disease or not, McDonalds should be very careful when preparing foods, they should NOT serve food with blood.

I called the public health unit for the Richmond Hill area to report this, and I couldn't believe the response they gave me! They said even if there was blood on the food I got from them there is nothing the public health can do, the only thing they can do is go to inspect the restaurant to check if employees wash their hands properly and some other checks, public health said they can't force their inspectors to check employee hands for cuts etc.. As its beyond their job duties.

Obviously when public health visits a restaurant, employees will wash their hands in front of the inspector frequently just for show, public health should also review cameras, listen to customer complaints and based on customer complaints they should take action.

I did some research on google using the search terms McDonalds blood, also tried searching McDonalds found blood, or I found blood McDonalds, and I found many posts and complaints about people having the same issue with McDonalds.

Some people sued McDonalds for this, and I urge people to do this, under no circumstances there should be blood found in food!

I'm not sure if it was a prank done by an employee there at that McDonalds or not, but that is not a joke and its very disgusting to have blood on your big mac, and what if they had put the blood on places you can't even notice and see? Such as the meat?

After I saw the blood on my bigmac, I immediately felt very sick and started throwing up, I was so disgusted.

I couldn't sleep all night, I was worried that there might have been a disease or HIV in that blood, and when I spoke to my doctor my doctor said HIV could take up to 6 months to show in the blood, what am I going to do now?? Wait 6 months and worry this whole time??? This is insane.

When I spoke to Public Health about this, they said even if I were to consume blood that has HIV, I would not get HIV, then I asked them how can they be so sure??, what if I have cuts in my mouth? Or if I have a cut in my gums? Or any cuts in my stomach or anywhere that I don't feel or see? They said then yes you might get the HIV if you have this.

What bothers me is some people don't use their head sometimes and don't think properly, this is a very serious issue, people need to worry about this a lot and be careful, just because you don't feel any pain doesn't mean you don't have any cuts or open sores, just because you don't see it doesn't mean its not there!!!!!

I feel that McDonalds should compensate me for what they did to me.

I was given a phone number for a person named Steve @ 905-447-6506 who claims to be the manager at this location, I spoke to him and he asked me if I could give him the sample of this bigmac so he can send it out to a private lab McDonalds deals with, I told him that once I give him the sample then I will no longer have the evidence! That would be the stupidest thing to do! If McDonalds asks you to give them the sample, never ever do this, if you do then you basically destroyed all the proof.

I called him after I had the sample tested and he started loosing his temper and started being very rude to me and said that he will not be able to help me because I already made the decision to go to a third party private lab.

Steve is a crook, if he was a normal fair business man, he wouldn't be acting and treating his customers like this.

I will definitely never eat at any McDonalds ever again, I will consider asking for this post to be removed if McDonalds apologizes for what happened to me and offers me a fair compensation.


  1. I had a similar issue with this location, I wonder why healthy canada is not doing anything about this!! is health canada really doing their job??? or perhaps someone is paying them off??? that is something worth investigating!! :) I hope many people read this.

  2. I know a friend who used to work at that location, and I can tell you that I saw horrible things happen! :D

    I've seen staff spitting in customer drinks or burgers which is gross and some other things I wouldn't feel like explaining.

    I found your complaint when I was searching google for macdonalds in richmond hill and just thought I'd share that with you.

  3. yeh i heard horrible things about this location in richmond hill as well.. i suggest you forward this to public health restaurant inspections unit to see if they care.

  4. I stopped at the McDonald's in Actworth, GA, on Sunday, February 20, 2011. My simple order was prepared incorrectly and I was shorted $3.00 in change. When I asked for the $3.00, the team member said that he did not have any singles.

    There was a website and a toll free phone number on the receipt. The form would not accept the store number that was printed, even though the McDonald's website has the same number. I called the store and after at least 10 rings a recording said that the machine was off.

    I went back to refill my coffee and decided to purchase an apple pie. There was a lit sign that said they were 50 cents. The team member asked me for $1.00.

    After more than 30 minutes trying to find a way to communicate with McDonald's, this was all that I could find. Ironically, this is a Company owned store. It is frustrating when the system that the pay a third party to provide does not work and it makes on think that the really do not care.

  5. I was in Mcdonald's at the Bayview and Major Mackenzie location in Richmond Hill located at 1070 Major Mackenzie Dr E, Richmond Hill, ON L4S 1P3 (905) 508-9550 couple days ago, I ordered a ice cream cone, and here is a picture of the cone that I received:

    I asked for another one and here is what they gave me:

    So I asked for the manager and the mcdonalds employee said there is no manager at this time, I was very surprised to hear that there is no manager, mcdonalds has a rule that there should be a manager there at all times!!!

    I spoke to Vanessa today who claimed to be the main restaurant manager and she insisted that there was a manager there at that time and the information I was given was not true, I believe Vanessa was lying trying to cover up.

    I asked Vanessa for the contact information of the district manager and she said his name is George Curry but she does not have his contact information, and I would have to contact head office and register my complaint with them and they will pass the complaint to him, here is his linkedin profile that I found

  6. It is important to be cautious and observant about the food you eat, especially when dining out. Recent incidents have shown that there is a risk of finding foreign objects, such as metal, glass or hair in food, and even blood in some cases.

    Make sure to always check your food carefully before eating it, and report any suspicious findings to the restaurant immediately. If you are unsure about the cleanliness or safety of a restaurant, consider dining elsewhere.

    Additionally, be aware of potential food allergies and inform the staff of any special dietary requirements. Always trust your instincts and listen to your body. If you feel unwell after eating, seek medical attention right away.

    Stay vigilant and take the necessary precautions to protect your health and wellbeing.


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