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Monday, November 23, 2009

Silk'n HPL IPL Hair Removal

Did anyone try Silk'n hair removal ? People think that this is laser hair removal but its not, its intense pulsed light technology.

Does this really work ?? Please click on comments below and add your comment and tell us your review on how many sessions did you do with Silk'n hair removal machine and if Silk'n actually worked for you or not.

We are interested to review this product to find out if its a scam or not, or if there are any complaints or reviews about it.

Thank you.


  1. I have one and have bin using it now for my second treatments,, will let you know

  2. Just bought it - used it once so far. The lamp cartridge does NOT last 750 pulses. I used it for an hour - it burnt out. Luckily, I bought it at costco so I will likely return it for a full refund!

  3. silk'n is a rip-off it takes 7-8 treatments to equall 1 professional IPL treatment, so silk'n will end up costing you more than the professional treatments. time to get an overide or bypass soluition to their RFID system, I've got 33 used up lamp cartridges and their making a killing. Can anybody find a
    electrical hacker to solve this
    delema?, (the lamps use an anticlone RFID Tag)

  4. interested to hack it as well

  5. This is BS !!! It will NOT Work! don't waste ur money on it!! if you bought it from costco then go and return it ASAP! thank god costco offers money back guarantee even if you bought the item a year ago!! :)

  6. silk'n is crap and it will NOT work. waste of money. don't be fooled, its a scam.

  7. I forgot to mention that after I used it, my body developed more hair than before :( its very sad.
    it screwed me up.

  8. silkin laser hpl ipl hair removal does not work !!! stay away from silk'n don't waste your money with this product! its a scam.

    silken is a scam.

  9. I know i friend of mine bought a Silkn and i ( luckily ) bought The viss beauty ( ) and it works like a charm. She now comes over to my place to use mine. The technology works, as i first had IPL done in a clinic, so i knew it was possible to get a home based machine that works, but i strongly recommend the Viss Beauty machine . hope that helps.. stay away from the Silkn machine!

  10. I hope the above review is not posted from someone who works for !! Any reviews or complaints about ??? Please post below.


  11. VISS needs to Prove That They are not a SCAM! with Videos showing that it works!

  12. Be very careful with VISS BEAUTY. I have a feeling employees go on many blogs, forums etc and write fake reviews.

    Also Viss is actually not even made by Viss. I think Viss is just a website that someone created and is reselling a rebranded 2PS machine made by Narian Global in Korea.

    This is what I think what they did. They contacted Narian Global and asked them to just re-brand their 2PS machine, and Viss is acting like they made it. Even you or I could contact Narian, place an order, and ask them to re-brand it with our own name and re-sell it!

    WHen you buy from Viss it actually ships from Korea Narian Global. I read online that Viss wasn't honoring the 60 day money back guarantee. Also some people on their facebook site say that for some reason their receipt says $49 dollars. Strange right?

    I would be skeptical, buyer beware.

  13. Viss Beauty is a scam!!Ive been using it for a year now and nothings changed. The hair on my chest and stomach is still black and grows back the same.

  14. strange
    everything can be a scam right
    i think you should try it and make a risk to know if its true or not
    i will try the silk'n sensepil

  15. I got ripped off big time. I bought it directly from and they tried to force me through technical support. They used every tactic in the book to stop me from returning it.
    I filed a chargeback on my credit card and lost. Be prepared, if you plan to return this to the manufacturer they are very experienced at beating you on a credit card chargeback.

  16. Viss, Visol, Vilay. Same set-up. looks like a scam. Paypal can't help you. You wait for the product, wonder why the delay in shipping and then it is too late to claim from paypal

  17. Yes, some may be scams, but people, you need to do your own research to set proper expectations without jumping on others people bandwagons. There are no miracles anywhere!!! And NOTHING is for free!!

  18. I have used the flash and go very sporadically for about 3 months. My life was too stressful at the time to worry about their scheduling of every 2 weeks. Despite all this, it worked for me. I am of east indian descent and usually very hairy. I therefore know it is NOT a scam. It worked best on my legs, pretty good on my arms, and is very slow but working on my underarms. Some areas there is already no hair growing back. For me, i was very impressed and happy that it ended up being worth the cost. Less time wasted in the shower shaving...used to need to do it on a daily basis.

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